Thursday Thankfulness: Watch this space

I planned to write a music-inspired thankfulness post today to celebrate the release of Simple Gifts (#28 on the Amazon Top 100 as of this writing!), but instead I am caught in the throes of my new WIP. It is intense, gripping, tender, and provocative all at the same time. Or at least I hope so. 😀

Thank you for all of the wonderful emails, messages, and feedback from early buyers of Simple Gifts!


I keep adding the photo to these posts because I love the cover art so much. I’m sorry to all of my other lovely covers, but I adore this one. It captures the essence of Carene and Leila in the way I wanted so much.

In lieu of a post today, I offer this:

Watch this space for upcoming posts. There will be happy news soon (including the winner from this week’s Fika!)

And my thankfulness today is for the mad rush of words that swirl around in my brain and come out to form a story.

And for all of you who have believed in me and made it possible.


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness: Watch this space

  1. Roz says:

    You just keep writing Ana 🙂

    The cover art is beautiful, never get tired of seeing it. Wow no 28, that’s fantastic!



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