Sex Toy Story round-up and prizes

Ana’s contribution to the Sex Toy Story:

Sam (in the living room): Where’s my dinner?

Lee (in the bedroom with the door closed): Mm..mmm…ohh…oh, yes!

Sam: Geez, don’t you see it’s six o’clock?

Lee: Oh…oh!! Oh!

Sam: What’s gotten into you?

Lee: Oh, my GOSH! Sam, what are you doing? Get out of here! I–

Sam: What did you just shove underneath the bedcovers?

Lee: Nothing, honey. I, um, I…

Sam: Why’re you all sweaty and stuff?

Lee: Um. I must be getting sick. Wait, don’t…give me that!

Sam: A Hitachi? Where’d you get this?

Lee: I won it! You said you didn’t care, so I got what I wanted and…

Sam: And you used it without me?

Lee: You were so busy with your stupid television and all that blasted..

Sam: Listen, little lady, do I have to put you over my knee and spank you?

Lee: Oh, please! I mean, um. No! Er…

Sam: You know what, sweetheart? (swat!)

Lee: Yikes! Mmm! What?

Sam: (putting Lee over her knee and paddling hard with an oak hairbrush) Hitachis aren’t just a solo tool, you know.

And in honor of today’s Elf Censor Award: BLEEEEEEEEP!

Grin. Today’s replies have been hysterical! The helper elves have been rendered useless because they’re rolling about with laughter.

Michelle Willms wins a random drawing from today’s first 23 commenters. She wins Taking Control by Virginia Nelson.

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl wins a random drawing from today’s commenters and a holiday card!

Sarah (00Sarah or Just Sarah) also wins a random drawing and a holiday card!

Thianna D, aka MizBehavinOne, wins the Elf Censor Award for her hilarious “bleeping” story. She wins Mr. Short by Nancy Levine.

Please contact your prize donors (Sunny and Sarah should contact me)

Congratulations, everyone! Don’t forget you have 5 hours and 38 minutes to comment on today’s post!

Here are intro posts except for Sarah, who did not participate the first day.

Michelle Willms

Yes, I read and understood the rules.
No, I didn’t participate last year. Sadly, I didn’t know about it.
I heard about the Advent Calendar this year from Ana (via the wonderful website).
I plan on perfect attendance, but given that things never seem to go the way I plan, I’ll probably drop by as often as I can.
Hmmm. I’m not picky. I love prizes. Lots of prizes. Lots and lots…oh, sorry. I got distracted.
I want to play with everyone and find out what I’ve been missing. I’ve been a good girl most of my life. Isn’t that sad?
I’m relatively new to Governing Ana, though so happy to be a fan now. I’m Michelle Willms, retired Good Girl.
Hello, everyone, glad to join you. Hi, Penny, Anastasia, Penelope, and all the naughty crew (and the nice ones, too).

Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl

1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Your blog and badgering
4. I will visit every single day unless of course, I don’t.
5. Of course, I want a prize.
6. I think it is great fun
7. I have a dual personna,Sunny Girl and Leigh Smith. Never quite sure who I am. I write stories and if you check every single day, you may just find a new story right here.


1 -YEP!
2- I don’t remember.
3 – Ana of course :D
4- While I would love perfect attendance, my life is so uber busy I will have to go with the now and then theory ;)
5 – A kindle – my tablet is getting ancient. :)
6 – First and foremost? It’s fun. Second? Why not?
7 – I’m an erotic author and some tell me I’m a brat – but nuh-uh, I don’t believe it. *smiles angelically and maneuvers halo over horns*
8 – Hello, angieia! Welcome to the fun :)


11 thoughts on “Sex Toy Story round-up and prizes

  1. Michael says:

    Congratulations to Michelle Sunny, Sarah and Thianna!

    Ana, I loved your contribution to the story. Everybody did a great job. Was a lotta fun.


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