Prize Donor Contact List

Have you won a prize for Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013? Congratulations! You have four (4) days to contact your donor and make arrangements to receive the prize. After four days, your prize will be reassigned to a new winner.

If your donor does not have an email address listed, wait four days to be contacted and then let me know if you have not heard anything.

Sign up sheet


Code of Conduct

Abbie Adams
Adaline Raine
Alice Dark
Alta Hensley
Ami Starsong non-author prize; Ana will contact
Anastasia Vitsky
Ann Mayburn Ann will contact winner
Annabel Joseph Ana will contact
Bella Bryce
Blondie’s Place Company; Ana will contact
Blushing Publisher; Ana will contact
Cara Bristol
Celeste Jones
Charley Descoteaux
Cheryl Dragon
Constance Masters
Courage Knight
Cynthia Kimball
Dinah McLeod
Donna Steele
EJ Runyon
Elise Lansing Ana will contact
Emily Tilton
Erica Scott
Erik Schubach
Fallen Over Book Reviews Non-author prize; Ana will contact
Gabriella West
Heather Geoffries
Holla Dean
Jade Cary
Jessica E. Subject
Karen Michelle Nutt
Kate Richards
Kathryn R. Blake
Katie Non-author prize; Ana will contact
KT Grant
LA Cloutier
Learning Domestic Discipline
Leena Darling
Leigh Ellwood Ana will contact
Leigh Smith
Lina Sacher Non-author prize; Ana will contact
Linda Hamonou
Liv Honeywell
Liz Borino
Loose Id Publisher; Ana will contact
Louisa Bacio
Lucy Appleby
Lucy Felthouse
Maddie Taylor
Mahalia Levey Ana will contact
Mary Sue Wehr
Maren Smith
Mila Kerr
Nancy Levine
Natasha Knight
Nattie Jones
Nikki Flynn
Olivia Starke
Paloma Beck
Patricia Green
Patty Devlin
PT Wyant
Penelope Hasler
Renee Rose
Rie Warren
Rollin Hand
Sandra Bunino
Saranna DeWylde
Sharon Buchbinder Sharon will contact winner
Sheri Savill
Siobhan Muir
SJ Maylee
Starla Kaye
Sue Lyndon
Suzy Ayers
Tara Finnegan
Thianna D
Violet Bedford
Virginia Nelson
Yong Takahashi Non-author prize; Ana will contact
Zander Vyne
Zee Monodee

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