TWO lucky recipients!


Ana’s Advent Calendar has received such a steady flow of prizes, even after it began last week, that I decided to do a double surprise check today!

  • One random drawing of all registrants who have played at least one day, to win one book drawn randomly from the prize pool.
  • Another random drawing of all registrants who have played at least one day, to win one of the brand-new, hot-off-the-presses, gorgeous holiday cards donated by our dear Rogue who has unfortunately had to leave blogland. 😦 We miss her very much, the spunky lady who cares fiercely and who protects her own.

And now, for the drum roll, please!

None other than our very own, revered and (slightly) feared Headmistress Kathryn Blake who wins Bound for Disappointment by the ever witty, ever hilarious Sheri Savill! If you want a parody of the foibles of finding a BDSM relationship, Sheri is the author for you. Kathryn’s “Headmistress Blake” persona originated with her ever-popular Saturday Spankings weekly bloghop, and each of the participants secretly longs for and fears attention from our most renowned of headmistresses.

Kathryn needs no introduction after her wonderful posts on the history of Christmas trees (find the links here), but here is her intro post after signing up for Ana’s Advent Calendar 2012! She’s not even sure how she managed that feat. 🙂

Wow! Eight questions at once. Okay, here’s my attempt at answering. BTW, I am on the correct page this time, right?

1. Yes, I have read and understood all 4 information pages
2. Sadly, no, I wasn’t aware of Ana’s advent calendar last year (I’m a newbie), so I didn’t participate.
3. I heard about the advent calendar this year through Facebook.
4. I plan to participate every day, and yes I aim for perfect attendance, but not for the prizes..
5. I’m here for the fun!
6. I love Christmas, and I want to share the spirit of the holiday with others.
7. I’m Kathryn, and I’ve been visiting Governing Ana since February this year when I started Saturday Spankings. I write paranormal and spanking romances and plan to have at least two books out next year.
8. Hello George! I’m glad you came out of the woodwork to join us. Like Ana, I agree it’s refreshing to hear from individuals who practice alternate dynamics from the standard M/F. I’m pleased for you that your wife was so understanding of your desires and willing to meet them. Undoubtedly that’s why you’ve been married for 37 years. My hubby and I have been married nearly that long, but not quite, and I attribute the success of our marriage to understanding, cooperation and a similarly wicked sense of humor. He can always make me laugh.

Second, the winner of the very first holiday card (a lovely, glossy, two-sided card printed with the Advent Calendar logo) is none other than the incorrigible corner-dweller, the irrepressible “I love to get up a woman’s crack” Michael Thorn! Michael, come out of the corner for just a second, will you?

1. Yes, I have read and understand all the rules and information and stand ready to be quizzed on said rules and information. And standing I may be doing a lot if I fail the quiz.
2. No, unfortunately I did not participate in last year’s Ana Advent Calendar. The shame is all mine.
3. I heard about Ana’s Advent Calendar by visiting Ana’s Governing Ana blog which I am doing more and more, much to my delight.
4. I plan on perfect attendance and hope to do so without the need of any EXTRA motivation.
5. I am not looking to win any prizes. The prize for me is the participation, and meeting old friends and making new ones. Let’s all have a fun experience.
6. I think I answered this in my previous question but will repeat; I want a fun experience meeting old friends and making new ones. Also, Ana is a fantastic, talented and creative person whose blog is so warm and inviting I want to be here.
7. My name is Michael Thorn. I am a Top to many and a Dom to my beautiful wife, Season Blossom. We publish a blog, Blossom and Thorn, where we talk about many things but mostly spanking subjects. I have visited Governing Ana many times before but don’t always comment as often as I should. I will try to improve on that in the future.
8. Hi, SH (Sandy). Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your second grandchild. You must be one proud mother and grandmother. I would like to read some of your book reviews.

It sort of feels like crowning the Homecoming King and Queen, doesn’t it? Mr. Blossom and Thorn, leader of the “eclectic spanking blog,” and Headmistress Blake. Ah, justice reigns.  Just to see how eclectic (and how willing Michael is to poke fun at himself) it is, look for a photo representing Mr. Naughty in the corner. Ah, naughty boys. What’s a harried Mrs. Claus to do but swat ’em all soundly and send them to bed? 😀

Don’t forget to visit today’s post and leave a recipe of your favorite holiday treat!

7 thoughts on “TWO lucky recipients!

  1. Michael says:

    WOW! I won a prize! And I got a short reprieve from the corner. Thank you so much, Ana. I am very touched. Hope this doesn’t sound ungrateful but the prize I was really hoping to win here were those winning Powerball numbers. 😉

    In my intro comments I said I was not looking to win any prizes. The prize for me would be the participation, and seeing old friends like Paul and Long Bean and making new ones. Let’s all have a fun experience.
    Well, that has certainly come true. I am having a blast, and all the people I have met here have been tremendous.

    If it is okay with you, Ana, I would like to change my mind and would love to receive the gift of the holiday card with your Advent Calendar logo on it. I love the artwork by Minelle and the graphic design by Katie, and of course we all know by her spotty knickers that the bare bottom elf in the corner is you. How could I pass that up? 😈
    It will be a wonderful keepsake of the grand time I am having in your asylum.

    Thanks, Cat and Tara. It’s so much fun playing here with people like you two, Ria, the other elves and imps and of course the dungeon mistress…er, the lovely blog proprietress Ana.

    As for me being the Homecoming King, I always thought myself more the court jester, but you, Kathryn, are a Queen everyday. Congratulations on your prize. 🙂

    Finally, Ana, you would link to that naughty boy in the corner photo, you cheeky little imp. All I can say is it captures my best side. 😉 And about Mrs. Claus, I am making plans to hide her eyeglasses and make a bonfire with all her wooden spoons and other implements.


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