Ana’s #AdventCalendar2013 Sign up sheet

Visit the main page of this blog to read today’s post and comment to earn your daily prize entry!


Sign up for the Advent Calendar by leaving a comment below! Please visit the FAQ if you have any other questions.

1) Name

2) Email address

You must use your EXACT email address. Do not put altered addresses like “(at)suchandsuch(dot)com.” If you are concerned about spam bots, register for a free email account only to be used for this event.

3) Book preferences (due to the volume of books available, please note that I do NOT guarantee these can be honored):

  • “S” if you read or want to read spanking books
  • “K” if you read or want to read any kind of kinky book, including BDSM and edgy play
  • “V” if you read or want to read vanilla books

If you love to read anything and everything, list all of the letters.

Example #1:

Kristine Claus


Example #2:

Headmistress Blake


Everyone who signs up before December 1st will receive one additional grand prize entry.


Visit the main page of this blog to read today’s post and comment to earn your daily prize entry!

255 thoughts on “Ana’s #AdventCalendar2013 Sign up sheet

      • SassyTwatter says:

        Ugh it’s early here and I was out kate so let’s use our inside voice please. I didn’t realize I submitted both I was vascilanting between which one to use doing from. Y phone. Can I use this one and can your pretty please with sugar on top earse the other one. But can I sign in with the other one since it’s my normal one that I get the ow is tree on your site. God I hope makes sense. Happy Monday. I emailed you last week.Tootles.


  1. catrouble says:

    catsbrighteyes at
    SKV – I love to read! πŸ˜‰

    Thanks so much for puting all this together Ana!

    Hugs and Blessings…


  2. Irishey says:


    THIS is “me” time? Ana! Either you need a new dictionary, or you’re incorrigible. This does sound like a lot of fun, so indulge away. However, if you overwork yourself, I’m sending Rudolf and the Reindeer Crew to scoop you up and deliver you to Mrs. Claus, along with my very special gift for her. πŸ˜‰


  3. Kitty says:

    I hope this is the right place to sign up. it’s my first time doing one of these. I’m very excited.
    I’m a bookaholic reading is one of my passions.
    s k v

    ps. i’m curious to know how many people get the reference of my email.


  4. Patty Devlin says:

    Crap it took me so long to scroll down here If forgot the letters I was supposed to put by my name… PRVDESMGKLMD How’s that? Did I cover it? Nevermind, maybe you should just spank me for not following the rules already.


  5. Terry says:

    I love Advent Calendars but this is a very different one to try. This is the first time I’m posting with you so hope I do it correctly.


  6. Michael Thorn says:

    Hi Ana. Great idea and contest, and love how many people have contributed prizes. Really shows the closeness of our community. I intended to sign up earlier but let time slip away so am joining in the fun now. Good luck and great success, Ana, and I know this will be a great success.

    Michael Thorn



    • Irishey says:

      Is your excuse in writing from a reputable physician? I don’t know that anything else will save you! You could try a tear-stained appeal from someone else Mrs. Claus would consider reliable, but it better be a really good excuse. For instance, my daughter’s puppy ate through the cord on her phone charger, and she thought that was a good enough excuse not to answer her dead phone when I called. Puppies may not work for you here. Just sayin’.

      I have friends here who know Mrs. Claus, quite well. Perhaps one of them will intervene on your behalf.

      (I’m only funnin’ with ya! πŸ˜‰ Your claim to have an excuse tickled me. Don’t be scared away by my nonsense. We all want you to play! Anybody can join in throughout the month. There is no prohibition against tardiness…err, signing up today. πŸ˜‰

      Make sure you go comment on today’s Advent post if you haven’t already. That’s where I’m headed!)

      Hi, Ana! πŸ˜‰


      • Anastasia Vitsky says:

        LOL!!! Now who’s the meddlesome naughty little elf? That’ll be ten hard swats with Mrs. Claus’ wooden spoon, Irishey! 20 with Ami’s wicked jam spoon if you get caught by the boss lady herself. Luckily for you, I’m trying to avoid her at the moment. No need to ask why. Just get me the ice pack!


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