Congratulations to Renee Meyer!

Apologies for the belated posting today of the Surprise Day prize! Life has gotten hectic (but fun!), and I’m a bit late with the update. Today’s St. Knickerless Day post may go down in history as the craziest day of Ana’s Advent Calendar 2013. 🙂

Renee Meyer, you get to choose a book from Dinah McLeodYou have four days to contact Dinah and make arrangements to receive your prize.

Here is Renee’s intro post from Day 1:

1. Yes, I have read and hopefully understand all four information pages.
2. I did not participate in Ana’s Advent Calendar last year.
3. I found it one day while roaming the web.
4. My goal is perfect attendance but I’m not that great at meeting goals.
5. I would be happy winning anything. I always explain my disgusting lack of luck by saying I really don’t believe in luck so I tend to have no luck. However, it sure sounds like fun meeting others and participating in the excitement.
6. I have never had an Advent Calendar so this seemed like a great hoot. I am really enjoying discovering that there are other like-minded people out there.
7. I’m Renee and I have been married for 20 years. We have two grown children and three teenagers. (Yes, my house can be a little crazy at times). I am a school administrator and also homeschool two of our children. I live near the beach in South Carolina. Our Santa wears a bathing suit and a sun hat. I have not been to governingana before as this is my first time blogging. I had my teenagers teach me so I could participate in this awesome event. I have been blog stalking other spanking blogs for a while and just decided to it was time to put my toe into the water with this event. I enjoy reading all kinds of spanking romance, bdsm, erotica books. I do love how accepting this community is and look forward to watching from the fringe.
8. Hello Maren. I love your stories and sibling rivalry can be so much fun to watch. Have a great day.
Ana – I really appreciate all your work in putting this event together. Have a happy!!!

Please look for her email on the contact information sheet.



7 thoughts on “Congratulations to Renee Meyer!

  1. Irishey says:

    Congratulations, Renee! You graduated from watching from the fringe, to jumping in and participating, to becoming a prize winner… in less than a week! Woo-hoo! 😉


    • Dinah McLeod says:

      Renee I am so happy you’re our winner! Your post really touched me, too. I will be emailing to find out your book of choice. 🙂


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