Alice Gets Spanked! #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

On Wednesday, I announced the winners of the first-ever “Happy Spanker” award, meaning an author who contributed a great deal toward the Spank or Treat 2013 fun. Maren Smith and Alice Dark shared the award, and they were offered their choice of gifts. Maren chose to receive The Vengeance of Mrs. Claus, and Alice elected to receive a spanking. The “Evil Queen,” known for her naughty tales of F/F spanking (particularly caning!), is featured in today’s eight-sentence mini-story.


The setup: Previously, the naughty Emily Tilton found herself on the wrong side of our formidable Headmistress Blake. After her punishment, Irishey wrote a lively tale of Emily’s plot for revenge. Enter Miss Alice Dark, Head Girl of our naughty bunch. Alice took it upon herself to cane the errant Emily for her misdeeds, but alas! She overstepped her authority and must face the wrath of a Headmistress Blake who reserves for herself alone the pleasure of punishing girls. Poor Alice! Or shall we say, lucky Alice? 😉



 At Headmistress Blake’s awful pronouncement, Alice spread her skirts and sank to the floor in a graceful curtsy. “I apologize for having wronged you, Headmistress,” she said in a soft gasp. “I forgot my place.”


“Then I shall have to remind you,” Headmistress Blake answered, fingering the slender, crooked-handle cane she kept always at the ready. “Be so good as to assume the position, Miss Dark.”


Alice rose, stretched her supple arms, and folded herself into the hands-gripping-ankles position she had observed but rarely performed. Her lithe body folded like rippling silk, her taut leg and buttock muscles contracting as she focused on keeping her breath steady.


“I shall thoroughly enjoy caning you,” Headmistress Blake proclaimed, and Alice gave a delicious shudder as the woman raised her cane for the first strike.


(That’s all I’m allowed for this time, but if there is enough interest I may continue our Headmistress Tales next week. Hope you liked it!)



23 thoughts on “Alice Gets Spanked! #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

  1. Tara Finnegan says:

    I really think Alice hasn’t learned her lesson yet – she needs more… And so do we!
    Fun snip – blast this 8 sentence rule!


  2. bentalice says:

    Oh, my! I have to catch my breath in anticipation of this spanking! “Her lithe body folded like rippling silk, her taut leg and buttock muscles contracting as she focused on keeping her breath steady.” It’s early Saturday, and I want to roll Sophia out of bed for some play time! This is beautifu, Ana. I love your words, and I think I got the best award of all. 🙂


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