Rogue and Christina crash Kat’s birthday party (and give her some life advice)


Lighting the Way is finally available on Amazon! Happy birthday, Kat! Many happy returns. 🙂

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Also, as Kat’s birthday gift to everyone–

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Now…today’s birthday bash installments! Thianna Doesitmatter (I never can type that name without giggling!) has posted this hysterical birthday letter to Kat. Go and read it!

Once your stomach stops hurting from laughing, come back and read this story/interview from two women loved and respected for sharing their DD journeys. Our wonderful Rogue (from Rogue’s Awakening) and Christina (from Red Booty Woman) wrote this unique, touching, and heartfelt gift for Kat. Truly, Kat is lucky to have new friends to advise her.

Rogue being Rogue, of course there is a twist to their gift! 🙂 Enjoy!


Rogue and Christina are having a drink on the back porch at R’s house with the fire going. C is looking longingly at the flames and kicking herself b/c she forgot the paddle to burn.  Rogue is oblivious to C’s distress, as she happily sips her wine.

R – So, I ran into an acquaintance recently — Ana — and she was buying a birthday cake for a friend’s upcoming celebration party.  She knows about our dd lifestyles, and she began telling about her friends’ relationship.  Check this out — their names are Nat & Kat.

C – NatKat. That sounds like a chocolate bar. Are they real people?

R – (chokes on wine)  Yes, C, and don’t make me waste my wine.  Anyway, what she told me has just stuck and I’ve been mulling over totally butting in where I don’t belong and giving unsolicited advice. Wanna help me be nosy?

C – Sure!

R – Well, currently in their relationship, Nat is the spanker.  Kat is quite the handful and she gets spanked a lot.  This may sound crazy, but given events in their life, I think it would be beneficial for Nat to hand over the paddle and let Kat spank her.

C – Just a spanking or a complete “going Rogue”?

R – Probably just a spanking.  Let me explain.  They met in college and Nat immediately took Kat under her wing.  Or her arm, which is beneficial for stand-up spankings, you know. (Christina sighs as she “hates” stand up spankings!) Pay attention! Natalie is very bossy (Kat’s description) and she works hard to keep Kat in line.  One night while at college, they found themselves in a wrong place, wrong time scenario surrounded by drunken males.  In a gut-wrenching move, Natalie commands Kat to return to their dorm.  Kat obeys immediately without realizing that Nat didn’t follow her.

C – OMG, Rogue!

R – Christina, what Natalie did…to protect Kat…words fail me.  What she sacrificed to keep her safe…

C – And you think she should be spanked for that?!

R – No, no, no!  She should be given a medal for what she did.  Here’s the thing.  When Nat returned to the dorm, she shut herself away from Kat, from everyone, for a week, then returned as if everything was completely normal.  But she wouldn’t discuss that night.  Period.  Understandable, but you’ve gotta get that stuff out, you know?  The kicker is that Nat would never let Kat get away with not talking to her.  Whenever Kat tried to withdraw, spankings abounded.  Now, hang with me because there’s another glitch here.  Kat was hospitalized twice for drug overdose.

C – Oh, lordy.  Why?

R – I don’t know all the details about everything that’s happened because Ana held their cards close to her vest.

C – Her chest?

R – Her vest.  Although, chest works, too.  A vest covers your chest.  *sigh*  Anyway, these girls have been through hell and back with — and for — each other, C.  Eventually, Kat left, claiming she couldn’t tolerate Nat’s bossiness anymore.   Personally, I think she was running…

C – So where does the Kat spank Nat part come in?

R – Well, according to Ana, they were separated for a long time.  Then, out of the blue, Kat gets a call from Nat…and what she wants is for Kat to be her witness at her wedding.  Oh, and help shop for a wedding dress.  It’s all very surreal.

C – Does she do it?

R – She does.  Ana didn’t say how long they were married OR what happened to Nat’s husband — don’t ever play poker with Ana, C — but something was drastic enough to land Nat in the hospital. Long story short, Kat is the one who pulls Nat out of despair.  It’s all very sad and heart-wrenching and…hauntingly beautiful.  They have found their way back to each other, but they are different now.  This is where the Kat-should-spank-Nat comes into play, and where I need your help. I want to write a letter to Nat and possibly Kat, but I have no idea what to say.

C – It should probably start with “Dear, Nat”.

R – Ha! That’s better than a “Dear, John” letter. So how do you convince the disciplinarian to hand over the paddle?  Maybe I should start with Kat and work on helping her channel her inner domme.  What to do, what to do…

C – Why do you think Kat should spank Nat?

R – Because THEY need it.  Kat’s mom died when she was young and she’s been an ‘afterthought’, so to speak, from her own family.  When her dad died, they didn’t even send funds for her to come home to attend the funeral.  She was always “alone”, then she meets larger-than-life Nat at college, a woman who takes care of her, loves her dearly, pushes her to do her schoolwork and spanks her bottom frequently.  Again, Kat claims she left because she couldn’t handle Nat’s ‘bossiness’.  The flip side to that coin is Nat, who feels that Kat is her ultimate responsibility — and boy howdy, did she prove it — yet she can’t open up and talk to Kat.   They need our help, C.  They don’t know it yet, but they do!

C – I’m game if you are. Let’s give these girls the benefit of “us”.

R –  The timing couldn’t be more perfect.  Kat’s birthday is coming up soon!  What a fabulous present for her to have Nat be on the receiving end of Kat’s birthday spanking.  *giddy with the possibilities*

C –  Ever since you went “Rogue” with Jared, you think the answer to everyone’s problems is to spank each other. Every one gets a spanking!

R – Well, duh, of course!  SPANK THEM ALL, I say!!! We should start with the politicians first.

C – My friend, we crack ourselves up! *belly laughs*

R – Oh, my tummy hurts.  Okay, let’s be serious now.  How do we go about implementing — haha — my/our plan?

C – Do you think a letter is the best way to go? Why not crash the birthday party? We could “kill two birds with one stone” and give our advice and the gift of a Pocket Paddle from Blondie’s Place.


C – One of my favorite activities.  Let’s go!

Enter Rogue and Christina into a hopping birthday celebration.  They have a gaily-wrapped present and with huge smiles on their faces, they ignore the festivities and approach Nat and Kat to introduce themselves.

R – Hi, I’m Rogue!

C – And I’m Christina.  Nice to meet you.

R – We have a mutual friend in common, it seems…Ana.  (Grabs C’s arm and whispers vehemently “Eyes THIS way!”)

C – (mumbling) Sorry.

R – (Smiles sweetly at Nat & Kat)  Could you two take a few minutes to talk to us?

In a more private setting…

R – Thank you both so much.  Ana has told us about the history of your relationship, and if it’s okay with you, I want to share something personal about mine.  Christina and I both are in domestic discipline relationships, but mine has a different flavor to it.  Long story short, my husband and I were at a major crossroads and ready to separate when — listen to me carefully here, girls — the paddle found its way into MY hand, and trust me, it was a surprise to both of us.  It’s also been the best thing that ever happened to us.

C – It’s destructive for a relationship, in whatever format, when one partner pulls away emotionally and physically from the other. (Looks at Nat) You held Kat accountable for this behavior with a punishment spanking. Then you pulled the same behaviour on her. Perhaps you both need to think about using spanking as a tool towards healing your relationship again… only this time Kat needs to be the one who spanks Nat.

Both Rogue and Christina look at Kat.

R – You can do this, Kat (warmly).  We’re not trying to preach or tell you how to live in your relationship.  We just have a lot of experience, and we just wanted to — actually, Ana requested that we share it with you for a moment on this special occasion, that in moving forward, perhaps you could explore the option of a domestic discipline relationship where each of you holds the other accountable with a spanking.

C – And to start with, the first rule you  have is that neither of you runs away physically or emotionally from a problem. You turn to each other for support. You communicate what your needs are in an open and truthful manner. After all, you both love each other and the purpose of domestic discipline is to protect and guide the other to be the best person you can be in your relationship.

R – Aww, that is so sweet, Christina.  And very true.  (Looks at Nat.)  Natalie, I feel as though I know you — thanks to Ana — and the fact is, you will not allow Kat to hide from you, yet you do just that to her.  Remember how scared you were, not knowing that Kat was safe?  That’s how she felt when you did the same. You made sure that she understood that her behavior was not acceptable. Don’t you think that Kat feels the same?

Kat and Nat look at each other.

C – I’m sure it feels like you’re in this all alone. I remember that feeling. I hope you’ll consider joining our Ladies Night at the LDD Network, where women from all over the world, who practice DD in different ways, meet to talk about issues, offer support… and have a lot of giggles.

R – We do have a great time, and the support we give and receive is priceless.  (Looks at Nat again.)  The responsibility you feel toward Kat is understandable — you have saved her more than once.  But you must open up and let her in.  I recognize how hard that will be for you, given all you’ve been through, but if you don’t, I fear you may lose her again.  And you two belong together, Natalie.  Some bonds are unbreakable.  I know it’s unorthodox, but…please give it some consideration.  (Looks at Kat.)  Yes, Natalie saved you, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that she would do it again, but finding yourself on your own, you pulled through.  Lonely, sure, but you did it.  Be grateful that this lovely woman stands beside you, but don’t underestimate your own strength.

Rogue hands Kat the gift.

R – We have a gift for you to start what hopefully will be a new beginning in your relationship.  Happy Birthday, Kat! (Both Rogue and Christina give Kat and Nat a warm hug).

As Rogue and Christina turned, they linked their arms together and headed back to the party.  Looking back, they saw the girls start to open Kat’s gift.  Along with the present of the Pocket Paddle, there was a card that suggested…

“Go find Ana and give her a stand-up spanking for being such a gossip!”


And afterwards…thank her.  😉

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29 thoughts on “Rogue and Christina crash Kat’s birthday party (and give her some life advice)

  1. pao says:

    😀 I love how Kat’s birthday has gotten lots of people buzzing and posting things about Nat and Kat! So many people have made contact with them. It’s like a universe now!

    Happy birthday to Kat! Hope this one will be Kat-tastic!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      A Kat-i-verse! Or a wooden spoon universe. Hehe. There are more stories coming up, too! I love getting to see everyone’s talents. It’s like a big showcase. I love yours, Pao! People will love it.


  2. His First Mate says:

    C and Rogue- I love your solution, and while I wouldnt have thought of it myself, I would love to see this happen.. Ana, buying your book was the first thing I did when I woke up this morning. I have to go now, i have reading to do!!! 🙂


  3. Rogue says:

    Just wanted to wish Kat the Happiest Birthday Ever!! and hope she puts her presents to good use. 🙂
    Ana, thanks for letting us crash the party. Tickled to see HFM’s vote for our solution, and anxious for the 20th to get here so we can read Nat and Kat’s exchange over that awesome little present…


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      You and Christina have made it the happiest birthday ever! What a wonderful gift. Actually, I should probably let her respond to comments, but she is a little shy. She can’t believe the love she’s received from everyone. Thank you! And yes, be sure to check out Kat and Natalie’s response in their Spankee Doodle story. LOL.


  4. Cassie says:

    I believe that this is the most delightful advice I’ve ever heard! Kat, remember it’s all in the wrist and Nat, just hush and take your medicine!

    Kat sweetie, I hope this is the best birthday ever!



  5. Renee Rose says:

    Going Rogue… I never realized how funny it is that she was named Rogue before she went Rogue! Great advice, ladies. ana, ready to be spanked? Or do you need your favorite stand in?


  6. Minelle says:

    Such a great post everyone. Good advice to anyone in a DD relationship true, but emotionally running away from loved ones is damaging anyway you look at it!
    I sure hope Nat uses the paddle FIRST on ANA and then KAT uses it anyway she wishes!

    Thumbs up Rogue and Christina.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Minelle! Just for that, I will coax Kat into trying it out on you!

      And you are right that the advice is helpful to anyone, even for those who are not in a DD relationship. Mutual trust and openness have to be the foundations of any good relationship.


  7. Ami says:

    I had such a good laugh reading this. How clever! Excellent advice, but openness and good communication is important to us all. I now have to go meet Rogue – I am very intrigued.




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      It was a lovely mixture of humor and seriousness, plus a great message of advice for anyone in a DD relationship. Plus, it’s good life advice in general.

      Originally, Rogue tried to say there were lap dancers at the party. That didn’t stay in. 😀


  8. Irishey says:

    Well… well… well!!! Lol! Kat going Rogue! I bet Nat and Kat take turns “thanking” Ana for sharing their history. Poor Ana! Or, lucky Ana!

    Great job, ladies!



      • Irishey says:

        Ppfffttt. Ana, I do not DO exploits. I live vicariously via the misdeeds, foibles and shenanigans of others. 😉

        Thanks for the welcome at my return. I’m just now reading “The Way Home” and the various birthday stories written by our bloggy friends. Such fun!

        Congratulations on the release of your newest book! Hugs…



        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          You most certainly DO do exploits, Miss Irishey! 😀 Fibbing would be the first one…for today! I hope you like The Way Home! The birthday posts have been wonderful. Tomorrow will be a break for Fika, but we’ll be back on Tuesday with more festivities. Oh, and it’s not too late to join! You’re more than welcome to submit something. 🙂


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