Ami Starsong’s birthday story for Kat!


Well! Miss Kat has received her second birthday gift, and it’s a full day early! How did she get so lucky? Our dear Ami has written this fantastic spanking story of Kat and Natalie’s trip to England. Let me tell you…next time I think Kat and Natalie should stay home and *I* will visit Ami instead! 🙂

The story is wonderful. Go read it!

Also, don’t forget that you can win a FREE copy of Lighting the Way! All you have to do is find the Amazon link and post it here in the comments. If you are the first, you will win a copy of the book! The link will be up sometime tonight. It may even be up now. Go and look!



College roommates, best friends, and family. Can Kat and Natalie find a way to stay together…without killing each other?


Kat Astra knows one thing: everything is her fault. A dead-end job. A fear of confrontation. An inability to speak up when necessary. Desertion of her best friend in her time of need.


Natalie Mestecom knows one thing too: everything Kat does is Natalie’s fault. The relationship rule is simple; Kat has problems, and Natalie fixes them. But what worked in adolescence becomes more complicated with adulthood, and new developments in their relationship challenge these roles. Kat is no longer sure whether she is willing to be disciplined according to Natalie’s rules, and Natalie is no longer sure whether she is worthy of Kat’s trust.


Can Natalie allow herself to be vulnerable? Can Kat believe in her own strength? Can Natalie believe in Kat’s strength? How will they, each in their own way, learn to move beyond guilt and blame in order to forge a new relationship together? In order to make peace with themselves and each other, Kat and Natalie reconnect with family, re-visit memories of their past, and make plans for taking steps forward in the future. To light their way home.


10 thoughts on “Ami Starsong’s birthday story for Kat!

  1. Kat-n-Nat Fan says:

    Oh, how do I get credit? I just assumed you’d email me the details using the email address I had to provide….I’m not super familiar with how the wordpress layout works 🙂


  2. Roz says:

    Happy Birthday Kat! and congrats on the release!

    Ami did an absolutely amazing job of the story. I think we all want to visit her now LoL



  3. SassyTwatter says:

    Happy birthday Kat! I’ve been thinking about you and just wanted to pop in and wish you the very best birthday. I look forward to reading the story. Wish I could now but not sure it’s appropriate reading material sitting next to a stranger on the plane lest they glance over. I know how modest Kat is wouldn’t want a starbwrronsee her red bum.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Oh, I have missed you! I owe you a nice long email. xoxo Now…the cover is quite benign, isn’t it? I’m sure you could risk a teeny-weeny peek. 😀 And what in the world is a starbwrronsee? Giggle. Thinking your keyboard stuck.

      It’s not too late to join the festivities! Would love to have “Kat on tour” to visit her siblings Vennie and Mira at your place. 😀


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