“Stop coddling me!” (#SatSpanks and #8Sunday)

This is another one of my favorite scenes from Simple Gifts, my upcoming release. We’ve seen a few scenes in the past weeks, and today I’ll show you a snippet from when Leila pushes Carene too far for the last time. Leila’s been given conditional medical approval to resume her violin practice, but her wrist still isn’t up to it. Carene makes her stop playing, and Leila flares up in anger. Except this time, Carene isn’t going to stand for it.

(The counting for the sentences is a bit creative this week, but it’s still a short scene. No knuckle-rapping allowed!)



Leila quivered with tears and rage. She struggled against Carene’s hold, forgetting that wounded violin arms were no match for powerful piano hands. “All I’ve done for weeks is rest! Stop coddling me!”


That one word was enough to make Leila bite her tongue and throw back her head to blink away tears. She knew a lecture would be next, and try as she might she could not resist. Carene always had logic on her side, implacable logic that contained too many inconvenient truths for Leila to ignore.

“This is exactly why I said no practice today, and I should have stuck with it. You push and push and push until no one is happy, least of all you. You will put away Achilles and teach Brittany’s lesson, and you’ll tell Ellen that you will be delighted to teach Tyler. Then I will show you what it is like not to be coddled.”


Coming to you on April 24 from LazyDay Publishing!


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51 thoughts on ““Stop coddling me!” (#SatSpanks and #8Sunday)

  1. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Is this a case of being careful what you wish for? Leila did ask Carene to stop coddling her, after all. So, she’s about to have her request fulfilled. Congrats on your upcoming release, Ana. Great job.


  2. Julie says:

    Being coddled can be infuriating……but the alternative can definitely be worse! This wonderfully captures their interaction.


  3. ajnuest says:

    I’m scrolling through the comments here and I keep seeing, “Love that cover”. I’m laughing cuz I gotta add my love for that one as well. It’s beautiful! Nice scene. I especially like the line implacable logic that contained too many inconvenient truths for Leila to ignore. Great one there. Looking forward to more!


  4. jessschira says:

    This is a nice, organic scene. Her frustration comes through quite nicely in the dialogue. Also, you scored the jackpot with the cover. Best of luck with your upcoming release, I know it’s going to be a great story.


  5. Joanne Stewart says:

    “She struggled against Carene’s hold, forgetting that wounded violin arms were no match for powerful piano hands.” I love this. I don’t even know what these things are. They have no meaning for me, but you’ve told it in a way that I can at least understand. I love the emotion in this and I love the way Carene takes charge. Terrific snippet.


  6. Sue says:

    Thanks for comment on blog last week. I am in process of re-writing in light of class I am taking.
    Have you seen Quartet or Late Quartet by the way?


  7. PalomaBeck says:

    Always, always be careful what you wish for! She’s getting exactly what she asked for, even if it isn’t what she thinks she wants.


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