Meeting the parents: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Release date for Becoming Clissine is fast approaching! Have you marked September 20th on your calendar? 🙂

We’re continuing sneak peeks of Becoming Clissine, the first book in my Bastia series that will be released on September 20th. Clissa has grown up in a world where heterosexual relationships are forbidden, and she now faces criminal charges for consorting with a boy. Altrea, the head of the Bastil (the governing body of Bastia), has Clissa listen to the charges against her before calling the assembly to prayer. Altrea reminds the gathering of the laws and regulations of their society, but Clissa remembers the principal law.

This week, we’re skipping to a new segment of the story, Clissa’s “reeducation.” In Bastia, each child is given a nurturing parent (“Nur”) and a disciplining parent (“Dis”). Children are not raised by biological parents (how children come about is a story for another snippet) but assigned to faithful couples as a reward from the Bastil. However, children who flout Bastian rule bring shame upon their entire families. (Spoiler: falling in love with a boy is one way to break the law!) If a child’s behavior is egregious enough, parental rights can be terminated. Even though Clissa is nearly twenty-one, she is handed to Soris and Karielle to be raised as their child. Their mandate? Do whatever is necessary to bring her back to Basti. Spankings and all.

In this week’s snippet, Clissa encounters the two women who will now govern her life. Meet her new parents, Soris and Karielle.

Part 1: Introduction to Bastia

Part 2: Prologue of Becoming Clissine, the first book in the Bastia series

Part 3: Clissa’s lack of repentance

Part 4: Altrea’s prayer for Clissa’s soul

Part 5: Love, the first commandment

Part 6: Forbidden pleasure

Karielle patted Clissa’s cheek again. “We’ve got a nice room for you ready at home, and we’ll help you adjust to your new life. Dis is right; we’ll be strict if you give us trouble, but you won’t want that.”

“But my Dis and Nur…”

“…are right here, and you must never speak of anyone else again.”

“But you’re not my Nur and she’s not my Dis!” Clissa broke out of Karielle’s arms, and Karielle sighed before depositing Clissa in front of Soris.

“Clie, sooner or later you will learn: you do as you are told, and calling anyone else ‘Dis’ or ‘Nur’ earns you punishment.”


66 thoughts on “Meeting the parents: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

  1. Tara Finnegan says:

    Dis and Nur – wow you’ve created an amazing world that I’m really looking forward to reading about.
    Poor Clissine – I’m really feeling her distress – great snip


  2. Katie says:

    Hi Ana, 🙂

    Poor Clissine! Trouble ahead for her behind, I’m guessing! Must be tough to be pulled from parents that you are used to and perhaps love, and given to another set who will likely respond to her “troubled behavior” with a more “neutral” approach. Ouch!

    Happy Saturday, Ana, and thanks for the snippet! I’m well in to “Lighting the Way” and hope to finish this weekend. Love your writing! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  3. Suzy says:

    Interesting so these people are to be seen as her prior “keepers” or “protectors” I take it. I feel lost, which seems to be how she is feeling. Great set up.


  4. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    So many questions. Is Clissa unaware that her actions would result in her being placed with new guardians? She is acting surprised that this happened. Also, at 21 I gather she’s still not considered an adult. Is there an age where a person would be punished as an adult? These snippets are getting more and more intriguing, Ana. Well done.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Oh, Kathryn, what can I say without giving away too much? Let’s say that heterosexuality is SUCH a taboo that infractions are rare. I don’t think anyone could have expected Clissa breaking the law and being punished this way. Adulthood is conferred upon marriage, usually around 18 or 20. Clissa is technically past the age of adulthood rites, but things got delayed for her (due to all of her lawbreaking). Yes, adults are also subject to discipline. In fact, those are some of my favorite scenes in the book. 🙂


  5. Joelle Casteel says:

    wow, I love the notion of the two parents, their purposes, and that a disobedient child can be reassigned. It strikes me how, with love being the first commandment, that the possibility of reassignment was created (in your society, not be you, Ana, ’cause that’s a wonderful plot device)


  6. LA Cloutier says:

    It would seem that ‘Dis’ and ‘Nur’ are looking for Clissas complete compliance. Yet it is Clissa’s natural instinct to object to that which conflicts with the truth.
    This is going to be a fascinating world to get lost in for sure.


  7. minellesbreath says:

    So confusing for her. Being taken away from everything she has known her whole life. How will they transition her. Will it be a series of steps so as to gradually alter her life, or be a complete indoctrination?
    I cannot wait to read about this world! You are so good at weaving layers of meaning into your stories.


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