Irishey’s next installment for Headmistress Blake vs. Emily!

Our favorite green-eyed lady has contributed this hilarious episode in the Tales of the Miscreant Emily. It’s too good not to put in a post of its own! Feel free to add another installment in the comments if you wish. Thanks, Irishey!


Emily, humiliated and angered at the unexpected assault on her thighs, is stunned to find herself scheming severe retaliation on the headmistress. Her thoughts swarm, then race into indignant clarity, “Smack my thighs?! Indeed? Headmistress needs her own comeuppance for such cruel wickedness! She will feel the bite of my retribution as I mete her own…. Ow! Ow! … pun–ish–ment!”

“Lock your bedchamber door, Miss Blake, else be awakened in the dead of night to the blistering fire of stinging nettles applied to the backs of your own spindly pins. Your spanked girl will continue on thusly, growing evermore creative as I administer vengeance on your backside.”

Much later that night, we discover Emily, enscorceled in the manic effects of the hypnotic dance of St. Vitus, enthralled by the magic excitement of her own plan, inured to good judgment and common sense, stealthily approaching the sleeping form of the indomitable Miss Blake, cautiously peeling back the coverlet to expose her mistress’ gown-clad buttocks and thighs, imperceptibly lifting the shift as her other arm rapidly rises and descends to lay the handful of nettle stems in a biting swish across bare thighs.


Sorry, Ana, I couldn’t let our poor Emily’s chastisement go unanswered. That Little Angel must have some ornery fight in her! Or, perhaps I am projecting my own determination to concoct an appropriate surprise payback? I wonder if Emily swished, then ran for her life?! ;-)

9 thoughts on “Irishey’s next installment for Headmistress Blake vs. Emily!

  1. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Ah, but I believe Mistress Blake has eyes in the back of her head. I do believe she would have awakened the moment Emily lifted her covers. If that movement escaped her detection, than surely she would have rose in indignant fury the moment Emily raised the acerbic woman’s night shift. I’m quite certain Emily could not get away with such behavior for long. Beware the paddle!


  2. Ami says:

    Ah, but what if Emily had slipping a ‘draught’ into Mistress Blake’s bedtime cocoa?! Then she wouldn’t awake to feel the ‘draught’ caused by the raising of her underthings! Imagine the discomfort when she awoke!




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