A very harried prize announcement

Today is a quick and dirty prize announcement.


Leigh Ellwood chose Quiet Sara of Quiet Sara and the Strong Man as the winner for one of her books. Thanks to Leigh for her holiday recipe post on Monday that spurred an enormous recipe exchange. I’ve heard whispers in the helper elf gallery that we might do something special with the recipes…

Since Sara has already won a prize (who could forget those spotty knickers?), I drew two more prizes so we could have more winners.

Terpsichore of A Place to Share wins a lovely holiday card!

Renee Rose wins Ruby Rose (ah, how apt) by the lovely Alta Hensley.

Sara and Renee, please contact your prize donors to make arrangements for receiving your prize. Terpischore, I’ve already taken care of you. Hehe.


Terpsichore’s intro post:

my comment just disappeared :-( this is what happens when I try to offer thoughtful responses – this time I will need to be short and sweet…

2.Sadly, no.
3.I was introduced to this blog last January as I was reading and meeting new friends and have been reading since whenever I can.
4.I hope to stop by every day, but the reality is it may not be possible – I will do my best.
5.To be honest I am here to enjoy reading and celebrating with friends old and new. The prize does not much matter. However, if I do win anything, I will certainly be grateful for any prize and will be very excited.
6.Friends. I love this community. I know it will be fun.
7.I am Terpsichore. I have been married for 14 years to a wonderful man who I love and who spanks me because he knows I like it. :-) I am happy to report I have visited here before and I will visit here again. Another thing about me…I have a hard time with short and sweet answers. :-)
8.Hi Laurellasky! Welcome! This is my first time participating in this event, too! It is going to be a lot of fun! As for the daily questions, I believe you can find them in the body of the post each day. There were 8 questions today – a few you may have missed in your answers are
3.How did you hear about the Advent Calendar this year?
4.Do you plan to drop by now and then, or is your eye on a Perfect Attendance prize?
6.What brings you to the Advent Calendar this year? Why do you want to play?
8.Say hello and respond to the person who has commented before you. Hope this is helpful.:-)

Renee’s intro post:

1.Have you read and understood all four information pages? (There is only one correct answer to this question!) YES!
2. Did you participate in Ana’s Advent Calendar last year? Absolutely!
3. How did you hear about the Advent Calendar this year? Ana!
4. Do you plan to drop by now and then, or is your eye on a Perfect Attendance prize? I plan on perfect attendance!
5. Which prize(s) are you hoping to win? A new car! Oh wait, that wasn’t one of the prizes, was it? A Kindle? Still don’t have one, can you believe it?
6. What brings you to the Advent Calendar this year? Why do you want to play? I never had an advent calendar as a child, so I have to make up for lost time.
7. Who are you? Are you new to Governing Ana, or have you been here before? Tell us about yourself. I’m Renee Rose, naughty elf. I have been reading GA since I started blogging in May of 2012. Actually, I think I read it when I lurked, so before I started blogging.
8. Say hello and respond to the person who has commented before you. (If you are the first commenter, you can respond to me.)
Hello Merna!! Preschool teachers are a blessing to the world. Thank you for your gift to our babies. :)

  1. Sign up sheet
  2. FAQ
  3. Code of Conduct
  4. Main page
  5. Prize Donor Contact List


17 thoughts on “A very harried prize announcement

      • Irishey says:

        Oh, drat! Elvin mischief wreaking havoc with my electronics, again. Ana, I sent you a lovely notification yesterday – or so I thought. Yes, Maddie was very prompt and gracious in replying to my email, and sent my prize right away. It works perfectly on my laptop. I am stunned about that, but very happy! 😉

        (Mrs. Claus doesn’t read here, does she? I’ll whisper, just in case she takes a break from whatever it is she is doing with all those spotty knickers.)

        Ssshhh! I am still waiting on my cyber elephant gift from whichever elf was to do that for the last poster of that day. Giggle! Honestly, I’ve already been gifted with the best cyber gift I can imagine – knowing my friends and I can come here to play every day until Christmas. How cool is that?! ❤


  1. quiet sara says:

    Oh goodness… I have no idea how I won again… I am usually not this lucky!
    Thank you and I shall truly enjoy reading Leigh’s book. ❤ Congrats to Renee
    and Terpsichore as well!


  2. Michael says:

    Congratulations! Great job today, Leigh.

    Ana, you know siccing Mrs. Claus on your friends is courting bad karma, and is going to come back and bite, no, make that spank you on your cute butt.


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