#Satspanks & #WeWriWa: Kat’s ice cream

Welcome to Saturday Spankings and Weekend Writing Warriors (and “Behind the Scenes”)! Today’s post is a sneak preview of Kat 2, title forthcoming and publication date June 6th (on Kat’s birthday!). In the meantime, you can enjoy The Way Home (Kat and Natalie, Volume One). This snippet is from the opening scene, one of my absolute favorites.

Many of the scenes in The Way Home take place in Natalie’s kitchen. It’s where Kat cooks, Natalie attempts (and fails) to cook, where they host Mama Jane on her visit, and where many of their exchanges happen. The living room is the the second most common setting.

In working on the cover art for The Way Home, I realized that almost none of the scenes take place outdoors. I hadn’t realized that Kat and Natalie were so committed to being indoors, but this realization added depth to their characterization.

In this scene that begins in the kitchen and proceeds to the living room, Miss Kat has promised to save half of her blizzard for Natalie. However, the ice cream is a bit too tasty for her to resist. Natalie comes home to find Kat enjoying rather more than her fair share of the treat. I have no idea what might happen to Kat as a result. 🙂


I blush to the tips of my ears. “Er…it was delicious?”

Natalie takes a step closer, and involuntarily I take a step backward.

“I sure have one spoiled girl,” she says so sternly that I nearly miss the twitching at the corners of her mouth. “Living the high life, eating my ice cream, lazing around while I do all the work.”

I dip the spoon into the cup for one last bit of now-liquid ice cream and offer it to her. “Want some? I saved it for you.” Then I slowly and deliberately slurp it down while watching for her reaction. Grin at her from one bright red ear to the other.



Natalie always wanted a little sister. Kat didn’t know she was allowed to want anything…or anyone.

Kat, a shy farmgirl, arrives at her freshman dorm with a backpack, a suitcase, and her mother’s wish for Kat to attend college “at least until you get married”. Her roommate Natalie, a confident and fun-loving social butterfly, decides sight unseen that Kat will become her best friend for life. Natalie teaches Kat about college life, academics, and friendship by taking Kat under her wing…and over her knee.

Then their lives fall apart one fateful night on campus, and for the rest of the decade Kat and Natalie struggle to find their way back to each other. Their way home.

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24 thoughts on “#Satspanks & #WeWriWa: Kat’s ice cream

  1. jessschira says:

    You’ve done such an amazing job creating an organic relationship between these two characters. The entire book was/is fantastic.


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