Announcing the new Spank Hop VIPs!

These adventurous (and naughty) souls managed to visit all twelve blogs and leave comments on all of them. Congratulations! As a reward, you have earned five extra bonus entries in the grand prize drawing, and you will be able to add “VIP” to all of your future Spank Hop (Spankee Doodle, Spank or Treat, and Love Spanks) events!

Congratulations! Be sure to come back on Thursday for the list of grand prize winners. Participating authors (including me!) will also announce prizes for their individual contests.

  • His First Mate
  • Sunny Girl
  • Sarah
  • Corinne Alexander
  • Kelly Adams
  • Casey McKay
  • Minelle
  • The Long Bean
  • Ami
  • Adaline Raine
  • SH
  • Fiona
  • Erzabet Bishop
  • Katherine Deane
  • Coastalcafan
  • TL
  • Irishey
  • Lily
  • C Munro
  • Cat
  • Terpsichore
  • Tara Finnegan
  • Elizabeth Marie
  • Pao
  • Kelsey Summer
  • Tracey Gramiak Horton
  • Natasha Knight

21 thoughts on “Announcing the new Spank Hop VIPs!

  1. Joseph McNamara says:

    I too would like to add my hearty “Congratulations” to these wonderful supportive Spank-Hoppers… Thank You for joining us and a special Thank you for your support in visiting and reading our stories… 🌟


  2. sirqsmlb says:

    Thank you for introducing me to many new and fabulous blogs. I’m thrilled to have had such a gift of fabulous reading!!



  3. Minelle says:

    It is always such a great time! I love the way it is organized and easy to follow for tech-no people like me. We get to read and enjoy our favorite authors as well as be introduced to new ones!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!


  4. Katie says:

    Congrats to all the VIP’s, Ana! :). I SO wanted to participate, but it will have to be at another time. Rob and I have been busy spending special time together, and I have been out of touch mostly. I WILL go read all the stories when I have a chance though. I SO enjoy all the writers around here. Hugs to all!

    ❤ Katie


  5. chickie says:

    I visited everybody! There was a login mixup where I commented as lilypony on one of them but went back to that one with a chickie comment.


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