Monday Morning Fika with Kate Richards and Valerie Mann of Wizards in Publishing

Welcome to a very special two-part Monday Morning Fika! Next week, Kate will return with aspiring author Maria to talk about their process in working on Maria’s manuscript. You’ll get to ask both Kate and Maria questions.

Today, you will meet Kate Richards and Valerie Mann, the partners of Wizards in Publishing. As more authors turn to self-publishing or look for additional help prior to submitting a manuscript to a publisher, services like theirs are becoming more important. Leave a comment below to enter a drawing for a free consultation for formatting!

Hi everyone,

We are Kate Richards and Valerie Mann, partners in Wizards in Publishing. We strive to provide all the services independently publishing authors need as well as pre-submission editing for those who are submitting their stories to a publishing house.

As senior editors at a publishing house ourselves, we have often been asked to do freelance editing and began to see a need for this and other services. For example, formatting and uploading. Marketing. And editing from developmental through content and copy and on to a final galley check.

We have given workshops all over the country and always include a Q&A session where we encourage participation by others in attendance who’ve have their own experiences to share. In our industry, things change so rapidly, we have to rewrite the workshop every few months. Kate actually had to make changes an hour before she spoke in Portland at EPICon last month, when she learned of a new marketing technique some conference attendees were employing to great effect. At her request, they came to the workshop and shared their experiences.

We are one another’s greatest resource.

In the coming months we will be attending other conferences where we have the opportunity to meet and discuss with authors and editors the changes we are encountering in the publishing industry. But our greatest joy is meeting aspiring authors and being able to offer direction and encouragement.

We began writing once, too. And we know what lies ahead. The excitement, the concerns…the rollercoaster of emotions when an author puts her work out there. Nearly everyone has rejections under her belt. Some of the best and biggest have had the most. But the good outweighs the bad and anyone who is willing to work hard—and if you’re writing you know how hard—can achieve a measure of success. I believe that.

We at Wizards take pleasure in giving back to a community who gives us so much, and in that spirit, we were delighted to be asked by Anastasia Vitsky, a wonderful author who is also working on a project with Kate (watch for the announcement on Wednesday the 17th)  to participate in a Fika event where an aspiring author was given the opportunity to ask the questions she is most interested in having professional editors answer. In addition, we provided a partial edit of her work-in-progress. It’s been a lot of fun, and the author was very brave.  We’re even more excited to be a part of her early career.

We are always happy to answer questions or provide direction if we can. And we attend quite a few conferences throughout the year. If you see us, be sure to say hello.


Thanks for having us today! Leave a comment if you like. We will draw one name to win a free formatting of a book up to 25k from Wizards in Publishing.

Learn more about Wizards in Publishing here!

19 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fika with Kate Richards and Valerie Mann of Wizards in Publishing

  1. Olivia Starke says:

    *waves* I’ve used these lovely ladies services and I’m am quite happy with how thorough and competent they are! Very professional.

    Wait, that sounds sort of bad. I’ve had them do edit work for me that is 😉


  2. skylarkade says:

    “We are one another’s greatest resource.”

    This, a thousand times. It’s wonderful to see authors branching out into new modes of publishing, and having editors and book doctors there to support them 🙂


  3. katherinedeane says:

    I am so excited to see what comes out of next week’s q and a session.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and expertise with us.
    (I even have some questions ready for ya’all just I case 🙂 )


    • katerichards says:

      Awww Thank you, Celeste. Would you like an ARC of Dungeon Time, the second in the series? I’m hoping to release within about a week, it’s with the final editor now. (It’s not a spanker but I think it’s got some fun and interesting activities in it)


  4. Ami says:

    Wow! I am so in awe! I like the thought of doughnuts and lattes though.

    Just want you to know I am already working hard!




  5. Minelle says:

    I love how you demystify rejection. I really believe you need to make mistakes to learn and succeed. Thanks for shining a light on the process and what you both do!


  6. katerichards says:

    I think the most important thing is our ability to control our fate. We learn, we improve, and through experience and our connections with other authors and professionals we can make a success of our dreams. Everyone at Wizards is an author as well as possessing other skills and I believe that’s a plus.


  7. Jessica Subject says:

    You have both help me so much from the beginning of my career until now. I have learned a lot and imagine I’d be pulling my hair out without you. I only wished I lived closer to me you in person. Maybe some day. Thanks for all you do, Kate and Valerie!


  8. katerichards says:

    Awww Olivia, you can tell the truth, we’re not ashamed. 🙂 Olivia Starke writes a lot of things but she just contracted a FF series with Ellora’s Cave! Go Olivia!
    And Skylarkade…it is the best time with so many options!


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