Kathryn Blake’s Surprise Day Winner!

I’d like to take a moment from today’s thoughts of giving to make a brief announcement.


Kathryn R. Blake, our favorite Headmistress of Saturday Spankings fame, Christmas Tree aficionado and author of some slightly naughty fiction, gave us a picturesque journey yesterday into the checkered History of the Christmas Tree.


Out of the 64 commenters yesterday (impressive!), Kathryn randomly chose one lucky duck to receive a “reader’s choice” eBook copy of one of her five published novels.


  • Mortal Illusions (Vampire Romance)
  • Deadly Enchantment (Shifter Romance)
  • Arrested by Love (Spanking Romance)
  • A Dom’s Dilemma (BDSM Romance)
  • Acting Lessons (Spanking/DD Romance)


Please message her within four days by using the email address listed on the contact info sheet.


Now, drum roll, please.  The lucky winner randomly chosen by Kathryn is ….

Michelle Williams

Congratulations, Michelle! If you’ve already read all of Kathryn’s books, just let her know. I’m sure she has other prizes she can offer in their place.


I now return you to our regular scheduled entry for today, Giving Tuesday and Making a Difference. Leave a comment to tell us how you’ll make a difference today.


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