Now what?

It’s been good to have a rest, a break, and some time to reflect. It’s also been good to think more deliberately about what I write here. Too often it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind of arranging Fika (why does setting up one Fika post take 3-4 times as much effort and time as it does to write my own post?) and other posts. Meditating on several things over the past few days has reminded me why I began writing.

For me, it has always been about connections. Community. Finding people who can understand where I come from. As I’ve seen various individuals enter and exit blogland, I’ve learned that community is a shifting entity. We can’t collect a stable group because the group itself is in flux. It is one of the hardest parts about life–when we find a moment that is precious, it is gone almost before we realize it existed.

Yet it is the fleeting nature of these moments that makes it precious.

Not much to say today. Just checking in, saying hello, and sending everyone a wave.

Glad you are here.

13 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. Roz says:

    Hi Ana,

    Hello, so glad you are here too 🙂

    I’m glad you have had a rest and time to reflect. Precious moments can be fleeting, that it why we should cherish those moments when we have them. They are also the moments that enrich our lives.



  2. PK says:

    I fell this way every now and then. Sometime I have absolutely nothing to say but I crave the contact with my friends so I just sit and let my fingers have their head. Something usually comes out – sometimes it even makes sense.


  3. Irishey says:

    Hi, Ana. Waving back. Good to see you.

    Community, connections – shifting entity and in flux, and precious moments gone almost before we realize it. Yep.

    Hugs, and a smile, 🙂



  4. Minelle says:

    That is what is good about this community as well. We make these connections and learn a great deal about ourselves and life in the process don’t we? Our capacity for love and friendship is infinite. Those precious moments we take advantage of only enrich our lives, even as the become fleeting.
    I know you are too young for this…. but I have a picture in my mind of someone waving saying ohhh ohhh- ooooh waving his arm crazily, trying to get your attention! The character is Horshak from Welcome Back Kotter!


  5. Natasha Knight says:

    Hey Ana. I think it’s been a very hard few weeks with everything coming at once. I agree on connections and community. I think good things go too fast or just when we realize how good they are, they’re gone. Or worse of all, we only realize how good they were when they’re gone. I think it’s all a part of the process and comings and goings are part of it and goodbye is part of it.

    My daughter has told twice now how she’s afraid of death because she’s afraid we’ll never see each other again. I’m going to get depressing here for a minute. Sorry. When she brings this up, she’s always holding my hand and just really close and all I can say is it’s a part of it, change is a part of it and it just is. But I believe we all ‘see’ each other again in a different way, a different form. I believe that and I don’t believe it’s a bad thing, as sad as it is. It’s interesting to hear her reaction though – ‘yeah mom, but I want you. I don’t want it to be different.’ I have that too. It’s still sad to see people go because they aren’t ever there again in that way even if they are with you in other ways. It’s a sad feeling and it’s a full feeling all at once.

    So, circling back. I’ve lost my way in my thought. The community changes and shifts but we’re all still there in some way and we all care which is amazing considering we know each other via FB and emails and blogs. A human life is a blessed life but it’s bittersweet just the same.


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