Vobis gratulor! llongyfarchiadau! Tahniah! Comhghairdeas! Ongratulationscay!


Comhghairdeas le Pao , Holla Dean agus Emily Tilton. Tá áthas an domhain orm go raibh an t-ádh leo. Bhuaigh Pao Cárta speciálta, bhuaigh Holla Dean The Spirit of Giving ó Penelope Hasler agus bhuaigh Emily Tilton Fracture: Divergence ón Erik Schubach.

Congratulations to Pao, Holla Dean and Emily Tilton. I’m delighted they were lucky. Pao won a special card, Holla Dean won The Spirit of Giving by Penelope Hasler and Emily Tilton won Fracture: Divergence by Erik Schubach.

(Translation courtesy of helper elf Tara Finnegan)


1. Yes, I have read and understood Ana’s instructions. This feels like the ‘Terms and Conditions’ box we tick on an online form…
2. I did!
3. I heard about Ana’s Advent Calendar and advent calendars from Ana. I didn’t know there was such a thing til last year.
4. Mm, I hope to visit everyday except for a week or so in the beginning :)
5. I don’t know… the prizes are an added plus. I just like seeing people participating in the event.
6. I’m playing this year because I played last year and it was fun to read the many things about Christmas as I don’t really celebrate it at home.
7. I am pao and I’ve been here for a while. Who am I… geez, such a difficult question :P Mm, I’m a student abroad and I have not lived long enough to have much to say about myself.
8. Hi Katie T (robskatie)! Hope to see you everyday here this month :D

Thank you, Ana for your Advent Calendar :D You were counting down to December the 1st that I felt like today was special and I should wish you or something. Excitement is contagious!

Holla Dean

Oh my goodness, this will be such fun. Let’s see if I can do this right.

1. Yes, I have read all the rules and I do understand them but may have to reread them.
2. No, I did not participate last year but wish I did.
3. Ana asked if I would like to contribute one of my Xmas books and of course I said yes.
4. I should be here everyday though the last few might get iffy as I’ll be visiting family.
5. I’ll be thrilled to win anything.
6. Once Ana asked me to contribute I was sucked in. It sounds like a lot of fun and I don’t know why I didn’t participate last year, I don’t think I knew about it.
7. I am Holla Dean and I’m an author. I’ve been lurking on governing ana (and a gazillion other blogs) for about two years. I write romance stories and novels; most of which have spanking and domestic discipline featured. I am married, have two grown children, and two adorable grandsons. I’ve finally started my own blog just a short time ago and it’s been an ongoing work in progress. I love this blogging community and feel like I know so many of you even though you may not know me. The way everyone here welcomes all the newcomers with open arms is simply wonderful.
8. Hi Sandy (SH). Welcome, I think we’ll all have a spankin’ good time with Ana’s Advent Calendar and we’ll all get to know new people.

Emily Tilton

1. Yes.
2. No.
3. Somehow I was lucky enough to have Ana invite me to contribute to Spank or Treat. It seems like once you do an Ana event, all the other Ana events suddenly beam themselves into your consciousness. So, I suppose the real answer is, I don’t know. ;)
4. I want to comment every day!
5. I really just want to play. If I get a prize, yay! :D
6. My love of this strange and wonderful community makes me want to participate in everything I can.
7. Under this name I write BDSM fiction with a heavy spanking emphasis. My style is strange. In this persona, I have a wonderful dominant husband who spanks me very, very often, just the way I like it; we play at DD. I hang out here whenever I can!
8. Hi Ami! Congrats on the grandkids, though I can’t imagine they’re truly disreputable. ;)

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17 thoughts on “Vobis gratulor! llongyfarchiadau! Tahniah! Comhghairdeas! Ongratulationscay!

  1. Holla Dean says:

    I won??? Really??? Me?? How exciting! I never win anything. 😦
    But I’ll turn that sad face to a smiley face now. 🙂 Coz I won!! Yay!!

    Ana, are you sure we haven’t reache 50 languages? You know there’s a penalty for fudging on the truth…just sayin’.


  2. Michael says:

    Congratulations to Pao, Holla and Emily. Nicely done.

    Ana, I hear you have been naughty again (what a surprise) and Mrs. Claus sent you to bed early with a red ouchy bottom.


  3. Irishey says:

    I finally get to this post, hours after it was posted, and nobody has mentioned your Pig Latin word in the title?!

    Ongratulationscay! Not the Gaelic. Sneaky, Tara! Or did you slip that in, Ana?! Lol!

    Pao, Holla and Emily, yea you! Enjoy your prizes!


  4. pao says:

    Wahey, a special card! I’m super excited 😀 Thank you, terima kasih, xiè xie! Will it give me special powers? Congratulations to Holla and Emily as well!


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