Thank you for all of the follow-up emails and messages letting me know prizes have been received. I do believe we have straightened out communication and prizes for all but Michelle Willms and Emily Tilton.

Really, Emily! A helper elf should know better. Do I need to spank you? Oh, wait…I forgot. You’d like it. Shameless, thy name is Emily.

Today we have two lucky winners! And because I am working around the clock finish Mira’s Miracle, the sequel to Desire in Any Language, I’m afraid you’ll have to get a boring announcement today.

Siobhan Muir randomly chose TL Bucko to win a copy of two of her books! TL, please contact Siobhan to receive A Hell Hound’s Fire and Beltane Witch. And with your shiny new Kindle that you won from Spank or Treat 2013, too! 🙂

Maren Smith wins a holiday card donated by Rogue. Much missed Rogue. 😦 But every time I announce a prize from her, I smile. Please send me your snail mail address if you would like to receive the card.

Congratulations, again!


9 thoughts on “Congratulations!

    • TL says:

      Plus it is the perfect pre Christmas break prize. I needed some new reading material for the holidays. 🙂 Makes it even easier to get through the last day tomorrow.


  1. Irishey says:

    TL, bonanza! Congratulations for winning two of Siobhan’s books. Those are high on my reading list!

    Maren, I think there might only be a couple of those custom-made cards left. Congratulations on winning one of them!

    Work, Ana, work! Around the clock? How are you getting away with that?! Who did Mrs. Claus leave in charge? Who is supposed to be watching out for you so you take care of yourself? Somebody is in trouble (she sang in an annoying sing-songy voice)!

    Yes, we miss our Rogue. ♡


  2. Michael says:

    Congratulations to TL and Maren. 🙂

    Ana, good luck with meeting your deadline. I know you’ll succeed. So the sequel is titled “Mira’s Miracle.” If it were titled “Ana’s Miracle” that would be the time you went an entire day without being spanked. 😉


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