Quick prize announcement!

Since the Saturday Spankings post will go up in a very few hours (midnight EST Friday nights), this is a very brief, no-frills prize announcement. Come back in just over 5 hours to see a sneak peek of…drumroll…my new book that will go on sale tomorrow!

Kelsey Summer wins her choice of Tara Finnegan’s book in a signed paperback.

Tracey Horton wins her choice of an ebook, also from Tara Finnegan.

Cat wins a holiday photo card.

Chickie wins Spank Camp by Alice Dark.

Please contact your prize donors (Cat, contact me) by email to make arrangements to receive your prize. Congratulations!


Kelsey Summer

1. Of course I’ve read all the rules!
2. Yes, I participated last year
3. I heard about it on Ana’s blog and on several others blogs I read.
4. I hope to participate every day and win a Perfect Attendance prize.
5. Can I say any prize? I have a bunch of the books, but not all.
6. I’m here because I love games, spankings, Christmas, and winning.
7. I am Kelsey Summer. I am trying to post more and not just lurk. I read a lot (my Kindle is always with me. I do review on my blog. I’ve been married for almost 20 years and have three kids (14, 12, and 7). I’ve been reading Governing Ana for about 2 years now.
8. Hi Minelle. I’m not sure if we’ve ever “met online.” Good Luck to you!

Tracey Horton

1. Yes I understand all the rules.
2. No, I didn’t participate last year–didn’t know about it!
3. Heard about Ava’s advent through the Facebook pages.
4. Well, my plan was to participate everyday but I missed the first day doing my tree and family things. So no perfect attendance now. So…….
5. Now I will be happy with any of the gifts if I am fortunate enough to get one.
6. I am here for the fun. You guys are fun to be with and make me smile!!
7. I’m Tracey I have just recently started following this blog (along with several others! :)). I am a secretary processing Medicare appeals for the USA. I have two college-aged children and my husband and I are tiptoeing into DD. I have a heart for the hungry. I grew up poor and had many nights I went to bed hungry. I was one of four people that opened a food shelf in our local town. It brought things full circle for me. My next goal is to work in our local hospice.
8. Hi kitty. I am tardy too. Guess we get a double spanking. Both of us bent over the back of the couch!!


Good gravy…didn’t realize it was an essay test!

1. Yes…No…Maybe? :D
2. A bit but not consistently…of course I was for the subsequent bloghops!
3. Ana, Minelle, Ami, Katie, Sunny, me, etc.
4. Hey, I’m shooting for Perfect Attendance!
5. Would love to win the Kindle as a Christmas gift for my mom but would be happy with any of the gifts…the weapons don’t scare me…haha! ;)
6. I have always loved the Advent Calendar and hope playing will get me in the Christmas spirit…sorely lacking around here at the moment.
7. I am me…C A T…mother, sister, daughter, friend…not new around here…you could say that sliding down the banister of life, I’m one of the pleasant little splinters in you’re a$$! I love painting and reading…I have a blog and share giggles and thoughts and recipes…once in a while a bit of TTWD/DD info (have been asked to increase that…we’ll see). Oh and I am crazy. *snicker* ;)
8. Hey…Hugs and Blessings…Ana, Roz, Erzabet, Janey, Constance, Ami, Tara, Shirley, JC, Joelle, Katie, Pao, Emily, HFM, Minelle, Kelsey, Joanne, SH, Michelle, Liv, Holla, Leah, Michael, Robin, SassyTwatter, Sara, Sunny, Chickie, PT, Terry, T, George, Kathryn


1. Yes, i will follow the rules
2. No, i was too busy hiding in the shadows last year to play
3. I first heard about it here but that wooden spoon is haunting me everywhere I go
4. Perfect attendance, that’s me!
5. I’ll be happy to win anything, except the DD package (sorry chelsea!) because I don’t have a participating partner. Really need a new nook!!! Just excited about the possibility of maybe getting something is winning.
6. I want to play because it’s fun. Even without the prizes. But, hey, I could use something new!
7. Yes been here before. Always reading, not often having something meaningful to say though. I’m just chickie. I play well with others and don’t run with scissors.
8. Hello to all those before me, looks like it might be Sunny Girl… we’ll see when I’m done with all this typing!


21 thoughts on “Quick prize announcement!

  1. catrouble says:

    Congratulations to Kelsey, Tracey, Chickie and ME!

    Thank you so very much…I really wanted to win one of those postcards!

    Ana…if you get put in the corner, I’ll help you shove Michael in to take your place so you can send my card! 😀



  2. Ria says:

    So, Ana, did giving 4 prizes get you in trouble again? Or did Mrs. Claus throw up her hands in despair and just gave up. :-0 She may have been too busy packaging all the nickers, :-0


  3. Laurel says:

    As much as I’d like a DD relationship, I’m past it. I just turned 70 YIKES and my sweet vanilla husband is 88 and I out weight him by about 50 lbs-lol it might have worked when we were younger however I liked it too much. We did try it a few times and he got a bit carried away and left me with a black and blue butt. The next time he was angry he threatened to spank me and then didn’t because I liked it to much. So now I read a lot of stories and have started to write one.


  4. Irishey says:

    Ana, do you ever sleep?! Congratulations on the new book release!

    Congratulations to today’s prize winners, too! Kelsey, Tracey, Cat and Chickie!

    Kelsey, you won a SIGNED paperback from Tara! That’s awesome! I just reread your intro Ana reposted here. You are a book reviewer on your blog? Or, were you saying you review blogs on your Kindle? (Lol! I should go find your blog and answer my own question!)

    Tracey, I wanted to let you know I admire your efforts in helping start a community food shelf. Good luck on your next goal. It takes a special heart to do hospice work. Congratulations for winning a Tara Finnegan e-book – happy reading!

    Cat, I want a Rogue/Minelle/Katie/Ana card, too! What’s your secret to winning one? Lol! I can’t believe you threw down in your intro with, “… the weapons don’t scare me…haha!” Please, this from Feather Girl?! 😉 (j/k – we all know how tough you are!)

    Chickie/Chickadee, you’re the same person?! Now things make more sense. I think. You’re being followed by a turkey with a wooden spoon? Or by a turkey AND a wooden spoon? Either way, it’s no wonder you hide in closets. Make sure you take Alice Dark’s Spank Camp in there with you so you’re safe AND entertained in the shadows!


    • chickie says:

      Oh the turkey is gone!!! No wooden spoons in this house but I do believe I’m being stalked by Mrs Claus. Hence the need for two different names. She’ll never catch onto that one!


      • Irishey says:

        Glad to hear you gave the slip to the turkey and are free of wooden spoons. The name thing is clever, but not sure how effective it will be. I hear there are elvin snitches trying to curry favor and avoid (you know, the spoon) by tattling everything they see and hear. I think they may be elaborating, exaggerating and fabricating stories to further their interests. Have a care, beware chickie!


      • Irishey says:

        Lol! Probably not. All that power would go to my head. 😉 Actually, if my electronics were (way more) reliable, I would have volunteered to help long ago. Thanks for saying that, Ana. I appreciate it.

        Hope I am not being TOO obnoxious. I like to congratulate people. Winning something is a big deal. I was boring myself with so many plain old, “Congratulations!” It was time to get a bit chatty to keep it interesting. I also like play on your blog. Lol! 😉


  5. Michael says:

    Big Advent Congratulations to winners Kelsey, Tracey, Cat and Chickie. Along with Ana and the other women here, a fine collection of imps who keep Mrs. Claus and her wooden spoon very busy.


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