Mess and death: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

Back by popular demand…Becoming Clissine!

Read the previous snippets if you’re unfamiliar with the world of Bastia, or re-read them for a refresher.

Part 1: Introduction to Bastia

Part 2: Prologue of Becoming Clissine, the first book in the Bastia series

Part 3: Clissa’s lack of repentance

Part 4: Altrea’s prayer for Clissa’s soul

Part 5: Love, the first commandment

Part 6: Forbidden pleasure

Part 7: Meeting the parents

This week, I’m taking us back to Clissa and Destral’s first scene together. They’re studying in their college library, Destral’s fooling around, and Clissa tries to focus on their upcoming exam. Except this time, even sort-of-studious Clissa gets distracted.


Two upperclass students sat on opposite sides of two tables pushed together. Destral had slung his backpack across the seat of an empty chair, while Clissa had lined up her green plaid schoolbag against the side of the table closest to the brick wall. She poked a faded, artificial red rose in a plastic vase cut to resemble glass.

“With all the money the Bastil spends on our college, you’d think they could afford real flowers,” she complained.

“It’s not too much money to have real flowers—it’s too much work,” Destral corrected. “Fake flowers don’t get messy or die. They do what they’re supposed to do. Since when do you care about flowers, anyway?”


36 thoughts on “Mess and death: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

  1. Tara Finnegan says:

    I love this snip. It sets the scene for harsh practicality over more tender feelings. It’s often the littlest things that say the most. Great job.


  2. chellecordero says:

    As many before me have already said, I love the reference to the flowers, especially the line that says “fake flowers don’t get messy or die. They do what they’re supposed to do.”


  3. historysleuth1 says:

    The flowers could be symbolism of a lot of things. Like life itself sometimes is too much work. Nice touch. I wonder what is distracting her. Him or something else? Nice snippet, Anastasia.


  4. Sarah W says:

    These sentences told me so much about each character . . . and honestly made me think—I mean, do fake flowers really do what real ones do?

    And will that question parallel the main questions of this book? Hmmm . . .


  5. caitlinstern says:

    It’s amazing how much is distracting–and very important–when you’re not in the mood to focus.

    Fake flowers are a little sad, I agree. There’s so many better options that won’t fade and die, if that’s an issue.


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