Let’s play book tag! (Advent Calendar, Day 22)

Good morning (or afternoon/evening), lovely Advent Calendar players! It’s been a hectic week, hasn’t it? We’ve had five guest posts and even a day of guest replies. I’m still impressed with all the story endings from Kate’s post last Sunday. Zee’s tropical December barbecue sounds delicious, as does Michael’s Italian-American celebration. Many of us are keeping the memory alive of a loved one, the way Renee described. And who doesn’t want a new toy for Christmas, even if it’s not Siobhan’s shoes? Thank you to Joanne for her loving replies to my call to action for compassion in loving our neighbor.

I’ve been scarce the past few days because I’ve been burning the midnight oil (literally! 25 hours in a row) editing and proofreading Mira’s Miracle, the sequel to Desire in Any Language. I don’t have cover art to show you yet, but the blurb is below. Mira and Hana visit a BDSM/kink resort created by Maren Smith in her new Castle series that includes (so far) Kaylee’s Keeper, Holding Hannah, and Saving Sara.

Mira’s Miracle 

Whisked away to the fairytale Castle for a dream vacation, Mira confronts her darkest fears.

Vacationing at Master Marshall’s world-renowned Castle should have spelled Fantasy Land, but for Mira the trip means paying a debt. She promised to work hard at her translator’s certificate course while her advisor went on maternity leave, but distraction arrives in the form of her first love. Diplomat Hana Takahashi, from Desire in Any Language, captures Mira’s total attention. Between Hana’s stringent embassy security and Mira’s draconian school dormitory curfew, their stolen kisses drive Mira wild with desire. Hana makes a bet with Mira: keep up with her schoolwork or take a trip of Hana’s choice, according to Hana’s rules. No veto power.

When Mira presents her inadequate end-of-term report, Hana books a dream vacation—of Hana’s dreams. Safe within the Castle, the elaborate role playing kink haven, Hana turns Mira into her little girl. Complete with a private nurse, playroom with its nanny in charge, and a schoolroom filled with naughty pupils and a stern teacher, the Castle’s ageplay wing reduces Mira to a child from the moment of her arrival. Hana’s word is law, and all of the Castle employees carry out her orders for Mira.

However, Mira’s natural resistance leads to tantrums, defiance, and spankings from every adult who assists with her care. When she encounters a tutor who triggers her deepest fears, she must face her residual trauma over the duplicitous “Mistress Susan.” Is Mira ready for the maternal nurturing offered by Hana, or will her unhealed wounds drive everyone away? Can she become Hana’s little girl, or will she safeword out of the Castle to return to everyday life…without Hana? Will there be a miracle for Mira?

Mira is one of my favorite characters, a young woman on the cusp of adulthood. With Desire in Any Language, several readers expressed disappointment not to learn more about Mira’s adoption or her relationship with Hana. Your wish is my command, and this story will give plenty of details about Hana. Including a phone sex call. Oops, did I say that out loud? I’m a good girl, really. 😀 At any rate, on Thursday and Friday I will post sneak peeks of the book leading up to (what I hope will be!) the Saturday night release for publication on the Blushing website.

Special thanks to Maren for allowing me to play in her Castle sandbox. Also thank you to Cat, who enlightened me about a special kind of oil. Shh, Cat! Don’t ruin the surprise. 😀 Also thank you to my wonderful friends who gratified me with squeals, shock, and disbelief as I teased them about every juicy detail. Did I say juicy? I meant splurting.


Never fear, though. The Ana repression (thank you, Emily!) remains intact, and all scenes are tastefully done. I hope. 😀

At any rate, I realized we have not yet talked much about books. *gasp* What a terrible oversight! Plus, we haven’t had chaos for an entire week, and surely it’s time for some more? *grin* I propose that we play book tag. Remember the game we used to play as children? You’d run and tap someone who then had to tap someone else?

List a book, author, or sub-genre/fantasy you enjoy. If someone has already listed the book, author, or sub-genre/fantasy, reply to the post with more information.

Example A:

Ana: Maren Smith

Renee Meyer: Kaylee’s Keeper.

Chickie: I love that book! The only thing that would have made it better would have been a turkey.

JC: Saving Sara. But Kaylee’s Keeper was my favorite. I wish I could visit the Castle!

Ana: No more turkeys! I also like Maren’s Pets series.

Okay, maybe that wasn’t such a good example. 😀

Example B:

Ana: I LOVE F/F! F/F FTW!!

Emily: Are we allowed to use chatspeak here?

Ana: Shh, Emily. WOOT WOOT!!!

Emily: Aren’t you supposed to give an example?

Ana: Oh, come on, Emily. Hairbrush. F/F. OTK. Rocking horse. Professor.

Emily: WOOT WOOT!!!

Ami: Good thing *I* know how to behave, at least. Kat and Natalie were my first F/F, so The Way Home.

Holla: I’m confused.

Irishey: (some hilarious comment that I can’t imitate because she’s too funny)

Ahem. Another bad example? Let’s try one last time.

Example C:

Ana: The Switch, by Kate Richards

TL: I haven’t read that book. What’s it about?

Katie: A husband and wife try out DD, but the husband isn’t responsible.

Sassy Twatter: Ana, I logged in with the wrong name! Can you delete it? I’m texting while driving.


Sassy Twatter: Don’t get so upset, sheesh.

Minelle: What was that sound?

PT: If anyone’s going to spank around here, it would be me!



Let’s just have a free-for-all. That’s how it will turn out in the end, right? 😀 List your favorite books, authors, sub-genres, fantasies, whatever.

My favorite (obviously!): F/F. WOOT WOOT! Oh, wait, what was I supposed to say? Right. F/F. WOOT!

*clearing throat*

I love stories that are semi-consensual or consensual non-consent. I don’t like stories of brutality (such as, “I’m a man so will make you submit because you’re a woman”), but I do like stories where the main character struggles with wanting and not wanting a spanking, and especially when the main character is in an environment where spanking/corporal punishment is part of the societal structure.

One book I love, even though I’m uncomfortable with the “women preparing girls for a man who will own them” trope, is Childebride Island by Alice Liddell. It’s harsh and includes kidnapping, but the writing is wonderful and the F/F sublime. (Not family friendly, folks, but not much here is…despite Mister Rogers. 😀 )

Tag! You’re it! What book, author, or sub-genre/fantasy do you like? Come back to add to others’ responses!

P.S. WordPress flags comments with multiple links as spam. It’s a good practice, but on days like today it can be really annoying! If you want to list multiple books/give multiple links, please put each one as a separate comment. Sorry, but that way your comments won’t disappear into the spam junkyard. I’ve already had to rescue a few. 🙂

295 thoughts on “Let’s play book tag! (Advent Calendar, Day 22)

  1. terpsichore says:

    I like reading romance and spanking stories…but to be honest I never read much of either until a few years ago when I was introduced to Blogland and all of its fabulous authors. I also have a friend who writes romance of the vanilla variety…her first book came out (Yours to Keep by Serena Bell) which I really enjoyed. I have enjoyed Diana Gabaldon’s series of the Outlander. And I love the whimsical Janet Evanovich stories of Stephanie Plum. I also am a fan of children’s literature…even before kids, I love picture books…love books by Peter Reynolds like the dot which is inspiring…and love books by Patricia Polocco…and since it is Christmas time, I love The Polar Express. Am not familiar with the books listed thus far…will need to start making a list to add to my wishlist of reading…and time to read…maybe it can be filled with the time I was spending baking… 🙂 Hugs to everyone and have a great day…I will check back later…


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      I have heard many people praise the Outlander series but have not read it.

      One fluffy book I like is The Undomestic Goddess (Sophie Kinsella, who wrote the Shopaholic series that I did not enjoy). Lawyer gets fired and turns into a housekeeper. Hilarity ensues. 🙂


      • octoberwoman says:

        Outlander is my all time favorite book ever. The Shopaholic series lost it’s charms after awhile. Rebecca learned her lesson about her overspending at the end of every book and then in the next book she was overspendng again – I think she needed a sound spanking from Luke and then maybe the lesson would’ve stuck! I enjoy Sophie Kinsella’s other books though, and she also wrote several under the name Madeleine Wickham, which aren’t quite as fluffy but are really good.


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          I didn’t like Shopaholic because it was repetitive, as you say. Spanking would have made it MUCH better. I did like the fairytale ending to her wedding, though. And yes, I read a MW one but can’t remember the title.


  2. quiet sara says:

    I’ve only read three books so far and I am posting a review for them tomorrow. My favorite of the three was probably your book Becoming Clissine, Ana, because it was the most multifaceted of the three I read. It had so many levels of things going on in it and the characters left me really feeling compassion for them and wanting to know so much more about them. I really did enjoy it. For those who haven’t already read it, it was a f/f non-consensual spanking story.

    hugs and love, sara


  3. Michelle B says:

    Hmm well if it has to be some kind of kinky novel, I would have to say the one that sticks in my mind the most (not that I’ve read that many, really) is a trilogy signed by A. N. Roquelaure. The trilogy? The Classic Erotic Trilogy of Sleeping Beauty – book 1:
    The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty; book 2: Beauty’s Punishment; book 3: Beauty’s Release.

    The images are quite vivid and are sure to stay in your consciousness for quite a while!

    Oh, the real name of A.N. Roquelaure? None other than Anne Rice herself.

    Have you read this trilogy? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it for fans of the rather hardcore dom/sub genre…


      • TL says:

        It didn’t do much for me either. I think it was too impersonal. I really love the stories that center on just two people and their relationship. I will also say 50 Shades did nothing for me. I couldn’t get past the repetitive nature of the writing. Being an English teacher, I’m more picky about the writing. I have to get swept away in the story.


        • JoanneBest says:

          Oh TL thank you for saying that about 50 Shades! I’ve yet to get through it all, I can’t do it. The writing didn’t grab me the way I need to be grabbed to finish a book and that doesn’t happen too often. I was just so curious about this book everyone was talking about, maybe I just expected too much, especially since there was a trilogy; my mind thinks weirdly on occasion 😀


          • octoberwoman says:

            I haven’t read Fifty Shades and have no intention of even trying to. But I thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer Armintrout’s play by play recaps of the book on her website. After reading along with her, I don’t feel the need to actually read the book now.


      • Kelsey Summer says:

        I rarely put down a book, but I couldn’t get through the Beauty Trilogy. I plodded through the first, but put down the second about halfway through. I used to love Anne Rice’s Vampire books and Witching Hour books, but I just couldn’t get into the Beauty Series.


    • Terry says:

      Some of the first erotic books I read were the Sleeping Beauty series. Even though I lived alone at the time, I almost felt that I should hide them in a drawer after I was done reading :). All the parings M/F, F/F, F/M and M/M opened my eyes big time to the erotic world in print way before I had access to the internet. I agree with with you Renee Rose and sassytwatter about the books not having much plot and emotional attachment as many of the stories I have read since then but there was just so much action going on. I can forgive the lack of depth in those books because they were my start to a whole new genre.


    • Sherilyn says:

      Oh, yum! The Sleeping Beauty books were my intro to spanking books! I read them some 25 years ago, shortly after discovering that Anne Rice was the author. While they didn’t have much in the way of character development, they did fuel my fantasy’s for a long time!


    • Blondie says:

      I did not like the trilogy at all. It broke my heart to imagine all of the characters and how bad the servants were treated and how mean other people could possibly be. I found it to be sadistic and I still shudder when I think about it


  4. Holla Dean says:

    I’m not sure who my favorite author is, there are so many I like. I do enjoy a good spanking story. I like any kind of sexy romance, it doesn’t have to include spanking or other kink, but it does make it more interesting. I’ll go with A Firm Husband by Sue Lyndon. It was the last book I read and I did enjoy it.

    I’ll have to look at all these comments after the holidays. I’m leaving this morning to spend Christmas with my family. The next few days I’ll have to hide with my Ipad in the bathroom to respond to these posts. There will be prying eyes everywhere, especially little ones.


    • sassytwatter says:

      I loved the Fi Husband. Also loved your book that I read his week Maid for the Cowboy I love a good respectful sexy alpha cowboy who spanks yummy! Have a safe trip. Try sneaking out to the car that works too!


        • sassytwatter says:

          Oh thank you…but that tittle hmm.

          I love Starla Kaye I thought she was my dirty little secret.

          And a few more yummy ones Maya Banks the Sweet Series. It’s got a little bit off everything.

          Heather Rainer Her Devine series mostly ménage but some twists and turns from vanilla to Ds in a soft kinda way but still good. And it’s a lond series 14 or 15 books. And if you like chivalrous cowboys and like to follow up and see what happens to cage yet as relationships progress a good read. Plus she gives music selections for the the book!!

          Cara Bristol Rod & Cane society series great DD read.

          Sophie Oak for ménage w fmm.

          Celeste Jined love her books just his her Lady Katherine’s Comeuppance!

          If you want a light consensual loving bdsm Melissa Schroeder her harmless series is excellent and has a little something for everyone.

          For age play Korey Mae Johnson.

          I know others in forgetting that all have some element of spanking.


      • Tracey Horton says:

        Maggie carpenter just wrote an awesome modern cowboy book. Cowboy’s Rules. Amazing. I adore cowboy novels and this will be a new go to cowboy!!


          • Tracey Gramiak Horton says:

            I love Starla Kaye. I truly believe I have all of her books. LOL I am a true cowboy lover. I won’t miss a cowboy book, modern or historical. I just picked up the new Marshall’s Law by Maddie Taylor. I told the hubby that is a book made for me. A woman who time travels back to old western days and ends up with a marshall who spanks. I am going to be in heaven. hahahhahha


            • octoberwoman says:

              I definitely need to look for that one! I love time travel stories, and my latest obsession has been cowboys – from Carolyn Brown and Joanna Kennedy to Lonesome Dove, another all time favorite book. So cowboys, time travel and spankings? Yum!


  5. Renee Meyer says:

    Goodness, there are so many authors I like but I would have to say that the genre that includes spanking and age play are probably my favorite. I like Breanna Hayse Game Plan series because it included a little of everything, m/f, f/f, f/m, D/s, age play, BDSM, and DD. Ana, your new book sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to read it.


  6. chickie says:

    Lol Ana! I really do think Kaylee’s Keeper is my favorite. I don’t think it needed turkeys though… just a kaylee part 2. Other than just being a good book, it made sense of all the stuff they were doing because it wasnt real. It was, but just living a fantasy. I saw a lot of myself in Kaylee and maybe that’s why it struck a chord. Everything she did, I thought “oh gosh don’t do that!” Then followed up with thoughts that I probably would’ve done exactly the same thing.

    I don’t like stories where bad things happen to the characters. Well I can like them but they stress me out and I have to take a break. I’m on a break from Breeder right now for that reason. Even Disney movies stress me out. I don’t deal with major conflict well.

    I read while on the treadmill so go through a lot of books! I hadn’t moved any new ones onto my nook yet so was stuck mid-run hunting through what was already there and started again The Good Woman by Alex Jones. I really identify with the main character in that one. Mar’s marriage is soooo much like mine. Nothing is wrong, nobody is fighting, it’s all fine. But awful. And she, like Kaylee, heads off to a place where her fantasies are explored.

    I really like Sylvia Day and the Crossfire series. It is what 50 shades could’ve been had it been well written, minus the BDSM stuff.

    I’ve got Camp Spank and Mrs Claus and something else (I can’t remember lol) waiting on my computer to transfer onto the nook.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      Disney movies *are* stressful! I prefer the quiet inner conflict to the epic battles.

      How do you keep your ereader/book steady while on the treadmill? Do you have a holder?

      Ooh, I will have to check out Good Woman.

      And speaking of Camp Spank and Alice Dark, did someone say F/F? WOOT!


      • chickie says:

        It’s a gym treadmill but at home. I have so many old injuries that running outside hurts.

        I was on a long car ride with a friend, my turn to drive. She’s eyeing my nook vs her pile of magazines.
        Whatcha reading?
        It’s bad.
        How bad?
        Really bad, really dirty.
        Can I see?
        I don’t think you want to do that, you’ll think awful things.
        How bad can it be?

        Then I told her to go to blushing book on her phone. I told her if she was okay with that and interested in that, then I’d let her see what I had.

        Oh. Oh, my. Oh. Oh, wow. Ok. Um, yeah, ok then.

        And that was the end of that conversation!


        • Katy Beth McKee says:

          Remember at Camp Fire waiting on the kids and was reading my nook. They were still relatively new at the time and I was just tipping my toes in erotica was reading a one of Lorelei James books.

          And the older lady that worked answering phones said what are reading. I think I said something generic like romance and then she kept it up. So I said some people call it cowboy porn. So she said not really grabs it out of my hand and starts reading out loud. Suddenly she was like “oooo, that was interesting”. I’m not sure which one of use was redder.

          I then install a password so that if someone grabbed I could quick click it off or if someone picks it up to be nosey they will only be able to look at a kid friendly profile.

          I have two profiles on my nook the one named Katy that has all the stuff and really read and one under my real name for people who might want to see how a nook works but would quite possibly be offended by my choice of reading material. 😉


          • Renee Meyer says:

            LOL Katy you have alias’s for your nook😜 I love that, I put a password on my Kindle and my phone after watching one of my daughter’s friends pick it up saying something along the lines of “Does your mom read sappy romance like mine?” I couldn’t get across the living room fast enough. Luckily, my own child said we aren’t allowed to open that – with her hand out to take the Kindle back. Since then I have kept it hidden and password protected.


        • Sherilyn says:

          Chickie, that is so funny! I don’t take my Nook to the gym for that very reason! Probably wouldn’t be a problem–my leg brace seems to scare people away. And Katy, I love Lorelei James! She is one of my guilty pleasures!


  7. Janey says:

    Well I have loads that I enjoy. One of my favourites is Renee’s Safe in his arms. Fulfilling my desires to be looked after!
    I have to admit though that a little age play has gone from being absolutely horror filled for me to intriguing and a bit fluttery, Maggie Ryan’s books on the women of Wintercrest, I have enjoyed.


  8. JC says:

    So hard to choose! I do love the series Renee Meyer mentioned by Breanna Hayse. It is one of my favorites. I also enjoy the Club Decadence series by Maddie Taylor. Well written and hot!

    My favorite vanilla book would have to be Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson.


  9. minellesbreath says:

    You do realize I am never going to be able to list just one right?

    I definitely enjoy the fantasy of non-con in a loving trusting relationship. I am always amazed at how my perception of harsh is altered within a story that is written well. My favorite stories to read are in a DD relationship with some erotic spanking as well. I have found that the relationship can be other than MF.

    YES ANA dear you introduced me to other types of spanking fiction. It began with Kat and Natalie. You are a master of writing the essence of human love, regardless of gender.

    My favorite authors??? I will just begin to list all I have read…Do not sigh….and raise your eyes to the heavens please. I enjoy most writing because of the the story… Oh and the spanking! LOL

    I have read almost all the authors on Blushing and Discipline and Desire. I have read many on The Library , Plus PK and Sunny who began just writing on their blogs! Whew!

    Here are many off the top of my head. Not alphabetized you all!!

    Ana, Maren, Joanie Kay (et all), PK, Sunny, Celeste, Stevie Mac, Renee, Natasha, Tara, Carolyn F, Constance, Shannon, Katrina, Jade, Kathryn, Kimber, Nattie, Brandy ,Dinah, Patricia, Sue, Vickie, Adaline, April, Thianna, Maryse, OTK….

    Gosh I know I can’t keep going…so I am sorry if I forgot you!


  10. JoanneBest says:

    Michelle, you beat me to it {unintentional pun/Freudian slip alert}, The Sleeping Beauty Books are probably the first books I read having anything to do with D/s, I was managing a bookstore when the first book came out, The Claiming Of Sleeping Beauty and I was hooked from the start. I read the trilogy but I hated that I had to wait that darn year between each book being released, it took forever 😀
    Have you read Belinda or Exit To Eden? Again Anne Rice writing as Anne Rampling, Belinda has a Lolita-like plot but Exit To Eden is about a BDSM retreat, but if you’re interested in Exit To Eden do not, I repeat, do NOT watch the movie, which was treated as a comedy by adding characters not in the book, 2 bumbling cops played by Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell and Anne Rice hated what they did to her book.

    My favorite genres range from anything apocalyptic, vampires, paranormal and the like to children’s books (I reread The Little Princess from time to time, I’ll even pick up my old Nancy Drew books or The Trolley Car Family when I need something cozy) and saving the best for last, I’ve become addicted to anything having to do with D/s, spanking, you know, all the fun stuff 😉 My introduction to spanking F/F books was one of Alice Dark’s books and that’s all it took, I was hooked and have been filling my Nook with books written by many of you lovelies here 😉
    As long as I can remember though, I have always been drawn to books that include F/F, I remember reading a book called The Hunger, a vampire book with some really hot F/F scenes in it that stirred something in me that I didn’t realize was there…I do love a good sexy romp that’s M/F but in my opinion, F/F sex scenes are more wiggle inducing than anything else. I could probably go on all day here talking about books, when I think back on all those “bodice ripper” historical romance books I read in my life there was a lot of ‘me man, you woman, now shut up and blow me’ (I’m going to land in the corner for that one, hee) but I think part of my obsession with those books, in retrospect, was because the submissive in me was trying to tell me something, it just took me a long time to hear myself amongst the noise in my head.
    One day I will get my wishes fulfilled but in the meantime, I’m living vicariously through all these dreamy sexy books I’ve been reading, and I’ve even been mulling over the idea of writing something along these lines a lot lately. I’ve been quietly attempting to write erotica offline, I think I need a little more (read: any/some/a little/a lot/tons) experience before I can write accurately, you know, like research, yeah, that’s what it is, research 😉

    And PS Ana, this is the first time I don’t want Christmas to get here fast because that means the Advent Calendar is over (sob). I more than kinda love you all ❤


    • sassytwatter says:

      I’m also addicted to anything with Ds & spanking. My kindle used to be filled with historical books @ boring business books now yummy yummy goodness but had to put a password on I nearly died when a friend picked it up and went through it and she raised her eyebrows and asked of that was all I read anymore…and then said it explained so much! Really what does that mean?


      • JoanneBest says:

        Whew! Saved again by Ana! In case you haven’t heard, I’ve moved in 😀
        It’s so funny that whenever I open a new window and it lists the sites I visit the most, yours is on top, right where you belong 😉


          • laurellasky says:

            My first introduction to spanking was through romance magazines back when most of you kids were still in diapers. One was Your Romance. This was in the late 1950’s. there usually was one spanking story, usually the boyfriend or husband ended up spanking his wife/girlfriend in public and bare bottom. It also had a column called pats and peeves and were all letters about all the different ways of getting spanked, what inplement used, ect. It was hot for its time. That was when I learned how to pleasure myself. I always practiced safe sex. I would wash my hands before I jerked off. LOL

            I love Breanna Hayse’s books especially the Generals daughter, also her age play. I also love Nattie Jones series, the dragon master. I thought they were awesome. April Hill has a great sense of humor that have me lol. I love just about all os the authors mentioned and my iPad is so crammed with spanky stuff I have no room for vanilla books, althought I like them also, like the Outlander series, Dan Brown and I adore all the Harry Potter books. P.S. I can’t leave out Carylyn Faulkner. Some of her books are very harsh but I love them. I did not list all of you because I am getting a cramp in my hand, but I love all of you. As a group you are kind, caring, compassionate. Your writing is awesome and you are all terrific.


            • Ria says:

              I have all Breanna Hayse books on my Amazon Wish List, I am waiting for my Christmas presents to purchase (at least one). I want to try that author.


              • Blondie says:

                I waited and waited to read the trilogy of Sleeping Beauty. The story broke my heart. I really didn’t like it at all. They were so mean to the servants. And even being a spanko, that lifestyle was too much for me to fathom.


    • Terry says:

      Hi Joanne
      I agree with you about the Sleeping Beauty series as I commented to a post above and I did like the Exit to Eden book as well. I agree with you about how awful the movie was. There was a funny scene (probably the only one) where a scantily clad man was assigned to Rosie O’Donnell (the under cover cop) to be her sex slave. He told her that he was there is fill her wildest dreams. She replied “You want to fill my wildest dream? Go paint my house!”


  11. P.T. Wyant says:

    I’m not big on non-con but I do like submission stories. And one of these days I’m going to write some F/m … Once I get all of my other current projects caught up. (It’s looking like 2017 at the moment. LOL) I prefer D/s and maybe some bondage to corporal punishment — the brain is the biggest sex organ.

    I haven’t read a lot of erotica (in book form) so my favorite authors tend to be SF/F — Philip K. Dick, Stephen R. Donaldson, C.J. Cherryh.

    And my all time favorite novel is The Chestry Oak by Kate Seredy, which is actually a young reader book, I think. (I first read it in 6th grade and the story has stayed with me ever since. I paid an arm and a leg and a couple vital organs to get a copy from eBay. I let my mother read it and she fell in love with it too.)


  12. Michael says:

    I am confused already! I mean more confused than I normally am. 😯

    Ana, I am currently reading your “Desire in any Language” – should have finished already but have been so busy getting ready for Christmas and making and responding to comments on Ana’s Advent Calendar event – AACE. See, Ana is such a good girl she gets two ‘A’s. Back to my original point. I am greatly enjoying “Desire…” and love your Mira character which I suspect has more than a little Ana in her. Your description of “Mira’s Miracle” makes me want to race through “Desire…” so I am all ready when the sequel is published.

    Just the description of “Mira’s Miracle” is pushing some buttons as I enjoy ageplay stories especially when it involves F/F which is rarer than the more common “Daddy” stories. Actually the F/F spanking genre is my favorite closely followed by M/F which is what I currently practice with Season and have practiced with other imps in the past. That is what originally drew me to Ana’s site – her tag line of “F/F spanking fiction by Ana Vitsky” and boy am I ever happy I stopped by as I met a wonderful person in Ana who is now a friend, and I have met so many other marvelous people. And a lot of these people are authors whose work I want to read. I absolutely MUST read Maren Smith’s Castle Series as it sounds like a lot of squirmy fun. I just checked out Maren’s website and she writes under more aliases than a person on the FBI’s Most Wanted List. I saw many books there I want to read including some ageplay ones.

    As for recommending an author, one of my favorites is DJ Black, an Englishman who writes spanking fiction across a wide realm of settings – modern day, American west, historical and science fiction to name a few – taking the reader to new and squirmy worlds. He writes both F/F and M/F. I like this mix as you never know what to expect, and often both types of spankings will be in the same story. His blog is “A Voice in the Corner” and just by the name you can tell he pushes another squirmy button of mine and many others with most of his naughty imps ending up standing in the corner displaying rosy rear ends. His blog includes fiction, real life stories and photos from vintage to futuristic. Here is the link:


    A specific book of his I enjoyed greatly was “The Russell Corner” which I reviewed on “Blossom and Thorn.”


    Oh, and finally, since this is a game of tag I tag Ana with a hard and loud smack across her bottom. Made you yelp, didn’t I, young lady? 😈

    Sorry for the length and the TMI nature of this comment. It’s just I am having so much fun in Ana’s house with all you wonderful people I feel very comfortable sharing. Thank you for your time. 🙂


      • Michael says:

        Marybeth, I am so glad I could turn you onto a site you like so much. Aren’t those vintage F/F spanking photos in today’s post fantastic?

        Hard to pick but my favorite stories, but DJ’s “Abraham Heights” series really does it for me. Abraham Heights is a quaint community which still has a strong tradition of spanking young adult women, especially coeds at the local university. And my favorite character in my favorite series is Donna Warren, a 28 year old professor new to the university who due to a housing shortage must bunk in a sorority house and is held to the same rules and punishments as the students by the unyielding housemother. The first story featuring Donna is “Abraham Heights: The Housemother and the Misplaced Donna.”



    • Renee Meyer says:

      OMG Michael, Maren on the FBI most wanted list. I love it. When I first started reading these genres, it seemed like half the new authors I found were really Maren in disguise. I guess I really know what I like. I do agree with Ana, Joannie has a lot of alias’s too. It is like a puzzle, find all the alias’s of a writer to find a complete picture of them. I do have fun seeking out the various names an author writes under.


  13. TL says:

    I am a sucker for a good period piece. The regency period is my favorite. What can I say Mr. Darcy can take me over his knee anytime. I like the way those pieces are written. I like that it is sexy while being overly vulgar. I find that sometimes the harsh language can take me out of the moment, in the period pieces it seems to be a little softer? I’m not sure that’s the right word.

    Renee Rose writes some fantastic period pieces. My favorite has to be Westerfield Affair. That’s probably my favorite spanking novel of all time. I think I’ve read it like 37 times. Bucko likes it too, for obvious reasons. 😉

    I’m still waiting on A Westerfield Christmas!


  14. M. Palmer says:

    It is so hard to choose!! I would say that a devious and creative Dom, combined with a slightly conflicted sub, is probably what thrills me the most. Of course there needs to be “punishment” as well… I have lots of favorites but Anabel Joseph’s Fever Dream, with the amazingly hot Rubio, is my current favorite.YUM. I am so glad to read all the other suggestions here – lots to add to my TBR list!


      • TL says:

        I like a mix between the two. I like the dominate teaching the submissive the ways of the world. I like watching that sense of growth and discovery. It’s always hot to watch someone learn that spanking can be fun too.


    • TL says:

      I enjoy the stories with the slightly broken heroine. I think it adds to the emotions of the story. I like seeing the walls come down and the hero come in and save the day. The ones where the girl doesn’t trust and then she learns that she doesn’t have to do everything on her own. Love watching a woman who can take care of herself learn she doesn’t have to.


  15. sassytwatter says:

    First I am not commenting while driving! You make it sound like I always do that…..just at stop lights thanks to your intervention & threats.

    So many of my favorite authors where already mentioned but there are two that stick out in my mind. Natasha Knight Aching to Submit it has the consensul non consensual element I like, it’s fun and sexy and just perfect for my taste. I like an alpha male but not a man who doesn’t show respect and love & can’t have a good laugh.

    However I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Alta Hensley Traditional Love she is who made me fall in love the dd ttwd genre.

    I read a ton between the airport, the gym & dr office…if I’m not playing on twitter finish a book every day or so.and truly I like a bit of everything everything, m/f, f/f, Ds, age play, BDSM, and DD. I have just learned to make the text smaller I always get a nosy neighbor who happens to look over & read exactly what I don’t want them to.

    So excited to read about Mira she is such a good girl!

    I hope I did this right.


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      You will no longer do it at stop lights, either, young lady! Or I’m sending Mrs. Claus straight to your house.

      Alta introduced a lot of people to DD, which is wonderful. I believe my first DD story was Ain’t Your Daddy by Bethany Burke (of Blushing/Bethany’s Woodshed). Everyone knows I prefer F/F, but there’s so little available that I read a lot of M/F, too.

      Mira is…ahem..such a naughty girl who tries to be good. 😀


      • sassytwatter says:

        OMG! You wrote Ain’t Your Daddy….?! I loved that. It’s been over a year and half since I’ve belonged to Bethany’s Woodshed the name not what I want in my browser sorry. I had no idea. I love all your writing.

        And I think Mira is a good girl who is just misunderstood.

        What’s better I say yes of course I’ll never do that so basically fib or be honest that occasional if my phone quacks if it’s safe to do so I’ll check it.

        Mrs Claus and I have negotiated a pass for 2013. Starting in 2014 I’ll be a perfect angel.


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          Oops, sorry for the confusion. My first DD story *that I read* was Ain’t Your Daddy. Not trying to take credit. 😀

          Sometimes naughty girls claim to be misunderstood just so they can continue being naughty, MISS Twatter!

          What’s better is to stop doing it. And no forging notes from Mrs. Claus.


  16. sassytwatter says:

    I felt the same Ana about ChildBride Island but still read it knowing on the back of my head it was ok despite the kidnapping the fantasy of it that not real and therefore it was perfectly ok to enjoy it such good writing & amazing scenes.

    I’m going to go get the Switch that sounds like a perfect read for me!

    I started and could not put down Caroline’s Rocking Horse. It was wonderful & sexy & perfect on that kinda naughty forbidden way.


      • JoanneBest says:

        I don’t know much about age play but if it means I get to wear a short little tartan skirt and thigh highs or knee socks, I’m in 😀
        All those years wearing plaid skirts in Catholic school and a kilt my brother brought back for me from Scotland years ago left their mark 😉


        • Anastasia Vitsky says:

          Ahem. I don’t describe clothes much, but for Mira’s second story I absolutely got into the little-girl clothes. Maybe excessively so. There’s something so sweet about the little skirts and socks and shoes. 😀

          There’s a whole fetish of plaid school girl skirts!


          • SassyTwatter says:

            Are we talking clothes now…..his is my area of expertise. My closets have a bit of a split personality….. I love a short short plaid skirt and knee high socks!!! There used to be a wonderful site about 10 years ago.., yea nope sorry tmi


    • Thianna D says:

      Gah! I’m not into age play and will admit f/f is not something I enjoy reading (maybe I should have put a ANA DON’T READ THIS at the beginning). BUT, I looked up ChildBride Island (as the premise of the kidnapping and being given to strong men I do find appealing) and found out the author rewrote it as an M/M called Boytraine Island.

      Now I’m gonna have to read both just because my curious mind will want to see what she changed. 😀


  17. Leah says:

    The first spanking story I read was Becky’s Last Chance by Constance Masters. I read it twice then deleted it off my Kindle lest anyone hack my password and discover my darkest secrets.

    Any good vanilla stories with a hot spanking scene mixed in? I recently read Chelynne by Robyn Carr and read the spanking scene about 20 times.


  18. Erzabet Bishop says:

    There are so many authors I love. Cari Silverwood, Red Phoenix Brie Series, Laura Antoniou…so many…I tend to like f/f, some m/f, usually BDSM, Femdom, lesbian or straight. I switch (he he) it up with mysteries and general fiction once and awhile, but I tend to read where I write-erotica.

    What I don’t like: age play and daddy play. It freaks me out. Totally trigger so I have learned to avoid it.

    Off to get ready for work. Have a wonderful day peeps!




  19. TL says:

    I remember when I was younger and first started discovering the internet I stumbled across, I think it was called Laura’s Spanking Corner. It was filled with all sorts of spanking short stories, but my favorite ones were the Mike and Maddy stories. I can’t remember who wrote them, but they were this adorable couple in WWII. They were so sweet and romantic it just drew you right on into their world. They were probably my first set of spanking stories that really got me excited.


  20. Maren Smith says:

    Oh wow, look at all the awesome reads! I have too many favorites to list. Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld is top of my list. No spankings, but lots of spanking threats and references. Love it! Kresley Cole is the other for vanilla writers, although she did have a spanking in one of hers and it was HOT! I believe it was in Kiss of a Demon King. Yummy! Okay, and for spanking authors. I just read Natasha Knight’s Claimed by the Beast. Oh wow. Oh…just wow! That was released almost in time for my birthday. No matter. I consider it a present anyway. 🙂


  21. Celeste Jones says:

    Wow. My TBR list is getting so long. Thanks for all the recommendations.

    I like Regency for all the rules and the fancy dresses. I also like professor stories, though I haven’t written any. I’ll have to put that on my to do list. However, I think that an engaging story (which varies for each reader) can outweigh a particular genre or sub-genre.

    How’s that for a wishy washy non-answer. 🙂


  22. Tracey Horton says:

    Natasha knight is one of my favs. Her book Aching to Submit is my all time favorite. It mirrors a lot of the same issues/twists/kinks etc that I have and revealing it to the hubby! Such a hot and emotional book. She writes spanking and sex scenes that make you shiver!!

    Cherise Sinclair is amazing –anything she writes is okay by me. Her BDSM Club Shadowlands has me addicted!

    Maren Smith and Renee Rose are authors where I don’t even try to read what it’s about–who cares, if they wrote it –it’s good AND hot.


  23. angieia says:

    The Naughty List has 5 books in it and is a really good book. You get to read a variety and they are all really good books. I also just read Coming To Terms and that one was also really good. I like to read these shorter stories and than I find new authors this way.


  24. Leigh Smith says:

    Too many authors and too many books to think about in my drug induced state. Trying to get rid of this awful cold/sinus infection before Tuesday.

    I love the line between consentual and non consentual within bounds. A good believable story and strong characters keep me coming back to authors.


  25. Thianna D says:

    Okay, choosing a favorite book is just like turning my back on other favorite books. *grins* I’m cheating on my books! So here is a list – some you know, others you may not – of some of my favorites. And why.

    Young Adult:

    Twilight – Yes, I love the Twilight books. Say what you will about the writing style, they were pure escapism for me. And the first vampire books I actually enjoyed reading. And though I thoroughly wanted to punch the heroine out many a time (Edward, you deserved better!), I still count the series as one of my favorites.

    Harry Potter – OMG yes. I still love them, still read them, still listen to them on audio. Any time a series can make me part of it, to where I love the characters, wished I could go where they went, cried when some died, railed at the author, and yet could not wait for the next one? Fabulously good books.

    Cassidy Jones series by Elise Stokes. – Cassidy is your typical 14 year old girl. Except for the fact she now has superpowers and has to learn how to use them. Very cute, fun, and wonderful to read.


    Falls Chance Ranch by Rolf and Ranger – This is a collection of four novels (and counting) plus a series of side stories about a fictional ranch in Wyoming called Falls Chance. It is M/M based, but is not erotic. However, it is DD based. The spankings are discipline, not erotically based. I love the characters – all of them – and the storylines are so gripping. I started reading them in June and stopped counting the amount of times I’ve re-read them since. They transcend the sexual barrier, because it is purely about relationships, trust, love, and learning where you belong.

    Bound by the Prince by Deborah Court – Great erotic fantasy novel. Especially if you like elves. Which I do.

    Cajun Hot by Nikita Black – Okay, who doesn’t want to read an erotic book about a woman ‘rescued’ in the swamps of Louisiana by a cajun hottie who wants her to stay with him but she has no intention of living in the backwoods?

    Breaking His Rules by Sue Lyndon – She’s late, he has dreamed of spanking her for a long time. Maybe now is the time?

    Masters of Mercy series by Rebecca Lyndon – a sex club whose owners instinctively know exactly what their clients need and who are looking for just the right woman to make them whole.

    False Pretenses by Cara Bristol – She is trying to make it as a journalist by blowing the lid off the secret Rod and Cane Society. She never expected to fall in love with one of the members or to enjoy being spanked!

    Brides of the Kindred (only the first 4 books) by Evangeline Anderson – While a bit repetitive and the POVs jump like crazy, I loved the first four books. Strong, virile men who are looking for their brides. The brides themselves? I would have loved to smack around a bit. But the men? YUM! So worth reading.

    Coursodon Series by M.L. Ryan – I SERIOUSLY cannot suggest these enough. They are funny, light erotica. The heroine is a riot. In the first book, Special Offers, Hailey orders a Kindle, not expecting it to house the essence of one Sebastian Kess from another dimension who enters her from the little eReader. Of course, if he hadn’t, she wouldn’t have met her main squeeze, Alex! I REALLY highly suggest them – like REALLY. 😀

    Masters of the Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair (first 5 books). BDSM club. Strong alpha males, mostly strong females with something in their past. It was the first set of fiction books BDSM based that I really enjoyed.

    Redemption – M/M Sci-fi romance. In the future, people can ‘sell’ themselves as Bondmates. A really unique view into custom slavery – and two heroes I couldn’t help but love.

    And…I had better stop there. *grins* I could go on and on and on. So many good books. So little time.


    • Leah says:

      Thanks for all the recommendations. Harry Potter will always hold a place in my heart. It’s been so special sharing that with the kids. My daughter turns 11 this summer and we have a big celebration planned.


      • Thianna D says:

        I want to get to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida – Stop in for a butterbeer, meander through Hogsmeade… though I think they missed out in not turning Hogwarts into a hotel. They could have done some really cool things with it.


        • Marybeth says:

          We went the first year it opened Not terribly impressed. But, when we went into Ollivander’s wand shop, they do a little performance and my son (around 11 at the time and looks a bit like harry Potter) was the one that the performer chose to be the subject of the performance. It was very cool!


    • Ria says:

      Thianna, Can you confirm the books by Rolf and Ranger, please? I have all the other books you mentioned (we have a lot of similar tastes, :-0), except those. However, when I search for either authors or book, nothing appears. My brother turned me on to M/m and DD and there are some very good writers in that genre.


  26. Terry says:

    I am going to be SO busy reading in 2014 with all these titles to check out.

    I really loved the Jacqueline Carey “Kushiel’s Dart, Chosen, Avatar etc. series. The fantasy world they take place is Europe as it should have been. The love story of Phedre and Joscelin is wonderful and so hot.

    Another non erotic sci-fi book that has an interesting story premise is The Courtship Rite by Donald Kingsbury. In this world the ultimate marriage is 3 males and 3 females. The book takes a bit to get into it but I love the dynamics and the political intrigue.

    Ana, I have a request. Is there any way someone could put together all the recipes from our posts the other day as a one time load? I would be willing to pay a small fee to get all the recipes in one place as a e-booklet. I wasn’t a part of last years Advent Calendar but those recipes could be included also. Also if all the books mentioned in today’s post could be listed out that would be wonderful.


  27. Ruth Staunton says:

    I Love the Falls Chance Ranch Series. It’s my ultimate comfort fic. The Outlander series is my all time favorite book series, period. As far as DD fic, Courage Knight’s stuff was some of the earliest I read and loved.


  28. octoberwoman says:

    Oh, so many wonderful suggestions that I want to read now! As I’ve started reading more erotica and such, the biggest issue I run into is that so much of it is only available digitally. I can’t sit at my desk and read on the computer for too long without having to get up and move around or my back and shoulders start hurting. I do not like to read on my iPhone. And I have an iPad, but my daughter uses it most evenings and I don’t really want her stumbling across my books. So the majority of my reading is still a good old fashioned bound book in my hands.

    Well, back to the actual subject, my all time favorite book/series is Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander. I’ve read it twice and lately have been itching to pick it up again. And I love the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. My sister is a big Twilight fan and I convinced her to try some non-sparkly vampire fare and got her hooked on Frost also.

    My favorite erotic book is Enemy Overnight by Robin L. Rotham. I never thought I’d like an aliens story, so I wasn’t sure going in…and it had some batshit crazy stuff in it. And some of it was scorching hot. That was the book that kind of opened my eyes to exploring other tropes that I may not have otherwise tried, which eventually led me to spanking stories…and here I am!


  29. Jaye Peaches says:

    Too many authors to pick a favourite. I do remember Penny Birch being an early one for spanking. I’m attracted to European settings and Sadie Matthews comes to mind for a little bit of erotic D/s


  30. Ria says:

    I actually had to go to Blushing Books and sort by the Most Published Authors to remember what I bought (I have so many). After Carolyn Faulkner, I think I would have to name Jennie May then Joannie Kay. Laylah Roberts is moving up the line – she has a nice story line but the stories are too short. I am often left wanting more. That actually may be a good tactic for an author since she has me buying more books, :-). Carolyn’s books leave me well satisfied.


    • octoberwoman says:

      I used to love the Anita Blake series, but not so much now. I think I’m up to book 12 or 13, and the last one I read, Incubus Dreams, I swear the first 200 pages were just one long extended sex scene. She was having sex with someone like every five pages. And yeah, I know that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but the books used to have an understandable storyline. I feel like the author just wants to write erotica now. Or maybe she’s trying to keep readers interested with some shock value.


  31. Katy Beth McKee says:

    I have grown to love a wide variety of stuff including bdsm in all kinds of groupings mmf, mfm, mm. Spanking. Age-play. Some other erotica if it’s well written. Lately, most of what I’ve been reading has been mm because I did the Dreamspinner Advent package so one new book a day. Most are short so I’ve been able to keep up. Also got the four Christmas themed books from Riptide that were also a fund raiser just finished the last one this afternoon. Oh and the Naughty List box set from Blushing. Caroline’s Rocking Horse. So the theme this month has been some of my favorite genre with a holiday twist.

    And speaking of holiday’s the sacrifices you make for your kids. My Air Force boy brought home his new Xbox that only works with HDMI. The only video device in the house with that capability is my wonderful 27 inch monitor. So now I’m using this 17 inch monitor. Love my kid but I’ll be glad when January 2nd gets here and I can see my screen without squinting.

    But with no work for two weeks and a computer monitor designed for small elves I will just be forced to spend more time reading my Nook. .


  32. Natasha Knight says:

    OK, favorite books/authors/genre…this is hard!! Outlander I saw mentioned a few times up there – that entire series is amazing. No one mentioned the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Jericho Barrons is THE alpha male. It’s paranormal having to do with Fae – sadly no spankings. They would have really made the books something… but what an imagination.

    Erotica – The Story of O stands out. I read the Beauty trilogy some time back and loved it but can’t remember it anymore. Probably loved it because I could buy the books and think no one knew I was buying erotica!

    I’m totally blanking. It’s been a long long day…

    Recent reads: Kaylee’s Keeper, Becoming Clissing (almost finished with it – did not realize it had AP until I got into it), all of Cara Bristol’s books – her DD series are my favorite. Renee Rose – I’m trying to think of my favorite but can’t name just one!! Maren Smith. Did I say that already? See…I’m going to forget people!!!


  33. pieclown says:

    Wow 237 comments as I start this one. I have to say that I am not a reader or novels. Short stories on the web and etc. I recently won a book here and I planning to read it when I have time. This Wed, I have no plans other then work. So maybe after work I get a chance to read my new novel. My favorite author, it Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I would say I enjoy several different genre. Sci-Fi, fantasy (swords and dragons), westerns, and horror.
    Now that said, on the the fantasy, well in the world of spanking, I am a fan of the spanking machine stories and photos. The idea that there is not pleading out or the spanker gets tired or worse not interested in giving a spanking. are fun. Now the idea of WAM, Wet And Messy is my main kink. This leaks out in other forms. How many have heard about adding whipped cream to love making, wet T-shirt contest, and mud wrestling. I would love to combine these. A little sm/wam/bd. Oh the idea of I am in a bra and panties, locked into a pillory, while mistress is throwing pies in my faces and another is spanking me. Everyone has their fantasy that would be mine, and it would not even have to be 2 gals, just one trading off.

    pie pie 4 now


  34. Sherilyn says:

    I read a lot of everything, except so-called “mainstream” books. I think the best authors in the past 50-60 years have been writing genre books: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and the like. Some of my favorites have already been mentioned: Jacqueline Carey and Diana Gabaldon, for sure. P.T., I knew I loved you–Philip K. Dick, yeah (for you movie buffs, Bladerunner was based on one of his books)! Robert Heinlein has been mentioned on this blog, although not today. He really had an impact on me as a teenager.

    One author who hasn’t been mentioned is Anne Bishop. The first three books of her Black Jewels series are really good. After the first three books, the eroticism in her other Black Jewels stories is wonderful!

    I’m seriously expanding my tastes in erotica and erotic romance, thanks to this event! I have several books waiting for me on my Nook, for when I finish all the Christmas ornaments and the library books that have to get read before I’ll give them back.

    BTW, Ana, your ornament is coming along. It will get finished by Christmas! I’ll e-mail you about sending it to you.


  35. abby says:

    The Story of O got me hooked. I was so intrigued and the first one had me searching for more. I love Carolyn Faulkner….my kindle is full of her. Of course there are our talented writers right here in blog land….free reads, getting and advanced look at new releases,,,we are one lucky kinky book club.
    hugs abby


  36. catrouble says:

    Good gravy! So many comments! I’m totally confused as to what I am supposed to be doing so I’ll just say I love books…all kinds…as long as they’re well written and pull me in to the story, I will enjoy it. I can’t turn loose of a book either…I will read them over and over.

    Just in paperback/hardcover books, I’ve got approximately 10,000 (not including cookbooks) and have read each of them at least 2x and most more than that. I haven’t read all the books on my kindle since I keep getting free ones from Amazon so am far behind in my reading…probably have about 2,500 (not including cookbooks) on it.

    I also collect cookbooks which I sometimes enjoy just sitting and reading…you can get some awesome ideas from a recipe and they don’t always involve actually cooking with food. 😉



      • catrouble says:

        LOL…What can I say Terry…I love to read and can’t seem to turn loose of any of my books…have been collecting for years. My dream is to have a library with floor to ceiling shelves where I can store all my print books without having to stack them. Am in the process of attempting to sort all my books on my kindle so that I can find my unread books easier.


  37. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Since I found Blushing Books, my TBR list has grown into outrageous proportions. I’ve enjoyed most, if not all, of the authors mentioned above. I love the Falls Chance Ranch series, Thianna got me hooked on it, and I’ve got most of Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series as audio books. I’m sure I’m behind and need to check if she’s got any more available for me to download. As for Demons, I got hooked on Larissa Ione’s Demonica series, though I’m probably behind on that series as well. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books, most of Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series, and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Despite it’s many flaws, I have to say that I enjoyed 50 Shades of Grey.

    As for genres, I read almost everything except crime novels. Although P.N. Elrod wrote a vampire series that had the flavor of a 1930’s hard boiled detective story with a very self-effacing vampire as the narrator, and I enjoyed those, too. I have to say there are only a handful of books I didn’t or couldn’t finish, and some of those were best sellers, so what do I know?

    I guess I go through waves of interest. Kathleen Woodiwiss started me on historical romance. My next phase was ushered in with Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan’s paranormal series. Now it’s spanking, BDSM, age play, medical fetish, etc. As my husband says, “If you’re mother knew what you were into now, she’d be so proud.” But let’s face it, my mother wouldn’t have approved of Harry Potter, so I’m not going to lose sleep over the way my interests have changed. In my mind, they haven’t really changed, they’ve just morphed a little. I still read historical and paranormal romances, now they just have spanking in them, too. So, that’s not so different. Right?


  38. Tara Finnegan says:

    Am I allowed to throw a spanner in the works and say the writers of books that shaped me have long since returned to dust?

    If I was to select a totally favourite writer it would have to be Jane Austen. She lived a humdrum life by order of her birth but she made me giggle so many times in the last 30 plus years, since my 13th birthday when someone gave me a hardback, illustrated copy of Pride and Prejudice. It was my sisters friend who gifted it, I doubt she ever knew the effect it would have on me but interestingly, her elder sister taught me English the following year. If she had been my teacher for longer it mightn;t have taken me so long to see the magic.


  39. Katie says:

    Sliding in last minute here I think! 🙂 I’ll talk about the non-vanilla books that I enjoy, though I like to read all kinds of books. I have a huge list of tbr which includes so many neat authors’ books in the land. Ya know I love Becoming Clissine, and I think that the Kat and Natalie books are favs of mine. 🙂 I am reading Sunny’s first book now, and then on to PK and Renee’s and the list goes on and on. I really enjoy them all. 🙂 I read a couple of Constance’s books quite a long time ago and really enjoyed them. 🙂 Also did very much enjoy Switch- which I read some time ago. 🙂

    Before Blogland I would have to say that my fav series would be the one by Kallypso Masters- Rescue Me. She is an awesome writer, and her stories- BDSM are so believable. They are about some guys post wartime in Iraq, who get together and open a BDSM club. It really is about how they heal- not just from war but from things such as losing a wife to illness, helping someone heal from abuse, dealing with injuries from war, so many things. It is about brotherhood and caring for others. Some serious Alpha guys there- but also the story of true friendship- staying the course and looking out for each other. I am pretty sure that you will find some spanking in there- but can’t really remember. None the less, it is worth the read. You have to read them in order. They each build on each other and the first is free I think. You will find it here:


    Short on time today, but will go over the links asap. Thanks Ana! Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie


  40. Kitty says:

    ah darn i finally get to get of the comp but it’s to late (whines) 4 me it’s 9 28 pm.
    i’ve only have a chance to glance at the posts.
    from blushing i really like buying trouble by s.k. fero, i’ve loved every thing ive read by courage knight, sharon green is a fav. i first found her javla or is it jalva series.i could go on and on.
    in mainstream johanna lindsey, mercadies lackey, maryjanice davidson again i could go on and on. i’m a self professed bookaholic. adicted yep


  41. houston_switch says:

    I like: M/f F/f and trying yo find F/m dd and loving/spanking books. Read most everything by Cara Bristol and bits and parts of many other authors who play here.


  42. Roz says:

    I confess I haven’t read many books *hanging head*. I read the Coming to Terms anthology and really enjoyed reading stories from different authors and the different writing styles in the one book.

    Of course, I also have Editorial Board 🙂 It has taken me a while to be able to get to reading it but I am thoroughly enjoying it 🙂 Next is The Winner from Patricia Green.



  43. Ria says:

    There are so many more comments since I last checked. You obviously hit the jackpot with these calendar themes, Ana. But here are two authors which I also follow closely. Eve Howard’s Shadow Lane series (I think I stopped at #11) and Devlin O’Neill Maid for all Seasons.


    • Ria says:

      It seems that I can’t stop, :-0 . But I also wanted to mention Korey Mae Johnson and C. C. Barrett. I need to stop however, because I want to get to today’s calendar before my world overtakes me, 🙂 (which will be in 20 mins)


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