Thursday Thankfulness: Announcing the title for Kat 2!

Okay, so it’s Friday. I’m sure it’s Thursday somewhere in this solar system.

By the way, Hulu is offering ALL Star Trek shows free until March 31st! That’s TOS, TNG, and all the other shows that people say are great but I didn’t watch. 😀 Yes, Janeway is great, but I love Troi and Data and Picard. Okay, I love Spock as well.

So that’s my first thankfulness. 😀

Second thankfulness is that a day-job meeting went well yesterday! Hooray! Such a relief. However, doing well at a job always means getting more work. Ack! In the next two weeks, I’ll have to revise/edit Kat 2, “Tomorrow” (for the Coming to Terms anthology), Simple Gifts (Carene and Leila), and work on this exciting new project. Oh, plus another exciting new project that I can’t announce publicly yet. Oh, and another new project that won’t be ready for public announcement for at least another month if not more.

No wonder I exhaust myself. 😛

Third thankfulness is for a title for Kat 2! Thank you to everyone for your wonderful suggestions.

Thank you to Julie who proposed the title! She talked about The Way Home as Kat and Natalie finding their way to each other, to their home (which is each other), and in a sense finding their way out of darkness.

Julie proposed a title that illustrates this sense of darkness and finding their way in the darkness.

Tah-dah…she suggested the title that will now officially be Kat 2:

Lighting the Way!


Isn’t it perfect? The Way Home, “Tomorrow”, Lighting the Way, and Kat 3…*cough*…well, let’s just say something VERY special planned for Kat 3!

Lighting the Way. I love it. Thank you, Julie. Kat and Natalie will indeed light the way to a home they can build together. The title gives me goosebumps. Sometimes I search and search for a title and finally settle for something that will work, but with this one…I knew it was right the minute I saw it. Kudos to a wonderful reader for a wonderful suggestion.

Lighting the Way. Coming to online booksellers near you on June 6th. Happy birthday, Kat.

8 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness: Announcing the title for Kat 2!

  1. Danielle LaJoie says:

    Love the new name if the book! Reading the way home now just about to start. Saved it for my train ride!! Kat needs a birthday party!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Cat says:

    The new name is perfect! Congratulations on all the wonderful projects you have coming your way! Please take it easy and pace yourself…if you don’t, Mrs. Claus and Nat may receive anonymous messages…never know…just sayin’… 😉

    Have a wonderful weekend.



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