#SatSpanks and #8Sunday: The Vivaldi Concerto

This weekend’s snippet is from my upcoming April 10th release, Simple Gifts. Leila Feran is a rising star in the professional classical music world, and a debilitating injury has forced her to take disability leave from her symphony. She stays with her childhood best friend, pianist and orchestra teacher Carene Moraghan. As a way to earn some money and keep Leila occupied, Carene lines her up with some private lesson students. Except Carene isn’t exactly thrilled with Leila’s pedagogical strategies….


The Vivaldi Story Time

Antonio Vivaldi

Violin Concerto in a minor, RV 356

“No, no, NO!” Leila jumped out of her chair and snatched the violin out of Brittany’s hands. At the piano, Carene frowned at the interruption but stopped playing. They had agreed to respect each other’s methods in front of the students.

Leila tucked the violin, so oddly heavy and clunky compared to her own, and drew the bow across the strings. Instead of every beat played with dreary sameness, the notes danced off her fingers with a toe-tapping whirl. Instead of Brittany’s stolid and semi-correctly placed fingers, Leila’s scurried up and down the fingerboard. An accent here and a crescendo there with an infectious, lilting buildup to a climax followed by a tripping, bubbly skip of the notes downward.

Brittany’s eyes grew wide. She looked at her violin in awe, as if wondering how the same instrument could sound completely different in her teacher’s hands.


Simple Gifts, coming to you from LazyDay Publishing on April 10th.

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51 thoughts on “#SatSpanks and #8Sunday: The Vivaldi Concerto

  1. catrouble says:

    Have a feeling that Carene is going to straighten Leila out after their student leaves. And yes, she deserves it! Looking forward to reading the entire story.

    With all you have going, I hope you’re doing well and pacing yourself Ana. Take care.



  2. Roz says:

    I enjoyed this snipped Ana. Love the description of Leila playing the violin. I too have a feeling Carene is going to straighten her out once the student leaves.



  3. siobhanmuir says:

    Congratulations on the upcoming release, Ana! And this was a sweet snippet. As a parent, I know Carlene’s frustration of wanted to change how things are done, but not wanting to undermine the teacher’s authority in front of the “kid”. Nicely done. 🙂


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