Spankee Doodle Winners!

Let’s have a round of applause for our Spankee Doodle participating authors, ambassadors, readers…and our wonderful sponsors who donated such wonderful prizes! Since it will be another four months until Spank or Treat 2013 (October 25-27 with prize announcements on Halloween day), you have plenty of time to check out these grand prize donors:

Without our sponsors, our “spank hops” (Spank or Treat, Love Spanks, and Spankee Doodle) would not be nearly as successful. Thank you! To have this kind of support is a dream come true, and it speaks volumes for the growing acceptance of spanking fiction.

Okay. You’re anxious to hear the prize winning names, right? Let’s go!


Adaline Raine: the Wizards in Publication consultation of a manuscript up to 15K! Good luck, Addy! I hope you’ll use your prize to work on your very first F/F story. 🙂


Erzabet Bishop: Patty Devlin book bundle

His First Mate: Stormy Night Publications book bundle

Gemini: LazyDay Publishing book bundle

Fiona/SirQsmlb: Decadent Publishing book bundle

These books should keep you busy (and maybe even out of trouble) until Spank or Treat 2013 rolls around. Happy reading!


Kelly Adams: Custom-made Spankee Doodle paddle from Blondie’s Place! Enjoy getting in touch with your spanky side!


The Long Bean: $20 Amazon gift certificate, donated by Stormy Night Publications!

Irishey: $25 Blushing Books gift certificate, donated by Patty Devlin

Books, books, and more books!


And for our two extra-grand prizes, let’s give Blushing another round of thank yous.

Pao wins the $100 gift certificate to Blushing! Now you can keep current with books from all of your favorite authors.

And Cat is the lucky winner of the Kindle Fire/Nook Color (her choice)!


Picking the prizes is one of my favorite jobs for these events. After everyone’s various entries (VIP, Ambassador, and completion bonuses in addition to one entry per blog visited and commented on) are calculated and put into a spreadsheet, I use a random sequence generator to choose winners for the prizes. Then the real fun begins!


As for my individual blog contest, the results are:

PK will get to name a character or have a character named after her for Home Fires, the working title for the third book in the Kat and Natalie series (to be released on November).

Tricia wins a copy of Coming to Terms, the anthology of domestic discipline short stories.

Angieia will receive one book of her choice from my list. That includes Lighting the Way, Simple Gifts, The Way Home, Editorial Board, Desire in Any Language, and The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus.


Congratulations, everyone! If you played this time and did not win a prize, take heart. You might have won one of the many prizes offered on individual author and ambassador blogs.

Look for emails with details about how to receive your prizes.

Thanks again to everyone who made this event such a success. Hooray for kinky spanky fiction! Please check out our books and spread the word. Spank or Treat 2013 will be even bigger and better!

26 thoughts on “Spankee Doodle Winners!

  1. Kelly Adams says:

    Awesome!!!! I am so excited never won anything like this before, but now I have to go to work and not daydream all day about my prize *sighs* its going to be a long shift! :p


  2. catrouble says:

    OMG! Huge happy dance! Thank you so very much. Congratulations to all the other winners also!

    Even without the awesome and generous prizes, we all won…got to read a lot of really great stories. Thanks to all the authors!



  3. sirqsmlb says:

    Thank you…I typically am NOT the girl who wins…anything. Can’t wait to read. Thank you for organizing this event…it was fabulous to have such great blog posts.



  4. Minelle says:

    Ana thanks for continuing these contest treats. It is always such a joy reading all the fantastic authors lined up for each event. It means a great deal to many of us that the authors are willing to write a free story and donate prizes. Plus we are often exposed to new writers as well.
    I know the time it takes for something like this. We appreciate it!


  5. Irishey says:

    Thank you, Ana! It’s so awesome you arranged such wonderful gifts from so many sponsors.

    Yea winners! Special thanks to the authors. Your story excerpts were great.



  6. pao says:

    :O Whoa, thank you Ana! Thank you to the organisers and publishers who have so kindly donated these gifts.

    Completely forgot there were prizes… Thank you, again for putting so much time and effort to organise such a treat for us to enjoy 🙂


      • pao says:

        Yeah, it IS a great prize. $100 for e-books is quite a bit of money. It’s like having a $100 bill in my pocket! Always try my best to hold onto that bill as long as I can 😀


  7. His First Mate says:

    Thanks Ana! i am super excited for new stuff to read! this has been so much fun as always! Thanks for putting it together!


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