Thursday Thankfulness + Carene’s field trip

Poor Carene. Yesterday, Leila seduced her over at Sue Lyndon’s blog.

Today, Thianna Doesitmatter narrates her flash fiction where Carene ventures into Thianna’s imagination.

A few of the details absolutely true to Carene’s character. But the ending is delightful. Go take a peek!

I’m not sure whether Carene will be kinder to Leila after the scare, or whether she will be stricter with Leila to make sure she doesn’t become wild.

For those of you who enjoyed Carene and Leila’s sex scene yesterday, thank you for being so kind. 🙂 It was not easy, and I nearly tore my hair out. While a full sequel is not planned at the moment, Carene and Leila will appear in a follow-up story for the F/F anthology, Love’s Reprise, published by LazyDay in early October. There may or may not be a sex scene. 😀

I’ve been putting the final touches on Lighting the Way, the sequel to The Way Home and volume two in the adventures of Kat and Natalie. I can’t wait until June 6th! Kat has a big secret to share with everyone, and it’s a LONG time trying to keep that secret from everyone. (It’s a major spoiler, so it would ruin the story if I told you now.) Please don’t throw tomatoes at me. I can’t tell you, honest I can’t. But I’ll show you the cover soon. 🙂 It’s beautiful!

I’m also working on another WIP (work in progress) that I can’t tell you much about, but I will say that it’s different from anything I’ve done before. It’s scheduled for release in early September. Once we get closer to that date, I’ll tell you more about the story. I feel disloyal to Kat, Nataile, Carene, and Leila when I say this…but I am possibly more excited about this story than any other one I’ve done so far.

However, once Lighting the Way is finalized for production, it will be time to start writing Kat 3. I’m thrilled about this book, mainly because of the big secret in Lighting the Way. It changes Kat and Natalie’s relationship entirely. Can NOT wait to write. Ahhh…if only my poor fingers could type as fast as I wanted them to. Or…if only my poor fingers could edit as fast as I wanted them to. 🙂 Sluggish brain and tedious editing are not a good mix.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. What are you thankful for today? In addition to everything I’ve mentioned above, I’m thankful that I write for a publisher that doesn’t require sex scenes. LOL.


10 thoughts on “Thursday Thankfulness + Carene’s field trip

  1. willie says:

    Well congratulations on stepping outside of your comfort zone! I don’t think you are being disloyal to your Think of it as meeting new friends. It is always so exciting and nerve racking .

    I am Thankful, that the trees have leaves!


  2. His First Mate says:

    I finally read The Way Home a few weeks ago! Can’t wait for the sequel. But I am still sooo confused as to what did happen to Natalie.


      • His First Mate says:

        what happened to her husband? why is she sleeping with a baseball bat? Why did she say he “was a good man” ….that’s just a few of the questions that come to mind!


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          Ah…yes, that’s what I thought you meant. Sorry, but you will have to wait. BUT…Coming to Terms (released on May 15, so just a few days away!) contains a short story of Kat and Natalie that will explain a little bit more of the backstory. Most of it, though, will appear in Lighting the Way (June 6th) and in the third book. 🙂


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