#SpankorTreat 2013: A Forbidden Holiday



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And now for my story, titled “A Forbidden Holiday.” I will offer the prize of any one book from my backlist (excluding Becoming Clissine) to a random commenter. See below for participation details.

Married for only a few months, Soris and Karielle are still working out their relationship dynamic. Soris, as the “Dis” or disciplinarian and head of the House of Sor, has full authority over Karielle, the “Nur” or nurturer, the submissive partner. Like all marriages in Bastia, theirs was an arranged marriage rather than a match of love. The strong-willed Karielle does her best to adjust to her new Dis’ expectations, but sometimes the communication gaps are too complicated…

“You put up a pagan altar?” Soris ran her fingers through spiky black hair. Strong, muscled fingers on large, powerful hands.

“It’s not a pagan altar; it’s a decoration!” Karielle shot back, but Soris cut her off.

“I said no.”

Soris, golden girl of the academic world receiving accolades as the most promising young expert on Bastian law, sounded bewildered rather than angry. Still, Karielle shivered. She backed up a step, one hand covering her bottom. “No” in the House of Sor meant one thing, no matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise. Still, perhaps distraction would postpone the inevitable.

“The soup must be ready,” she stammered, answered only by a cocked eyebrow. Karielle scratched the back of her neck. Before marriage, she had thought submitting to her Dis would be symbolic rather than literal. That was how her own parents’ relationship had worked, but Soris’ family came from a stricter tradition. Soris’ exasperating literal interpretation of the law extended to more parts of Karielle’s life than she would have liked.

Soris stepped toward the tree in the corner of their front room, and she lifted a glittery orange-and-black pumpkin paper cutout. Karielle had painstakingly attached a ribbon to the top and hung it on a branch of the tree. The jaunty, toothy grin seemed to mock their sober discussion. Soris slipped the ornament off the branch and turned the paper over.

For the first time in her life, Karielle had no retort, no protest, and no explanation.  “I’m sorry,” she began, but Soris interrupted once more.

“What would the Bastil say if they knew my Nur broke the law I helped to write?”

Karielle dropped to the closest chair. “I didn’t think of that,” she admitted, blushing. She had thought it would be fun to imitate the queer holiday she had read about in her anthropology class, but she hadn’t anticipated Soris’ reaction.

Oh, hell. She knew what would happen; she just hadn’t cared.

Until now.

“I’ll take it down,” she offered, trying to keep the pleading note out of her voice. Soris liked rational discussion, not emotional appeal. “No one saw it. I’ll—“

“Article fifty-five, section ten. All religious activities not sanctioned by the Bastil are punishable to the full extent of the law.”

Karielle took another step backward, a whimper escaping from her tightening throat. “But it was for fun, not serious, and I didn’t actually do anything religious…”

Soris continued as if she had not spoken. With her nearly photographic memory, she could quote entire sections of the Bastian constitution. Then again, she had made Bastian law her life’s work. “Religious activities are defined as any ceremony, decoration, or gathering associated with pagan customs.”

Karielle saw her chance. If she could get Soris talking about her favorite subject, maybe their discussion could remain in the intellectual realm. “It wasn’t Christmas, or Easter, or anything like that,” she argued. “Just Hollow Bean, and no one knew I did it. Didn’t you write that paper on disadvantages of over-literal interpretation of the Constitution?”

Soris nodded toward the hallway. “Fetch your switch, please,” she said. Without emotion, as if she were ordering a Bastil clerk to strike testimony from the record.

Karielle threw her head back, but the words died on her lips. Why should I? Because she had pledged to submit to Soris as her Dis. It’s not fair! A Dis had no obligation to be fair, as long as she didn’t inflict permanent injury. I won’t do it! She shuddered at that one. Soris never punished in anger, but somehow that made things worse. Sometimes Karielle thought the spankings wouldn’t be so humiliating if only Soris would shout a little, or lose control, or seem more human. Discipline from Soris was like being punished by a machine.

She slapped her feet against the tile floor as she huffed her way into the hallway. Selecting the smooth, polished bamboo rod, she slipped back into the front room. “Here,” she offered, holding it out.

At least Soris had not commanded her to prepare herself at the altar. That would mean a ceremonial washing, putting on the penitent’s robe, and offering her bottom and thighs to the watchful eyes of Basti in addition to her Dis.

Soris pulled out the punishment stool, a padded wood-and-leather affair she kept tucked in the corner. Karielle had learned to hate even the sight of the stool, but she sucked in her breath and began ritual confession required of each punishment.

“Forgive me, for I have sinned and am unworthy.” She unbuckled her jeans, allowing them to puddle around her ankles. She dipped her head forward, hoping that her long ringlets would hide the painful blush creeping across her cheeks. No matter how often she performed the penitence routine Soris had taught her, she fought to keep her embarrassment at bay.

Soris guided her across the stool, pushing and tugging to arrange Karielle’s buttocks into prime position. Karielle gave a moan as the blood rushed to her forehead. She gripped the legs of the stool, humiliated by the clinical touch. Soris slid her skimpy blue silk bikini panties to Karielle’s knees with efficiency rather than passion. Maybe theirs was an arranged marriage and maybe Soris preferred intellect rather than lust, but was it too much to ask for her to show desire? Karielle had given up so much for this cool, collected partner. Couldn’t Soris at least make her feel that it was worth it? That Karielle was worth it?

The first tap of the switch came with precision, as always. One light touch followed by the swift, blinding crack of pain. Karielle yelled, cursing herself. Why did she have to thrash around in pain while Soris applied that awful stick? Why couldn’t she have been the one to set the rules instead of having to answer to them?

Sss—thwick! Another stroke cut the lowest part of her bottom cheeks, causing her to stamp her feet.

“Basti!” she swore, then bit her lip. The next whack set her entire backside aflame, and the stool teetered underneath her.

Instead of reassurance, or comfort, or whispers of love, Soris continued to stripe her bottom with stroke after punishing stroke. By the time she finished, Karielle struggled for breath. Her chest felt nearly as raw as her throbbing buttocks, and she rubbed her cheek against the leather padding. Instead of pats or tenderness, Soris gave her a crisp order.

“Into the corner,” she barked, and Karielle was too sore to disobey. She kicked off the tangled heap of her jeans and panties, and she trudged to the corner. What she really wanted was to curl up on her bed and cry herself to sleep, but she no longer had “her” bed. Everything was Soris’ now, and everywhere was Soris’ home.

She hugged her arms to her chest, rocking slightly in her distress. She couldn’t understand her own reaction. It wasn’t as if Soris has been her first choice, even if she did come from a good family. It wasn’t as if she loved this cold fish who spouted rules rather than poetry. It was just—

Karielle shuffled from one foot to the other, holding in her shuddery sobs. It was just…that she was used to being loved. The House of Tan, her childhood home, had been full of tenderness, hugs, and emotional expression. Not just her Nur but her Dis had often kissed and stroked her, praising and noticing each of her efforts. It rarely took more than one spanking for her to correct any misbehavior, and she worked hard to stay in their good graces.

She had known Soris would be a tough Dis, but she had also thought there would be love.

“It’s time for dinner,” Soris barked, without so much as a glance in her direction. Karielle fumbled with her clothing, drawing her panties and jeans back to her waist. She brushed the tears out of her eyes as she made her way to the kitchen, but the tears fell faster than she could dry. She bit her lip. Soris hated her to cry, almost more than she hated disobedience. How stupid had she been, thinking that Soris would laugh and enjoy the joke of celebrating a funny holiday? Why did everything have to be so serious?

“Excuse me,” Karielle blurted out, and she dashed into the guest bedroom. It should have been their nursery, but…she tried not to think about that. She was too young to give up on motherhood.

Behind her, Soris’ footsteps followed. “Dinner’s late,” she said, but Karielle turned on her. Hurt and soreness combined into a rush of anger.

“What in Basti’s name do you want from me? You beat me and I’ll take down the stupid tree, so leave me alone!”

Stunned, Karielle covered her mouth and met Soris’ widened eyes with her own. Consternation marked her features, as if Karielle were an algebraic formula that had proven incorrect.

“Do I have to spank you again?” Soris hesitated, her offer tentative rather than commanding, as if she were asking for permission. Karielle shook her head.

“That’s all you do,” she muttered, not caring what punishments it would cost her. “Spank, like I’m this nuisance you can’t wait to get rid of…”

If she hadn’t felt as raw as a scraped knee, she might have laughed at the confused distress on Soris’ face. Soris was good with technicalities and archaic references, not with messy human realities. She looked as if she would rather hide for a week with her collection of dusty, heavy law tomes.

In spite of herself, Karielle laughed. For the first time, she felt as if she were in charge, or at least an equal. She held out her hand to Soris. “Don’t just spank me and run away,” she explained, feeling as if she were the Dis. “Making up afterward is important, too.”

Soris’ fingers tightened around Karielle’s palm. “But my Dis always said you can’t spoil after a punishment?” she asked. Her look of confusion increased, and something set off a twinge in Karielle’s heart. A Dis was supposed to be in charge, so why did Soris’ vulnerability bring out feelings of submission in a way the switch had not?

“I need you to take care of me,” she said, putting her other hand over Soris’ enclosing her own. And before she could think, she leaned forward on her tiptoes to put her arms around Soris’ neck. Soris staggered backward, and then her arms came up to embrace her.

“You…you want me to…after I…?” Soris brushed back Karielle’s hair, tipping her head back. “When you…?” An arm reached down to skim the horribly aching muscles in her bottom.

Karielle laughed again, gladness rushing through her limbs. “What’s the good of having a Dis if you’re not going to live up to your end of the bargain?” she challenged. She darted in for a kiss, holding Soris to her even as the older woman drew backward. “Love me,” she said, in a rush of confidence and simplicity. “How can I obey you if you don’t love me?”

The shyness in Soris’ eyes made Karielle catch her breath. Had the stern, rule-loving scholar ever dropped her professional demeanor before? Gentle lips reached toward her own, and Karielle closed her eyes in a whirlwind of pleasure. The unbearable, shaming ache of a few moments ago had transformed into a hungry need for intimate pleasure.

“How can you love someone who makes you cry?” Soris asked, with the tenderness of a newborn fawn.

“Then make it up to me now,” Karielle responded, stroking Soris’ cheek. “It can be a new Hollow Bean tradition.”

“Halloween,” Soris corrected, but Karielle shushed her.

“My turn,” she said, and Soris said no more.


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Read more about Karielle and Soris’ adventures in Becoming Clissine (Bastia, Book One)! The story of their courtship and marriage will be available in February of 2014 as part of Milestones, a sequel to the DD anthology Coming to Terms.


What if heterosexuality were a crime?

Betrothed at birth to the daughter of one of the most prominent Houses in the totalitarian theocracy of Bastia, soon-to-be-college-graduate Clissa isn’t sure whether she is ready to undergo the Mar. Once she becomes the Nur, or the submissive partner, to her betrothed she will have to submit all major decisions of her life to the beautiful Helaine whom she has only met once. She must marry a woman, according to the decrees of Bastian law.

Caught between his desire to “get along” and the growing awareness that he is “het” and is attracted to Clissa, Destral kisses her one day as they study in their college library. Shocked at the feelings the kiss awakens, Clissa begins to question everything she has been taught. Did Basti, their deity, really decree that it was sinful for a man to be with a woman? Will her growing feelings for Destral cost her everything that her parents have worked hard to give her?

In a mad attempt to subvert Bastian authority, Clissa and Destral run away to find the Het Pride, a group that preaches tolerance, equality, and peace. Z, their leader, promises that one day hets will achieve equality and freedom. When the Bastian police capture or kills most of the Het Pride, however, Clissa is assigned to new parents for “reeducation” in the doctrine of Bastia. Her new parents are given one mandate: Bring her back to rightness with Basti.

Clissa, lost in a system that is threatened by her very identity, must make her choice. Will she be broken by Bastian authority, or will she find a way to break free? Can true love overcome a harsh regime?

132 thoughts on “#SpankorTreat 2013: A Forbidden Holiday

    • M. Palmer says:

      I loved the growing chemistry between Soris and Karielle. Even better than the discipline with the tender scene of aftercare between the two characters… maybe Soris will start to learn what it means to love! I’d love to read more of this story!


  1. Roz says:

    Really enjoyed this Ana, I love the vulnerability and confusion in Soris and the interaction between them after the spanking. I think she has feelings but was not taught how to deal with them or express them.



  2. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    II agree with Maren. Their relationship needs to have more than one side to it, and Karielle is the perfect person to teach Soris that lesson. Punishment without love borders on abuse, and for a moment I felt like Soris was abusing Karielle, but Soris’s vulnerability shows she was only following the lessons she’d been taught before Karielle entered her life. Now she had new lessons to learn.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I don’t think it was abuse because this kind of punishment was expected from Soris as the Dis…but it certainly wasn’t part of a relationship and that made it not okay. Soris is young and inexperienced, but she will learn. Thanks for stopping by!


  3. terpsichore says:

    I am glad that Karielle shared her feelings about the importance of love…at first Soris seemed so cold and aloof but at the end she let her vulnerability show and I could sense some glimmer of hope. Thanks for sharing. I love your writing style that completely draws you in… Hugs


  4. pao says:

    I like how balance was restored in their relationship as mentioned above. I did wonder about Soris’ and Karielle’s background and I enjoyed learning more about them in this story 🙂 Can’t get enough of your latest book./universe 😀


  5. His First Mate says:

    I loved the ending! i was getting so worried for Karielle throughout the story, I really wanted to see Soris warm up a little. i am glad she did.


  6. catrouble says:

    Wow Ana…I was so happy to see Soris start to bring down the walls and warm up a bit to Karielle…saved me from cheering for Karielle to smack Soris and leave! 😉

    Thanks for a wonderful story.

    Cat VIP
    catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com


  7. Tara Finnegan says:

    I loved this! Such a great background on Soris and Karielle, and so wonderful to see a crack in Soris’ armour, it makes her more human!


  8. Kelsey Summer says:

    Great story. Soris really needs to work on her aftercare. It sounded like she was starting to understand by the end of the story. Hopefully it continues and Karielle can get the love she deserves!



  9. noangel says:

    I was taken back at first to me it seemed she was so cold and always finding fault then It was great to see Karielle speak up and to see Soris showing more of a soft loving side just my thoughts ………..


  10. Joelle Casteel says:

    okay, hoping I didn’t miss something. I re-read a few times, trying to figure out “the question”- you didn’t have yours specifically labeled like Emily Tilton’s (whose is the only other Spank or Treat I’ve made it to so far today). I can’t wait to read this book- unfortunately I don’t have permission to buy it until next Friday. It’s very interesting to see the many pieces of Karielle and Soris figuring things out. I was touched by Soris’ “How can you love someone who makes you cry?” Very interesting to see the different “Houses” and how they are. I’m looking forward to the sequel to “coming to terms” and seeing more of their courtship. How touching to see Karielle sad about the guest room. I enjoyed how she tried to distract Soris; much better than my usual butt wiggling when I get into trouble with my Master 😀


  11. SH says:

    I really liked this excerpt. Soris seemed to be very cold and aloof but as it progresses it is obvious that she is confused and vulnerable just as Karielle is. Very interesting premise for a book, great idea!! shavro6 at gmail dot com VIP


  12. robskatie says:

    I LOVED this Ana!! :). It was neat seeing how Karielle reached Soris and was able to bring out her softer side. She told her what she needed. That was neat! I loved these two characters in Becoming Clissine. It was nice to see a glimpse of their past. Thanks for that!!! I can’t wait to read more! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  13. Emily Tilton says:

    Ana, I compliment your world-building week after week. For me, at least, this is why its important: the connection I feel now with these characters is really remarkable, given how (frankly) wonderfully loopy the world you’ve created is (I mean, “Hollow Bean”! :D). That’s all down to the way you took their culture seriously. Brava.


  14. Ami says:

    This seems to be the crux of many a similar relationship – to show love, or not to show love, after a disciplinary spanking.

    In this story you have shown the feelings from both sides of the coin. I have to say I side completely with Karielle – hugs and expressions of love afterwards mean a great deal. Perhaps Karielle can continue to work on Soris, and persuade her to loosen up a bit?

    She might even manage to change her way of thinking around so their home becomes similar to that in which she was brought up.




  15. Corinne Alexander says:

    This is going to be one of the most interesting stories I’ve ever read. I am just blown away by both your originality and the creation of a world that presses every button we have as a society! Thank you for the thought provoking story. This does show that duty without care is a recipe for disaster. In all things we must have feeling, care, depth or whatever it is we are setting out to do will not work…especially the relationships around us.

    Corinnealexander4 at gmail dot com VIP


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I can’t wait to hear your responses, Corinne. 🙂 We do need to have love and care and all the things you mention, or else the punishment isn’t effective. Soris is great at duty, and Karielle is great at love. Now they have to figure out how to mesh the two. 🙂


  16. abby says:

    You got me hooked! A bamboo rod….that is a major implement. It seems like Kaielle really was able to reach Soris , to show him that punishments should be given with love…and that one should know they are forgiven afterwards.
    hugs abby


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Oh, yes. Soris is a tough disciplinarian, and she believes that quick, thorough punishment is the best way to eliminate bad behavior. It’s true, but there also has to be love and forgiveness, as you say.

      So glad to see you commenting!


  17. minellesbreath says:

    Great story. I want so much more about these two. This made me think about relationships and how partners are very different at the start…then each begins to walk toward the other in love and compromise.
    The spanking at the beginning was so raw…it was difficult….then when Karielle reached out seeing Soris’s vulnerability, and Soris recognizing Karielle’s emotional pain.That was lovely and powerful!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      That raw, terrifying vulnerability of being laid bare (figuratively and literally) for a spanking awakens so many responses in us. What I love about Karielle is that she has the confidence and strength to recognize her need and act on it. I love learning more about my characters. 🙂


  18. Casey McKay says:

    Hollow Bean… I think that is adorable! I love the emotion between Karielle and Soris. You very much caught a new relationship at it’s most fragile state. Trying to work out what they are to each other, how to love each other, how to use outside advice in their own marriage.

    This really struck a chord with me!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I love that period when two people look at each other and think…great, now what do we do? Even harder when two sets of in-laws are demanding the relationship be picture-perfect. Soris’ Dis is a terror when she comes for visits! Phew. 🙂

      So glad this resonated with you.


  19. kellybear says:

    I like the give and take in this scene from the characters. I read a lot of stories where everything just falls into place too easily but these two make it more real with Karielle having to explain to Doris what she needs from her, and Soris having to guide Karielle in her submissive role. I love this sample will most definitely be checking out this book this weekend!


  20. Linds says:

    I love how neither character is perfect in their roles. Karielle is struggling to be submissive wondering why she couldn’t be the one to make the rules and Soris, while it seems like she is a consistent disciplinarian, she is missing the most important aspect, love.


  21. PamC. says:

    Initially I didn’t think this story was going to be my cuppa. Soris just seemed too cold. However at the end when she took the time to listen and try and understand Karille’s point of view I decided it was a very relevant in how all relationships have to navigate each partner’s needs and expectations. Thumbs up.


  22. LA Cloutier says:

    I got irritated with Soris in the beginning. She was cold and seemed dispondant to Karielle’s feelings. I thought ‘hallow bean’ was cute, but Soris immediately jumped into Bastils ‘rules’ seeing only that Karielle broke them.
    None the less Karielle took her punishment like a trooper. I had to giggle at the ‘cold fish’. That seemed very fitting.
    I’m glad that Karielle let her emotions get the best of her and that through that projection was able to reach a softer side of Soris. I hope that Soris remains open to some of the tenderness and love that Karielle had while she grew up in the house of Tan. Punishment without the love is empty and tends to work contrary to that which it’s supposed to provide.
    I think now that the ice has been broken these two are going to have a lot of fun.

    If Heterosexuality were a crime there would be less children in the world and without the smiles, joy and laughter of children humanity might just lose sight of itself.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Very much a cold fish. 🙂 Soris and Karielle grow to be a wonderful couple, but it takes them a great deal of time and mistakes to figure it out. Karielle isn’t perfect, either. 😉

      What’s surprised me is that no one objected to Karielle getting spanked for putting up the tree.

      There are plenty of children in Bastia, but they are produced only in state-approved ways. 🙂


  23. constance Masters says:

    I loved this Ana and I’m SO glad that Soris softened a bit in the end. She kind of reminds me a little of a female Sheldon (from Big Bang). I know so many people like that. Seemingly hard and cold but really kind of innocent.


  24. TL says:

    This was an interesting story. I was worried that Soris wouldn’t get it. I like the vulnerability showed at the end. Hallow Bean was cute too. 🙂


  25. Julie says:

    Wonderful story, Ana! It’s so nice for Becoming Clissine readers to get a peek into how Soris and Karielle built their relationship. Karielle is very fortunate that Soris seems to be willing to learn and grow.


  26. Serenity says:

    This was a wonderful story. I was a bit confused at first. This is the first time I’ve visited your page and didn’t realize it was F/F since it mentioned the union in the beginning. It was wonderful seeing the nurturer coming out of Karielle and showing Sorin how to be a better Dis.

    I also got a giggle from the Hallow Bean! I will definantly be back for more 🙂


  27. Elizabeth Marie says:

    In the beginning Soris came off as very cold and unfeeling, I’m glad that we got to see a little of her vulnerability and realize they were raised differently. Karielle is obviously a very strong woman to even want to love or be loved by Soris. I think I would be over it! The “Hollow Bean” made me smile.
    Bluemascara22(at)gmail(dot)com VIP


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      That’s a good point. I think Karielle wants to love/be loved by Soris because she’s been raised to accept it as her duty, but she can’t be in a relationship only for duty. Karielle softens Soris’ harshness.


  28. Rogue says:

    One’s upbringing certainly sets the stage for adulthood. I liked that Soris opened her mind and heart. And ‘Hollow Bean’ — too cute!


  29. Blondie says:

    I wonder how many relationships begin with either the sub or the dom not really quite knowing exactly what their exact role is. With every new relationship, each person brings a part of their past and personal experience – like Soris and Karielle. (By the way, love the names of the two characters) Soris didn’t understand anything but rules and punishment while Karielle knew that a sub cannot really be dominated if their dom is not only firm, but loving and fair. Karielle wanted to be loved and forgiven.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I’d guess most, unless they have a lot of experience in other relationships. It’s hard to figure out who will do what in a relationship, isn’t it?

      I can’t wait to see who will win your wonderful paddle!


  30. Mary M. says:

    Even in this short excerpt I can get the sense of the structure of this world and the needs of both Karielle, which are the most obvious at first, and of Solis, which are hidden behind her strict role playing and brought out by Karielle’s despair and hope for more. And I love the idea of Hollow Bean!

    emmasmom AT wi DOT rr DOT com


  31. Irishey says:

    Hi, Ana!

    Karielle, angered by Soris’ cold announcement that dinner was late: “What in Basti’s name do you want from me? You beat me and I’ll take down the stupid tree, so leave me alone!”

    I’m still laughing at this, Soris’ dazed reaction, and Karielle relaxing and laughing when she realizes Soris truly hasn’t a clue what it means to be a good Dis.

    Poor tree didn’t do anything wrong, yet it’s getting banished! 😉

    Irishey (VIP)
    irisheysisle at gmail.com


  32. Adaline Raine says:

    Karielle has been seeking comfort from Soris and finally voices this. Soris is surprised she can love her in spite of the punishments. Love, love, love this story! (And the tree description makes me want to decorate my own)
    brattyadaline at gmail dot com


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Soris is surprised anyone would want to be treated tenderly…she thinks Karielle must hate her for inflicting punishment. How deep our miscommunications can be. 🙂

      I’ll put up a picture of the tree next week. 🙂


  33. Tracey Horton says:

    It would be hard to be raised in a society (Tan) where the dis was affectionate and loved freely and then go to a relationship where it was discipline with no love Very interesting and I like that she is forcing her to see the unfairness of it all!
    Tracey Horton, VIP


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Tan is the name of Karielle’s household…each House is named after its Dis. Karielle’s home was unusual in its affection, but Soris’ home was also unusual in its brisk efficiency. Together, they will make the perfect match. 🙂


  34. bentalice says:

    I love the tone of this story, Ana, but I have to admit to laughing out loud when I read “Hollow Bean tradition.” After the build-up of emotions – both for the characters and the reader – that malapropism was perfect. I loved the story!


  35. JoanneBest says:

    First of all I love the ‘Hollow Bean” (bentalice you beat me to it!), I love the way Karielle isn’t the only one who learns a lesson, Soris seemed shocked that Karielle wanted love regardless of her punishments, I’m very interested in learning more about these characters!
    yummycatt(at)aol(dot)com xox


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I think it’s hard for people to realize that love and punishments can go together. We see this sort of discussion all the time, so why not also in a story? The full story will be available for Valentine’s Day. 🙂


  36. katherinedeane says:

    Wow, I did not like Soris at all for the first part of the story.

    But she warmed up at the end, and showed it was just duty and I was able to see that she actually did love Karielle.

    I was very relieved. I would have had a very bad taste in my mouth if she had stayed cold and seemingly uncaring.
    What a very interesting world you have created!!! 🙂


  37. Laurel says:

    I loved the story. It was cold in the beginning but after Karielle reversed roles and explained that there had to be love and comfort after the spanking, it was like a Dr. Phil moment. lol I’ll go stand in the corner.
    When I was spanked as a child, there never was comfort or forgiveness after. Of course I came from a very dysfunctional family.
    I look forward to reading more in February.


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