It’s almost here: Becoming Clissine, Bastia Book One!

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Back by popular demand…Becoming Clissine!

Read the previous snippets if you’re unfamiliar with the world of Bastia, or re-read them for a refresher.

Part 1: Introduction to Bastia

Part 2: Prologue of Becoming Clissine, the first book in the Bastia series

Part 3: Clissa’s lack of repentance

Part 4: Altrea’s prayer for Clissa’s soul

Part 5: Love, the first commandment

Part 6: Forbidden pleasure

Part 7: Meeting the parents

Part 8: Mess and death

Next Tuesday, Becoming Clissine (Bastia, Book One) receives its worldwide debut! Today’s entry marks the beginning of a weeklong “Choose your own adventure” event, Bastia-style!

Before we embark on the adventure, we’ll need a grounding in rules of the Bastia storyverse. This is a totalitarian theocracy where the state church controls birth, marriage, and death. At the heart lies Bastia herself, the forbidding deity.

On Monday, I’ll introduce you to a classmate of Clissa and Destral who watches their illicit “study” date activities. You’ll get to vote for what should happen next, and each day will bring a new story installment!

At the end of next week, the person with the most daily comments (or the random winner amongst those who have commented each day, or the person with the best comments) will win either a custom-written Bastia story or an Amazon gift certificate!

For now, the groundwork for Bastian life:

The lengthy pledge of faith Bastian children learned at their parents’ knee and recited every day until they died, the Orthodoxy served as the cornerstone of all Bastian life.


I believe in Basti, the giver of life,
who created an orthodox order for all living beings.

I believe in the natural order of man to man, woman to woman, to preserve the stability and integrity of our life as Basti decreed.

I believe that Basti walked among us, true deity and true human,
to experience the frailties of human life and restore us to rightness with her.

I believe that Basti loves all equally, regardless of their place in life, in accordance with the divine order of nature.

I believe that interfering with Bastian law
is the root of all evil and must be punished ruthlessly.

Basti created Nur and Dis, to create a society perfect in its balance of nurturing and discipline,
and in forming partnerships of Nur and Dis
we honor Basti in our daily lives.

Basti will come again to judge the living and the dead, and she will punish
those who have not lived according to Bastian law.


23 thoughts on “It’s almost here: Becoming Clissine, Bastia Book One!

  1. Ami says:

    Well, Ana, as you know, Sci Fi is my thing and I’ve been reading it since I was 13 and I’m jolly well not saying how long that is!

    I very much look forward to reading your book when it comes out. It’s not easy creating a society and way of thinking totally different from the one we know.




  2. Roz says:

    Can’t wait Ana! Also very much looking forward to the “choose your own adventure” event this coming week. Sounds like fun!



  3. Tara Finnegan says:

    Roll on Tuesday. 🙂 Best of luck with the release.
    Am I allowed to say I read that in the exact same sing song tone that I used to have when reciting the Apostles Creed at Mass, my bad.


  4. Sarah W says:

    I’m still loving the cultural reversals and how they affect every little thing in this world from the simple to the complex..

    And I get to read the whole thing on Tuesday?! Woot!


  5. Autumn says:

    Very different book! I like how you made it a different world. Along with a forbidden relationship between same sex couples. Very different twist on things. You have a really good talent and I am glad to see you are continuing with your stories.


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