Penelope Hasler’s Spanking: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

Welcome to Saturday Spankings, Seductive Studs and Sirens, Snippet Sunday, and Weekend Writing Warriors!

This week’s snippet is in honor of Penelope Hasler, a dear friend who always brightens my day. She loves a good role play and age play, and our mutual friend Tara Finnegan has volunteered to give Little Miss Penny a good spanking. Out of respect for Headmistress Blake’s eight-sentence limit, this snippet begins immediately after the spanking. I know! I’m sorry, but I don’t want to run afoul of our headmistress.

Beribboned pigtails bouncing, Penny slipped around to lay her head on Tara’s shoulder. Tara turned, cradling the girl in her arms.

“Shh,” she soothed, running her fingers through the silky hair. “You were brave, and I’m proud of you.”

Penny lifted a hand to her flushed cheek, sniffling and gulping back sobs. Bright tears sparkled unshed on dark, curling eyelashes. “Ow,” she whimpered, her other hand brushing back to rub her knicker-clad bottom before Tara enclosed both of Penny’s hands in her own.

“Be a good girl,” she admonished, and she lifted the smaller girl’s chin to rest trustingly in her palm.

27 thoughts on “Penelope Hasler’s Spanking: #Satspanks, #SnippetSunday, #SeductiveSnS, and #Wewriwa

  1. Tara Finnegan says:

    And of course, she was. Such a good girl! It was almost a pity to have had to spank her at all.😜
    Sweet moment Ana. I love these ad hoc spankings. You do them so well.


  2. Penelope says:


    Thank you, Ana! What a wonderful surprise and what a sweet, tender scene. I am lucky to have a talented friend like you.

    And thank you, Tara 😀 I’m sorry I was bad an you had to spank me. 😦 I promise I’ll be good for the rest of the day an I won’t be naughty an rub my bottom. *shakes head solemnly*


  3. tfd says:

    Eight sentences of lovely, Ana. I think those are my favorite moments of a good spanking scene. That and the build up to why it happens. And the anticipation before it happens. And it happening… 🙂


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