Sue Lyndon’s First F/F Story!

A couple of weeks ago, Anastasia Vitsky challenged me to write an F/F story with no sexy naughtiness in it. In return, I challenged the oh-so-innocent Ana to write a sexy scene. So today we’re switching blogs with our stories! Find Ana’s naughty story here.

Also, Ana apparently has it in her mind that this is another Sue vs. Ana contest. I believe you’re supposed to “vote” for whoever you think deserves a spanking more. Since Ana is the one writing the naughty story, clearly she is more deserving of a spanking than I am. So…please vote in the comments below. Let’s make sure Ana gets what she deserves (muhaha!)…again!

A little info about my F/F story: “The Bet” uses characters from the short stories I wrote for the Spank or Treat and Love Spanks blog hops. The first story was “Bad Kitty”, and the second story was “Showing His Love”. In “Showing His Love”, Tammy gets spanked for behaving badly at her sister-in-law’s baby shower. In Tammy’s defense, her sister-in-law, Marie, has always treated her rudely. Hmm…I wonder if anyone will ever put naughty Marie in her place?


The Bet

by Sue Lyndon


“I bet I can beat you to the stop sign,” Marie boasted.

Tammy eyed the stop sign as annoyance rolled over her. Why did Marie constantly instigate little arguments? Why couldn’t Tammy have a pleasant, sane sister-in-law? Furthermore, why had Marie insisted on joining Tammy for her evening walk?

At least Marie would be gone in a few days. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. The family reunion was on Friday, and her brother and his aggravating wife had a return flight booked for early Sunday morning.

A brilliant thought struck Tammy as they continued down the road. She grinned and thanked the heavens she was wearing her best running shoes. Marie could eat her dust. And after she finished eating her dust, she could kiss her butt.

“Hmm…I don’t know about that, Marie. I mean, I am a pretty fast runner,” Tammy said with forced casualness.

“Oh please! You wouldn’t stand a chance against me.” Marie stopped and put a hand on her hip. She glared up at Tammy with a smug expression.

“Care to make it interesting?”

Marie’s face lit up. “A bet?”

“A bet.”

“Fine. If I win, you have to clean my house the next time you visit. A really good job too. I want you on your hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor.”

“Deal.” Tammy tapped her chin and pretended to be thinking hard, even though she’d already made a decision. “Hmm. Let’s see. If I win the race, what do I want? Decisions, decisions.”

“Oh come on and just pick something already. We haven’t got all evening,” Marie snapped.

“All right. I have it.” Tammy paused and raised her eyebrows for dramatic effect. “If I win the race, you’re going over my knee for a spanking.”

Marie paled. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am. You’re a guest in my house and you’ve been very rude, complaining the whole time about the littlest things. Obviously my brother doesn’t know how to handle you. Fortunately, I do. I think you need a good, hard spanking. So, if I win the race, you get a spanking. Wooden spoon, shorts down, but you can keep your panties on.”

“Are you some kind of pervert?” Marie wrapped her arms around herself and glanced around the neighborhood, as if looking for a distraction.

Tammy rolled her eyes and assured Marie she wasn’t a pervert. It took a little teasing to get Marie to agree to the bet, but her confidence in her running abilities won out, and they soon struck a deal. After shaking on it, Tammy and Marie lined up beside a mailbox and counted down together. “Three, two, one, go!”


* * *


“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“A bet is a bet, and I won fair and square.” Tammy grinned in triumph as her sister-in-law paced the living room floor. She looked at the clock on the mantle and was satisfied that her husband, brother, and nephew weren’t due home for another hour. “Tell me the truth, Marie. If you would have won the race, would you expect me to hold up my end of the bet?”

“Of course not. It was a silly bet. We were both obviously kidding around.” Marie’s eyes were wide with alarm and a spark of disbelief.

“You’re a bad liar.” Tammy shifted on the couch and twirled the wooden spoon in her hand. She tried to imagine the satisfying whacking sound it would make when it struck Marie’s bottom. The sweet sound of victory, she thought with a repressed giggle. “It’s only a little spanking, Marie. You’re not scared, are you?”

Marie crossed her arms over her chest. “Of course not.”

“Then stop stalling and come place yourself over my knee.” Tammy patted her thigh.

“Oh, fine! But I want a rematch tomorrow.” Marie came forward and awkwardly stood in front of Tammy.

“Drop your shorts, young lady,” Tammy said mockingly. Oh this was so much fun. She watched as her sister-in-law grudgingly pushed her short down around her knees. “Over my knee now.”

Marie huffed, gave a little stamp of her foot, and finally settled over Tammy’s lap.

“You know, this is kind of funny if you think about.” Tammy shifted Marie so her bottom was positioned higher in the air.

“It’s not funny at all. I think you’re a pervert. And I think you’re crazy.”

“Oh but it is funny.” Tammy tapped Marie’s right cheek lightly with the spoon. ”You’re about to give a whole new meaning to the term sore loser.”

“Ha ha, very funny. Would you get it over with already? The boys will be back soon.”

“Alrighty. I think a dozen good smacks should do it.” Before Marie could protest, Tammy brought the spoon down on her left cheek with a resounding thwack.

“Oh!” Marie gasped. “Hey, that hurt!” She squirmed, but Tammy kept a firm hold on her by wrapping one leg around hers and pressing down on her back.

“Well, duh. It’s a spanking. What did you expect?” Tammy raised the spoon and smacked it down on Marie’s right cheek, a little harder this time. “I hope you learn something from this experience,” she said as she continued to spank. “This is my house, and as long as you’re staying here, you will be a respectful guest. I’m sick of your snide comments and constant complaining.”

“Oh fine! Owww! I’ll keep my mouth shut for the next few days if you just stop.” Marie was breathing heavily, and her tone lacked its usual sharpness.

“Four more swats.” Tammy made the most of the remaining swats, striking the lower curve of Marie’s bottom. She knew from personal experience how much it hurt to be spanked in that particular spot. After she administered the twelfth stroke, Tammy surveyed Marie’s bottom with satisfaction. Through her thin white cotton panties, Tammy could tell Marie’s backside had reddened considerably.

“Now, before I let you up, I want to hear you promise again that you’re going to behave yourself. If you don’t, I can always put you back over my knee for a repeat of this experience.”

Marie whimpered. “I promise to behave. But I still demand a rematch.”

Tammy helped Marie stand up. “I’d be happy to do a rematch tomorrow evening.”

“Good.” Marie pulled up her pants and winced as she rubbed her freshly punished bottom.

Tammy tapped the wooden spoon against her palm and smiled brightly. “I think after I win the race tomorrow, I’ll spank you with a ruler.”


The End


Hope ya’ll enjoyed my very first F/F story! Don’t forget to visit my blog to read Ana’s first naughty story!


Now cast your votes! Who deserves a spanking more…Ana or Sue? J

37 thoughts on “Sue Lyndon’s First F/F Story!

  1. His First Mate says:

    I’m a diehard Ana fan. That being said, this F/f story was written fabulously, without sex or innuendo in true ANa style. For me, and Ana story with sex, it just isn’t an Ana story and if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it. So I was going to say that Ana deserves a spanking. But then I thought that this story was a little more Ana style than Sue style, so maybe sue should get the spanking. I don’t know, it’s a toss up for me!

    Way to try new things ladies, both were excellent reads so kudos to you both!


  2. Ami says:

    This was a great story Sue. And because you both did so well – I vote for you both to get your bums swatted!




  3. Viola says:

    Sue!!! This story is so funny, I loved it.
    You should consider writing F/F again.
    Uhm well now as for my vote, Ana is too special to me, sorry Sue but you get my vote 🙂


  4. Cat says:

    Hey Sue…You did a wonderful job with your first F/F spanking story. I think it was a bit easier for you since Marie has been begging for and Tammy has been aching to give her a spanking since “Showing His Love”. LOL

    Since you asked for everyone to vote for Ana to be spanked before we even read your story and tried to say it was because she wrote a ‘naughty’ story, that you challenged her to write, I do believe you need the spanking here!



  5. Casey McKay says:

    Too funny! She got just what she deserved. I think I would also find it hard to write a F/F scene (and also a scene without sex), but you did a great job.
    But I still vote Team Ana.


  6. houston switch says:

    The writer deserving the spanking is Sue London. Her story did not have much character development or enough
    story for me care about the characters or the spanking. Therefore a good old fashioned long, hard, bottom roasting is in order. Maybe after the experience Sue can write a story describing the ordeal.


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