“A Moment of Happiness” and Becoming Clissine choose your own adventure, part four!

Today I’m showcasing the amazing artwork for the Becoming Clissine trailer, drawn/painted by the ridiculously talented Minelle. Many thanks to Minelle for this wonderful gift! The scene depicts Clissa’s second “childhood,” when she enjoys the nurture of being treated as a child but rebels against the brainwashing tactics to force her compliance with Bastian law. The title of this piece, suggested by Minelle, is “A Moment of Happiness.”



I could look at it for ages. Bastia may be a harsh and unforgiving world, but it also contains many moments of love and tenderness. Thank you, Minelle, for capturing this essence so perfectly.

Now for our next installment in the choose your own adventure game!

Joelle wants to run to another hiding spot, Roz would beg Gorti to keep the secret, Tara would face Gorti without showing fear, Autumn has written an entire wonderful next scene, and Minelle is enjoying the responses. I liked Autumn’s response so much that I’ll post it here.

As I turned around I see Gorti has followed me. Breathing heavily He sits down beside me.

“Wow, you run fast when you need to.”

“What do you expect I just told you what I saw Clissa doing. I am such a bad friend. Gorti you can not tell anyone please.” I place my head on my hands and sob softly.

Gorti slides closer and pulls me into his arms. ” All I heard was Clissa kissed him, who is him. And listen I will not tell anyone I know what they will do to those that break the laws of Bastia. Remember what they showed us at the meeting. How the hetro’s get beat and have to work in labor camp in hopes of turning them back to normal. I would not want that for Clissa. I like her as a friend too.”

“But who was she kissing? That I have to know. Wait, let me guess the only guy she hangs out with OH NO! It was not Destral was it?” Gorti asked.

I pick up my head and look at him. “Yes it was Destral, but I ran out before I could see anything else. Please Gorti you can not tell. If Clissa knew I told you, heck if she knew I saw them do that. I do not even want to think what would happen.”

Gorti sits there speechless.
“Hey are you going to say something to me. Or do I have to feel like an idiot for telling you.”

Gorti replies, “never feel like an idiot for telling me things. I am your best friend.” “But we do need to keep this quiet. I like Destral he is my best mate. I could not stand to see him or Clissa not only get in trouble with their Dis but get into trouble with the authority.”

I look up at Gorti, and say in a small voice. “You know I wonder what it would feel like to be kissed like Destral and Clissa kissed.”

Gorti places his hand under my chin and lifts it. Then he took his fingers and brushed away the strands of hair that were covering my red and swollen eyes from crying. “Hey no need to cry you didn’t do anything wrong. They did, but is it really wrong just because we are told that it is?”

“Let’s keep this secret to ourselves like we have kept secret our abandon house. Act like nothing is different.”

As I look into Gorti’s eyes there is something in his eyes that look like trouble. I wonder why he is wanting me to keep this a secret. I know we are suppose to tell if we see someone breaking the law. But I trust Gorti has his reasons. I just wonder what they are.

“Okay, I will. Cross my heart. I will keep this a secret.”

In all honesty, I don’t think I can better that! What fun, Autumn! I’m enjoying this even more because Autumn had never read a spanking story before she met me. I’m so glad to have corrupted her! 🙂

Remember two things. First, Spank or Treat starts tomorrow!! We’ll all have wonderful free stories for you to read (I’ll post the links and instructions here along with my story–don’t worry!) as well as instructions for how you can get your THREE free books! We’ll be giving out a copy of Coming to Terms and Love’s Reprise to everyone who completes the challenge (visits all blogs) and Holding Hannah to the first 50 participants. Don’t forget that you can win terrific prizes including a Kindle Fire/Nook HD (winner’s choice), a custom-made paddle, and hundreds of dollars in book gift certificates!

Second, you’ll get a spanking story from Bastia, completely new and never seen before! It will be an “outtake,” a scene that didn’t make it into the book. Let’s just say there will be some…er…spanking action. 😀


For the choose your own adventure, today I’ll leave it open. You can continue the story after Autumn’s installment, or you can start your own. What would you like to see happen in Bastia?





10 thoughts on ““A Moment of Happiness” and Becoming Clissine choose your own adventure, part four!

  1. Autumn says:

    Well thank you. And yes you did introduce me to my first spanking story. And I have loved it ever since. So I thank you. Or should I say I “spank” you. haha. Man now I have to think well do I continue the story or do I just find something else. hmmm now my mind really needs to get busy working. Now this is going to be long as my mind is working in over mode at the time lol. If it is too long Ana, let me know and I will delete the post and try to start over.

    “Okay, I will. Cross my heart. I will keep this a secret.”

    3 days later.

    Everything seems to be back to normal. Me and Gortia have not really seen each other since that day of me blabbering what I saw from Clissa and Destral. But of course he has been busy practicing his instrument. Goodness he has to practice 4 hours a day. Blah! While I have been studying like crazy as I have to learn all the Bastia laws by heart for the test that is coming up. And I know my Dis is going to want to test me before. If I do not pass I see a spanking in the future.

    As I am studying in the library a balled up piece of paper comes and lands on the book I am reading. Looking up I look around.
    “pssst. pssst.”

    As I turn around I see it is Gortia “hey come here, I need to tell you something.” He says quietly.

    I get up and follow him, as he is walking I notice that Clissa and Destral are near the exit. Motioning us to hurry.
    When I reach them, I ask “what is going on? What are we doing, where are we going? I really have to study guys as I have a test and you know my Dis is not going to be happy if I do not know all this perfectly.”

    Clissa replies, “we are going to the secret place. Me and Destral want to talk with you both.”

    Looking at Gorti with a surprised look I wonder what is going on. Gorti just shrugs his shoulders.

    Walking down the street like nothing is going on, we are all talking and laughing about who we are betrothed too and just normal teenage jokes.

    While coming upon the abandon house we all look around to make sure we are not being followed and enter in one by one. You can never be too careful of your surroundings because if the authority catches wind of where we were hanging out. Well let’s just say our Dis’s would not be so nice with the spankings. I know for sure Clissa’s Dis would probably beat her for punishment.

    When we enter into the house I notice there are some candles and some chairs. They weren’t here 3 days ago so I wonder who brought them.

    “Alright guys so what is up? And who brought the furniture and candles?”

    “Have a seat, so we can start talking. We all have to keep up our appearances so we can not stay long.” Clissa says.

    “Now I know you saw me and Destral kiss in the library. You didn’t tell anyone did you?” Clissa asked.

    “Umm, well I didn’t tell anyone but Gorti. But I didn’t mean to.” I reply quickly. “It just sorta came out. I am so sorry Clissa and Destral.”
    “I know you could both get into trouble so me and Groti decided not to say anything it is a secret that will be kept by us. Right Gorti?”

    “Yes, do you know why I asked you to keep it a secret?” Gorti turned and asked me.

    “Well, no but I figured it was because you did not want our friends to get into trouble.”

    “Well yes there is that, but what we are going to tell you. You have to keep a secret if your Dis or Nur hell if the authority finds out we are going to those labor camps. And you and Clissa may go to the breeding camps.”

    “Whoa, what? Hold on what are you going to tell me? Wait do I even want to know? Oh I do not think this is a good idea.” I reply hastily.

    Gorti looks at Clissa and Destral. And Clissa is the one who ends up speaking.

    “Since you saw me and Destral kissing. And you told Gorti, who ended up telling Destral and then told me. We figured we would let you in our own little secret. You want to know what it feels like to be kissed by a guy right?”

    “Well now is your chance. If you feel the sparks, the warm feeling within yourself. The magic that happens then you should know our secret. If not then we will not speak of this again and our lives go back to normal. We will leave you and Gorti alone. Come on Destral we have some things to do.”

    When Clissa and Destral leave. Gorti turns to me with is that lust in his eyes? Wait how would I know what lust is? Heck, I don’t care as long as Groti kisses me. I have been dreaming of how our kiss would be, from the moment I thought about it.

    Gorti leans into me and pulls me closer to him. “Are you ready to try this? This is my first time to kiss a girl so I am not quite sure how it goes.”

    “Yes, let’s do it.” I reply.
    Gorti plants his lips on mine and uses his tongue to slowly open my mouth. I hungrily kiss him back. My heart is racing, I seem to have butterflies in my stomach. Is this what Clissa meant I wonder? After about a minute of this perfect kiss we pull apart. My lips are red and swollen and Gorti has that look in his eyes as though he wants more.

    “Wow” Is all I can say.
    “Yeah, wow! That was much more intense and I enjoyed it.” Gorti replies sweetly.

    We call out to Clissa and Destral to come back as we finished what we needed to. Clissa looks at me and goes did you feel the feelings? Destral high fives Gorti and goes “it was awesome wasn’t it.”

    “Yes, it was perfect. I felt something and I do not think I want to marry Heather. What am I saying oh I can not be a hetro.” I reply with that fear in my eyes.

    “Well sweetie, you kissed, you liked it. I think you are ready for our secret.” Me and Destral and Groti have already joined. Gorti happened to join a few months back I will let him tell you that story, on another day. But we are part of hetrosexual group. We plan on leaving the city before any of us are betrothed. Yes I know it sounds scary but there are other people like us. Some live within the city but those are the people that are trying to get into law that it is okay to love the opposite sex. But then there are those that live on the outskirts of town far away from the authority in small communities and live their life peacefully.”

    “We want you to join us.” Gorti looks at me and says.

    I look at them all, and decide right then and there that I am going to join Groti, Clissa and Destral. Not sure if we would be caught but the love I feel for Groti after our first kiss is what I will feel for the rest of my life. Then I know where I should be.


  2. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl) says:

    Beautiful work Minelle. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, one of those memorable old phrases. I’m sure you agree Ana.


  3. Autumn says:

    It is very beautiful work done. Maybe you could get it framed Ana. Thank you so much Minellesbreath. Funny thing is I am not an author. 😀 So it is all amateur.


  4. catrouble says:

    Hey Ana…totally agree with you regarding Minelle`s drawing…absolutely perfect! But dang…keeps getting this warm around here and I’m gonna have to start scheduling my visits right before my shower! 😉

    Hugs and blessings…


  5. Roz says:

    The artwork is so beautiful. Minelle is so very talented.

    Wow, I’m with Cat, I think Autumn definitely has the story covered! 🙂



  6. robskatie says:

    Hi Ana, 🙂

    Oh I LOVED working with Minelle’s drawing when I made the trailer!!! She is a very talented artist!!! The drawing is gorgeous and I really like the title as well! I agree, I could look at it for ages. I was sorry that it had to be so short in the trailer. I loved making the kite “fly” during part of the piece! Thanks Minelle!! 🙂

    I am enjoying the ongoing Bastia addition. Very fun! Nice job here Autumn! I loved Ami’s from the other day as well. Very fun! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  7. Ami says:

    My little contribution for today –

    When Gorti’s lips touched mine, my world exploded.

    Why had I never been prepared for this?! This was all wrong, all hideous, all dangerous.

    Gorti clasped me to his chest and I felt the air leave my lungs. I realised that where a woman is all softness – a mix of satin skin and silken hair – a man is pure steel woven with titanium. And the scent of musk and lemons.

    In a way I had asked for this, I had succumbed to temptation, and this is where it had led me. My mind whirled with confusion. How could all this be? The simple act of observing Clissa and Destral had resulted in my fall from grace. Our fall from grace.

    I looked around the shack hardly registering the cobwebs hanging from the beams, and the floor thick with dust, now covered with our footsteps.

    Now I knew.

    It was like leaping from a cliff – you couldn’t just change your mind and turn around in mid air. So were we all lost?

    “We have to stand by them.” My voice shook as my blue eyes stared into Gorti’s brown ones. I’d never noticed his eye colour before. Now I was riveted. “Clissa’s Dis is very strict. She’ll kill her if she finds out. They were right there in the library, and I know they were seen. If I saw them, then others did as well.”

    “My Dis told me Basti would strike me down where I stood, if I ever touched a woman in other than a ‘friendly’ way. Yet here I stand. Here we stand.

    “We must get out of here and go find them. We mustn’t waste any time.”

    Gorti looked very anxious. He held out his hand to me. “Come, M’hyath, we need to get to them before they are taken by the Guard.”

    I hesitated.

    “I am afraid, Gorti.”

    He withdrew his hand. “M’yath, will you run with me?”

    I trembled, my stomach roiling with acid born of fear. Fear not only for Clissa and Destral, but fear for myself, for Gorti.

    “Come” he entreated once again, and opened the door, snatching at my hand, at my arm.

    And froze.

    Kiandreth, Lieutenant of the Guard stood outside the shack, looking about him. His steely gaze fixed on Gorti, then me, then on our joined hands.

    His lip curled at what he saw.

    “Renor, Turion!” he yelled.

    “I seem to have found two more Blasphemers! Seize them!”


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