LOL award PLUS Perfect Attendance contenders!

All of the comments this year have been amazing, and I hesitated to give a prize for an especially funny one. However, to honor the tradition of the LOL Award begun last year when Jade Cary made me laugh out loud (for trying to call herself vanilla), I hereby present the 2013 LOL Award to none other than:


On yesterday’s post showing a snippet from my upcoming sequel to Desire in Any Language, I asked whether sex or spanking was more intimate. Irishey’s response?

3. Which is more intimate for you, spanking or sex? (Yes, you can only choose one!)

Oh, for Pete’s sake! Lol! I read this post very late last night, and have given this particular question a great deal of thought. I thought I had decided sex can be more intimate, but spanking can be more vulnerable, yet that didn’t seem to hold exactly true to me. I even just now read through the comments to see if I might have overlooked some considerations. Clearly, it depends on so many variables, I may as well flip a coin……

Okay, best 2 out of 3…
Heads – Sex is more intimate.
Tails – Spanking is more intimate.
Heads. Tails. Heads.
Heads it is! Glad that is settled, but I honestly believe both can be equally intimate at different times for various reasons.

Sex is more intimate.

Um. HEADS sex is more intimate and TAILS spanking? Are you serious?? Irishey? Was that double entendre intentional, or have I been hanging around with naughty authors for too long?

And you decide this question with a coin flip? Not any coin flip, but best out of three???

Words fail me. All I could do was laugh hysterically. Honest-to-goodness, split-your-side funny.

As a reward, you will receive Everything Christmas from Maddie Taylor! You have four days to contact her by email to make arrangements for receiving the prize.


Here is Irishey’s intro post from Day 1:

1. Yes, read and understood all four information pages, AND marked the email feeds of those posts as favorites in case the excitement overwhelms me or my memory should fail me. ;-)

2. No, I did not participate last year. I wanted to, but illness and other life events conspired against that.

3. I heard about the Advent Calendar this year from you, Ana, on your blog. It is one of the few that fairly consistently feeds to my email, even though often there are hours’ delay, with only a few complete misses here and there.

4. Do I have to choose? I plan to drop by now and then, and my eye is on a Perfect Attendance prize if I have internet access during holiday travel the week of Christmas.

5. What do I hope to win? This sounds suspiciously like a “What is your favorite…” question. Ugh. ;-) Lol!

6. A promise not to disappear from blogland again with no warning, and the excitedly frenzied anticipation you’ve built, are what brings me to the Advent Calendar this year. I want to play because I believe this will be a fun way to stay involved in the community. Thank you for providing the opportunity, and making it easy, to do all that. :-)

7. I am Irishey. I am not new to Governing Ana – I lurked your blog early on. ;-) Tell you all about me?! I’ve left pieces of me all over the place in my comments on others’ blogs, but I don’t know “what all” I want blogland to know about me in a definitive summary. That is part of why my blog lies dormant. Essentially, I am just me, trying to be a better me for myself, my D and my family. I’ve found the ttwd community helps keeps me aware of, and honest about, that personal desire, and consciously working toward that goal. The bar is set high in many places around here, and I like that.

8. Hello, Maren! So good to see you again, Ms. “In Crowd” Lady! I love that your husband believes you’re the best author in the world without having read your works! Lol! And your children…omg! Hilarious!

Congratulations also to the following 38 contenders for Perfect Attendance! Wow, what a fantastic turnout! Thank you so much for making this year’s Advent Calendar such a blast.

Don’t forget to head over to today’s post for a spanky white elephant gift exchange!

Angie Kroemer (angieia)
Bella Bryce
Emily Tilton
Erzabet Bishop
Holla Dean
Joanne Best
Kathryn Blake
Katie T (robskatie)
Kelsey Summer
Leigh Smith
Marybeth Renn
Michael Thorn
Michelle B
Michelle Palmer
Mona Lisa
Penelope Hasler
PT Wyant
Quiet Sara
Renee Meyer
Renee Rose
Sassy Twatter
Tara Finnegan
Thianna D
TL Bucko

21 thoughts on “LOL award PLUS Perfect Attendance contenders!

  1. JoanneBest says:

    Congrats to Irishey!!! (my Irish roots are cheering too, the roots on my head though are screaming out for a nice red touch up :-D)

    Happy dances for all the Perfect Attenders (yay for all that Catholic School training!)


  2. Renee Meyer says:

    Goodness gracious Irishey – I just laughed my wine out my nose. What a waste of good wine. OMG I am laughing so hard my family thinks I have finally gone around the bend. Heads for sex and tails for spanking **giggle – giggle** I can’t stop laughing. After six pregnancies this body cannot withstand this much laughter. Congratulations you so deserve the LOL Award. I’ve got to run.


    • Irishey says:

      Oh dear, Renee! Wine through the nose – just hurts. Spurting from high and low. Lol! I know what you mean, although I’ve only had 5 (she says, as if 1 wasn’t all it took!). Thanks, bunches!

      Ana is right. There are so many witty folks around here. I’ve been rolling over some of these shenanigans!


    • Irishey says:

      HEY! That was NOT blarney, Miss Trouble. I really did flip a coin…3 times. Lol!

      I can point the entire ttwd world to the real blarney. Oh, wait, I don’t need to point. We all already know the best place to go for Giggles, Grins and Reflections – don’t we?!

      Thanks for the congrats, dear Cat. That means a lot coming from the funniest blogger I’ve never met! We HAVE to remedy that “never met” part!


    • Irishey says:

      Hey, you! Thanks! I’ve been meaning to ask you, privately, to speak with our friend on her behalf. Insist she stops threatening me with Mrs. Claus and her baking spoon. She isn’t convinced that is not applicable to me; however, I assure you, Mrs. Claus is counting every threat or hint of a threat as an extra two swats for our dear corner elf. I hope you can make her understand before the poor dear is unable to sit for a week. Perhaps posting my plea here in a comment will encourage more people to help her out! 😉



  3. Irishey says:

    Aw, shucks, Ana. With all this creativity flowing around here – all spanking and sex related – it would’ve been impossible for me to miss the double entendre of the heads-sex/tails-spanking connection! And, well, yes – best 2 out of 3. I had to make sure. Believe it or not, after I had concluded sex was the answer, which often it is, I then actually flipped a quarter 3 times for those exact results. You can’t leave a decision like that to chance. And, yes, you have been hanging out with a lot of naughty authors! 😉

    Thank you so much for the LOL Award. I’ve been laughing at so many comments by everyone else the past week – I should have taken notes! I love Christmas stories, and haven’t read Everything Christmas by Maddie Taylor! I’ll be sure to email her asap!

    And – Wow! Thirty-nine people with perfect attendance is amazing. That is a reflection of all your hard work, creativity, and you having good friends who gathered around to promote the event and help keep things rolling. Kudos to you once again, Ana!

    Good luck to everyone in the running for the perfect attendance award! I think I mentioned I may not have internet access several days before Christmas. Our relatives live where my phone doesn’t have signal unless I stand in the yard and face south – provided there are no clouds. I could drive into town, though! Even if I miss a few days, I’ll be sure to go back and read to see what fun, camaraderie and other important things I missed! It’s been “awarding” to me to be able to participate every day so far.

    Hugs, my elfin friend. 🙂


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I love Cat’s comment about you kissing the blarney stone. 😀 I still think it’s true!

      I just can’t believe you did a COIN FLIP. lol!! I said to Minelle…did…did..did Irishey mean THAT? She laughed and said of course you did.

      Also due to the wonderful people like you who contribute your humor, wit, and sincerity.

      Enjoy your trip. If you’re able to come, we’ll love having you. If not, we’ll still leave a few wooden spoons and bathbrushes out for Mrs. Claus to use on you.

      Hugs back, Miss LOL.


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