Sex Toy Story (Advent Calendar, Day 15)

Kate Richards wrote to me a while ago, asking what she could contribute to the Advent Calendar. I thought for a bit and suggested, “How about a gift certificate for sex toys?”

I think she picked herself off the floor a few hours later.

Today, we’ll be doing something a bit different. Kate has set up a story scenario, and at my request has deliberately chosen non-gender-specific names. You can write F/F, M/M, M/F, F/M…whatever your heart desires! You can write your own story response, or you can add to a response someone else has already begun.

Please try to keep references to sex and sexual acts…ahem…discreet, shall we say? 😉

(Disclaimer: Neither Kate nor Governing Ana has received any compensation, financial or otherwise, for mentioning Adam and Eve in this post or offering the gift certificate as a prize. Adam and Eve won’t know if you look at other sex toy online stores…because we know how awful it is to make you look at sex toys. :P)

I often wonder how it would be to win a really nifty prize…like the Advent Calendar’s 50 dollar Adam and Eve gift card. And as I always do when I try to figure out how something would work, I wrote a story about it.

When Lee and Sam met, it was all fireworks and rock-the-earth passion. But time passes, routines build and even the most passionate lovers can drift into a familiarity that drives the excitement out of life. Yes, even Lee and Sam…once envied by their friends as the Couple of the Decade. One evening, after Lee put away the leftover meatloaf and tater tots, waiting for Sam to finish watching yet another reality TV show, an event happened to change everything. Lee clicked the computer mouse to play Candy Crush Saga and…well, here’s what happened:

Lee and Sam…and the Magnificent Prize!

Lee, leaping up and down in glee: Honey, I won a fifty dollar gift card from the fabulous Advent Calendar event held by the even more fabulous Anastasia Vitsky.

Sam: You’re blocking the screen.

Lee, scooting to the side: Sorry, but this is a life-changer.

Sam, in a disgruntled voice: Who really thinks these things are real? And look at the outfit on that one…do you think they make them dress that way? What a bunch of idiots.

Lee, crestfallen: But I won! Don’t you want to help me pick out my prize?

Sam, distracted: This is my favorite show. I need to see what happens.

Lee: Okay…but if you don’t participate, there’s no telling what I might buy….

Sam: That’s nice, bring me some ice cream if you’re having some, okay?

Lee: Do I look like I’m having ice cream? I’m going shopping.

Sam: Make it chocolate, thanks. Hey, don’t let him talk to you that way. Who puts these shows on TV anyway? Do they think we’re dumb enough to just sit here and….

Ut oh, dear readers, I got stuck. I need your help! Well, Lee and Sam do.

Clearly, our loving couple has fallen into dire straits. Can even a 50 dollar Adam and Eve gift card save this relationship? Return them to the couple who made love on the hood of their car on Mulholland Drive, overlooking the lights of Los Angeles and didn’t even notice the police arrive…on the night they met? Who went to Tahiti for the weekend on the spur of the moment? Who didn’t come out of their hotel room the entire time and never did see the beach there? Who brought one another little gifts, stuck love notes in brown bag lunches (because after Tahiti they were broke for a long time, ever price last minute trips to Tahiti?)?

It’s up to you to save them! Finish the story, what does Lee do to save the day? There is a prize in it for the best scenario. So use your imagination…and the Adam and Eve online catalogue… to show how winning such a fabulous prize can change everything.

Look for the much-anticipated sequel for Ana’s Advent Calendar 2014! “Sex Toy Story 2: Now With Improved Buzz Lightyear!”

118 thoughts on “Sex Toy Story (Advent Calendar, Day 15)

  1. Ria says:

    Here is a continuation for Sam and Lee. I chose a M/M setting. Never wrote before so this is very tame.

    “Wow! She did it. Lee” Sam called out “Amelia moved up in the playoffs. Did you get the chocolate ice cream? Lee? Lee?” I wonder where he went. Normally he would be baking some cookies. Oooh, oooh, chocolate chip cookies. That will go really well with the ice cream.

    Sam meanders to the kitchen. That’s strange, he wonders, Lee is always puttering around here. Doing what, I never know. I wish he would join me sometimes, but there is always something to prepare for. Wow, it is really late, it did not realized that it was already 10:30 pm. I have that 7:30 am meeting and cannot be late. We need to get a place closer so I do not have to spend that hour in traffic. Hmm, I will bring that up to Lee this weekend. We can go house hunting. Lee only has 2 more years in his graduate studies, I am sure he will be willing to move. Oh, we can’t do that, I have to finish that project this weekend at the office. I’ll just explain to Lee what Saturday trip is off. Instead, he can do some house hunting for me. He has no important plans, I am sure it will be fine.

    “Lee?” Sam called out. I wonder where he is. Oh, he was talking about shopping. But it is so late, he should have been home already. I hope he remembers the chocolate ice cream (with extra chips). Oh well, let me get upstairs. I will just grab that folder from my desk now. I do not want to forget it in the morning. Oh, I hear him. He probably has on that headset. He does not hear anything with that on.

    “Really? It’s that good, eh? Two of them? Nah, I am by myself.” Lee said into the headset. “He is watching those boring reality shows.” Lee chuckles. “ Yes, it would be”. Pause. “I don’t know. At the pub on Gainsville Rd and Alton Ave? That will be great.” Lee chuckles. “if he can’t make it, I’ll still come. It would be nice to get out and meet you. Will Roy be there too?” Silence. “That’s too bad. We are heading to the mountains this weekend. The weather report says a high of 95. I am really looking to get away and Sam needs a break. This project is taking all of his time, then he just sits in front of those shows.” Lee lowers his voice. “We will have to try it. Double the pleasure, double the fun. Maybe you could give me a demonstration. Yeah, man. I will check it out. Thanks for the tip. I did not know that Adam&Eve Customer Service was in Clifton. We can get together often. It was great chatting with you. See you Friday”. Lee laughs and hangs up.

    I know that laugh, Sam thinks. It’s been a while. Is Lee flirting? I am sure to be available tomorrow evening. No way am I letting Lee go to that pub. I am going to have to join Lee in our next toy shopping experience. He will not be doing that by himself again. His focus will be on me when next he visits that website. Actually, I may want to begin our weekend from tomorrow. Lee does not have any classes on Friday afternoon. Probably I can surprise him. I will just go in really early tomorrow, wrap up this proposal and ask Mary to reschedule the Saturday morning session to Monday afternoon. Yes, it is time to focus on each other. Let’s see, Sam plots.

    “Lee?” Sam calls out. “I have an idea…”


  2. Leah says:

    Lee: I can’t believe I’m competing with that ridiculous reality show. Last night it was football. I’m going to spend the gift card on the Clone-A-Willy kit. As if I really need him.

    Okay,..this internet checkout is really slow tonight. Must be a lot of desperate folks tonight or last minute shoppers. I do like the privacy of shopping from my bedroom.

    [Thinking back to the first time she and Sam visited a sex store. They were young, crazy in love and mortified that someone would see them. But the vibrator and leather paddle sure were fun]

    Cancelling the purchase for the Clone-A-Willy. Lee digs through her dresser for a black thong and digs even deeper for the lingerie she hasn’t worn in ages. They may have three kids and busy jobs, but they’re not dead yet.

    She returns to the den, grabs the remote control, shuts it off and climbs on Sam’s lap with her laptop.

    Sam: what’s this all about?
    Lee: we need to do some shopping.
    Sam: I can think of some things to do before shopping.
    Lee: first, let’s pick out some toys, then you can decide. What about a movie? That Brady Bunch parody would give me nightmares, but what about Batgirl if you like tv so much?
    Sam: okay, but you need something for you as well. Eve’s slim pink pleaser vibrator looks fun.

    Lee: excellent. and I just might add the Good Head for Him pack while I’m at it. We’re exceeded the gift card limit, but some things are a good investment.


  3. terpsichore says:

    Oh goodness gracious…I should not be the first commenter. I have little to no experience with “toys.” Here goes nothing….
    Lee was feeling a bit frustrated at Sam’s lack of enthusiasm for her win. She decided to search for the perfect prize to choose herself. Hmmm, she thought as she perused the various toys of pleasure. Hmmm, massager could be nice, but they already had one. Scented body oil could be fun. Oh, what’s this? a flogger. And, a blindfold. Now we are getting somewhere she decided. She started adding things to her cart and then waited with eager anticipation. Until then, she joined Sam with a bowl of chocolate ice-cream and two spoons. She fed the ice-cream to Sam purposefully missing Sam’s mouth and the cold ice-cream landed on Sam’s nose leading them to a playful distraction, reality TV still playing in the background. There own reality taking center stage. Lee began to make a plan for a special intimate evening. When the toys arrived she knew the plan could be complete. She had already expressed to Sam her desire for a date night. Sam seemed amenable but seemed to be expecting the usual movie and okay sex. Lee had other ideas. She began by making Sam dinner. She then set a bubble bath for Sam to enjoy while she got prepared. She came to the bath dressed in a lacy red negligee Sam had bought for her years ago that she only wore once. Sam’s interest seemed to peek. Lee led Sam out of the bath, helping to dry every inch, kissing and touching and feeling along the way. Lee then took the blindfold and covered Sam’s eyes so Sam could fully experience every sensation. Lee led Sam into the bedroom where she told Sam to lie down. Sam did not know what to think but complied. Soon Sam was experiencing a full body massage with a deliciously scented oil fragrant of flowers. Lee’s warm hands caressed Sam’s body. Then the sensations changed as the flogger began to lightly sting Sam’s skin. Sam wiggled and swayed and even let out a giggle. Sam, however, had no intention of letting her have all the fun. Sam removed the blindfold and took Lee throwing her to the bed and kissing her passionately. Sam rolled her over and taking some scarves tied Lee’s hands to the bed so as not to escape. Though Lee was not trying to escape. Lee’s heart beat fast. She had not expected this, but was enjoying every bit as the flogger now came down on her skin leaving no part unattended. Sam was enjoying the newness. And together sparks began to fly again….

    Okay…told you so…I guess somebody had to be first…Have a great Sunday everyone…


  4. angel says:

    hmmmm I don’t know if I can do this I am just so aughhhh Sam you pick you buy and I will let you do what ever you want I just can’t do it…..Lee sweetie breath if you turn anymore red you will expolded easy babygirl it’s just us no need to be embaressed…..


  5. chickie says:

    With Lee’s promise of “I will let you do what ever you want” in mind, she did just that. Sam chose the big gigantic purple one. As she completed the order, she was wondering how Ana could’ve thought this was remotely appropriate for a Sunday morning.


  6. quiet sara says:

    Lee runs out to her car before Sam can say otherwise. On the drive over to Adam
    and Eve’s she wonders what she will buy. She’s only been in that type of store once
    before and Lee had gone with her. This was kind of exciting.

    When she pulled up to the store she sat in the car for a moment, gathering her
    courage to go inside… Finally she decided to just do it.

    Inside she saw many things she had never seen before. She could hardly believe
    what she saw! Some things she didn’t even know what they were supposed to be
    used for and she certainly wasn’t going to ask!

    After perusing the aisles for quite some time she decided on these items: some
    flavored gels, a sexy beaded thong, and a paddle. She could hardly contain herself
    as she paid for her purchases. Just wait until Sam saw these! She’d get him away
    from that darn television after all! She’d always wanted a spanking and now she was
    going to get one!


  7. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl) says:

    Wow, I’m sitting here thinking of a continuation of this story and my mind is blank. So I guess I am not going to win that prize. Besides, it might do Ray in so it might be better for us in the long run. We can peruse the catalogue and pretend.


  8. Michelle B says:

    *pop* My eyes open and realize, it was all just one of those crazy sex dreams. I look over at my hubby who is just waking up as well. After a little good morning snuggle I tell him, “I had the weirdest dream! This couple won a sex toy gift certificate and one of them wasn’t remotely interested, can you believe that?” “yeah (he says), not very realistic, is it hehe Who wouldn’t love to select a free sex toy? In fact, what was that web link again? Let’s see what they have to offer… maybe we can offer ourselves a little Christmas sexy fun toy!”

    See Lee and Sam, I think, *this* is how it should be done – take that, silly dream! 😉


  9. Kelsey Summer says:

    I’m really not a writer. My daughter is, but she’s only 14 (She’s working on getting published now). I can’t really ask her for help with this one since she has no idea (at least I hope not) about sex toys or anything like that. So here goes:

    Lee cut Sam off mid sentence.

    “That’s enough! I’ve had it,” said Lee and walked right over to the TV and turned it off.

    Sam looked up, “Why did you do that? I was watching that show.”

    “I’ve been trying to get your attention for ten minutes and you’ve been so absorbed in your show that you don’t even hear me,” said Lee. “I know you’ve had a tough week, but I don’t know what’s wrong. I can tell you’re upset about something, but you haven’t told me anything. I’ve tried to give you the time you need, but it’s not working. We’re supposed to be there for each other in hard times not just ignore each other and pretend everything will go away. You’re problems won’t disappear by ignoring them. It’s time to man up and tell me what’s wrong. It’s confession time”

    Sam swallowed. Sam knew what happened after confession time – spanking time. Sam knew there was no getting out of it, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to ignore you. I just didn’t want to burden you”

    “No more excuses,” said Lee, “Just tell me what’s going on.”

    “It’s our checking account. I can’t get it to reconcile and I know how you feel about that. There was a withdrawl made for over a thousand dollars and I don’t know where it came from. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figrue it out, but I can’t figure out what would cost that much and what the withdrawal was for. The bank can’t tell me anything,” said Sam.

    Lee smiled, “Is that what’s been bothering you all week? Did you forget that Christmas is next week?”

    “I know Christmas is next week, but we both agreed not to spend a lot,” said Sam.

    “We did,” said Lee, “but I know you’ve been wanting something for a while and I thought now was the perfect time. I was going to wait until Christmas, but I guess the secrets out now.”

    Lee went into the closet and came out with a huge wrapped package. “Merry Christmas!”

    Sam looked at Lee. “Can I open it?”

    “Well, it’s for you and you already know about it. So, go ahead.”

    Sam carefully unwrapped the package. It was a sybian.

    “Oh, I can’t believe it. You actually got this for me. You are the best.” Sam said and gave Lee a big kiss.

    “Glad you like it,” said Lee, “But before playtime it’s time for your punishment. I think as part of your punishment you should go online with me to Adam and Eve and we’ll figure out together exactly which new implements we should order. I saw some paddles, floggers, and all sorts of things and lucky for you we now have a nice new gift card to spend on things.”

    In the end Sam didn’t really get much say in things. Lee already knew what to order. They ordered the A&E Scarlet Pure punishment flogger and the A&Es Scarlet Spank Me Paddle.

    Then Lee sat down at the foot of the bed.

    “You know what to do now,” said Lee and over Lee’s knee went Sam.


  10. Michael says:

    LOL This is already confusing and that’s only after 5 comments. LOL
    I will lick up the thread from the first commenter, Ria, who picked up the original story from Kate Richards.

    It was a dark and stormy night as Sam made new plans to sweep Lee off his feet this weekend. Hearing Lee flirt with the Adam & Eve operator had reignited that flame of ardor which had banked so low in recent years. Sam knew their relationship had spiraled downward from the lofty heights of passion and adventure that was its beginning. It was as if he were an outsider looking in with no power to stop the course of their relationship as it bottomed out on the shoals of ennui and languor.

    A new determination gripped Sam and he knew he would fight with a ferocious energy to save what he had built with the love of his life; this amazing man Lee. His mind was awash with plans of a weekend filled with romantic love, passionate sex and a rebirth of both their souls.

    All this from a gift card won at Ana Vitsky’s blog during her Advent Calendar Contest. He didn’t know Ana but knew he had to thank her for being the savior of Lee and Sam. At this moment Ana’s most ardent supporter was born.


  11. minellesbreath says:

    Lee purposefully walked back into the living room. The words used were intense and just a little angry as he stood in front of the television. “I have been gone for hours, I spent a great deal of time choosing sex toys…You have a choice, come with me now or I will GO IT ALONE!”


  12. Merna says:

    Yes, Sam was dumb enough to sit and watch reality TV while Lee left to go shopping. When she returned with her loot, Sam was still plopped in front of the TV waiting for his ice cream, not having realized how much time had passed. Lee had done some soul-searching while shopping for some sexy items, and decided her love for Sam was worth fighting for. She put on the nightie she brought home, got out the ice cream for Sam and went to turn off the TV….


  13. Emily Tilton says:

    Both Sam and Lee were astonished when the barbarian warrior burst through the wall. They were even more astonished at the size of the fascinus he was carrying.
    “Right,” said the warrior, “who’s first?”
    The fierce look on the chisel-jawed absolutely-alpha-esque face of the Nordic barbarian faded suddenly, though, and he dropped both his sword hand and his fascinus-hand to his sides. He had caught sight of the television.
    Lee took the fascinus from the Viking’s hand. “Well,” Lee said to Sam, “that was certainly remarkable service.”


  14. katerichards says:

    okay…I’m giggling reasonably hard…and agape at all the fabulous endings, so let me finish making breakfast and baking scones (no they are not shaped like any body parts, although…) and I’ll come back and chat with everyone. 🙂


  15. Janey says:

    Lee: OK then if I am going to have to choose alone, I think I’m going to go for a strap on, oh and this looks like it could be fun….an ‘A&E beginners power pump’. Now, how does that work exactly?
    Sam: What? How does what work? (Peering over Lee’s shoulder) Lee, what on earth are you looking at? I don’t need one of those….Here, give me that laptop.
    Lee: Sam, I was looking at that. I haven’t pressed ‘buy’ yet….Sam!
    Sam: I got there in time then. What on earth are you doing ordering me a pump? And what would we need a strap on for? ….Oh no! You cheeky minx. Let me clear the shopping cart and start again. How much do we have to spend? Hmm $50 right…
    Two spanking paddles and a liberator wedge later….
    Sam: Yep I think that should just about do it.
    Lee: But that’s well over $50.
    Sam: And well worth it. You need to be shown whose in charge here.


  16. JoanneBest says:

    Lee was getting tired of fighting for Sam’s attention. Where had all the passion gone and when had they let themselves turn into one of ‘those couples’ who mumble and grumble at each other all the time?
    He wanted reality? Well then Sam was going to give him some reality he’d never forget.
    “Hon,” Sam called out as she slipped into her warmest coat, “I’ll be right back, I’m off to do some shopping and I’ll bring you back some ice cream.”
    Lee’s reply was aimed at the television, “you idiot, what’s wrong with you? You’ll never win with that strategy!”
    Sam slammed the door hard, simmering inside at the cliché they’d become.
    “I’m back hon, your ice cream is in the freezer, I’ll be upstairs if you need anything.” Sam didn’t expect a reply and she didn’t get one. But her inner excitement at what she’d bought at Adam and Eve’s was stronger than her annoyance at her neglectful husband.
    Sam opened the bag and pulled out something she’d read about, heard about, but had never had the nerve to try. She was now the proud owner of a Rabbit Vibrator, Sam had to giggle to herself as she remembered herself walking through Adam and Eve, big eyes even wider at the array of sex toys laid out everywhere she looked. The gorgeous redhead behind the counter had helped Sam pick out a First Time Jack Rabbit Vibrator. “Sweetie,” something about the woman’s voice sent a tingle Sam had never felt from a woman before, “believe me, you will not be disappointed and that’s a promise. Merry Christmas sweetheart, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing you again.” The redhead gave Sam a wink and blew her a kiss as she left the store.
    “No time like the present,” Sam whispered to her soon-to-be new best friend as she filled the bathtub with steaming hot water, slipped out of her clothes and into the hot steamy water. The woman at the shop said the rabbit was waterproof and as soon as Sam was submerged in the hot water surrounded by bubbles she immediately felt all the tension leave her body as she cleared her mind and turned the switch to the ‘on’ position. If Lee couldn’t be bothered to tear himself from the television than Sam was more than happy to take care of herself.
    “Oh my God!” Sam whispered at the first touch of the rabbit. “Oh my God!” she never thought she could feel this good and it just kept getting better and Sam, unknowingly, was getting louder and louder as her body reacted in ways she didn’t know it was capable of. Her mind was whirling with thoughts of Lee and how he used to make her feel like this all the time, and for some reason the redhead from the store flashed across her mind and that’s when Sam lost it, her entire body was alive, shivering as she felt herself cum over and over like never before.
    Sam was so lost in orgasm after orgasm that she didn’t even hear Lee walking up the stairs, didn’t hear him open the bathroom door to see his wife wild with ecstasy, moaning like he hadn’t heard her moan in longer than he could remember. He felt himself getting hard watching her, she was so lost in herself she didn’t hear anything but her own moans and the buzzing of her rabbit.
    Lee’s voice penetrated her haze as he stood over her, naked and hard as a rock, “Sam, do you think there’s enough room in there for me?” as he joined her in the tub, taking the rabbit out of her hand.
    “Let me see how this works when I use it on you,” Lee said….


  17. Ami says:

    Lee stood in the middle of the store and stood wide-eyed taking in the variety of items packed tightly on the shelves, while Madonna sang about wanting a mink in her stocking. She felt like a child in a candy store, except that instead of twelve flavours of peardrops, there were twelve flavours of lubricating gel, and instead of traditional chocolate Santas, they were shaped like penises under their red and silver foil.

    As she made her way along one of the aisles she saw more rabbits than in a warren, shiny beads that looked as if the last place you wore them was around your neck, and wooden paddles larger than any of her bread or cheese boards.

    She began to feel dizzy from the strategically placed strobe lights, and she wondered why on earth she had ever enjoyed listening to Madonna, who had magically morphed into the Pogues.


    “I’m home, love” she called from the kitchen.

    Lee had lost interest in the TV show as soon as he had heard the front door slam. He’d tidied up the sitting room and turned off the main lighting, switching on the softer mood lighting which added emphasis to the lights on the tree. He felt guilty. Sam had asked him for help with decorating the tree, but he had been immersed in a “moving house” reality show. He’d watched her struggle to reach the top branches, and even held his breath when she wobbled on the ladder, but the TV had won the fight for his attention.

    He made his way to the kitchen and leaned on the door jamb. They’d been married a long time, they weren’t as young as they once were, but what the heck, she still looked very beautiful to his eyes. In fact looking at her soft grey eyes and way the snowflakes had caught in her dark, glossy hair, he thought she looked even more beautiful than ever.

    “So, hmmmm, what did you buy?” He shifted uncomfortably from foot to foot. He really shouldn’t have let his wife go to one of those places on her own. She was so naive. She thought French kissing was adventurous.

    Sam had put her reusable shopping bag on the kitchen worktop. She reached inside it and lifted out a large tub of Ben and Jerry’s cherry and mint ice cream. She smiled. She knew it was Lee’s favourite.

    “I got your ice cream” she said, a blush rising from her neckline to her cheeks. “You go sit down and stoke up the fire and I’ll get some dishes.”

    Lee breathed a sigh of relief. He had a wonderful and forgiving wife. He was determined to pay her more attention in the future.

    Sam looked at the ice cream. “Now or never” she thought.


    Lee had the fire blazing. He’d even thrown on a handful or two of fir cones to make the room smell nice. He heard Sam walk into the room behind him. He turned, nearly staggered, and had to put his hand on the mantleshelf to steady himself.

    Sam stood in front of him. In her left hand she held the tub of ice cream, a spoon sticking out of the centre of it. In her right she held what looked at first a little like a wooden spoon with a longish flattish handle. But when he looked closer he saw it was made of leather and where the bowl of the spoon should be, it was flat and heart-shaped, with one side covered in thick candy pink fur. And Sam…..

    Sam stood there completely nude with her hair falling softly around her shoulders.

    She looked up at him with a mischievous look in her eyes.

    “The store was great, Lee,” she said. “It was real interesting looking around at all the toys. But somehow it’s the simple things in life that bring the most pleasure.”

    She slowly dripped cherry and mint flavoured ice cream first down one nipple and then down the other. Then she licked the spoon and dug it back in the ice cream.

    “I thought maybe we’d forget about using the bowls tonight.” She licked her upper lip, then bit her lower lip. “Then maybe you could show me what this is meant to be used for.” She shook the fur and leather paddle in his face.

    Lee reached behind him and unplugged the TV set.

    “I don’t think we’ll be needing this much over the Christmas holiday” he told her, and reached for the paddle.


  18. Joelle Casteel says:

    okay, so after skimming to make it to the box, I noticed a variety of lengths. I tried to keep mine tame (both on content and length 😀 lol) and stopped at 369 words.

    Lee gazed at all the movies. “So many movies! Look at all these how-to’s by Nina Hartley!” She looked at Sam- already back into her show. Lee stopped herself. I’m feeling like a she today? I didn’t notice that happening. She clicked on the four movies that most interested her before clicking on the clearance link. “Oh a prostate toy!” She giggled when Sam frowned at her.

    “Quiet down! I can’t hear my show!” Sam griped.

    Lee grinned like a loon as she first put the toy in her shopping basket before going on through the checkout steps, happily looking at the info for the gift certificate she’d won. Ana is a such a good friend and all the helper elves. The advent calendar is just the best thing in the world.

    A few days later, a UPS truck pulled up in front of Sam and Lee’s house- thank goodness I paid for the better shipping! Lee signed for the package, thanked the hunky delivery guy, and closed the door behind him. He expected Sam how any time now from work. He slipped out of his clothes and pulled on the red satin boxers that he’d been wearing the evening he’d explained to Sam about being genderqueer.

    “‘Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Anal Sex,” Lee read to himself. He unwrapped the DVD and the prostate toy. The TV came to life and he put the DVD into the player.

    “Hey hon,” Sam called out as she walked farther into the house.

    “Back here,” Lee replied. He watched the doorway.

    Sam glanced at the TV as the opening title materialized in bright letters and a picture of Nina.

    “Come here please.” Lee gazed up at Sam, hoping his deep feelings for his love showed on his face like he imagined. “Samantha, you know I love you, right? I’m always so proud of how accepting you are of my changeable gender. Please cuddle with me. Watch this movie with me.”

    “And this toy?” Sam brushed her fingers over the prostate toy, over Lee’s hand laying beside it.

    “Okay. Let’s spend this time. Then we’ll go for pizza. Okay?”

    “Okay,” Lee agreed before kissing Sam deeply, pressing their bodies close together.


  19. angieia says:

    Lee left Sam to watch the reality show and went back to spend the gift card online. Lee thought maybe Sam might like a little something to spark up their sex life. Lee bought Sam a butt plug. Lee decided the next time they were going to have sex Lee would spice things up and try a butt plug on Sam. They had had anal sex, but wanted to try some toys to spice things up. Lee is looking forward to giving Sam his big surprise!


  20. Katie says:

    And with that, Lee walked to the front hall, opened the closet door and grabbed her coat. She flung her coat over the side of the chair as she sat down and slipped on her shoes, one at a time. Lee thought about Sam not budging from that chair- not taking his eyes off the television in front of him. She dreamed of earlier days, when they were playful and paid attention to each other. Lee became more annoyed as she stood and threw on her coat! “Things just have to change around here,” she said under her breath. And with that she went out the door, gathering up courage to go into one of “those” stores.

    In reality, Lee was kind of excited to check out the Adam and Eve store. She had never been in a shop like that before. After all, she had read 50 Shades recently. She wondered about all kinds of things that she had read about. Gosh, after the way that Sam had ignored her, this would be a treat! She started to relax and leave the stress of what had occurred at home behind her.

    In minutes she had parked the car and opened the door to Adam and Eve. “May I help you?” A very kind saleswoman approached her with a smile. “Um I think so,” said Lee. “I’m not sure what I am after… I have this gift certificate…” Lee nervously eyed the displays of endless erotic products, and looked down at the floor, too uncomfortable to do anything else. She continued, “I play way too much Candy Crush and suddenly I was a prize winner on this cool spanky advent calendar. Anastasia’s actually. Same name as in… You know, I read those books. Umm… 50 Shades.” Her voice squeaked out the last part of that, as embarrassment finally took over. “Oh yes, of course! No worries- we’ve had lots of new customers since those books came out. What are you interested in? A little spanky fun? Some beginning BDSM items to spruce things up a bit? Let me show you around,” said the saleswoman, whose name was Jane.

    Lee relaxed as a very helpful Jane, gave her an education that made her feel well informed and over an hour later, certain as she walked up to the cash register with her purchases. She thanked Jane for all of her help as her items were rung up. Lee was thrilled with what she had decided on, even though she went over the amount on her gift certificate by almost double. “Oh Sam won’t care,” she thought. “He doesn’t seem to see past the television these days.” And she was sure that the items were just right to get them back on track in the bedroom. Spanky fun was on her mind. Gosh the Anastasia in the book liked that in the end, and the Anastasia with the advent calendar called it a spanky advent calendar. There had to be something extremely hot about it all. And for a bonus, Jane had thrown in a pair of christmas polka dotted panties- just like the ones that the elf Ana had on her blog! Who could beat that? And in minutes she was out the door, in her car heading home, singing along to Christmas Carols all the way home!

    Lee opened the door to their home and walked into the hallway. A very annoyed Sam came around the corner to greet her. Lee spoke first. “Honey, I’m sorry that I disappeared like that. I did find some neat things at Adam and Eve. Let’s go in the other room and I will show you.” “You took too long,” grumbled Sam. “It was fun. And anyway you were glued to the tele,” Lee said as they walked back into the tv room and sat down on the couch. “The sales lady was so knowledgeable.” “Well it was free, after all. Let’s see what you have there,” said Sam.

    Lee opened up the discreet brown paper bag that contained her purchased goodies. Out came: a fur lined paddle in red for $32.95 (item A395)
    A&E’s Scarlet Pure Punishment Flogger for 29.95 (item 117X)
    A&E’s Scarlet Bound to Surrender Cuffs for 29.95 (item 117U)
    There were also a number of other little things that Jane, being a very good sales woman, talked Lee into buying as well. Sam, who was becoming more and more turned on by the moment, saw Lee hesitate as she eyed something remaining in the bag. “What else is in there, Lee?” Sam asked. “Show me.” And with that Lee pulled out the sales slip.

    Sam took one look and though he had never spanked his wife before, clearly all signs pointed to her interest in having a spanking or two. He wasn’t sure this one was what she had in mind, but within seconds, Lee was over his knee, pants and panties pulled down, staring at the carpet as the new paddle rained spanks down upon her very lovely bottom. “One for each extra dollar spent,” he lectured. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! They continued as Lee wriggled and squealed until Sam was done. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! And with that he pulled Lee up onto his lap, and kissed her and hugged her and told her how much she meant to him. “Not bad, “Lee thought as she smiled through her tears, happy to have Sam’s loving attention once more. “This sure wasn’t the spanky fun that those Anastasia’s had me lined up to imagine. But wow,” she lovingly said to Sam. “And it all started with a little Candy Crush…”


  21. octoberwoman says:

    Wow. This has been a fun – an unusual – thread to read! But then this whole Advent Calendar experience has been fun and unusual! I may just be a lurker today rather than an active participant…maybe I’ll try my hand at the storytelling later…


  22. Michelle Willms says:

    Lee was so ecstatic over her win, but she couldn’t share this with her children, as she usually did. She said to Sam, “Guess what I won?” He said, “Move, I’m watching the game; and I know what you won. More books.” “No…,” Lee said, “Don’t you want to hear about my great prize? This is for both of us. I need your help picking out stuff, though.” She thought to herself how very, very vanilla their sex life had been for the past 8 million years. Then, in walked Sam’s friend to watch the game and all further conversation ceased between Sam and Lee. Lee went to her computer and began to search the Adam and Eve site for great toys. Massage oil would be fine, but it was too calm, perhaps some bondage items? Sam did like the cover of Lee’s BDSM book, after all. He’d commented on the woman tied up. Hmmm, maybe he wasn’t so vanilla after all….


  23. Renee Meyer says:

    Absolutely no skill with writing but here goes…

    Lee: “So you promise to use whatever I buy?”

    Sam: “Sure, sure. Is there any whip cream for that ice cream?”

    Lee heads out of room and gets on the computer in the kitchen. Hmmm, lets see what email offers I have from Adam and Eve this week. I can combine it with this gift certificate and really steam things up again. Yes! Here is one that includes four free items and a “get yourself something naughty” 25% off coupon. She considers many items but finally narrows her choices down to a riding crop and a Lets f**k XXX sex game. Everything gets put in her cart and checked out. “Wow, I only went over by $10.00 and that was for 2-day shipping.”

    ***** 3 days later Christmas Eve night*******

    Sam comes home from work to a dark house.

    Sam: “Lee, where are you? Lee?” Sam hears her call from upstairs. As he approaches the closed bedroom door he can see a dim light under it. “Lee, why is the house dark? Where is dinner? You know my shows start in a half hour?” Sam opens the door and walks in the room. “What? Lee?”
    The sight that meets his eyes cause him to forget dinner and even his shows for the next few days…


  24. Katy Beth McKee says:

    A week later Sam woke up to find arms and legs tied down to the bed. Suddenly a large feather was applied until Sam was laughing so hard that bladder control was really an issue. Lee then said someone has to take charge and I’d like it to be you but I can’t even seem to get your attention from the TV. So now that I have your attention are you ready to be released and take charge or do I go back to tickling you.

    (Wow really hard to write something and keep it gender neutral. Not much of writer but this was fun. I’ve really enjoyed participating this year.)


  25. Terry says:

    I will try my hand at this. (Takes a running step and jumps in with both feet)

    Lee was stunned when Sam wouldn’t stop watching his reality TV show even for a few minutes to help her pick outthings to buy with her gift certificate. Worse yet he didn’t even sound like he cared one way or the other. What had happen to the love and closeness the two of them had shared not that long ago? Lee started to think of just how much of Sam’s time was taken up watching TV and she could feel herself getting very upset. Just before Lee walked back into the family room to yell angry words at her husband a voice inside her head whispered “And how much time do You spend on the computer reading stories and posting on Facebook?” The anger drained away from Lee in an instant and was replace by guilt and shame. She and Sam both had allowed to many things to interfere with their relationship and they both had much to answer for. Just because Lee seemed to have realized this situation first didn’t mean that she had the moral high ground at all.

    An idea of how to fix the mess the two of them had gotten themselves into came to Lee. She hurried back to her computer and the waiting $50 gift card. Using the search option several times to make her selections (and a credit card number to the extra purchases) Lee pressed send before her courage failed her. “Now” she told herself “I’ll go get Sam his ice cream but this will be the last time he eats it in front of that TV without me”.

    A large box arrived at Lee and Sam’s house a few days later. Lee had taken the afternoon off when she had received the delivery date on the package from Adam and Eve. She wanted everything to be as perfect as possible to get back the happiness she use to take for granted. She was very nervous but she wasn’t going to lose Sam’s love without a fight.

    When Sam came home his favorite dinner was already waiting for him. “Oh good” he thought, “the big game starts at 7:00 and now I”ll be able to complete a few things I brought home to do for work before it starts”. A nagging feeling of guilt about how much time Lee must have spend on dinner for him did cross his mind. “Lee and I haven’t spent much time together lately. Maybe I can take her out to her favorite restaurant next week sometime” Sam thought. After dinner was over, Sam surprised Lee by coming over to her and gave her a hug. “Thank-you for dinner” he said. “I love you”. Those 3 words were all Lee needed to hear to start her plan to win back her marriage.

    “Sam, I know there is a game on tonight you want to watch but I am telling you right now that that is Not going to happen. We need to talk. ”

    Sam was stunned. Lee had never spoken to him in a forceful tone like that. It caused him to stop him from snaping back at her for telling him what to do. Instead after a moment, his reply was much more even tempered. “What do we need to talk about?”

    “We need to talk about our marriage Sam. We need to talk about the way you spend each night watching TV and I spend it on the computer. We need to talk about the way we don’t spend time doing things together anymore. And we need to talk about the fact that beds are used for more things than to fall asleep in. Come with me. I want to show you something.”

    A still stunned Sam could only follow Lee into their bedroom where 2 boxes lay opened on their bed. Lee took an item from one of the boxes and handed it to Sam. It was a wooden paddle, a very wicked looking wooden paddle.

    ” Is this what I think it is?” asked Sam. “And just what were you planning on doing with it?”

    ” Before I answer the second question” Lee started to reply. “Look at the back the paddle. And yes, Sam, it is a paddle. On the back it says Lee and Sam Together Forever. We haven’t been doing much together have we. We have been wrapped up in ourselves far to much. We have been selfish and unkind to each other. If I had acted this way as a child, I would have gotten a few swats from my parents to change my attitude and from what you have said your parents might have done the same. We are not children anymore so a few hand swats wouldn’t work would they?”

    Sam opened and closed his mouth a few times before he could speak. “You want to spank me or do you want me to spank you or what? You have confused me Lee. ”

    “If either of us were to be spanked with this paddle it would hurt. A lot. So, no I really don’t want to use it at all. I bought it because I didn’t know how else to tell you how unhappy I am. I felt we should have something in our house from now on to remind us that how ever much a spanking from this paddle would hurt losing each other would hurt so much worse. I hope you feel the same way because I really want it to become a funny curiosity on our bedroom wall and not find out just how nasty it stings.”

    Sam looked the paddle again and then at his beautiful wife. He realized he had been neglecting their marriage with petty things. Why had he stopped showing his beautiful wife how much he still loved her? “Lee, you are right we have been acting like fools. I don’t know what else to say but I’m sorry and I love you. Oh and I don’t really want a spanking either so what do we do now?”

    Lee felt like a giant weight had been lifted from her body. Her smile could have given the sun a run for his money. Then that same smile became a bit more wicked. “Look in the 2nd box on the bed, Honey. I have some ideas on how we can avoid that spanking. Oh and there should be a jar of chocolate flavored massage oil in there somewhere”.

    Ok all you authors out there, how did I do???


        • Marybeth says:

          Yep, we did. But I guess I’m measure challenged (never noticed that before!) My husband says we got 2 ft. First snow storm of the season and I already hate snow. we must move south when we retire.


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      Terry – I loved it. Maybe every married couple, spankos or not should have one of those paddles on their bedroom wall. Marriage is a beautiful gift and should only be thrown up after all other options (even fear of a spanking) have been exhausted


      • Terry says:

        Thank-you Tara

        I’m not a writer but I sometimes have little snippets and scenes running through my head. This seemed good way of resolving Lee and Sam issues when both parties were at fault in not taking care of their marriage. Glad you liked it.


  26. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Great snippets so far, too bad the creative part of my brain went on strike today. Maybe I need to hop over to Adam and Eve for a little inspiration myself. Perhaps I could help Lee pick out something that will get Sam’s attention off the TV. Something that will tickle the pleasure centers of the brain in a way TV never could or would. Something that will even make rum chocolate fudge brownie ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry seem boring in comparison. Now, what was the link for that sex toy site again?


  27. DelFonte says:

    Lee: I’m back. OK, do you want to know what I got with the gift card?
    Sam, her eyes fixed on the TV screen: Sure, honey.
    Lee, standing behind her with arms folded, foot tapping: A got a rabbit.
    Sam: We don’t need a pet.
    Lee: It’s a stiff one.
    Sam: I’m sure it will be tasty but don’t expect me to prepare it.
    Lee: And an egg.
    Sam, leaning forward: Alright…. doesn’t go with rabbit, does it?
    Lee: This one will.
    Sam turning up the volume on the remote: Keep going, I’m listening.
    Lee: Some oil, lickable stuff.
    Sam: Nice, though I’d prefer some ice-cream to lick.
    Lee: Are you really listening?
    Sam: Yep. I’m all ears.
    Lee turning to leave the room: Not forgetting the deep throat spray.
    Sam’s posture froze, stiffened and then quickly rotated: You’ve bought what!
    The TV clicked off.
    Lee grinning: Oh now you’re listening.


  28. Holla Dean says:

    I’m totally confused. It seems everyone is picking up from where the last commenter left off. And I just spent a half hour writing my own scenario! So that’s what you’re getting! Here it is:

    Lee walked away dejectedly. She went back to her computer and clicked on the Adam and Eve website. Maybe she’d just get one of those rabbit vibrators since Sam was obviously not interested in anything but his stupid reality shows.
    Damn, how had their marriage become so…so stale? They used to have so much fun together. Lee remembered a time, not that long ago, when they could not keep their hands off each other. Even driving home on their dates. Sam would steer with his left hand and work his right hand up her skirt under the leg band of her panties to play with her hot little button. By the time they got home, she’d be dripping wet and could barely wait for him to sink his shaft into her.
    In the elevator, on their way to their apartment, Lee would get on her knees. She’d slowly unzip his pants and take him into her mouth, driving him to such a frenzy they couldn’t get home quick enough.
    So what had happened? When did everything become so boring and dull? Was she really doomed to servicing herself with a rabbit vibrator when she had a virile husband?
    No, she would not let that happen. She printed out the vibrator page with all the details of the amazing things it would make her fee. Then she printed out pages of flavored lube and warming lube. Chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and more. Who knew sex could be so yummy?
    Next, she went into the bedroom and scrounged around in her drawer for her sexy little thong and baby-doll top. The one that pushed her boobs up until it looked like they might tumble right out of the skimpy top.
    Taking a deep breath, she left the bedroom with her printouts in her hand.
    In the kitchen she prepared a small bowl of chocolate ice cream and then pranced into the living room with the bowl and printouts. Sam didn’t even look her way.
    “Got my ice cream, babe?” He asked with his eyes still glued to the television.
    “Yeah, I do.” She answered him as she set the bowl down on the coffee table and knelt between his legs. Opening his fly, she pulled out his flaccid penis.
    “Aw, come on babe, I’m watching my show.” Sam still hadn’t looked at her.
    “You just keep watching, honey,”
    Lee took a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth and then lowered her head to Sam’s lap, taking him in her mouth too.
    “Whoa! What the hell?! That’s ice cold!” Sam pulled his hips back into the chair, trying to get away from the freezing cold.
    Then the cold turned into warmth which soon became heat. He suddenly wasn’t quite so flaccid anymore.
    Lee lifted her head and innocently remarked, “You said you wanted ice cream.”
    Popping another spoonful in her mouth, she gave him another cold blast with her mouth. Instead of losing his growing erection, Sam was surprised to find himself getting harder. He wasn’t interested in the reality show anymore. He was watching Lee suck his now chocolate flavored dick and she looked like she was enjoying it.
    He noticed she was wearing a hot little top that made her breasts almost pop out. Running his tongue over his lips, he thought how nice it would be to taste those luscious mounds.
    Lee lifted her head again and was satisfied when she saw that his eyes weren’t glued to the television now. Taking the spoon, she put some ice cream directly on his now hard shaft and began licking it off.
    The sensations of icy cold followed by her hot tongue were driving him nuts. His cock was rock hard now.
    “I didn’t know you could be so naughty, babe.” He growled as she continued to lick the ice cream off him.
    “I’m naughty? You’re the one watching your stupid shows instead of making love to me. I think you’re the naughty one.”
    He chuckled low in his throat. “Yeah, but you’re the one that’s going to get spanked. Come on, over my knee.”
    A thrill raced down her belly to between her legs. Sam hadn’t spanked her for at least a couple of years. It was something they used to have fun doing, and it had just dwindled away. Not wanting to give him a chance to change his mind, she scrambled up over his knee, positioning herself just so.
    Sam thought about pulling off her thong, but then decided there was no reason to. Her cheeks were bare and the thong framed them nicely. He landed a sharp smack to her right cheek and she yelped.
    “Ow! Not so hard!”
    “Did you forget who’s in charge here?” Sam landed another stinging whack to her left cheek.
    “Ow! No, but it’s been a long time since you’ve spanked me. My butt’s not used to it.”
    “Well, it better get used to it. There’s a lot more from where this is coming from.”
    “Not if you keep watching those stupid shows.”
    “Are you talking back to me?” Two quick smacks rained down on her butt.
    “Ow! Ow! No, just telling you how it is.”
    “Oh, so you’re telling me how it is?” More slaps descended on her derriere.
    “I am if you don’t start paying more attention to me.” She pointed to her printouts, “I’m going to get one of those vibrators with my gift certificate. And maybe some of that warming lube. So I can take care of myself when you’re busy watching TV.”
    Uh oh, that was not the right thing to say. She could feel Sam shifting and unbuckling his belt, pulling it out of the loops. He was going to spank her with the belt!
    “What you’re going to really get is a good whipping with my belt.” He folded the belt in half and began whaling away on her ass.
    “No! Stop! That’s not fair, I’m not the one that’s been consumed by the television.”
    Her bottom was a bright, glowing red now and Sam thought he better stop. It had been a long time since he’d spanked her this hard or used his belt. And she was right, it was mostly his fault for letting other things occupy his mind and time.
    He lifted her onto his lap and kissed her. “Let’s go to the bedroom. Bring the ice cream.”
    “Bring the ice cream? What for?”
    “I have a few ideas. We’ll see how you like ice cream being licked off you. Now let’s go before I start thinking you need another trip over my knee.”
    Her thighs squeezed together tightly as she obediently followed him.


  29. Thianna D says:

    Trying to continue such a story without the sex…Ana, what are you asking? All right, here’s my attempt, but the elf-censors were on my tail…just so you know.

    (continuing from original story)

    Annoyed and determined, Lee left the room. Okay, he had seen the same thing happen to his parents. Love, love, love, and then forgetfulness, forgetfulness, forgetfulness…until their divorce came on their twenty-second wedding anniversary.

    Well, there was no way he was going to let that happen. Sam was his everything. And he was going to make sure and wake the *BLEEP* up. (Wow, those elves mean business. All I tried to say was *BLEEP* Damnit!)

    Going back to the website, he rushed through, buying a couple things that looked really good and a couple things meant to *BLEEP* the man he loved by *BLEEP*ing in his *BLEEP*.

    The glass candy cane *BLEEP* especially looked intriguing. Great for *BLEEP* stimulation and incredibly useful for *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*.

    Checking the ‘instant delivery’, he was pleased when the doorbell rang two seconds later and rushed to it, thrilled to open the door to find a very good looking delivery man dressed like a *BLEEP* with a long, thick *BLEEEEEEP* sticking out of his *BLEEEEP*.

    Licking his lips, Lee couldn’t help the leer as thoughts of *BLEEP*, *BLEEP*, and *BLEEEEEEEP* went through his head and through to his *BLEEP! BLEEP! BLEEP!*

    (Elves voices interrupt)

    “We have cut out the rest of this story as it was shocking in the extreme! What Lee did to the delivery man with his *BLEEP!* was scary and downright a turn on! Wait! Wait! We mean horrible. That’s right, horrible!

    And the uses to which they put that glass candy cane *BLEEP*. *Eyes widen in shock* This author should be harangued, shunned, spanked and well, we’ll take care of that. We might keep her for awhile.”

    *Thianna interrupts*

    “BUT! Wait, elves! I’m trying to tell a story here! How can I do that without the *BLEEP!* and definitely without the *BLEEP!* Not to mention when Sam comes in and joins in the *BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP*”

    *Elves rush up and tape hands together and needing to shut Thianna up because she won’t stop talking quickly order an instant gag from Adam and Eve and while they are there, order a few items she mentioned they might like to try before the doorbell rang and they rushed to it, shocked to find a delivery man dressed like a *BLEEP* with a long, thick *BLEEEEEEP* sticking out of his *BlEEEEP*. Freaked out, they run at the screen trying to stop Thianna from kicking the Submit button…………..*

    There was struggling. And *BLEEP*ing and ooh….


  30. pieclown says:

    Lee did not hear the rest of Sam’s ranting at the television. Lee picked up the laptop and headed out to a near by wi-fi site. Lee walked in to the fast food restaurant and thought that while there I get something.
    Lee: I take a small shake
    Smiley worker: What flavor please?
    Lee with a touch of anger: Chocolate.

    Lee found a corner area where the shake and shopping could be enjoyed. Lee was happy the Adam and Eve site was not blocked. Ok what get. I know a love doll that way I have a inelegant conversation that does not involve some unreality show. No, Lee still liked Sam, no Lee still LOVED Sam, but everything was routine. Lee looked at the butt plugs. Now Sam wants to act like a pain the butt, I show Sam a pain in the butt. Oh they have paddles too. Oh that those 50 books. Lee started think maybe I should tie Sam up. Or let Sam tie me. Nah, that would not work. Sam would tie me up and go watch TV. Hey why not a video. Maybe they have XXX version of TV show. Maybe if I dressed like that what is in the clothes area. Lee looked at the clothes. Oh that looks good and so does that. Lee took a sip of the shake then saw it Chocolate Undies. Eatable underwear available in chocolate as well as other flavors. That might just do. Oh, I would still have some money left, but what would I need to break out the routine. We need to as some excitement back in our lifes. Something to take a chance on. Then Lee saw the games. NOW that could work. Lee found a game that would offer a fun and ordered the chocolate undies. Lee was about to leave, when the phone rang. It was Sam. Wow no text an actual call.

    Sam: I am sorry, I was acting like a butt head. I had a bad day at work and I took it out on you. You do not deserve me being angry at you. You’re the best think in my life and I am sorry.
    Lee: Ok,
    Sam: Come on home and I help you with that gift card.
    Lee: Oh, I already spent it.
    Sam: Well I hope you got something nice for yourself.
    Lee: It is a surprise. I be home soon. Bye
    Sam: bye I love you.
    Lee : I love you too.
    Wow, Lee thought that what we needed, some talking not texting, talking. Lee saw that the shake was almost gone.
    Lee: I would like a large chocolate shake to go.

    Lee arrived home to find a note from Sam. This again shared Sam’s apology. Lee called for Sam.
    Sam: I am folding the laundry.
    Lee looked at the shake.
    Lee: When you can come to the bathroom, I have something.
    Lee went to the bathroom and remove every piece of clothing. Lee stepped in the tub and holding the shake. Lee started to think. This is silly, but I wanted some excitement.

    Sam walked into the bathroom. A little surprised to see Lee naked in the tub.

    Lee: I went down to the clown and got me a bite and did some shopping. I accept your apology. I do think we need to do some spontaneous things. That is why I bought what I did, but you will not know until it gets here. But I have a treat for you. You said you wanted some chocolate ice cream. I brought you a chocolate shake. I hope you like.

    Lee reached down and pick up the shake. Lee removed the top. Sam watch as Lee turned over the sake. Lee let out a slight gasp as the cold ice cream came in contact with Lee’s naked body. Lee looked at Sam. The look was one of awe, then Sam slowly began to smile like Sam did many years ago. Lee saw this and recognized it.

    Lee: I think I have some too.

    Lee then held the cup up and poured it on a closed mouth.

    Lee: Ooh, I have a chocolate mustache do you like?

    Sam nodded shut the bathroom door.


  31. catrouble says:

    Good gravy! I’m totally lost so I’ll just give add the very last line…

    “And they both had O’s…lots of wonderful O’s…standing, sitting, leaning, laying, upside down, inside out, together and separately…lots of lovely O’s! The end!” 😀 Cat


  32. Renee Rose says:

    Lee went back to his computer, frowning. “It’s time to get Sam’s attention.” He ordered wrist cuffs, a spreader bar and a leather paddle, smiling to himself. Sam would have no choice but attend to him when they arrived…


  33. Penelope says:

    Lee sighed and headed off to her computer, leaving Sam berating the TV. She was excited about the gift card, even if the oaf on the sofa wasn’t.

    She hadn’t anticipated the blush that would come to her cheeks upon entering the webstore. She was no girl scout, but the array of sexy things that paraded across her screen – and the thought of her, Leona Jane Spencer, enjoying them with her lover – made her feel intensely, thrillingly naughty. Nipple clamps, vibrators, floggers, bondage kits… she pictured herself and Sam up to all manner of things… she imagined her breaths growing short… and Sam’s arousal growing more apparent by the moment.

    She hadn’t thought it possible, but her blush deepened when she clicked open the ‘fantasy outfit’ page. And the feeling that teased her, the furtive, pulse-quickening tingle that electrified every inch of her, grew almost unbearable.

    When she scrolled down and laid eyes upon a ‘sexy secretary’ outfit, its scandalously revealing microskirt making the girl modelling it look irresistible – and sorely in need of strict, deeply erotic attention – she knew she had found her gift.


  34. Tara Finnegan says:

    Ackety Ack!
    I’ve decided to do my comment before reading other posts – it’s too easy to be influenced! You’re kidding me? Do I really have to be “discrete” – have you any idea how impossible that’ll be??

    Lee’s annoyed. Utterly peed off to be frank. She’d had just about enough of being ignored and this was the final straw. For months and months, she had played about with her hair, her clothes and even what she said, in the hope of a raised eyebrow from Sam. It was make or break time for them.

    Clicking on the website she perused all of the toys. It was time to take a stance. $50 was a pretty considerable sum, but she could add to it if she wanted. After all she had been saving for that weekend away last month that Lee dropped out of last minute. Maybe she sould put that to good use too. The thing that annoyed her most was how Sam never had any time for her, yet when she asked Sam what the day was spent on, there was nothing to show for it. Totally vexing.

    She scanned the pages. She had two things in mind. Lee had been dismayed at Sam’s lack of communication and disinterestedness, and of course the lack of commitment to anything except the TV and stupid on line games.She’d researched her options and decided it was time to take charge. Sam had just driven the final nail into the coffin.

    Lee soon found what she was looking for. A butt plug set and a nursery cane. She didn’t care that she had to almost match the $50 gift card. If it worked it would be worth every cent. She threw an extra something else in too, but it was something she would hate personally, so she might not ever use it.

    For the following week Lee watched the post like a hawk. She managed to find an excuse to work from home. She knew Sam hated the invasion but she didn’t care. Sam stropped about the place, huffing and puffing and trying to pretend to work. Lee knew that Sam wanted the TV so she deliberately set her laptop up in the living room. She figured Sam’s novel had advanced more in that one week than it had in the previous three months.

    The package finally arrived. Lee wasted no time.
    “Sam. wanna see what I got from Adam and Eve?” She had deliberately held off on her package until that same reality show was broadcast again. If she was going to do this she wanted to make her point well remembered.

    “Uh yeah sure, this is over in half an hour. Bring me in a beer when you’re coming, will you?”

    “Get your ass in here now, or kiss my ass goodbye” Lee said icily.

    “In a minute” Sam replied.

    Lee went to their shared bedroom. She pulled down the big suitcase from the top of the wardrobe. OK the choice was clear, it was tv and escapism. As she opened the drawers in the closet to empty the contents into the suitcase Sam finally joined her.

    “What the hell is going on?”

    “What does it look like? I’m outa here. You can watch all the TV you want. Life is on the up for you.”

    Lee saw Sam’s lip quiver.In all the years they had known each other, she had never seen any sign of emotional dependence before. Maybe all was not lost. It was a tall order, Sam had laways take the lead, almost as a right, but perhaps the tables could finally be turned.

    “Shit, Lee, don’t go. I need you. What can I do to make you stay?”

    “Too late, unless….”

    “Unless what?”

    “Unless you can prove your commitment and let me guide you back to the real world. If you want me to stay, take off your clothes, lie face down on the bed and put four pillows underneath to raise your bottom up. You need a lesson in respect and obedience, maybe then we have a future.”

    Sam did exactly as bidden, and whimpered as the well lubricated butt plug was gradually introduced to places no person should ever be violated. Sam whimpered and Lee knew it was a mixture of fear and excitement. The evidence of arousal was plain to be seen. As the plug was driven home Leigh felt Sam shudder and open up to her correction. It was time for the cane.

    She brought the whippy flexible instrument down on the pale white buttocks. As she saw Sam instinctively jump, she growled. “This is your last chance, Take it and learn or lose me,” Sam lay down again with a whimper. Lee lashed mercilessly six more times. She couldn’t help but admire the effects of her handy-work as Sam lay, broken but trusting.

    “Tell me you’ll accept my guidance or tell me to go, but this is our future. If I stay it will be because you can accept my correction. You need it. You’ve lost all discipline.”

    So anyone like to guess the mystery item in the shopping bag? I’ve deliberately tried not to say if Sam is male or female. Of course I know what I think the gender is. Question is did I hide it well.


  35. TL says:

    I got a little carried away and mine sort of got turned into like a three page story. I’m not sure if it will fit here or not.

    Lee’s sigh was heavy as she headed for the stairs ignoring Sam’s request for ice cream. She wasn’t his maid, especially not if he wasn’t even going to pay any attention to her. She shut the door to their bedroom hard, not that he heard it over the sound of that stupid TV show.
    Seething on their bed, which had once been a place for such passionate love it consumed her, Lee pondered what had happened to their life. She and Sam used to be so attentive to each other. Weekdays had been filled with her making dinner and waiting eagerly by the phone for the call that said Sam was on his way home to her. Weekends were spent with them so tangled in each other’s arms it was difficult to tell where one stopped and the other began. Sure, Sam had spanked Lee when she needed it in those days; but those spankings, while they stung, reminded Lee how much her husband cared for her. With another heavy sigh Lee realized she couldn’t remember the last time Sam had cared enough to spank her. Now she felt like she was just someone to fetch his ice cream while he watched TV. How could they get back to the couple they used to be? Lee flipped open her laptop and went to the Adam and Eve website determined to figure it out.

    There is more to this story… so to be continued… maybe


  36. abby says:

    WOW….what wonderful timing. Master had recently put me on a budget, and this months was spent. I thought sure i could take Him into an increase….after all it is December, but He can be so stubborn. Now i can get Him a great Christmas gift , and not go over budget.

    Ohhhh, scented oils, how relaxing and using them together will certainly be fun. Master crop broke last time He used it, i love the feel of the crop….it can reach so many places.
    An egg!..i have always wanted one of those, the so indiscreet, but such fun…one of those too.

    So, i overspent a bit, but i made sure not to buy any nasty paddles, and what I did buy would be so much fun for us to use. I am sure , i will not get into touble!
    hugs abby


  37. TL says:

    Okay since Renee said so I’m going to go ahead and post the rest of this:

    It was several days and quite a few extra dollars later, totally worth it since she got free shipping Lee resolved, that she was able to put her plan into action. She was wearing the naughty maid outfit she’d picked out from Adam and Eve. Her other treasure was waiting in the bedroom for later use, she hoped. It made Lee smile when her heart skipped a beat as the front door open. She felt butterflies the way she used to when Sam would come home. Lee stepped out of the kitchen carrying a bowl of chocolate ice cream and smiled at Sam.

    “Chocolate ice cream for dinner, Sir. I would have made something better, but the time just got away from me. I promise I’ll do better tomorrow,” Lee whispered awkwardly. It had been such a long time since they played she floundered between saucy and contrite. She crossed her fingers behind her back hoping Sam was willing to play.

    Sam barely looked up from where he was sorting through the mail. “Just order some pizza or something in that case,” He muttered not even registering that his wife had called him Sir. She used to call Sam that often, but she hadn’t since the last time he’d turned her over his knee. If Sam where honest with himself, he missed that. He missed the connection they’d had when he was firmly in charge. As time and life got away from them, he found Lee becoming more independent. He wasn’t sure he could just start giving out orders and spankings. He didn’t think she wanted that kind of marriage anymore. It was then he looked up and saw his wife for the first time.

    “What the hell are you wearing, Lee? Are you crazy? It’s the middle of December put some clothes on,” Sam scolded mildly. What was she playing at he wondered?

    That was it. That was the last straw. The bowl of ice cream flew from Lee’s hand just missing Sam’s head and landing in a chocolaty mess on the hardwood floor. “Oh my god! Seriously!” Lee screamed her face clearly conveying a what-in-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you look. “Any other man who saw his wife in an outfit like this would not be thinking about her being cold. I’m sure he’d come up with some way to warm her up,” She fumed turning on her heel and stomping to the bedroom. The door slammed hard behind her. Lee knew she was being childish throwing things and slamming doors, but really? He was worried about her being cold! She threw herself on their bed as angry frustrated tears filled her eyes.

    Sam stood their stunned for a half a minute. At first he was glad his wife had such terrible aim. Then he stopped to really think about what had just happened. Calling him Sir, the naughty outfit, ice cream for dinner. “Sam you are a colossal douche bag, and an idiot,” He thought to himself. She was trying to get his attention. She was angling for a spanking. Was it possible that she wanted things back to the way they were as badly as he did? He didn’t waste any more time thinking about it.

    Sam walked down the hall to their bedroom. His heart broke seeing Lee lying there crying. He reached down and picked up his wife pulling her into his arms. “I’m sorry doll baby. I’m an idiot,” Sam whispered as he ran his fingers through her hair.

    Lee wasn’t sure how to react. A part of her wanted to be mad. A part of her wanted to push him away, yell, and scream until he felt as badly as she did, but then he came after her. He was calling her doll baby and holding her the way he used to. She started to melt and laid her head on his chest. Never one to give in completely though, she did console herself by smacking his chest lightly and nodding, “Gee, ya think.”

    Sam lightly swatted her barely covered backside. Now that he thought about it, that outfit was really something. He rather liked the idea of having himself a naughty maid for the weekend. He shifted Lee in his lap as he thought about that prospect. “Ahem, focus,” He reminded himself before saying aloud, “I deserved that, but I think we’ve done enough being rude to each other don’t you?”

    Lee nodded again and curled into his arms. “What happened to us, Sam?” She whispered her voice desperate and tears filling her eyes. “We never used to be this way. I thought you’d see me in this and it would be like it used to be… now I wonder if you even want me anymore. You used to care… to notice… “

    Sam reached out and wiped her tears gently with the pad of his thumb. “I wish I knew sweetheart, but I think we just let things get away from us. We got busy and independent and I forgot to bring us back together. I want you to know that I want you. I always have and I always will. I have done a lousy job of showing it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. You had gotten so good at being independent I didn’t think you wanted me to take charge anymore. It didn’t seem like you needed me to,” He tried to explain.

    “But I wanted you to,” Lee protested. “I kept trying to come up with a way to get you to come back to me. After the other night this was the best I could come up with. It didn’t really work very well. It’s been a long time; I guess we are out of practice.”

    “Too long,” Sam agreed. “We can’t let it get like this again, baby. I’m going to work on being attentive, but I can get a little caught up in things sometimes. If I’m not giving you what you need, I need you to tell me. Hit me over the head with it if you need to, just not with a bowl of ice cream.” He teased hoping to win a smile from her.

    He did. “You’re right. I should have tried talking to you. I guess I just wanted you to get it on your own. I’m sorry about the ice cream.”

    Sam nodded. He smiled at her and gently brushed a strand of her dark hair from her face. “We are going to make this better I promise,” He assured her gently bring his lips to hers. The kiss was passionate and reminded them both of the couple that they used to be before life got in the way. “By the way you are so wearing that outfit this weekend, and I’m not sure you’ll be wearing much else.” He promised with a seductive wiggle of his brow.

    Lee giggled at his teasing, excited at seeing her Sam for the first time in what seemed like ages. “Yes Sir,” She purred into his ear going in for another kiss. “I can make you some real dinner now if you are hungry,” She added. “But I’m not hungry at all.”
    “Oh I’m hungry for something alright,” Sam growled playfully his hand slipping further down his wife’s neck and to her soft breast. “But before we do anything else we have some unfinished business to attend to,” He said forcing himself to sit up a little straighter and pull away from Lee.

    “We do?” She questioned wondering what could possibly be more important than the reconnection they had going on right this minute.

    “We do,” Sam confirmed sternly. “What happens to naughty little girls who throw temper tantrums in this house?”

    Things certainly were looking up.


  38. Kitty says:

    so many post to many to read in the short amount time i have right now. but what ive read has been fun. it will be a lot later for me to read all. hopefully i can come up with more to the story. but like erzabet it will be later


  39. sassytwatter says:

    This has been one of the most amusing post to read and everyone’s comments. Love all the direction the stories went. Sadly my brain in a tad pickled from lunch and the thought if trying to compose a story & keep it gender neutral when I’m barely able to type relisticly is not going to happen.aftwr perusing Adam & eves website and oh my they are relentless with their emails. I chose for Sam the we vibe 3 Sam can wear it out and lee can have the control it’s like the remote but only better.


  40. P.T. Wyant says:

    Lee’s breath steamed in the cold air as the door slammed shut, but Lee barely noticed as those things as one of their neighbors jogged past and gave a cheerful wave hello. “Maybe a threesome would spark things up a bit,” Lee thought, gaze following the firm rear until it disappeared around a corner.

    Gloved hands fingered the gift card in the jacket pocket and Lee sighed. It was’t that kind of gift card and idly Lee wondered if they did make gift cards for such things…

    Lee was still pondering starting something like that as a side business as the warmth of the adult toy store gushed out as the door opened. Lee drew a deep breath of the scent, a heady combination of leather and latex and… Lee sniffed, puzzled. Was that patchouli?

    Sam never looked up from the television as Lee returned. Lee said nothing, but noted the empty bowl that held remnants of ice cream and hoped that Sam would take it to the sink and run water in it before it became a sticky mess.

    A few minutes later Lee was naked and in bed with their new partner — as yet unnamed — and had begun working on creating a different kind of “sticky mess.”


  41. Blondie says:

    Lee told Sam to sleep on the couch and went upstairs to bed.
    After the show, Sam went to see what Lee was in such a snit about.
    Sam saw the Adam and Eve sight and right away began to regret ignoring Lee.
    Could Same make it up to Lee.
    Sam went upstairs to see if Lee was really asleep.
    Sam could tell that Lee was pretending.
    Sam told Lee, that the sight was seen now by both of them and asked Lee to please go back downstairs and look at the site again.
    Lee insisted on getting Sam a blind fold
    And Sam picked out a gag for Lee.
    They both got a good laugh.
    The removed the items from the cart and started to really look at what could be bought.
    They found the most amazing double dildo that vibrated and thrusted.
    They ordered it right away, checking the mail every day.
    Lee and Sam need some privacy with what happened with their new toy. But let me tell you, they both had smiles on their faces when they were done


  42. laurellasky says:

    Lee said to Sam” I’m going out for a while” Sam replied”whatever” Lee went to the Adam and Eve shop and purchased a few items. Lee drove home and parked on the far side of the house and then went in. Sam was still watching TV. Lee said ” Sam, I think yhe car has a flat, would you please check it” Sam said he would and left the house. Lee then smashed the 42 inch screen.

    Whe Sam came back into the house hr said.” The car’s fine” he then noticed the smashed,
    TV and screemed”what the hell happened to the TV” ” I smashed it because you pay more attention to that stupid TV then you do to me” she threw the Adam and Eve bag at him a said ” I brought you a few toys from the store.” He opened the bag and there was some very nice oil and a good sized paddle. He hefted the paddle and asked” do to want a spanking” ” she answered,” do you want to give me a spanking, since I was naughty and broke your TV.

    He gave her a look that she had not seen in a long time. ” yes I want to and will give you a good spanking. He took her to the couch, turned her over his knee, pulled down her pants and panties. Then he went to town and gave her a severe walloping. Then he turned her over to sit on his lap ( which had grown larger)
    and dried her eyes. With a gleem in his eye he said” let’s use the oil to sooth your bottom” I think the reader can figure out the rest.


  43. M. Palmer says:

    Lee sulked back to the laptop to peruse the offerings on Adam and Eve… there was a lot she could buy with $50! Hmmm… should she buy something for herself, or something for Sam? Maybe something they would both enjoy, if he could put away the remote long enough.

    A few days later, the box of treats arrived and Lee rubbed her hands together in glee. She put on the adorable bow pasties and a tiny g-string, and laid out her new toys on the bed. When Sam walked in the bedroom a short while later, he was speechless: it was as if he was looking at his wife that first night in Tahiti. “Sam,” Lee said, “you have two choices. You can either help me unwrap these little bows and we can reignite the passion from so long ago… or I can use these toys all by myself.” With Sam still standing with his mouth hanging open, Lee reached for the large hot pink vibrator and began slowly guiding it down her body…


  44. Leona says:

    there are some awesome stories… some of them are done right funny.. I sorry I am got christmas block.. haha. not feeling to good.. So I have to pass.. I do love reading the comments.


  45. Marybeth says:

    Lee tried to get Sam’s attention again, but he was mesmerized by the T.V. “God, I hate that thing!” Lee said to herself. “I guess I’ll go look at the web page and see what there is to buy.” She sat at her computer and looked at the screen. Her mouth fell open when she saw all there was to offer. She decided that she was going to buy that candy cane. It looked like fun and it was on sale! And, maybe that butt plug. She had always wondered how that would feel. She kept looking and put a few other things in her cart. When she was done, she had spent more than $50.

    A week later the items arrived. She opened the box and started looking at everything she bought. ” Wow, I can’t wait to try this stuff”. She thought about how she could convince Sam to spend time with her. “We just need to talk. I think I’ll grab him once he gets home and let him know that we need to talk. And then we can have fun!”

    Ok, can’t decide how to continue this. I am terrible at dialogue. I’ll let someone else finish it..


  46. Sherilyn says:

    After much thought and catalog perusing, I think I’ll continue the original story.

    Lee sighed, put on her jacket, and slipped out the door. After driving around aimlessly for a while, she pulled into the Adam and Eve store. She sat in the car for a few minutes, remembering the last time she and Sam had been to a store like it. She’d been interested in getting a corset or a bustier to go with the handcuffs and spreader bar Sam had liked. As usual, they got what he wanted. Not that she had complaints; the handcuffs and spreader bar had certainly seen a lot of use! She twitched a little in her seat at the memories. Unfortunately, those memories were at least five years old, as were the shudder-y, pleasure-pain, memories of the paddle and belt Sam had used on her back then.

    Sighing, she got out and went in. This time, at least, she’s get her corset. Not that it would be much fun without Sam to admire it. After picking out a red satin number that made her feel sinfully luscious, she wandered through the store. At first, she missed having Sam’s input, but then she got angry. He could have been there, but he’d chosen TV over having fun with her. At that moment, she spotted a whip with a glass dildo for a handle. She caressed the leather as she imagined whipping Sam, then teasing his rosebud with the dildo. On impulse, she grabbed the whip and checked out before she could second-guess herself.

    Sam was still deep into his show when she let herself back in the door. She held the bag out of his view, not that he was looking. She went straight back to the bedroom, changed into the corset and concealed the whip under the bed. She wrapped herself in her bathrobe and strolled back into the living room.

    “Sam?” she said. “Can I show off what I got with my gift card?”

    Just then, a commercial came on. “Sure, honey.” He looked up at her. “Will you get me my ice cream then?”

    She turned on her heel, stomped back to the bedroom, and snatched up the whip. She dropped the robe and marched back out to stand by his easy chair.. Sam’s eyes widened as he took in the corset along with the whip she held. With her black hair falling down her back, she looked like the wanton vixen he’d fallen in love with. This vixen, though, had a glint in her eye he’d never seen. His cock twitched and started to harden. He grabbed the remote and shut off the TV. He stood up, adjusting himself.

    “Give me the whip, Lee,” he said sternly. “You know how this goes.”

    She turned and strolled down the hall. “Maybe it doesn’t go that way today, Sam.”

    Watching her bottom sway seductively in front of him, Sam felt a flash of annoyance. Lee knew who the dominant was here. She stopped at the door and looked back at him, a challenge in her stance. Sam stopped, then stepped around her into the bedroom.

    “Take your clothes off, Sam.” She said it quietly.

    “This is only for today, you know,” he said as he pulled his t-shirt over his head.

    She smiled, eyes sparkling. “No, I don’t know, Sam. You haven’t been this interested for a while. Maybe this is how it should be. Face down on the bed, please, arms above your head.”

    He laughed as he complied. His laughter caught in his throat as she reached down and snapped the handcuffs around his wrists. “Lee–”

    “Trust me, Sam.”


  47. Irishey says:

    Devolving from hot and steamy romance to Candy Crush and reality TV. They may be beyond saving, but let’s see what Adam and Eve van so for Lee and Sam.

    Lee, grabbing the remote control, pressing the record button, and turning off the television: Sam, you can finish watching the recording later. Right now we have to talk. We’re in a terrible rut, and we need to do something about it!

    Sam, stunned and irritated: Lee! I can’t believe you did that!

    Lee: I know. But we are more important than the television. I wasn’t planning to win a gift card to a sex shop, but I did. This is an opportunity to do something for us that we haven’t done in a long time. I want us back, the way we used to be – the Couple of the Decade. Just look with me, Sam. Let’s find something we both like.

    Sam, still irritated, but softening: I miss us, too, Lee, but this happens to people all the time. The newness wears off.

    Lee: Well, Sam, I know. I know that happens, but we don’t have to let it keep happening to us! We can fight it, fight against boredom and taking each other for granted. This will be fun!

    Lee clicked through to the Adam and Eve site, turning the screen so Sam could have a better view. Sam’s eyes widened in surprise.

    Sam: Lee! You want to use one of those?! Do you even know what to do with it? How does it work? Oh! There are naughty games! Those could be fun! And this one, Lee! Oh, wow! Mmm-baby!

    Lee, laughing: I think it’s going to be so much fun, and so very hot getting to know you again, Sam.

    Sam: Me, too, Lee. Look at this! And this!

    Lee: Sam! I have a great idea for Christmas gifts for our dear friends up north! We have to send that glass candy cane, these little red knickers and the Ms. Claus teddy outfit to the you-know-whos!


    Clean. Gender neutral. Short. Weak in the transition, but ran out of time. I had something far different in mind, but it got long and was contingent upon working in Candy Crush. Couldn’t make it work because I have never played the game! Lol!


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