Spankee Doodle participation results

Are you excited for the Spankee Doodle grand prize announcements tomorrow? (Go see the new VIP results here.) As the team and I have been hard at work sorting out all of the prize entries, I was delighted to see how much participation has grown during these three events (Spankee Doodle, Love Spanks, and Spank or Treat). Kathryn Blake asked for the data to create a graph, and she sent me this visual representation:

“Comments” refers to the number of comments from unique commenters, not including author replies to comments. If a comment is exactly or nearly the same one more than one blog, it also doesn’t count.
An especially big thank you to all of our ambassadors who worked hard to promote the event. For all of our readers, visitors, and fellow authors–we love you! Thank you for making these events so great.
Look for the prize announcement post tomorrow at 8 AM EDT (UTC-4)!

2 thoughts on “Spankee Doodle participation results

  1. sirqsmlb says:

    Thank you so much for working so hard to put this together. It really was fun to find new blogs to read and such fabulous material!



  2. Penelope Jones says:

    I can’t see the graphic 😦

    Thank you for doing all this guys! I wrote and participated, but the behind the scene work that was performed was amazing… so thank you for all the hard work!



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