Monday Morning Fika with Constance Masters: Stay-at-home mum, tech-no, and author of spanking fiction

When Constance and I talked about her visit to Fika today, I laughed because she spelled the name of a technology wrong. In essence, she proved her point that she is not familiar with technology. I asked her if she wanted me to correct it, but she said to leave it “as is.” She also said that if it’s good enough for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, it’s good enough for her. 🙂 So please enjoy today’s Fika as much as I did.



Of course before I talk about anything I’d like to thank Ana for having me.



You know it’s hard when you get asked to talk about being an author because to me it still feels a little foreign. Not writing in general but having books out there in the public that people judge. Sometimes they love them and some times they don’t. You have to get used to both. I’m getting there. I’m not nearly as thin skinned as I was in the beginning.



It’s funny, I had a conversation with my best friend the other day about what we consider ourselves to be. We were both stay at home mothers for twenty five years and then she went back to work. That’s right she deserted me. Terrible thing to do. We used to see each other at the drop off in the morning then go home, talk on the phone and then see each other in the afternoon. We were stay at home Mums and we were proud of that.



My friend was saying, during this conversation that it still seems weird to her to tell people that she does…her career. I said I know right…I don’t know what to call myself anymore. I’m certainly not a house wife if my domestic skills are anything to go by. My twelve year old is good company and hilarious but it seems kind of a stretch to say I’m there just to raise him. He is the product of two parents that are already in grandparent mode. I think sometimes he’s raising us. I do have two other kids at home but they’re both adults. No claim to fame looking after them either. I do play a good game of Candy Crush does that count?

She said to me… “Are you serious? You’re an author.”

“I said “I guess.”

“She said you are. You should be really proud of that I’d tell everyone if it was me.”

I’ve told a lot of people. More lately because my husband is getting less skittish about people knowing but it still doesn’t come easily. Which leads me to a funny story.



We were all sitting around my older children, boyfriends, girlfriends…luckily no children, when my 25 year old middle child (every family has one of those)  got out his new iphone. Now this iphone has this new thing apparently called Suri I think. Now this Suri is like google only you speak to her. That and she has a mega smart ass attitude. If you’re all young you probably know about her already. I don’t even own a phone. If I’m out I don’t want people to find me but I digress. So before I have a chance to stop him he says to Suri the smart ass Who is Constance Masters. You know what she answered ?



“Constance Masters is an author of spanking fiction.” This was followed by a deathly silence and raucous laughter.


So there you have it. That’s who I am. The moral of the story for the middle child  is…don’t ask a question that you don’t want to have answered in a room full of people.

Jeremy and Jamie are a young married couple that live together but live separate lives. Jamie is a busy professional journalist, obsessed with giving their two little girls everything… except for her time.

Sarah and Joe are a happily-married couple that have four children. Sarah is a stay at home mother who home-schools her brood. She and Joe are living in a domestic discipline relationship.

When Jamie finds out that Joe spanks his wife she sets out to expose him as the abusive husband she believes that he is, and what better way to do it than to participate in a “Spouse Swap” program. It doesn’t take long for her to end up over her fake husband’s knee getting a first hand account of what it’s like to be a spanked wife.

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32 thoughts on “Monday Morning Fika with Constance Masters: Stay-at-home mum, tech-no, and author of spanking fiction

    • constance masters says:

      Thanks Casey. My kids already knew. They’ve known for a while. The older ones. Not the little one. They knew I wrote because I was always on the computer. They did know what I wrote but I don’t think my son expected that “Siri” would be so graphic with her answer lol.


  1. Viola says:

    Uhm Constance, I am the 25 year old middle child of the family (sister is 29, brother is 12), but I can assure you my granma, who is 77, is way more tech savvy than I am.

    It’s not a matter of age, I guess. I read your last book and found it terrific BTW.



  2. Ami says:

    It is the reaction to you writing spanking fiction that I am interested in. What do spanking fiction writers tell their families? How to you ‘come out to them’ in other words? Do you write under a pen-name? I was grumbling the other day, because you can write about virtually anything else and no one turns a hair, but write about spanking, and people think you are a weirdo.

    As for technology – I ceased to worry about it long ago. I simply cannot follow instructions, yet if someone shows me what to do, I’m fine! Maybe those of us who are a bit older have different brain formats?!

    I look forward to reading your new book, and thank you Ana for inviting Constance along.




    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Oh, there are lots of things that would weird out some people. 🙂 And for some people who work in certain professions, there is a lot more leeway in understanding that people’s private time is private.

      Ami, are you sure it’s only technology that you don’t follow instructions for? Methinks it may also be when Ami doesn’t want to follow instructions. 😀


      • Ami says:


        It does sort of depend upon the instructions….. However, I do try with technology, and can often figure things out if I have enough time to play with the software involved, but I do like it when people “cascade” information down to you. It’s so much quicker! And I always write things down – it’s just that sometimes I forget where I’ve put them!


  3. constance masters says:

    I do write under a pen name. It’s hard to keep that a secret though. I’ve been open with my kids about most things. They are proud but at the same time don’t actually go into the content of what I write. That has a little to do with the spanking but even more to do with the sex. They don’t want a window into my thoughts there lol.


    • Ami says:

      I actually asked our eldest if she would be okay with a mother who wrote about sex, and she thought for a minute and said she felt fine with it, but not to go bragging to her friends! She wanted to do all the bragging herself!

      I suppose that if I ever get published I’ll just have to develop a thicker skin if I write any spanking into my stories.


  4. Cara Bristol says:

    How amazing and wonderful that Suri knows who you are! You have arrived. Constance has entered the building! I confess that, I too, am a technophobe. I only know what Suri is because of an episode on Big Bang, a TV sitcom. I am truly enjoying The Grass is Greener. I love the family dynamics you’ve created. The interactions feel so real.


  5. catrouble says:

    Great story Constance! Think this will teach middle child to not ask a question that he doesn’t know the answer to? 🙂 Congrats on Siri knowing the ‘spanking’ Constance Masters!!!

    Fun Fika Ana.



  6. Roz says:

    Great Fika, thank you Ana and Constance. Oh my, that is such a funny story. Great Siri knew the answer, even if she is a smart ass LoL



  7. Minelle says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I would have choked…LOL
    I think it is great that you just didn’t react! Not sure what I would have done…Probably said something more impulsively outrageous!
    Great idea for the book!

    Thanks for the Fika Ana!


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