A dance lesson from Renee Rose


Thank you, Renee Rose! She sent this contribution to Kat’s birthday bash. Mm! I am quite angry with Renee for making it too short…and stopping at the best part! Please join me in protesting. Go over to her blog and demand that she finish this scene. 🙂

I grab Natalie’s arm and attempt to slow her down. “This is stupid,” I hiss.

“No, it’s not. You said you wanted to try dance lessons, and Renee Rose offered to give you one to see if you like it. It’s your birthday present, now come on.” She pushes the door to the studio open and holds it, lifting her eyebrows expectantly.

I huff, but walk through the door, the scent of resin tickling my nose before I have a chance to take in the expanse of hardwood floor, wall-to-wall mirrors and wall-mounted barres that sag in the middle.

Renee Rose turns her head and grins at me while she futzes with her Ipod, selecting a Michael Frante and the Spearheads song. She’s wearing a short, flippy black skirt, with black thigh-high stockings and pink high heels. I look down at my clothes—the leotard and tights Natalie bought me for my Halloween costume last year.


“Don’t worry!” she says, kicking off the heels. “I don’t really wear these. I just put them on so you would recognize me from my avatar. I’m actually more of a barefoot kind of gal.” She peels off her stockings and pads over to me, holding out her hand. “You must be Kat? I’ve read a lot about you. And you’re Natalie?”

Natalie nudges me forward to shake her hand, then gives her own handshake.

“Natalie, are you taking class, too?”

“No,” she says in a too-chipper voice. “Just Kat today!”

“All right, well, we’ll start at the barre. Natalie, you can sit and wait on the couch outside the studio. The two-way mirror will allow you to watch.”

Two-way mirror? Oh, God. This was getting worse by the minute.

Renee smiles reassuringly and points to the barre.

She walks over and starts speaking in gibberish, as far as I’m concerned. “We’re going to start in first position, facing the barre. We’ll take eight heel lifts, right and left. Then heel press, demi-point and lower, four times each side. Then tendu, flex, point and close, four times, right and left…”

I don’t even hear the rest, as I just struggle to copy what she’s doing with her feet.

“Did you get all that?”

I bite my lip and look up at her, my cheeks growing warm.

She leans forward and says close to my ear, “I hope so, because if not, I have a cane and I could invite Natalie in to use it.”

“What?” The needle slides off the record as my mind reels. She knows about us. And spanking.

I can’t seem to pick my jaw back up off the floor. She grins and gives me a wink. “I’m usually a very sweet dance teacher, but spanking is my favorite thing.”

Like what you see here? Read more about Kat and Natalie in The Way Home, Coming to Terms, and Lighting the Way!

26 thoughts on “A dance lesson from Renee Rose

  1. Renee Rose says:

    I know, but you know I wouldn’t use it! That’s why I had to threaten her with Natalie using it! 🙂 And yes, the two way mirrors offer a lot of possibilities… sorry on the too short, I guess I figured Kat’s actual spanking should be up to Ana, as I’m not real parent here…


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      You’re not the real parent? As in authors being character’s parents? I still can’t believe you wound me up with such a great beginning and then STOPPED. I wanted to know what Natalie was doing behind the mirror when you threatened Kat! lol…


  2. Spanking101 says:

    Omg! I can’t seem to pick my jaw back up off the floor. She grins and gives me a wink. “I’m usually a very sweet dance teacher, but spanking is my favorite thing.” that is awesome!


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