Choose your own adventure! Welcome to Bastia, Day One

Today is the day we have been waiting for! As I promised this weekend, we’ll begin the choose your own adventure game. Tomorrow will be the brand-new, never-been-seen-in-public, world premiere of the Becoming Clissine trailer!

If you’re joining us for the first time, here are links to previous sneak peeks in the Bastia universe:

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If you’ve been following this all along, you already know what’s happening! Here’s how the choose your own adventure game will work. Each day this week, I’ll post a new installment of the story. You’ll get to vote on what should happen next. Cast your vote each day to be eligible for a prize at the end of the week…AND the most popular outcome will be featured in the Spank or Treat 2013 contest this weekend! Participation this weekend could earn you terrific prizes such as a Kindle Fire/Nook HD, gift certificates of up to $100 toward your favorite ebook store, and other assorted goodies.

Clissa: In her last year of college, studying with her best friend in the library, betrothed to a woman she’s only met once, and unsure about how she feels.

Destral: Tender but goofy, is attracted to Clissa but fears rejection.

Today’s installment: You are a classmate of both Clissa and Destral, and you are studying in the library. You hear some furtive giggles, and you peek through the the bookshelves to see this:

Clissa turned her head away, trying not to hear his words. If she focused on the Bastian history exam questions, she could ignore the unwanted changes in her heart rate. She and Destral had shared a crib as babies when their parents got together. They were like brother and sister–weren’t they?

Destral wrapped his fingers around hers, patting the soft, fleshy underside of her palm. Each meeting of skin against skin blazed an unforgettable imprint. She tried to shove him away, but he lifted their linked hands and touched his lips to the inside of her wrist. She shivered with a delicious, forbidden pleasure before balling her curled-up hands in her lap and glaring at him.

You gasp, cover your mouth to stifle the sound, and sit down in shock. Destral kissed a girl! She looked as if she liked it! How could Basti not strike them dead for their brazen lawbreaking? Clissa’s Dis is not anyone to mess around with, either. If Basti doesn’t kill her, surely Dis Lystel will.

Thoughts whirl around in your head, and to your surprise you find yourself lifting your own wrist. You bring the softness of your own skin to your cheek, imagining what it would feel like if a boy kissed you.

You dismiss the thought immediately. Fooling around like that was fine when everyone was little, or even when they rebelled as early teenagers. But Clissa is supposed to marry Helaine! Doesn’t she know how much trouble she’ll get in?

Almost against your will, you bring the inner skin of your wrist to your lips. You close your eyes, trying to feel the shivery-shuddery thrill of a forbidden kiss. You wonder if Gorti, the boy you’ve played with since elementary school, would ever kiss you in that way. You think to yourself that perhaps Clissa is lucky. No one has ever gazed at you with the kind of love and longing you saw on Destral’s face.

You shake your head and stand up, resolute. It’s time to put an end to this foolishness. You should march to the library monitor and report Clissa and Destral for inappropriate behavior in the library. Their misdeeds will be dealt with in their weekly Puns, or least Clissa’s will. Everyone knows Destral’s Dis is too soft.

What should you do?

Do you report Clissa and Destral?

Do you find Gorti and talk to him about the shocking scene you’ve witnessed?

Do you talk to your parents for advice?

Write your answer in the comments, along with an explanation of your choice and what you hope will happen next. I’ll have the next part of the story ready for you tomorrow morning!


Becoming Clissine (Bastia, Book One)

Available TOMORROW, October 22nd!

7 thoughts on “Choose your own adventure! Welcome to Bastia, Day One

  1. Ami says:

    My reaction is to go find Gorti and tell him what I have just seen. Clissine is a very good friend, and I am unable to “tell on her” regardless of the fact that it may seal my fate as a conspirator. I am totally unprepared for my reaction however, my body and mind doing a 360 degree turn around, and instead of adhering to the rules I have been brought up to repeat verbatim, I want to pretend they don’t exist. I am fascinated by what has just transpired. Pandora’s box is opening.

    “My heart is beating so rapidly I wonder whether Clissine and Destral will hear me! I am repulsed, yet I continue to watch, like an unwilling onlooker in the wake of an accident.

    My wrist is lifted hesitantly, oh so hesitantly to my mouth, my eyes squeezed shut. What the hell am I doing?! A sour taste fills my mouth. I turn my hand, flattening my fingers against my lips, forcing them to remain closed. I swallow nervously, then some force compels me to return my wrist to my mouth. The hairs rise on the back of my neck. I touch the soft skin ever so gently with the point of my tongue, thinking of Gorti. Why? Why should I think of him?!

    Clissine is no longer glaring at Destral. She is regarding him with something akin to wonder – her eyes shining.

    My nipples rise, pressing against the smooth fabric of my blouse. I turn, almost stumbling in my anxiety to get away, to leave the library and go find Gorti.

    Gorti will know what to do. At least I hope he will. When I think about him my nipples harden even more. What the hell?!

    I hurry down the tree-lined path to the side of the library intent on finding him. I know one thing, Clissine is my friend. It looks as though she is going to need me.

    It looks as though I may need her as well.”


  2. catrouble says:

    Whew…getting just a tad bit warm in here! 😉 I would find Gorti and talk to him about what I’d just witnessed…possibly talk him into ‘experimenting’ a bit. Other than that…I am not a writer so one of the gifted writers in the crew will have to write what happens next. 🙂

    Hugs and Blessings,


  3. minellesbreath says:

    Well I would keep the secret for sure, I would understand that love is love! Maybe talk to Gorti if I felt he could be sympathetic. If I felt desire for Gorti…well then…I would understand even more.


  4. Roz says:

    I would talk to Gorti as well, confused by my own thoughts and feelings I want to know what he thinks and if he feels the same way. I would be too scared to talk to my parents and besides, Clissa is a friend and I can’t ‘dob her in’.


  5. Autumn says:

    I think I would talk to Gorti and see if he would like to experiment. I wouldn’t talk to my parents in fear of getting spanked for just asking knowing it is wrong.


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