2nd Annual Spanky White Elephant Gift Exchange (Advent Calendar, Day 8)

Happy Advent Calendar!  Today we’re going to try something a bit different.  Have you heard of a white elephant gift exchange?  There are many different ways to play, but the basic scenario is this:

Everyone brings a wrapped Christmas gift.  In some gift exchanges, everyone purchases a gift within a set monetary limit (such as five or ten dollars per gift).  In other gift exchanges, people bring from home something that is in good condition but not wanted.

There are many ways to distribute gifts, but the simplest way is to give each gift a number and then have everyone draw a number to determine which gift he or she will receive.

We’re going to do a virtual white elephant gift exchange today, and this is how it will work:

I’ll be the first recipient.

The first person to comment describes a white elephant gift he or she will give me.  If you have a blog, feel free to post a picture of the gift and then post the link in the comments.  Describe the gift and why you chose it.  Try to make it spanking-related!  If you must, a vanilla gift substitution is acceptable.  I’ll reply to your comment with my reaction to the gift.

The next people to comment describe two white elephant gifts to give to commenters posting before you. If you see anyone who hasn’t received a gift, feel free to add an extra gift. Again, you can describe in detail, post a link to a picture online (such as a product description page on Amazon), or post a link to a picture of the gift on your blog.

Note: please do not post a picture with your comments, or else WordPress rejects it as spam.

Check back to see what “gift” you receive from the next commenter, and post your reaction as a reply.  :)

Oh, and for the last commenter of the day I’ll comment by posting a gift for you.


P.S.  To keep things interesting, please don’t duplicate any of the gifts already posted.  Thanks!

P.P.S.  You don’t *have* to choose an implement, you know!  :P

Not sure how this will work? Take a look at last year’s spanky white elephant gift exchange.

Please, no book promotion.

(Disclaimer: The spanky white elephant gift exchange is for entertainment purposes only. No actual gifts will be given.)

310 thoughts on “2nd Annual Spanky White Elephant Gift Exchange (Advent Calendar, Day 8)

  1. Leona says:

    I would love to send you a beauitful carved wood spanking, shaped like a a stained read bum.. I don’t have a picture.. but I will draw one and try and put it on your blog. I hope your Present will be fun for you. 🙂 Hugs..


  2. paul1510 says:

    my white Elephant gift is a vintage copy of the Victorian underground magazine The Pearl, enjoy. 🙂
    Though it’s not quite clear who should receive it. ❓
    Warm hugs,


  3. Renee Meyer says:

    Paul, I will give you a yardstick. My hubby is a collector of non-essential items especially if it has the word Free attached. We have many yardsticks of varying thicknesses in our house. So I am giving you a middle of the road yardstick – not to thin and not to thick. It should offer a nice sting. I am traveling today but will come back later to reply. Have a happy.


  4. Sheila says:

    For Paul1510 and Leona I will give a set of Kallypso Masters’ MASTERS AT ARMS series. Not only do we have spanking in them, we have lots of other delicious ways to tease and torture Doms and subs.


    [Ana’s note: had to remove multiple links to satisfy WordPress, sorry!]


  5. abby says:

    Well Kelsey and Emily you are the proud owners of ‘froggie paddles! 5 have a light one…from a craft store and a heavier one that is more colorful. I am an avid frog collector, but willing to part with there for the sake of this exchange;)!
    hugs abby


  6. Ami says:

    I’m confused already! I am sending Terps and Michelle some WOOD! (Wood is good!)

    A French butter paddle – very thick and much better for making pretty little rosettes of butter than for use as an instrument of torture; and my famous French jam spoon. (They know a thing or two these Froggies!) I have pictures of both but suddenly realised I don’t know how, or if, I can attach them to a comment box! Never mind, just use your imaginations! LOL!


  7. TL says:

    I’m totally confused, but we’ll see how it goes.

    Ami, obviously needs some more spotty knickers, so JC and Ami are each getting a lovely pink pair to match their real present of this pink faux fur leather paddle. The leather side stings a bit, but the furry side is heaven. One of my favorite toys. Bonus it’s heart shaped, because I love you guys. 🙂



  8. Janey says:

    Well to whomever I am gifting this (I too am a little confused!) I want to give a faux leather bound journal. I am afraid it is a little used but I just need to get it out of my house as lately the only use it is being put to is to record the same line of writing over and over again until it fills a page. I need this to be out of sight now and I think it could be put to much better use bye ole here. I have put a picture of it here.


  9. JoanneBest says:

    Completely confused and slightly scared* while wiggly at the same time 😉
    I hope I’m doing this right but here goes: for TL and Ami in keeping with the Spirit of The Season, I am giving you each a practical Christmas Spanking tote bag
    http://www.cafepress.com/+christmas_spanking_tote_bag,342412810 so you have something to keep a few of your favorite things in when you’re on the go. In addition you both get another practical coffee/tea mug so every time you have a cuppa you’ll think of me
    I sure hope I did this right! I (attempted) to link to my blog where you can (hopefully) see and here we go, links are not my best friends ;-D

    *scared in a good way 😉


  10. Michael says:

    I’m giving Joanne and Abby a “Get Out of a Spanking” card which they can invoke when their next spanking is due. But this card has a string attached. If invoked then when Ami’s and JC’s next spanking rolls around their spankers will use TWO implements on them one of which should be wood. This card is official and will be honored worldwide as it is issued by T*O*P*S* – The Organization Providing Spankings.

    Oh, and am totally blowing up Ana’s rules and gifting her a good girl spanking from the spanker of her choice because she has done such a FABULOUS job with this Advent event and provided so much fun. 🙂


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      I will treasure my bacon soap and frog tiara. The bacon I will eat with relish, the soap might finally clean up my act and then the nice new clean me can be a beautiful princess in her frog tiara. What an imaginative gift. Thank you kimmyl


    • JoanneBest says:

      Oh kimmyl, thank you so much! My bacon soap will be saved for a Very Special Occasion and my frog tiara will be worn with pride, I’ve been tiara-less for far too long so I’m doing the happy dance now!!! 😉


      • Michael says:

        Good eye, Ami, that avatar is based on Sean Connery’s James Bond from a famous publicity still from the first Bond film “Dr. No.” In the original photo he is holding his trusty Walther PPK pistol. I am holding a paddle embossed with a pretzel logo which cheekily represents Top Logic. On the blog “Blossom and Thorn” where I hold forth with my beautiful wife, Season, that character is also Top Logical Man who battles naughty imps with crystalline and irrefutable Top logic. Needless to say I am teased mercilessly by the girls led by my wife. We actually have a leather paddle with the pretzel embossed on the front which was a gift from a good friend, Lady Shewolf, who had it specially made. You can see a photo of it from our Love Our Lurkers Day post last month on November 12.

        The artwork was done by my good friend, artist Dave Wolfe, who does fantastic spanking cartoons which are called WolfieToons. Here is the link to his blog:

        Sorry if this is too much information and I am boring people. Knowing our Ana now it’s back to the corner for me. It’s just I love Dave’s art and his wicked sense of humor and know others will too.


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          I’m sure you love every second of such so-called “merciless” teasing. I can see your green-tongued grin from here!

          I will have to check out Dave’s work. I suppose it’s too much to hope for F/F cartoons?

          I’m glad you’ve been nice to Season today. 🙂


          • Michael says:

            I must admit, Ana, I do love the teasing. Just like I love the teasing and byplay between us and all the other wonderful people in your playpen.

            No, unfortunately Wolfie mostly does M/F, but I am sure you will enjoy his work because of his whacky sense of humor. Yes, in this case “whacky” has two meanings. 😉 He drew a WolfieToon of Season and me entitled “Afterglow” which can be found on “Blossom and Thorn” in the “Spanking Art & Logos” page in the header. It captures our likenesses accurately, but more importantly, our feelings toward one another and the spanking aftercare we share.


          • Michael says:

            Ana, don’t know if you are familiar with the site jcpcolorgallery but on this site you will find some OUTSTANDING F/F artwork. Now that I think about it the site fits in with your blog as many cartoons feature multiple imps being spanked with plenty of corner time both private and public. Pushes many squirmy buttons for me and I am sure will do so for you.


  11. chickadee says:

    For Michael and JoanneBest, I am giving a Goody’s “Ouchless” hairbrush. They are plastic and have a small, slightly hollowed out middle in the rounded back. Guaranteed to be ouchless. I believe Goody stands behind this claim. I doubt they’d bend over in front of it though! I’ll stick a picture on my bog.


  12. octoberwoman says:

    My gift to Tracey is two books. First, “Naughty Spanking 3”, which was the very first book of spanking stories I ever read, http://www.amazon.com/Naughty-Spanking-Three-Miranda-Forbes/dp/1906373701/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1386514979&sr=1-1&keywords=1906373701.

    Second, Seducing Mr. Darcy, in which two characters play a hot game of scrabble wherein one character wants to spank the other if he wins…the spanking itself never actually happened but it definitely sparked my interest and led to my looking for stories that did contain spankings. http://www.amazon.com/Seducing-Mr-Darcy-Gwyn-Cready/dp/1416541160/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top


    • Tracey Horton says:

      I thought I had read about every spanking book out there. I have been a member of herwoodshed and spanking stories for ….not sure –at least ten years. I never heard of the first story and will read it today!! I remember Seducing Mr Darcy–will read it again since it’s been a long time. God knows I love a good spanking story so this was perfect!!!


  13. thelongbean says:

    To Micheal I send a nice spoon with a 9inch handle made from Olive wood for when his wife needs a little seasoning.
    To Ana send a large packet of seeds so she can grow her own Arnica montana plants as she may need plenty of the extract!


  14. Holla Dean says:

    To Octoberwoman and the longbean I give a unique belt. You can see it on my blog here http://holladean.com/
    As I noted on my blog, this isn’t just your ordinary everyday belt. The buckle is a cowboy’s spur and it actually spins and makes the jingle sound of real spurs. As long as the spanker holds it in a way so as not to muffle that jingle, the spankee will hear the jingle with every stroke. You’ll get delicious shivers tingling down your spine!


  15. P.T. Wyant says:

    I hope I’m doing this right because the instructions at the top of the page seem to be different than the ones that landed in my email, and I’m not doing it right it’s Ana’s fault and Mrs. Claus will deal with her. So, without further ado…

    So, sassytwatter…

    I gift a set of fuzzy handcuffs (and matching ankle cuffs) — they are florescent pink zebra striped so that they are easy to find. (It’s so much more fun to watch someone squirm when they can’t use their hands…)

    The second gift is a nice reusable cold pack big enough to sit on. Think of it as Visene for the butt because, you know, it “gets the red out.”


  16. Thianna D says:

    Ugh. White elephant gifts. Hate ’em. Every time I’ve gone to a party where they were involved? I’ve brought something nice and been stuck with crap like some idiots old, disgusting baseball cap. *grumble, grumble, grumble*

    But in honor of the season…

    To PT Wyant, I gift the Fillie Leather Paddle from Liberator. It has a nice ‘snap’ and leaves a mark.

    To Chickie, I gift you a Bulletproof Plastic paddle from Paddle Daddy…just because I think that is the funniest spanking implement I have ever seen. Can you imagine the conversation?

    “How did you survive being shot at?”

    “I used my bulletproof paddle! I take it with me everywhere. It protects me from bullets and tenderizes my butt all at the same time.”


  17. Mona Lisa says:

    To P.T. Wyant , sassytwatter and chickie… (they are Three, I know Ana, Il´just looooove brak the rules..lol.) I give as a gift a nice wooden paddle ..
    You can serve several varieties of cheese with perhaps pear on. I can not think of any other application of this paddle how hard I try ..


    • P.T. Wyant says:

      Hmmmm… *examines the paddle* Yes, thank you! I believe I can find a use for this… First I need to find someone to try it out on… to see if it’s useful for tenderizing meat, especially a bottom roast. Then I’ll clean it up and use it to serve cheese to go with the whine afterward…


  18. Michael says:

    Ana, I already exchanged gifts in the comments above but thought you and the other lovely players would get a kick out of my wife Season’s reaction when I explained what was going on here. I showed her the hairbrush Chickadee gifted me and described the olive wood spoon Long Bean gave me for Seasoning my beautiful bride and she huffed and pouted this was NOT a White Elephant Gift Exchange but rather a Red Bottom Elephant Gift Exchange.


  19. Joelle Casteel says:

    hm, I’m totally beyond lost 😀 I believe I’m supposed to give Thianna D, Mona Lisa, and Quiet Sara gifts. I’d like to share some of my brattitude, if it was bottle-able. And good thick wooden spoons like the one I have that my Master is still threatening to spank me with. And cinnamon Jelly Bellies.


    • quiet sara says:

      Joelle… thank you so much for the spoons. I shall pass on the brattitude
      to someone who really needs it! I have so much already!!! 😀


    • Thianna D says:

      Oooooh! Thanks for the added brattiness – it will come in useful 🙂 I’m sure I can find uses for the wooden spoon 😉 And the cinnamon Jelly Bellies? YUM!

      All set for a nice ‘red’ holiday season 😀


      • Joelle Casteel says:

        I knew you would, Thianna. see the funniness of this morning, after Master teasing me about being sleepyhead, and then some lovely making love, I had our conversation yesterday and “gotta get on Ana’s calendar” intrude into my mind during afterglow, which got me to thinking about Celeste’s story in “Coming to terms” and Daisy who needed spankings for her internet addiction after finding spanko blogs 😀 ’cause that’s how my mind works 😀


  20. Kitty says:

    the way we did the white elephant pres exchange was to do the number thing then when everyone was had picked a present and opened it. anyone who didn’t want theirs could try to exchange it with someone else.

    so to mona lisa i give a pair of ajustable wrist cuffs lined with cotton.


  21. Katie says:

    To Kitty and Joelle and Quiet Sara- I present to you this lovely RED holiday spatula. Same company and very similar to the one that Rob uses on yours truly, but they have it in red!!!! Guaranteed to get you squirming and give you a bottom as red as the thing itself! Better you than me!!! 😀


    To go with that I will is a nice little red wooden spoon ornament, that will look cute on your tree or just hanging around the house!


    Note the red theme here! 🙂 Many hugs and Happy Holidays,

    ❤ Katie


  22. Jade Cary says:

    To Quiet Sara I give this darling little birch tree.

    One day it will grow up to be a big tree with big, beautiful switches that can be cut just for her (I don’t like that she’s quiet. Just sayin’.)

    For Mona Lisa I am sending a copy of this very naughty portrait someone painted of her, definitely reflective of her personality. http://aminus3.s3.amazonaws.com/image/g0028/u00027618/i01681351/f12fedadf76c3d20a90299ab5158b2d0_large.jpg

    Mona has been up to no good. I will be sending a copy to her significant other. I’ll send a framed copy to Mona as well. I also found these charming socks for her. Her backside should not be the only thing that’s warm.

    I have something for Ana, too: Her own corner. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-4hdEt9bSTkU/UOu7kzdJ0YI/AAAAAAAAAEY/caPMXafS4Zs/s1600/reading+nook.jpg

    Lord knows the woman needs a place to go to reflect on her behavior, but it doesn’t have to be all bad, does it?

    Happy holidays everyone!


    • Joelle Casteel says:

      ah it’s okay, Jade. it is the craziness of Ana’s Advent Calendar. I was reading over the spanking story i wrote for Renee Rose last year, found I wanted to edit, so she may very soon have another copy… yes the insanity that Ana inspires 😀 (psst… does that earn me a spanking from Mrs. Klaus? 😀 )


  23. Terry says:

    I think I am doing this right. I have no idea how to do links so I”ll just have to describe my gifts.

    To Jade Cary, Katie and Kitty. I give each of you a pair of wonderfully warm and fuzzy socks. If you have to go into the corner like the Naughty Elf your feet should be as warm as your bottoms.

    To Ami an extra gift to you because of your kind words about my post a few days ago. I give you a Christmas tree soap that smells like peppermint. I’m sure that it don’t taste like peppermint though so please use it to take a nice long bath with your husband.


    • Katie says:

      Awww! I love my fuzzy socks gift, Terry!!! 🙂 Thank you so very much. I will enjoy wearing them- my feet are always freeeezing! Fortunately for me, they won’t be worn in the corner. I’m SO good that Rob never sends me there! 😀 Thanks again!


      • Terry says:

        Katie. Your welcome for the socks. I would rather wear warm fuzzy socks curled up in front of a fireplace than in a drafty corner so please feel free to wear them anywhere else as well.


  24. Michelle B says:

    To Jade & Terry I gift to each of you a pair of long-sleeved silk gloves. They look very plain but they feel really lovely on bare skin – the perfect accessory in between heated spanking sessions 😉


  25. Michelle B says:

    Thanks minelle – I much prefer peppermint over lavender on my feet – and that tingly sensation it gives – so cool 😀 Not sure I’d want it on my butt after a spanking though… 😉


  26. Merna says:

    I am totally confused about who is to receive my gift, but I think it is Minellesbreath. I will give you the bamboo backscratcher. Packs a concentrated sting.


  27. Katy Beth McKee says:

    Okay joining the ranks of the confused. So if I gift the wrong person I’m so sorry. Seems like several of my ideas have been taken so here is my gift. I think for DelFonte, Merna, and maybe Michelle.

    Lately my daughter has been into crafts. I’m overrun so I am sending some of those melting beads pictures and some of those cloth loop potholders. You could use them to decorate a corner of your room to give you something new to look at.


  28. Blondie says:

    I am also confused about who I am giving my gift too. So I have decided that I have enough prints of the picture I am giving one to everyone. The picture is of one elephant spanking another. You can see the print at my blog http://ttwdblondiesblog.blogspot.com

    [Ana’s note: Edited link to direct to Blondie’s correct URL]


    • Penelope says:

      Whee! I’ll take those and wear them with pride! It will be such fun explaining to my OH when I’m over his knee and my skirt is flipped up.

      “WHAT the..?!”

      “Erm… an elf did it?”


  29. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Laurel, I think this gift is for you, but really it’s for anyone who likes advice columns like Dear Abby.

    Not sure if these are jokes or not (read the author’s name aloud), but they are clever, fun and dated, yet at times appropriate even for today’s busy couple.

    Don’ts for Wives – A 1913 compendium of advice by Blanche Ebbutt for women on how to behave to ensure a happy marriage.

    Don’ts for Husbands – A 1913 compendium of advice by Blanche Ebbutt for men on how to behave to ensure a happy marriage.


  30. KArc says:

    To Katy and Penelope: I’m thinking that if I gift you with a Victoria’s Secret gift card, and you use it right, it might just shorten your corner time.


    • Penelope says:

      Thank you, KArc! What a thoughtful gift 🙂

      Of course, wearing such alluring attire might just mean that I am dragged from the corner, tossed onto the bed and thoroughly ravished… but I’d call that a win!


  31. M. Palmer says:

    To Laurel and Blondie, I give you each an Advent numbered set of pretty red clothespins, perfect for sensitive parts every day of the month!


    I am donating my lightly used “strong Polish wood” wooden spoon to Ana – I don’t want that anywhere near me for 2014, thank you!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Ackkk! Give that spoon to someone who’s behaved well enough not to risk having to feel it!! I mean…um…*mumble* thank you for the gift and I now re-gift it to Headmistress Blake for use on her next naughty pupil.


  32. Renee Rose says:

    Kathryn and KArc, I gift you with my favorite bedroom toy– beautiful stainless steel butt plugs! Nothing makes me feel more submissive and in the mood for spanking or sex! (DON”T READ THIS ANA– I”M TALKING DIRTY)


  33. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    I am certain Headmistress Blake will find the perfect use for a “lightly used “strong Polish wood” wooden spoon.” However, Michelle, I can’t help wondering if there isn’t someone in your life who will be less than happy over the thought you are giving away this most useful item. Think it will be missed?


  34. Sherilyn says:

    Hope I’m getting this right! Katy Beth and Penelope, I’m sending both of you Leather Cuffs and Leather Tassels from Incognito, because one should always get jewelry for Christmas, don’t you think? http://www.lovecrave.com/jewelry/

    For Ms. Ana, a custom-made ornament–a ball with a pair of reddened cheeks! I think we know which ones. Hmmm, must get to my clay table. When it’s finished (hopefully, before Christmas, although we do have the Annual Late Christmas ornament tradition at my house), I’ll have to post a picture.

    I’m going to have to start a new blog, so I can post pictures of all the naughty inspiration I’ve been getting here!


  35. Marybeth says:

    Sorry I’m joining this so late. Better late than never, my mom says! lol Sherilyn and catrouble, I believe I have you. In honor of St. Knickerless day, I’m giving you both a copy of Joannie Kay’s “New Panty Collection”. It’s a series of short stories about a married couple. The wife has to go to the local lingerie shop to get new panties of a specific kind to be spanked in. And Ami, you get a copy too. lol


  36. angel says:

    Bella Bruce and Marybeth

    I would like to gift you two with these cute little wooden trees decorations AKA paddles as I think of them one says naughty one says nice they are suppose to be for decorations If you put the lights in all the wholes they are if you leave the lights out they are awful evil little things so you decieded what to do with them


  37. Erzabet Bishop says:

    I have always thought those lovely spanking wands in the shape of a hand looked awfully fun. 🙂 So do the ones with sayings…very naughty. Here’s to hoping one of you actually gets a spanking implement this year. I have wanted one forever but Santa is hogging all the switches…dang it.


    • Marybeth says:

      Hmmmmmm…..maybe I can talk my husband into it. But, it would have to be a “fun” one. I’m not sure I would care for a discipline one.


  38. angieia says:

    To Angel and Erzabet I would like to gift a box of Whitman Sampler’s chocolate cause you can never have enough chocolate and a candy g-string and candy nipple tassels for your significant others to nibble on.


  39. Irishey says:

    Merry White Elephant Day!

    Ana, honey, I went to last year’s “Ana’s Advent Calendar” as suggested, to see how this game is played. Blink. Blinkety-blink. Umm… After reading through the comments on this year’s advent calendar, I am happy to see the same rules (ahem) are in place, and everyone is playing by (around with) them.

    I piddled around with my blog for a few hours today, in hopes of posting photos of my gifties. Alas, blogger is still fritzing around with me/it, so I’ll have to paint my pictures here with words, and hopefully a few links. Without further commentary… Joy to the blog world, let chaos reign!

    To angieia, a chocolate lover after my own heart, and whose dad faked shooting Santa because she didn’t believe Santa was real (but for only a few minutes, until the shot!), I gift any spanking-related white chocolate elephant her heart desires.

    To Erzabet Bishop, because it is so cold outside and can be a bit chilly inside, I gift this luxurious, sexy bed jacket and skirt, and a leather hand paddle. No more chilled arms and shoulders for you, my dear, while your nether region is being heated by something other than a furnace or cozy fire.

    And, because these next two were good sports and didn’t flame me for harassing them in good fun:

    To KArc, because I am so glad she provided a plausible excuse to Mrs. Claus for being late, I am gifting this clever little bank in which to save up enough money to bribe – err, convince – errrr, I mean – to play again next year….because you need money to, umm, you know, to buy white elephant gifts. Hmm…

    To Chickie, because she doesn’t like that turkey hiding out in the closet with her, I am gifting a very large and quite sturdy turkey baster, in order that she might send a very pointed message to the turkey. If the turkey misses the hint, Chickie can paddle him with it – no fear of it breaking.


  40. Irishey says:

    Ana, those links are displaying photos! I didn’t mean for that to happen. So sorry. I have more special gifts to add. Not sure how to fix the linkage issue…

    For the corner elves, because they have helped make this such a fun event:

    To Minelle, I gift a beautiful, sexy red suede wrap skirt, to allow her Scotsman much easier access for quickie good girl spankings.

    To Cat, because she knows wood is no good, I gift a two-ended paddle; one paddle end made of pale red goose feathers and the other of softest soft-red chamois, with a little jingle bells looped on the oar-type dividing handle. I can’t find a real one, so this is imaginary until we get together and design it! I also gift this wonderful apron, conducive both to cooking and being spanked with a feather. On the front, it asks Santa to define good. It is open in the back to provide Santa, Mrs. Claus, or one of his many helper elves easy access to your bum-buns, for demonstrating the definition of good or not-so-good, as the case may be.

    To Katie, because she stirred up so much trouble by polka-dotting Ana’s graphically designed A, I gift a big box of beautiful, ultra-soft cotton, green and red polka-dot hankies to dry the tears she will cry when Mrs. Claus finishes with her. Notice they are green and red polka-dots, just like the very first elf in the corner – constructed of the original matching material to said elf‘s panties!

    To Ami, I planned to gift something quite nice, but I saw this and simply could not resist: Just add water! Lol!

    To Ana, with my deepest sympathy as she continues to attempt to evade Mrs. Claus today, I gift thoughts of wet noodles in place of whatever is destined to meet with her tush. (Ana, psssst! The crushed ice pillow is in a bag marked rutabagas in the freezer, under the frozen peas, way in the back. Sorry I couldn‘t do more!)


    ~ Irishey ~


    • catrouble says:

      T hank you very much Irishey for the awesome gifts!

      Ooh…love the description of the two-ended paddle…we definitely need to get together and design one of those!

      Such a cute apron…I absolutely love the question on the front…I have played with words like that before. 😉 Of course, I won’t need any demonstrations! 😀



    • Katie says:

      Thank you SO much, Irishey… I think… LOL! The hankies sound very pretty! But you must have mistaken me for someone else. Mrs Claus is not coming by. I hope!!! Yikes!! But very nice of you to think of me! Perhaps she will visit you? 😀 Many hugs,

      ❤ Katie


      • Irishey says:

        Hey! It’s finally going to let me reply! Yea! Lol!
        You’re so welcome, Katie. Oh, yes, Mrs. Claus and I visit quite regularly, but on other matters, of course. Can you see the resemblance? 😉


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