Kat’s unbirthday, by Penelope Hasler


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Thank you to Penelope Hasler, aka Naughty Little Writer, for today’s wonderful birthday wish! It’s written from Natalie’s point of view, as a message to Kat. Poor Kat has gotten quite the assortment of wooden spoons, paddles, and now a hairbrush. At least the paddle from Christina and Rogue wasn’t technically to be used on her, but try telling Natalie that!


Come on, sleepyhead. Up! It’s not your birthday anymore! Even perfect little princesses only get one a year, you know.


Don’t think I didn’t hear that remark, Miss Under-the-Covers. It’s never too soon to break that nice new hairbrush of yours in. And you know I’m not kidding.


Oh, the look on your face when I came bounding in with that great big box, topped with a bright red bow, and you shook it and opened it and saw that it contained a whole lot of nothing… but a shiny new wooden brush! Oh, what a crestfallen little face!


Lucky I had my camera on me ready to capture the moment, huh? We are so using that picture as our Christmas card to everyone this year.


So I’m a horrid mean prankster. Sue me. And you got your real presents right afterwards, anyway – I don’t know what you’re pouting about! You looked so pretty in that dress; I knew it would suit you the moment I saw it in the store.


My favorite part of the day? Your robotic dancing in the club was pretty damn awesome. I have never been so proud of you. Still, my absolute favorite would have to be our picnic in the park.


I could have sat and watched you forever. The way the sunlight shone through your hair, made your skin glow as if you were the sun itself; the smile that spoke of simple, wonderful joy, and filled my own heart with happiness. I will treasure that memory for as long as I live.


Hm? Well, no… I wasn’t saying those things when we were back home at the end of the night and you were bucking on my lap like a little overcaffeinated bronco, that’s true. But then if I call you a naughty girl it’s only because you are one. That was no way to talk to that nice young man in the pizzeria and you know it! I should have spanked you there and then, by rights, birthday or no birthday. And you should take your spankings less like a brat if you don’t want to be scolded so much.


You’re so cute when you whimper like that. It almost makes me want to scold you just to make you do it.


Or tell you to fetch me your hairbrush.


Alright, alright: happy unbirthday, baby. Now get that ass up.


18 thoughts on “Kat’s unbirthday, by Penelope Hasler

  1. katherinedeane says:

    Yeah, Penny!
    Poor Kat 😦
    I still think she should have gotten to use a few of those new presents on Natalie.
    Not fair.
    Good lord, I’m pouting now too.

    LOL, Great job, Penny!


  2. pao says:

    Oh, Penny. That second last line would have made me whimper, too! Poor Kat! That was really sweet, tender and fun 😀 I love it!


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