Monday Morning Fika: Sunny Girl’s Publication Debut!

Ana has threatened me with a spanking more than once.  She is always telling me I am a troublemaker and very naughty.  I think she confuses me with Kat.  Seriously, she was kind enough to ask me to promote my book here even though she is pouting because she did not know about it beforehand.

Many of you know me as Sunny Girl of the Aimless Ramblings blog.  I found this community just like many of you, I put the word “spanking” into the Google search line and a completely new world opened up.  It is a life within a life.  After lurking and posting anonymously for a couple of months, I finally gave myself a name and started my own blog

My blog really is just aimless ramblings.  We are not a DD couple so the blog does not contain much of the angst involved in that dynamic.  Not to say we do not have angst, ours is just boring stuff; as the car does not start or we lost our kitty. Vanilla stuff.  We are just a couple of spankos. Some people begin their morning with a cup of coffee, I begin mine by turning on the computer and catching up on blogs.  I try to post three or four times a week, sometimes just to rant, maybe do a travel log or share ‘funnies’ or interesting things I find elsewhere.

Fantasy Friday, part of the New Beginnings blog, features stories primarily written by bloggers just like me.  Week after week, I would go over to read the story on Friday morning. PK is always asking for new stories so one day I donned my big girl panties and penned my first one.  It was a very short story about Thanksgiving and PK posted it on her blog that very week.  I was encouraged by not only her comments but also those of her readers.  I had never written stories; prior to this my writing was confined to business letters, presentations, grants etc. so I didn’t realize I could write something that someone else might actually enjoy reading.  Once it started, it was as if the dam  loosened.  I was writing so many stories and did not want to flood PK’s blog, so I started posting the occasional story on my own blog.   Minelle calls me Ms. Prolific because I  have so many different characters and story lines roaming around in my head.  Eventually, I began posting a new story every Monday.  As the readership grew so did the requests to expand some of the story lines.  Some characters are more endearing than others are.  Being an avid reader myself, I always hated when a particularly good book ended so I  understood their frustration. As a result, in addition to new characters, I have a couple of stories that have ongoing adventures.  Believe it or not, this is more difficult for me than writing a completely new story because I have to remember family names and relationships, likes and dislikes of the characters, etc.  My writing is as much for my enjoyment as it is the readers and if I become too bogged down in details, I lose sight of the enjoyment and it becomes work.

Many of my commenters over the months have urged me to write a book.  Most of the time, I would thank them for their kind words and not give it another thought.  As time went by and I received more and more of these comments I started to think that maybe I could do an anthology of short stories.  I don’t know if I have a book in me but I might; so I’ve learned over the years to never say never.

LSF Publications is on my blog role and it popped up with a book by an author whose works I enjoy.  I began clicking all the pretty buttons, (did I tell you I suffer from the shiny penny syndrome) one of which was submit. It was fairly easy so I thought why not. I chose a couple of stories of the western genre (my favorite, I grew up with John Wayne and westerns, besides the cowboys were always so sexy and more likely to spank) and pasted them in the email and hit enter.  I received a response telling me they usually did not accept short stories but they would look and let me know.  The next email, told me that if I were willing to make a couple of changes, they would publish my stories.  I made the necessary changes, there was not that many, resubmitted and Lonesome Oak Ranch, the book, was born.

I think the whole process was less than ten days. I do not know if this is unusual or not I just know it is what happened to me.  Until receiving the email with the release date, I did not say a word to anyone except my husband. I am still amazed.  I am just a writer of stories who just happened to get lucky.

A couple of weeks ago there was a meme floating around our community and one of the questions was “do you label yourself’?  Now, in addition to the usual, wife, mother, friend, I can add author.  I will continue to post a new story on my blog every Monday until either writer’s block or life interferes. Whether there will ever be another published collection of stories, or one long story, I do not know.  I am enjoying my fifteen minutes of fame and thank all of the readers that have encouraged me to step up.

Read more about Leigh Smith/Sunny Girl at her blog!

Lonesome Oak Ranch
Lisa Davis is a lawyer – successful, young, wealthy… and lonely. But her life changes when she goes to River Bend and meets Clint Sampson, the handsome new owner of the Lonesome Oak Ranch, a property he has recently inherited from a distant relative. Lisa and Clint have dinner and get to know each other. Lisa also learns that bad girls get spanked – and she is not at all averse to the idea. Although Lisa had intended to stay only a few days at River Bend, her developing relationship with Clint makes her aware that she is in no hurry to return to her professional life in Phoenix. Will their romance survive? Is there a chance of a future together?

A Vacation to Remember
Susan and Jeremy Blake get far more from their vacation than they expect as they tour Texas in a motor home. They turn off the highway and end up in a ghost town called Malvern. Their explorations unearth some artefacts from the past, and the pair share a strange experience, relating to life in the town back in the 1860s.
Bear Creek Ranch
Jane Mackey turns up at Bear Creek ranch looking for work. Caleb, the ranch owner, sets her on but it isn’t long before her bossy attitude annoys housekeeper Mrs Griggs, and Caleb himself. Although Caleb is very interested in his new employee, he isn’t about to let her get away with her sassy behaviour. A spanking is called for…

51 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fika: Sunny Girl’s Publication Debut!

  1. PK says:

    Excellent! You, my friend, and the only person I know who has more people running around in her head than I do. And we are all benefitting from that. I’m so happy that you sent me that first Fantasy Friday story. All the stories have been fun, but out friendship has been the very best!

    Thanks for hosting Ana!


  2. Roz says:

    Thank you Ana and Sunny, wow, less than 10 days to publish! Thanks to PK for inspiring you to write Sunny. I hope you do publish more of your stories.



  3. joeyred51 says:

    Thank you Ana for another very interesting interview.

    I enjoy your blog Sunny and read it often. For me, I really like finding more about my blogger friends.

    I will add your book to my kindle today.

    Thank you for telling us about yourself and your new book.



  4. minelle says:

    I am jumping up and down!!! You are so prolific…the story lady. Every Monday I look forward to the story you pen for our enjoyment. I picture you sitting in front of your computer as the scenes through the RV window change. It is such a romantic picture I envision.
    Thanks sunny!
    Ana do not stop Fika please…EVER!!!


  5. Irishey says:

    Big, big smile. 😀 I’m so happy Sunny started writing stories, and now is a published author!

    Ana, you had Sunny’s number all along. Thanks for featuring her here on FIKA.

    Hugs to you both,



  6. Ami says:

    I knew you could do this! Your stories are so very good you should have done it long ago! As for my opinion – I love the stories you continue and can’t wait to read the next instalments! Long may you continue your writing! (And thanks to Ana for featuring you!)




  7. Katie says:

    It was really neat to read about the events leading up to Sunny’s book publishing! 🙂 How exciting!!! I am thrilled for her and have her book sitting on my kindle, ready to be read as soon as I am able! It looks wonderful!

    Rob and I traveled home yesterday and I managed to make some forward progress in “Coming Home”! I love it! All of you people are so talented. Thanks for sharing your words with us all. Thanks Ana and Sunny. Hugs to you!

    ❤ Katie


  8. catrouble says:

    Hey Sunny…even when I don’t comment, I am always looking forward to your Monday morning story just as I look forward to PK’s FF. I am so happy for you and thrilled that is was a very easy process so that you moved forward.

    I have always loved to read and now, through this lovely community, I actually really know and call some awesome *published!* authors my friend! Call me impressed! 😉

    Thank you Ana for hosting another wonderful Fika. No, I did not type any of this…Dragon typed it all for me! *teehee*

    Hugs and Blessings to both of you,


  9. terpsichore says:

    Sunny, I am eagerly awaiting some quiet time to read your book with no interruptions 🙂 Thanks, Ana for hosting Fika 🙂


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