#SpankeeDoodle 2013! “A two-edged paddle,” starring Kat and Natalie (with guest appearances)

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“A Two-Edged Paddle,” starring Kat, Natalie, and with a few guest appearances

Natalie calls from her alcove. “Come here and look at this!”

“Just a minute!” I call back, lounging on my living room couch. I finger a flat object in my hand, smiling to myself.

“This picture of us on the Dragon is great!” Natalie exclaims, entering the living room. “We look like we’re either going to laugh or cry.”

For my birthday earlier that month, Natalie surprised me with a trip to my childhood fantasy, the enormous Sarsi World theme park. One of the highlights was riding the world-class rollercoaster.

I shove the object under the cross-stitched heart pillow that Mama Jane made for us. A soft thud of leather meeting wood causes me to wince, hoping Natalie didn’t hear. “Aren’t you glad I made you go on the Dragon?”

Made me? You don’t make me do anything!”

I giggle. “Let me see.” I take the photo and make a face. “My eyes look weird.”

“They’re beautiful, as always,” she corrects me. Her gaze falls onto a rounded brown edge sticking out from underneath the pillow. Darn it! “What’s that?” She reaches for it, but I push the objects out of sight.

“Nothing,” I answer, scooting over to sit in front of the pillow. Excuse me, Mama Jane. I hope I don’t squash your needlework. “Are you done printing pictures?”

Natalie holds out her hand. I stare at her for a few moments before sighing and reaching behind my back to reveal a slender but sturdy paddle. “It’s mine,” I say, lifting my chin. “Rogue and Christina said so.”

Natalie takes the paddle and taps it against the blue suede of the couch. “It’s an awfully big paddle for such a small girl, don’t you think? I’ve never used one on you before.”

An image of red-cushioned ping pong paddles comes to mind, but I nod. Better to save my battles for what’s important. “It’s not for you,” I remind her. “Rogue and Christina said I should spank you because it’s my birthday.”

“That was two weeks ago!” Natalie laughs. “And it was a joke. Now come on, stop messing around.”

I reach to take my paddle back—my paddle—but Natalie waves it at me. “Do I need to remind you who does the spanking around here?”

I scowl. “Cassie said you should just hush and take your medicine, and you told Rogue and Christina that you appreciated their wisdom and friendship. Are you telling me that you lied?”

Natalie pauses. “No,” she admits. “But that’s not how we work.”

“It’s not?” I challenge. “Maybe we should change that.” The unspoken question hangs in the air.

“I should put you over my knee and use this on you right now,” Natalie answers, but more out of habit than with conviction. We’ve changed, Nat and I. It’s not so easy to put us into our set roles now.

“How long have you been doing this? Ten, twelve years? Isn’t it about time that I get my turn?” I force myself not to say “please” or show weakness. I’m not sure if I can actually follow through, but Rogue and Christina’s visit awoke thoughts I never had before. Always, Natalie’s role as spanker has been as sure as the rotation of the earth or the shining of the sun. Maybe it’s time for that to change.

Natalie flips the paddle in her hand, handle over rounded edge as if she is cooking pancakes. “So you want to talk about it?”

“Yes,” I answer. I don’t, not exactly, but ever since our trip to Sarsi World we’ve been making an effort to say even the things that sound silly or are obvious.

In one smooth, practiced move born from years of lightning-quick action, Natalie transfers the paddle to her left hand and upends me over her lap. Before I can do anything more than give a breathless squeak, she presses the leather of the paddle against the seat of my jeans.

“Go ahead,” she chuckles. “Let’s talk.”

As she raises the paddle, I scramble off her lap–for perhaps the first time ever–and glare at her with my hands on my hips. “Stop laughing at me!” I huff. “Rogue and Christina weren’t laughing. They thought I could really do it. And it’s my paddle, not yours.”

Natalie tosses her hair back and smiles at me as indulgently as if I am a cute child. “Yes, sweetheart. And of course it’s your paddle. I’m showing you exactly how much of your paddle it will be.”

Before we went to Sarsi World, Natalie would probably have thrown me back over her lap and paddled me up a creek for sassing her. It’s funny, but her tolerant attitude only infuriates me more. I wrest the paddle out of her grip and hold it up to her face.

“Get up!” I bark, and out of sheer shock Natalie actually rises to her feet. I heft the paddle in both hands, filled with a rush of otherworldly heat, energy, and power. I’ve never hit anyone before in my life. I’d never have thought of holding a paddle in front of Natalie, let alone using it. But the cheers and friendly messages from all over the world for my birthday have changed me. It’s not just me, meek little Kat who always must be wrong while Natalie is right. People like me. People think I have the right to stand up to Natalie, too.

I wonder if this is how Natalie feels when she spanks me. If she likes this heady rush of adrenalin. What made her take the wooden spoon to me, that day so long ago in our college freshman dorm when we first met? Why did she become the one who spanked me, rather than the other way around? I’d always admired Natalie for being the take-charge one, the confident and commanding one. Over the years, the confidence hardened into something more like a wall.

I love my Natalie. But right now, I want nothing more than to hear the satisfying smack of leather against her black yoga pants.

“Bend over,” I say, my voice still so full of authority that Natalie obeys with a bewildered look on her face. I am just as shocked as she is, but a once-in-a-lifetime chance is not to be ignored. I lift the paddle, remember Cassie’s advice that “it’s all in the wrist,” and aim for the backside.

Natalie remains in position, and I bring the paddle down. Just before it makes contact with her pants, however, I stop. I hold the paddle inches away from contact, thinking to myself. Why am I doing this? Is this what we really need?

Natalie shifts her weight from one foot to another. “Go ahead,” she says. “I’m sure you’ve wanted to more than once.”

Instead, I hold out the paddle to Natalie, leaning across her back and resting my chin on the back of her neck.

“That’s okay,” I say.

She doesn’t move. “Are you sure? I don’t think you’ll get another chance.”

Maybe, maybe not. I can get Rogue and Christina to visit her again.

“I love you, Natty,” I say. She straightens up, takes the paddle, and wraps me in her arms.

“I love you too, my Katya,” she answers, kissing me. I melt into a contented puddle of Kat.

“I had you going, didn’t I?” I giggle. Not sure whether I was serious or not, but now it seems easier to pass it off as a joke.

“Sure did,” she replies. “And that reminds me. We never finished our conversation last night about you throwing away my Oreos again.”

I shriek and giggle as she tosses me over her lap. A soft thump of the paddle hitting the sofa cushions, and then her soft hands are unfastening the button and zipper on my jeans.

“Lift up,” she says, and I do.

Each spank is more of a caress than an impact, and each touch of her hand is a reassurance of her love.

We made it, Natty and I. Through the darkness and found our way home.

“Natalie?” I say.

“Mm?” she answers, patting the nylon fabric of my panties.

“You’re a bossypants,” I giggle. She swats harder.

“Oh? Maybe I should show you just how bossy these pants can get.”

Except she is laughing too hard to land the next spank.






Anastasia Vitsky

Celeste Jones

Constance Masters

Joseph McNamara

Kate Richards

Kathryn Blake

Maren Smith

Penelope Jones

Renee Rose

Starla Kaye

Sue Lyndon

And introducing our first-ever guest participant:

Joey Gallo


108 thoughts on “#SpankeeDoodle 2013! “A two-edged paddle,” starring Kat and Natalie (with guest appearances)

  1. His First Mate says:

    Yay!!! It’s blog hop time! This one seemed so far away, and then it just snuck right up on me! I’m a little disappointed, I really wanted to see Kat spank Natalie for a change, but, they are sweet the way they are!


  2. Minelle says:

    I am melting! That was so nice. They sound so happy, in an everyday normal way. Well I am sure Kat is happy as long as she isn’t seriously spanked. Kat just couldn’t do it this time, but maybe next time Rogue and Christina visit.


  3. Sunny Girl says:

    Loved that. Great story. I thought Kat should have given Nat at least one spank though.

    I had forgotten it was Spank Doodle until I tuned in and I have it right on my blog. DUH

    VIP. See I followed the rules.


  4. Cassie says:

    That was a lovely story dear. Still I can’t help thinking you should have… well never mind. I could never imagine taking a swat at Tom either. Glad you girls are so happy.



  5. PK says:

    I say Kat and Cassie are chicken! I have no problem giving Nick a good swat every now and then. In fact he know what all our implements feel like. He says he helps him know the best way to use them.

    I would say I love the story, except they aren’t stories for me. Just seems like real life of two of my friends.


  6. Alan Hamblin says:

    A nice little story but I wonder if Kat will regret not having at least one go with the paddle, maybe there will be another chance


    • Sunny Girl says:

      How did you get through to Joseph McNamara? I must be blind because I couldn’t find a place to comment. I hit like and it didn’t like my email address or password.


  7. Julie says:

    Cute story, Ana. I’m so glad Kat didn’t follow through. 🙂 It does raise a LOT of interesting questions about their relationship, and their story going foward.


  8. Kelly A says:

    Loved that snippet from Kat and Nat’s story! Didn’t see a question to answer, but loved how it ended felt weird seeing the “spankee” trying to spank the “spanker”, but I love how it played out!!!


  9. Irishey says:

    Hi, Ana. I think Natalie might have been halfway hoping Kat would follow through! Lol! 😉 That Christina and Rogue – funny ornery!

    Good story. Thank you.

    I didn’t see your reader question about the story, but I’ll give you an answer to a question from Kat.

    She had sensed the lonely sadness exuding from the girl before her, saw her hesitation and uncertain aloofness, felt her belief she didn’t feel worthy. She wanted to help this forlorn pixie whose expressive eyes spoke to her own deep need to be needed.

    All done hopping. This was a lot of fun! Thank you, again. Big hugs.



    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Hehe Natalie shocked me when she bent over!

      I like the question you chose to answer. I’m not sure if Kat was able to sense everything you describe, but it may be that as Kat grows in confidence she will learn to see Natalie as a full person rather than only the side Natalie chooses to show others.

      Hugs back. Glad you had fun.


  10. catrouble says:

    Such a lovely story…in a way, I’m happy that Kat couldn’t spank Nat. LOL Hey Ana…where’s the question? Huh? Oh yea…I’m a VIP 😉


  11. pao says:

    Whoa, so many comments! I love this story, there’s so much growth in Nat and Kat yet so much similarity 🙂 Also feels quite strange that there aren’t any questions to answer like the previous event 😀 Thank you for the story!


  12. joeyred51 says:

    Terrific story, classic Ana. Were you ever on the other side of the paddle as spanker?


    PS Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of Spankee Doodle. I am so honored to have my story displayed with so many of my favorite authors. One of your posts about imagery was the inspiration for my story.


  13. chickie says:

    My wordpress account commented as lilypony last night instead of chickie like it was supposed to! Boo wordpress!!! So this isn’t supposed to be a double entry, it’s jsut a name correction.


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