What if heterophobia were real? Welcome to Bastia, part three!

Thank you for your wonderful participation yesterday!

Autumn shared a bodice-ripping encounter of our fearless character and Gorti, and she said it was hard for her to stop. Phew! If I ever need story ideas, Autumn, I’m coming to you. 🙂 Joelle agreed with Autumn that our character would end up in the abandoned rebels’ house for some naughty time, while Cat, Katie, and Roz would rather flee before saying something. They all hope Gorti will give chase to find out what’s wrong.

Before I give you today’s installment, check out this wonderful film, available entirely online. When I began promoting Becoming Clissine a few months ago, a friend directed me to this film of a world where heterosexuality is outlawed. (Let me emphasize that this film came out long after I developed the concept of Bastia, and I was not aware of the film until after finishing the book.) While the film is very different from Bastia and takes a very different approach to the storyline, the first few minutes of the film are a great description of the world reversals. Another thing the film does well is to convey the fear of living an identity outlawed by one’s country.

With this fear in mind, I’d like to return to our choose your own adventure story. It’s wonderful fun to imagine a forbidden-love exploit, but would it be possible in the Bastian universe? I’m not sure. Let’s see where it goes! Tomorrow, I’ll show you the amazing artwork Minelle created for the trailer. Haven’t seen the trailer yet? What are you waiting for?

“What?” Gorti asks, with a brush of impatience. His eyes flick back to his sheet music.

“I…” you stammer, wondering what to say. You can hardly say you wonder what it would be like to kiss a boy. “Clissa…she…”

Gorti shrugs. He doesn’t mind Clissa, but her best friend Vitrine annoys him more than should be humanly possible. “What about her?”

“She was studying and…” You forget your words, lost in watching his soft, luscious lips. Then you shudder. You are a girl. He’s a boy. This is a sin against Basti and a sin against everything you have ever known.

Gorti puts his flute back to his mouth. “I’m kind of busy, so can we talk later?”

“She kissed him!” you blurt out, before you can realize what you are saying. Gorti’s jaw goes slack, and the flute dangles awkwardly from his fingers. When the words sink into your mind, you feel faint. What have you done? No one can take back those words now. What if Clissa gets in trouble?

You turn and pound your way across the grass, ignoring Gorti’s shouts. Several students glance at you while you pass, perhaps wondering why you are running in the heat of midday. You run across the expanse of grass, sweat pouring down your back. At last, you come across an old, abandoned shack. You collapse in the doorway.

“I’m such an idiot!” you groan. “Why can’t I keep my mouth shut?”

Unexpectedly, you remember your books and papers still in the library. Thinking about the library brings back the image of Destral holding Clissa’s hand as if she were a delectable piece of chocolate. You groan.

At that moment, you hear a rustling behind you. You lift your head. Who, or what, has followed you?

Do you turn around to face it, lifting your head high?

Do you scuttle into the darkness of the shack, hoping not to be seen?

Do you get up to run to a new hiding spot?

Remember, extra points for move involved answers! I’ll choose the winner(s) at the end of the week, in conjunction with the Spank or Treat festivities beginning on Friday.


7 thoughts on “What if heterophobia were real? Welcome to Bastia, part three!

  1. Autumn says:

    As I turned around I see Gorti has followed me. Breathing heavily He sits down beside me.

    “Wow, you run fast when you need to.”

    “What do you expect I just told you what I saw Clissa doing. I am such a bad friend. Gorti you can not tell anyone please.” I place my head on my hands and sob softly.

    Gorti slides closer and pulls me into his arms. ” All I heard was Clissa kissed him, who is him. And listen I will not tell anyone I know what they will do to those that break the laws of Bastia. Remember what they showed us at the meeting. How the hetro’s get beat and have to work in labor camp in hopes of turning them back to normal. I would not want that for Clissa. I like her as a friend too.”

    “But who was she kissing? That I have to know. Wait, let me guess the only guy she hangs out with OH NO! It was not Destral was it?” Gorti asked.

    I pick up my head and look at him. “Yes it was Destral, but I ran out before I could see anything else. Please Gorti you can not tell. If Clissa knew I told you, heck if she knew I saw them do that. I do not even want to think what would happen.”

    Groti sits there speechless.
    “Hey are you going to say something to me. Or do I have to feel like an idiot for telling you.”

    Gorti replies, “never feel like an idiot for telling me things. I am your best friend.” “But we do need to keep this quiet. I like Destral he is my best mate. I could not stand to see him or Clissa not only get in trouble with their Dis but get into trouble with the authority.”

    I look up at Gorti, and say in a small voice. “You know I wonder what it would feel like to be kissed like Destral and Clissa kissed.”

    Gortiplaces his hand under my chin and lifts it. Then he took his fingers and brushed away the strands of hair that were covering my red and swollen eyes from crying. “Hey no need to cry you didn’t do anything wrong. They did, but is it really wrong just because we are told that it is?”

    “Let’s keep this secret to ourselves like we have kept secret our abandon house. Act like nothing is different.”

    As I look into Groti’s eyes there is something in his eyes that look like trouble. I wonder why he is wanting me to keep this a secret. I know we are suppose to tell if we see someone breaking the law. But I trust Groti has his reasons. I just wonder what they are.

    “Okay, I will. Cross my heart. I will keep this a secret.”


  2. Roz says:

    Wow! I’m loving Autumn’s response. She is on a roll with this story! 🙂 I think it may be too late to run for another hiding spot. I too would face Gorti and tell him what I saw and beg him to keep the secret.



  3. Ami says:

    I definitely would turn to face whoever has entered the shack.

    I turned slowly, my chin lifting, my breathe still coming in gasps, the fine hairs on the back of my neck lifting.

    Gorti reached out to touch me, his cool fingers on my arm. I jerked away as if from an electric shock.


    I don’t think I ever heard him whisper my name like that before. I remained just out of his reach, but I still felt the vibrations between us.

    “Destral kissed Clissa in the library?”



    “Gorti, they kissed. Isn’t that enough?”

    “Did he touch her?”

    “He held her. Or she held him. I can’t remember.” My feet took me back within “touching” range.

    “Did anyone see them?”

    “I saw them.”

    “Anyone else?” Another step nearer. I look up into his eyes, hypnotised.

    “No. I don’t think so.” I hesitated. “I just didn’t know what to do, Gorti.” I shook my head slowly. “It’s so wrong. It’s against everything we are taught. So wrong.”

    “Is it?” Gorti took my arms again, squeezing, pulling me into an “almost” embrace.

    I watched his mouth closing on mine. Strange shivers were running down my body. I didn’t want… I couldn’t… so wrong… yet…

    His lips were warm and very soft. I smelt the lemons again.

    He pushed my head back and pulled my body firmly to his, lifting his lips from mine for the briefest minute.

    “Is this what they were doing, M’hyath?”


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