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Thank you to Katherine Deane for providing today’s installment of the birthday festivities for Kat! All right, Kat’s birthday was last Thursday. So what? We have the twelve days of Christmas, don’t we? 😀 (Don’t ask me when I finally took my Christmas tree down…I will only say that it was *this* year rather than last.)

Katherine talked with me several times because she wanted to give Kat the best present possible. (She also hosted me for a wonderful interview about non-sexual intimacy. It’s worth a read!) To make it even more special, this is Katherine’s debut! You can check out her lovely blog, but this is her first time showcasing a work of fiction.

Here’s Katherine’s birthday gift to Kat. From one Katherine to another. 🙂

(Oh, and check out Tomorrow” in Coming to Terms to find out how Kat and Natalie celebrated her birthday this year!)



Kat and Natalie fan fiction birthday scene

Natalie sat at the table looking over the ever growing response cards for Kat’s birthday, and let out a sigh. Kat was stomping around the living room in her fourth costume change of the morning.

“Argh, matey,” Kat flashed her hook at Natalie, and winked behind her eye patch.

“Wrong eye, honey,” Natalie smiled and returned to the pile of RSVP’s.

“So, whaddya think about a Pirate party, Natty? We could give out gold doubloons as party favors,” Kat hobbled around on her makeshift wooden leg.

“Hopefully, not real gold,” Natalie murmured picking up another confirmation letter.

“Of course not,” Kat rolled her eyes. “THAT would be silly,” She hopped around the table, and grabbed a cookie off the counter. “Argh, this is good,” she mumbled with her mouth full of oatmeal and raisins.

“Kat, honey, why are you so adamant about this being a themed party, anyway? Can’t we just make it a normal party?”

Kat stopped her hopping, and looked at Natalie, tears filling her eyes, “Are you saying I’m not normal?” Her lower lip quivered.

“No, honey. No. That’s not what I meant. I, I just don’t understand the need for a theme. You have almost 100 people coming to see you.”  She pointed at Kat, “YOU, not a fairy, a clown or a pirate.”

“You don’t understand!” Kat cried, and threw down the hook and crutch, flinging the eye patch across the room. “Never mind. Cancel the stupid party!” She ran to their bedroom and slammed the door.

Natalie ran her fingers through her hair in frustration. Why was this such a big deal to Kat?

She had already spent hundreds of dollars preparing for this. She had invited all of their friends, ordered a special cake, a piñata, and even some entertainment. She had drawn the line at the bounce house, though.

What more did Kat want?

With a sigh, she turned back to the RSVP pile. She would have to deal with her later.

Kat laid on her bed and pounded her pillow a few times.

Why didn’t Natalie understand?

This was her first real party. She had never had a birthday party. And this was so overwhelming.

100 people! Cake, hors de oeuvres, a band, face painting. She had even spied on Natalie talking to a man about fireworks. Was that what a normal party was supposed to be like?

Why didn’t Natalie understand?

Did Natalie really think she was abnormal?

She wiped the tears from her eyes, and sniffled.

She was kind of a kid at heart. And Natalie spanked her like, well, a bratty kid.

Did that make her abnormal?

With a sigh, she placed her head back on the pillow. She would go tell Natalie that a “normal” party would be fine. And she would stop acting so childish.  That could be good in a lot of ways. No more spankings, maybe.

But first, a little nap.

When she awoke from her cat nap, she got up and walked over to Natalie’s closet.

 Kat nap, she giggled to herself.

No, that’s being childish, she admonished herself.  She was going to act like a grown up. She was over 30 years old, and she was going to start acting like it. She flung open Natalie’s closet door, and found what she was looking for.


A light cream business suit, fresh from the cleaners. She carefully applied her makeup, and did her hair. Mature. Not sexy. She pulled up the knee highs, and put on her black pumps. Natalie’s shoes didn’t fit, so she had to wear her ratty old black ones. Maybe she would go shopping for new pumps and mature clothes after the party. She opened the door, and pasted her most professional smile on her face.

“Natalie, I would like to have a word with y-“

She stopped at the door of the kitchen and gasped, walking toward the confusing site in front of her.

Natalie stood in front of her wearing the silliest adornment of costumes she had ever seen. The crutch, hook and eye patch were in place, along with a clown nose, face paint, wings and a tiara. Natalie turned around in circles, and smiled,

“Do you like it? I couldn’t decide which to go with, so I went with all three. I’m a pirate, clown fairy,”

Kat tried to keep the tears from her eyes as she walked closer and inspected her best friend.

“I thought you didn’t want a theme party,”

“It’s your party, honey,”

Natalie’s white and red makeup was already smudging from her own tears.

“I’m sorry I hurt your feelings, Katya. A fantasy party keeps it from getting too close to home, right?”

Natalie reached out to stroke her shoulder.

“So you don’t have to overanalyze everything, correct?”

Kat nodded and bit her lower lip. “Do you prefer my outfit? It’s more mature.”

“No honey,” Natalie hugged her. “I think this party should be fun. Fantasy is good too.”

Natalie rubbed some red and white face paint on Kat’s tear streaked face, and placed the tiara on her head.

“You make a very pretty pirate, clown fairy. Unless…”

“Unless, what, Natty?”

“Well, “she added with a wink, “I just found an awesome place that has Star Trek costumes. Would you like to be a Klingon or a Vulcan?”

“Both!” Kat laughed, and grabbed Natalie in a bear hug. “Or a Tribble.  Ooh Natty, I could be a Tribble. Please, please, please help me find a Tribble costume!” Kat started jumping up and down exuberantly tugging Natalie with her.

“Ok,” Natalie laughed, “Whatever you want, honey. It’s your birthday,”

“Natalie,” Kat stopped, a thoughtful look on her face.


“I think for my birthday, I should get to spank you,”

“How about we just focus on costumes for right now?”  Natalie smiled, and led Kat out the door.




18 thoughts on “Kat’s birthday party, by Katherine Deane

  1. Penelope says:

    Lovely piece, Katherine! Just so sweet and touching: you convey a lot of very adult thoughts and emotions in a charming little scene.

    I like ‘bounce house’, too! We call them ‘bouncy castles’ here 🙂


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