Kat’s birthday unspanking, by Julie


On Wednesday, we had an “unbirthday” message to celebrate Kat’s birthday bash. Today, we have a birthday celebration suggestion from Julie. I have a feeling that Kat will enjoy this idea much more than the hairbrushes and wooden spoons. Hope that you enjoy today’s installment of Kat’s birthday bash! Come back tonight for another sneak peek at Lighting the Way.



I liked someone’s idea of Kat and Natalie celebrating with a more adult night on the town, since they’ve had the “kid’s” celebration at Sarsi World and don’t often do adult things together, but my idea is for the end of the evening.

What if the day finished with a birthday “un”spanking?  Even though it’s not what they’re “supposed” to be, it seems like a typical birthday spanking from Natalie would probably be to make sure Kat is spanked for anything she did wrong throughout the year, and as a reminder of what will happen if she misbehaves next year.  I haven’t thought it all the way through, but what if Natalie put Kat over her lap for what Kat thinks will be a birthday spanking, and Natalie instead shows her she remembers the good things Kat has done throughout the year and the progress she’s made by “unspanking” her – maybe slowly and softly putting the wooden spoon on her bottom thirty times, then quickly raising it?  It could be funny, especially at the end of a day of celebration when they’re at least tired and maybe have had a drink or two.  Natalie could make Kat count each unspank, and maybe even “unscold” her during it. I can picture almost uncontrollable laughter from both of them – Kat in particular – by the time the “unspanking” is over.

5 thoughts on “Kat’s birthday unspanking, by Julie

  1. Corinne Alexander says:

    I love this idea & I think Kat will love it too. I think it will catch her off guard at first, but after the initial shock of finding herself across Natalie’s lap wore off she would feel very loved & appreciated.


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