A few visits and a request for help: What to name Kat 2?

I’m chatting about community and appreciation at Cara’s blog today. Pop over and say hello!


Look for another Kat and Natalie interview tomorrow, too. I’ll post the link with the Saturday Spanking post.


Editorial Board is finally available on Amazon! Phew, that took forever.


I’m sending in my edited version of Simple Gifts, due out on April 10th. Every time I read that story, I start singing the lovely Shaker hymn. I like the song (why else would I choose it?), but with the million-plus read-throughs necessary for each story that’s a lot of “turning, turning till we come round right”. Perhaps an accurate description of my hectic life lately!


Last, I’d like to ask your help. Originally, Kat 2 was titled Welcome Home. There are approximately 5000 books titled Welcome Home, and so I’ve been requested to find a new title. Other titles considered but rejected were The Home Front, Coming Home, Creating Home, Homecoming, and Fighting for Home.

Kat 1, The Way Home, is about Kat and Natalie finding their way back to each other.

Kat 1.5, the short story in the Coming to Terms anthology (due out May 15), “Tomorrow”, is about Kat and Natalie making the commitment to stay with each other. (Hope that wasn’t a spoiler. You do know they stay together, right?)

Kat 2 is about Kat and Natalie looking at each other and realizing they have far too much hurt and history to simply go on as they have before. If they’re going to stay together, they have to find a way to work through all of the difficulties and problems.

For the title, I’d like something short that includes a form of the word “home” and also includes a sense of struggle. Welcome Home is perfect…for a reason I can’t say without spoilers…but I see that it is overused (with good reason…I still love that title).

The Home Front invokes images of war.

Coming Home has both the advantages and disadvantages of Welcome Home. Similar feeling, but similar popularity.

Creating Home is a title I still like, but I may use it for Kat 3. It’s a bit too peaceful a title for the struggles Kat and Natalie undergo in Kat 2.

Homecoming is too popular. Sigh.

Fighting for Home is the most accurate title, but is is too long? Is it pleasing to the ears? Another modification would be The Fight For Home, which is also accurate.

Which title do you like? Do you have any other suggestions?

If you come up with a title that I use for Kat 2, you’ll win a chance to beta-read Kat 2 before it comes out for publication. 🙂

19 thoughts on “A few visits and a request for help: What to name Kat 2?

  1. SunnyGirl says:

    Home is Where The Heart Is – The Road Home – Heart + Home = Happiness –
    Welcome Home – Happiness is Coming(Going) Home


  2. Cat says:

    Hey Ana…
    I like:
    ‘Fighting for Home’ and ‘Finding Home’

    Here are some other thoughts:
    ‘Struggling Home’
    ‘Home is Calling’
    ‘Discovering Home’
    ‘Uncovering Home’

    No matter what you choose, I’m sure it will be the best title! 😉



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