Lighting the Way: Kat’s ice cream, part two (#SatSpanks, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa)

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

In preparation for Kat’s birthday bash on June 6th (click here to read the details and find out how you can join!), I’ll be showing a three-part preview of Lighting the Way, Kat and Natalie Volume Two. (This is the sequel to The Way Home.)

Today’s sneak peek continues after Kat has eaten the last of Natalie’s ice cream and flaunts her snitching after Natalie arrives home from work. Can’t imagine what might happen, can you? 🙂

Never one to disappoint, Natalie unbuttons the cuff of her blouse and rolls up the right sleeve. She grips my ear gently between her thumb and forefinger and leads me to the living room, and I make a great show of hollering and squealing.

“No, Natty, no! I’ll be good…even though it was your fault you didn’t come home on time and I have to do all the packing by myself.”

Natalie is struggling not to laugh as she sits down and pulls me firmly across her perfectly creased suit pants. Mm, brushed cotton today.

“What am I going to do with you, darling?” she asks with a quirk to her lips.

“I dunno…buy me more ice cream?”


Lighting the Way (Kat and Natalie, Volume Two)

College roommates, best friends, and family. Can Kat and Natalie find a way to stay together…without killing each other?

Kat Astra knows one thing: everything is her fault. A dead-end job. A fear of confrontation. An inability to speak up when necessary. Desertion of her best friend in her time of need.

Natalie Mestecom knows one thing too: everything Kat does is Natalie’s fault. The relationship rule is simple; Kat has problems, and Natalie fixes them. But what worked in adolescence becomes more complicated with adulthood, and new developments in their relationship challenge these roles. Kat is no longer sure whether she is willing to be disciplined according to Natalie’s rules, and Natalie is no longer sure whether she is worthy of Kat’s trust.

Can Natalie allow herself to be vulnerable? Can Kat believe in her own strength? Can Natalie believe in Kat’s strength? How will they, each in their own way, learn to move beyond guilt and blame in order to forge a new relationship together? In order to make peace with themselves and each other, Kat and Natalie reconnect with family, re-visit memories of their past, and make plans for taking steps forward in the future. To light their way home.


18 thoughts on “Lighting the Way: Kat’s ice cream, part two (#SatSpanks, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa)

  1. Thianna D says:

    ROFL I love Kat’s response! And leading by the ear? EEK!

    Though I do love the fact Nat is laughing. Humor is an important part sometimes:) Especially when you are laughing like mad every time the hand falls.

    Not that I’ve done that before… well…


  2. Roz says:

    Nice scene Ana. I love the playful interaction, especially Kat’s response. Hmm, wonder if it will earn her extra swats? LoL



  3. bentalice says:

    Hmmm. And ice cream or a spanking. I vote both: spanking first, then the ice cream, and then another spanking. Did I say both? I meant two one, one of the other and a smile through and through. I love this, Ana. Nicely done.


  4. Katie says:

    I too really enjoyed this Ana! 🙂 I have just had some time to check these two out, and I am reading about them for the first time in “Coming to Terms.” Thank you for sharing this! Loved it! Hugs!

    ❤ Katie


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