A birthday itinerary from Cat!


If you’ve met Cat from Giggles, Grins, and Reflections, you’ll know that she enjoys making people smile! She’s posted a lovely itinerary–complete with alternate day and night options–for Kat and Natalie to celebrate the day. Go read it!

Goodness! What a lucky girl Kat is, having such a wonderful friend to look out for her! If I ever need help planning a special day, I will ask Cat for help.

Whenever I talk to someone about Cat or Kat, I have to clarify “Kat my Kat” or “Cat Giggles and Grins Cat”.

Oh, Lighting the Way has hit the Amazon Top 100 list for F/F romance, and The Way Home is now #8 for LGBT fiction. Quite a wonderful gift for the birthday girl! I’ll try to persuade Kat to come and say hello to everyone, but at the moment she is overwhelmed and feeling shy. The outpouring of love has literally left her speechless, and she is cuddling with Natalie. Natalie, however, sends this message:

Thank you to everyone who has thought of Kat on her special day. Even including the pranksters who think Kat should have a paddle…to use! We’ll see if she is allowed to keep it. She most definitely will not be allowed to try out Thianna’s suggestions!

From Strawberry Fayres to the Shedd Aquarium to the upcoming stories, posts, and letters, you have showered Kat with more love than she could ever have imagined. Thank you for loving my girl.

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