Finding that darn title: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors!


Today I’m reaching into my backlist to show a snippet from Editorial Board, one of my favorite stories. It’s a light, fun read about a badly behaved author and the editor who brings her back in line. There is plenty of spanking action, but today’s snippet is a more serious one. Spring, our heroine, wrote an instant bestseller for her debut book, and she is now crippled with fear, anxiety, and writer’s block while trying to write her second book. The following snippet takes us into her headspace as she struggles with a title for this book and reflects on the various events in her life that have brought her to this point. One of my regrets about writing Editorial Board is that Shadow Memories does not (yet) exist. I’d love to have read Spring’s first book. 🙂

Spring has an edge of bitterness that hides her inner fears, fears that we all know as writers. As badly as she behaves, I have a soft spot for her in my heart.

(I chose this book for today partly because Becoming Clissine has been pushed back one month for publication. The new release date is October 22nd. I’m very sorry, but it must be perfect before it becomes public. I just hope you all like it…)


There must be a special place in hell for someone who has made as many students miserable as I did in my short and tortured career as a teacher (or recovering English teacher, as I liked to call it). I wasn’t sure who needed the recovery more, my students or I.

Title…I tapped the keys hesitantly. Shadow Memories had simply come to me out of nowhere. My grandfather had told us kids all of our lives about the grandmother we had never known. High school sweethearts, they had married right after graduation. Ma grew up as the youngest of a brood of kids with an oldest sister who was too frazzled to be a substitute mother. Sometimes it felt as if Ma had been the one to live in the shadow of memories, not Grandpa Seth.



Award-winning author Spring Meadows and newspaper-turned-literary editor Rachel Templeton have one thing in common: they can’t stand each other.  Spring is sure that her bestselling talents single-handedly keep her publishing company afloat, while Rachel would like nothing better than to take this smart-mouthed, button-pushing prima donna down a peg or two.  When Spring makes the fatal mistake of accusing Rachel of sexual misconduct, Rachel decides to teach her a lesson.


“What is an author to an editor?” Spring asks herself.  If only she had been prepared for Rachel’s answer…

32 thoughts on “Finding that darn title: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

  1. Tara Finnegan says:

    Lovely snip Ana but I still want to paddle you! I’m gagging for Becoming Clissine and you do this to me! I’m going to sulk in the corner!
    Mind you…I might have to read Editorial Board too… But Clissine…..Come on…Desperate here


  2. Roz says:

    Enjoyed the snippet Ana, love the insight into the thought process she went through in coming up with the title and what the title means to her. Also love how this snippet reveals a little of her background.



  3. bentalice says:

    *o poo* Editors: if they’re not chopping your work into little bits, they’re spanking your bottom! That is such an awesome premise, Ana. I love it the snippet, and I shall have to track down and enjoy this work!


  4. caitlinstern says:

    I’d say she’s lucky for having the title come so easily–titles hate me–but she’s having enough other writerly problems that I can’t be too jealous.

    And Shadow Memories sounds like an interesting book…


  5. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    I agree with Cait. I’ve had books where I’ve written the entire thing under a working title that I knew wasn’t right. Finally, it came to me. She had it easy, methinks. I know you definitely want Clissine perfect, but don’t stop sharing. If we can’t buy it, yet, at least we can be mollified to a certain extent if you feed us excerpts. Though, I love the premise of Editing Board, so it’s a win/win either way.


  6. Linda Hamonou (@crazypuce) says:

    I also starts my book with the title, I think it’s a very important process of the creation to be able to name thing. Only one I didn’t have a title but I had one main scene that described it.
    It must have been really hard for Ma to grow up without her mother. I can see why the shadow has been cast one her. Grandpa Seth has the memory but Ma only have a vague shadow from Grandpa Seth’s memories. This is an amazing way to think about it. Nice snippet!


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