Helper elves’ favorite moments (Advent Calendar, Day 23)

(This Advent Calendar post is brought to you by helper elves Tara, Penny, Emily, Kathryn, and Kate.)

The Elf camp in North Pole, Ana’s World, Alternative Universe were very busy making sure all the behind the scenes work was done to make sure Santa sent you your prizes on time for Christmas.

Ana was a real slave driver, cracking the whip at every opportunity. The problem was that for some of us naughtier elves that just didn’t seem to work. The whip feels far too good when wielded with such a mixture of sternness and kindness. Added to that sometimes Ana was laughing at our antics too much to get in a really good swing. 😀

Feeling sorry for us yet? You should be.

But before you get too carried away with your sympathies spare a thought for poor Ana. You wouldn’t believe what she had to put up with.

Two of the elves were angels, no doubt about it.

Mighty Mistress Blake was a rock of sense. (Good job because some of us hadn’t a half an ounce of it between us) Every night she backed up the spreadsheets faithfully, totally essential as some of the naughtier elves did bad, bad things on it, and poor Ana’s heart was in her mouth at times as she saw the messing that was going on. And Mistress Blake could be relied upon to record the late night comments when most of us were in our beds making Z’s.

Kinky Toy Story Kate Richards never caused a moment’s trouble, working away quietly without a naughty moment.

Now let’s go to the rest of the elves.

Humph! Brats all three.

Let’s see what have we got?

OK for starters we have Squickgirl: also known as naughty elf Emily Tilton,  her powers are that she can: Turn stomachs at 50 yards, turn readers on at the drop of a hat and turn your skirt up for a spanking faster than the eye can see. As the comments queen, every day she religiously put up a “clean comments thread” for logging the commenters. It became a game to see who would corrupt it first so she would have to start a new thread. In the end she gave it up for a lost cause and corrupted it before the rest of us got a chance. And boy, can Emily do corruption, in the best possible way (let’s not even talk about that naughty picture in the spreadsheet).


I think we seriously should award her a naughtiest elf award. Heck, she even nearly managed to corrupt head elf Ana. Failing the naughtiest elf award, she should be a serious contender for funnest elf prize. OMG you should have seen her in that role. Emily is a naughty girl who knows how to play when she should be studying but still manages to get the A+’s. The ultimate multitasker.

Next we had Polishing Penelope AKA Shinyelfgirl. Her super powers

Polishing Penny Shinygirl can make people say “Dawwwwww!” in a nanosecond as she runs Royal Hasler School for wayward girls who nead spanking, making sure this is a sparkling world, disciplining teachers who fail to make the grade. Her kindness and sweetness were a shining light even while her naughtiness raised a smile. A sucker for jelly tots and slides, Emily knew just how to make Penny sing with a trail of Jelly Tot’s right up to the top of the 100 foot slide, even though poor Penelope’s tummy lurched as she realised how far the drop. Shinypennyelf has a halo of sweetness that brought light to everyone. Ever sweet and mindful of her fellow elves, she should get a special award just for being Penny. A light in everyone’s lives.

But just in case you think “no one can be that perfect” here is a redeeming quote from her:

Ana… I have a confession to make. I went into the spreadsheet to add the new sign-up and I opened the chat window and I sang a silly song at Emily and it might have been rude and I sorry.

JINGLE BELLS, ANA SMELLS, TARA RAN AWAY The reindeer didn’t know where to look.

That’s as far as it got before it was realised Head Elf Ana was too busy to notice or punish for it, so the two naughty minxes in question started posting rhymes until Ana could take no more and came in with difficult words like orange and silver to silence them. Hah, head elf lost. You can rhyme almost anything if you really want to 😀 [Ana’s note: “orange” does NOT rhyme with “porridge” and “still-ver” is not a word! Neither is “derple,” no matter how much you want a rhyme with “purple.”]

Then there was Tawsewoman Tara: a twisted trollop who gives black eyes with a gesture of her forefinger. She rules over the spreadsheet with a punishment-strap reinforced with adamantine studs. She leathers the spreadsheet daily until it sobs up its faults and reduces the naughty elves to tears with a single exclamation “you feckin’ eejit!” In her silly self-righteousness she tried to hold everyone to account one minute, then ruined poor Emily’s comment threads for pure badness. One minute she was threatening a spanking then begging for one herself.

A late entry into the Elves: QuickDraw Michelle. She stepped up to the plate and took on a super seekrit projikt (To paraphrase shinypennyelf). A late entry maybe but definitely not a slow starter. What a great addition she was until she posted a terrible abomination on the elf page that I swear nearly blinded all of us. (Sorry Michelle, couldn’t resist the dig, I’m still traumatised.) Ana had to post an anecdote in the form of the cutest kitten ever to prevent total elf blindness. OK I jest, the abomination video was brilliantly humorous and had us in the fits of laughter. Within minutes it was like she was there forever.

Speaking of spankings, Damn those naughty elves spent hours begging Head Elf Ana for one.

Head Elf Ana also known as “All will be well Ana” her super powers are electronic hypnotism and unconditional love. Ana had many, many responsibilities throughout AC and I shudder to think how she managed them all in between meeting her writing deadlines. The last thing she needed was “brat elves” but even so she managed to get four out of six. (Ana’s note to self for next Advent Calendar will go something like this: October 1 : for the next 2 month’s scour all posts from potential elves. Any naughty girls should automatically be excluded, before they ruin me beyond repair. I’m a good girl. Why do I let them corrupt me?) If you had any idea how much we craved the loving touch on our tooshies! We counted her exclamation marks after our names to see who got the most virtual spanks. And if we felt neglected, we got more outrageous.

So for a few behind the scene antics…

Thread started by Ana who knows her naughty elves too well:

Ana: Naughty elves, don’t get excited by the “Yes, Yes, Yes in the winner sheet

Squickgirl Emily: It’s No, No, No that excites us!


And another one:

Ana: I’ve realised why this group is so much fun. I thought it would just be boring, dry spreadsheet announcements. We all *like* spreadsheets.

And also we’re all nutty.

Tawsewoman Tara replied: I like spread on sheets. Oops sorry I meant spreadsheets.

Ana: Tara!!!! – only four exclamations and therefore only four spanks, how disappointing. Sheesh what does a naughty elf have to do to get a good thrashing around here.

We nearly ruined Ana, honestly we did. Thankfully she collected herself later. We were all so caught up in spreadsheet formula that Ana posted some double entendre spread jokes;. I have to share

This first one is a real thread not a joke but it’s too good to ignore :

Ana: Now how do I delete this? Hm..

Penny Let’s all stare at it really hard and embarrass it into leaving.

Yeah, like that worked 😀

Then we have the jokes, spreadsheet and boring accountant silly stuff:

“It’s time I demonstrated double entry”

“That was an unauthorised entry!”

[Ana’s note: Also “internal audit.” Find more hilarity at the alternative accountant.]

And a mousepad image uploaded by the naughty/nice head elf herself, quoted such abominations as:

Tarty Tables

Saucy cells

Luscious lookups

Naughty numbers.

There were more but the brain went into overload, and I’m damned if I can remember them.

Then as we naughty elves were going totally nuts with frivolity, the posts came live and there were were some amazing comments from the wonderful AC players that could achieve a silence that dear Ana, despite her best efforts, couldn’t always achieve.

For Example: (not in any order )

Ria said: However, since I am perfect, was never sent to the corner, and switching is a very distant memory, life could not get better since I can walk on water :-0, I believe that there is no need for change in my life,  (one of the wittiest comments of the season IMO, so much so that one elf who shall remain nameless said what a pity never to experience the joy of swimming)

Joanne Best gave us so many heart wrenching and candid comments that it’s impossible to pick one or two of hers to shine out from the generous glow in her heart.

Michael was something else, naughtily inappropriate at times but only and ever when it was appropriate to be inappropriate. By contrast he could be incredibly sensitive when that was the order of the day.

Paul, the man denied Christmas by circumstance, went out of his way to create Christmas for others.

Sassy at times sure was sassy but in the nicest possible way. We laughed out loud at her dismay when her wordpress image changed! Someone said “Penis” on Ana’s blog. 😀

I would truly love to quote all the comments that got posted on the elf group as they were so special but if I did that I’d miss the posting deadline. Just know you all made December really special for us, and sometimes the ghosts of Christmas Past are incredibly touching as seen so many times on Ana’s Advent Calendar.

We elves really want to thank you all for being totally amazing. Without you guys, there would be no Ana’s Advent Calendar and (scary thought) no elves. So Spanks to you all (ok so for some kisses – sheesh it’s hard to be a crowd pleaser!!) and may Santa bring you all your hearts desire in a peaceful and happy season.

So before you all log off for the holiday, to give us all a warm and fuzzy feeling, we would really love to know the comment that affected you most, something you will carry with you for a while. It can be any day or any post or as silly as you like. Just something that made you either stop and think, remember the past, or spit coffee over your keyboard in laughter. This is all of our opportunities to sum up  Ana’s Advent Calendar and what it meant to us.

[Ana’s note: Now accepting applications for well-behaved, non-rhyming, non-corrupting helper elves for next year. Inquire within.]


143 thoughts on “Helper elves’ favorite moments (Advent Calendar, Day 23)

  1. Joelle Casteel says:

    awww that was a difficult read while my Master is trying to sleep- I kept wanting to laugh. But the end was sweet- even found myself tearing up a bit. To shinnypennyelf, I saw HONK! hehe poor Ana- I’m picturing you getting ready for next Advent Calendar already 😀


  2. abby says:

    Naughty elves…wish i wasn’t so busy….i would be using that wooden spoon. It is Dec. 23..we are so busy…and you want us to choose 1 comment out of the over 100 a day! For me, it is am impossible task! I loved hearing about all the different traditions that are celebrated by families each year, i teared up at some of heart rending accounts of not so jolly Christmas seasons, i was thankful for new stories to read, even if they were only snippets that whet my appetite….and i made new friends…and you all made me laugh and smile…especially you naughty elves…..what more could a reader ask for??
    Thank you so much for all your work on the advent calendar….it is one of those events that will stay with me for a long a time..
    hugs abby


  3. Tracey Horton says:

    This has been an amazing month and I look forward to continuing here in the new year.

    I was moved by the following posts:

    Renee’s Refiscovering my Christmas Spirit. It was touching to see how many of us share the same feelings and hurts and of our best to smile and carry on.

    Ana’s post about Loving Your Neighbor. Effected me tremendously. I still haven’t recovered which is what she wanted. I hope to keep that with me. It was beautiful.

    I have laughed out loud at the antics of Ana, Michael, Tara, et al. It has even something I looked forward to everyday (well almost….).

    Thank you for all the time and effort it didn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. I hope you all hade an amazing (and restful) holiday!


    • Anastasia Vitsky says:

      So many of us have found a way to carry on despite sadness, but we are honest without having to pretend. I like that.

      I think I’ll change the sidebar button to link to the navigational post (with all the daily posts linked in order) so people can go back and re-read throughout the year. It’ll be like a visit back to Advent Calendar, any time you want.

      Antics? Me? I was framed. 😀


      • Tara Finnegan says:

        Great idea on the sidebar, I for one would love to come back in the dreary January days.
        Framed. Laughing my socks off, you put yourself in the picture 😀


      • Terry says:

        Having an easy link to the Advent Calendar is a great idea. I want to be able to go back and look at the charitable organizations, the recipe day and the book list day. There were other posts I didn’t have time to explore that I would have time to look at this winter. I had asked about a book list and maybe a recipe e-booklet. Are any of those things possible?


    • Michael says:

      Racey Tracey, you laughed out loud at antics between me, Ana and the other imps, but I bet what was really making you smile was when these naughty girls, led by imp Ana, unfairly condemned me to the corner. This has been the worst miscarriage of justice since l’affaire Dreyfus.

      And speaking of unfairness, why is it okay and actually cute for you, Tracey, and Ana, Tara, Terry and the other imps to have typos but when I have a few very minor errors the entire imp nation descends on my butt with paddles blazing? Unfairs I tells ya, yeah, unfairs is what it is.

      Seriously, Ana, I think adding a button to the side bar linking to the Advent navigational post would be outstanding. I find myself going back to various Advent posts for the links and also to reread them and also the comments, both heartfelt and funny.


  4. terpsichore says:

    there were many comments that touched me…but one that really touched my heart was the first one by Joanne Best about her mom…I could feel the love in her words…and it made me think of my mom and how lucky I am to have such a special relationship with her and my gratitude to still have her in my life.

    Thanks helper elves and Ana for giving a place for all of us to share and be us! 🙂 Hugs


  5. Tara Finnegan says:

    I can’t believe naughty Ana is accepting applications for new elves before we’ve even finished our duties for this one. Humph!!

    (Naughty elf huddle, psst Emily, Penny, Michelle B…*whisper* let’s all go get new pen names and reapply for next year. That’ll teach her)

    I’m with Tracey, that love your neighbour post was incredibly touching. Something I’ll carry with me for such a long time.


  6. chickie says:

    I have never giggled out loud uncontrollably at my phone/computer before. Every. Single. Day. This has been soooo much fun! I’ve made some new friends – that I’m too busy to get to know at the moment lol. This is an unbelievably stressful point in my life right now with work/family and leaving little time for reindeer games. I keep finding myself stopping and going back through the day to read who wrote what.

    So in the coming months things will get easier for me and this little elf will have much more time on my hands. My halo is warped, my jingle bells are tarnished and my hat doesn’t sit on quite right. That probably makes me a bit overqualified lol. But I’d love to help.


  7. JC says:

    Looking back over the month, there is no way I can pick one comment or post! I think the most touching thing has been being able to participate here without being judged.
    This is the hidden portion of my life, but I have enjoyed meeting new people and coming out of my box.
    The person who has made me laugh the most would have to be Michael. I have enjoyed reading his replies and making fun of him. (By way has he been let out of the corner yet).
    Ana you have done a fantastic job. I can not even imagine the time and effort that went into making this happen. Thank you for making each person feel welcomed.

    By the way don’t ever let Michael get his hands on a flat iron! 😉


  8. Katy Beth McKee says:

    I didn’t think there is any one but that the whole of it. Having days that were just fun and full of later. Having days that seem to pull out something deep. Days that were a mix. I’ve enjoyed going back the next day and reading through all the comments and replies.

    Just a big thank you to all that are involved. It has made a difference to be a part of the fun this year. I’ve been really struggling for the last few weeks. It has been a bright spot to come a play everyday.

    Just thanks to all of you. Hitting send now before I decide to be less honest and delete most of the above.


    • Tracey Gramiak Horton says:

      I hope you have someone to talk to or share Christmas with. I will be thinking of you and praying for you that this is a blessed Christmas this year. This group has been a blast and I think we all feel like we have an extended family and community here. Looking forward to talking with you and everyone here next year!!


  9. Michelle B says:

    I’m still laughing at the “QuickDraw Michelle” part, above! 😀 It really had me laughing out loud in my living room!

    I am excited about my “super seekrit projikt” – *jumps with glee* 😀

    And about that so-called ‘abomination’, I personally think the elves need to gain a bit more,let’s say, wordly experiences to appreciate the video better *giggle* Silly elves…

    As for the rest of you readers,, if you’re interested in the clip – it’s been on a few social media sites in the past week so you may have seen it already anyway, but if you’re interersted, let me know and I will share, but only if/when I get a request to share it… I don’t really want to be blamed for some mass eye blinding scenario! 😉


  10. sassytwatter says:

    I can’t choose just one…..from the sexy sizzling posts, to the sweet & sassy then downright just silly I have enjoyed reading all of them and coming back to read the comments something I found wanting myself to do more and more. Not only was advent fun & helped me get into the spirit of the true meaning of the holiday I learned so much met some new people I hope to become better acquainted with, have a whole new list of wonderful spanky books to read as well as stopped to think of others & take time out. This post was adorable & keep giggling that I have been admonished 3 times while reading this in bed. The Neigbor post has probably stayed with me the most I tend to be very focused and not talk to strangers when out and about but this week I have an extra smile or little bit of help & it felt so good & seemed to be appreciated but unsuspecting strangers that someone who stop in this time of hustle & bustle.

    I’d love the be an elf in training next year. I have lots of yummy pictures to dress up any spreadsheet.

    Happy holidays! Thank you from my heart for all the hard work Ana & her adorable legs did making Advent so much fun!! Hope you all start NY off with a happy shinny red bottom.


  11. Renee Meyer says:

    Goodness, do you really want just one comment?? I hope not, cause I am really not good at following the rules. I mean just yesterday, the lady at the grocery store checkout (complete stranger mind you) told me I was causing trouble when I got in an argument with the new self-checkout machine. Talk about stubborn that machine just keeps repeating itself. I really don’t like know-it-all machines. Arghhh!!! Anyway back to the comments – gosh there were so many great ones. I loved St. Knickerless Day. Ami’s reminder why we should always wear pretty underthings, “And one always has to think about one’s grandmother’s advice “You could be knocked down by a bus – and then what would you do if your underwear wasn’t presentable!” Ana’s defining what DD is and isn’t, “DD is a connection between two people, not two sets of genitals.” and the Love your neighbor post was very thought provoking while JoanneBest’s comment, “you hit the nail right on the head, compassion IS the best gift we can give ourselves and others, it can set off a chain reaction and before you know, it can reach around the world and come right back to us.” was something I typed up and taped to my desk. Thank you to everyone who worked on the AC and everyone who participated. Thank you for the safe place to share ourselves. This has been so much fun. Happy Monday everyone.


  12. thelongbean says:

    Well I noticed that you elves have been playing up a little (I thought I had commented on every post within 24hrs of it going up), maybe a large dose of the wooden spoon, or shall I find a spatula in my Kitchen….
    Thank you Ana for organising the calendar, so a good girl spanking would be offered. May be JoanneBest will be offered one for making me laugh where appropriate and making some very thoughtful points on the more serious posts.
    As for the other elves, definitely the wooden spoon and the length depends on the evidence. It may take a long time to assess the facts, determine the necessary outcome. Just so you know, I spent 10 years working as a compliance auditor:)

    Καλά Χριστούγεννα to you all


  13. Leigh Smith says:

    There is no way I could pick just one comment or one post. From hilarious to thought provoking it was a great lead up to Christmas Day.. Thank you to all who worked so hard to make it so much fun.


  14. JoanneBest says:

    Holy Impossible Feat Batgirl!!! I may be best (get it? best? Best? Corner, here I come! :D), ahem, as I was trying to say, I think I may be better at deflecting compliments than accepting them, but I have to step out of my box (geez, what does it take to get put in the corner she said longingly :D) and say thank you one and all for every bit of kindness and love you’ve shown me at the most difficult time I’ve ever had to live through in my entire life.
    As JC pointed out, I too can not pick out only one post or comment that has affected me most because my entire experience this last month stays with me every moment of every day. And I am most sincere when I say, Ana, you and all your helper elves, and everyone involved with Ana’s Advent Calendar have turned a time I was dreading into a healing, loving learning experience I will carry with me forever.
    From Michael’s ‘Dominick The Donkey’ (which has been stuck in my head since the Christmas Carol Sing-a-long) to Tara’s Irish Christmas, the awesome White Elephant Gift Exchange and Sex Toys, all the Christmas memories and traditions, and the wonderful Gift of allowing me the honor of commenting on Day 17, Loving our Neighbor, geez, I wish I could mention each and every one of you by name, because each and every one of you have become Family to me.
    When my heart was at it’s lowest point, when I felt numb and empty inside thinking I’d never be able to get through Christmas this year, an Angel steered me here (I have a feeling my Angel’s name is Alice Bridget Best aka Mom), for a reason, and because of that nudge in Ana’s direction, I’m now able to feel.
    I’m no longer numb, no longer feel empty inside, instead my heart feels full of love and joy and acceptance. I’ve giggled uncontrollably, shed quite a few healing tears, in fact I feel downright glowy these days and that, my dear new friends, is all because of you, every single one of you. I will be forever grateful to Ana especially for hosting the best Advent Calendar Event ever, for the time you and your naughty little helper elves spent to make it all happen, and the time you all spent here commenting, giving me giggles and advice and just plain saving my life.
    In case I didn’t make myself clear, my heart is filled with love for all of you, there is no way I can thank you enough.
    And PS Ana, if you’re taking applications for next year {raises hand high which also raises my skirt a few inches} count me in if needed. You, my dearest Ana, have truly changed my life for the better. And who knows? Maybe by next year I’ll be able to tell the tale of my first spanking (she said hopefully with all fingers crossed), because, as the song goes :I’m good bad, but I ain’t evil. 😀
    Much Love with a capital “L”, I look forward to getting to know you all throughout the coming year and doing this again next year.
    Also, many standing O’s for everyone!!! 😉


      • JoanneBest says:

        I wish I could take credit but it’s SO from Buffy the Vampire Slayer; very good scene where there’s a body switch and Faiths in Buffy checking out Her body in a kinda steamy bubble bath scene…I’m in love with all things Buffy, especially the chemistry between the 2 slayers; hot 😉
        One day I’ll get the nerve to put my own self there…but I’m bonkers for Buffy; I’m happy it makes you smile, me too, it’s my fave scene lol
        I relate to Buffy on a ridiculous level, hee! xox


        • Robin says:

          Oh my god I love Buffy so much!!!! I started DVRing when I realized FX was airing it in the wee hours of the morning, I hadn’t watched in about seven years. I came in this time around during season 5, finished out the series and now I just started season one on netflix. With two episodes recording seven days a week I was running out of space on the DVR. Buffy is my second favorite show ever — after Friends!


  15. Terry says:

    I didn’t think I would claim perfect attendance but the Advent Calendar has been so much fun that I had to come every day (and usually more than once a day) to check on everyone’s postings. As a newbie here I maybe taking my life in my hands (or another part of my anatomy) to say NO I’m not choosing just one memory because I can’t.

    Some days brought much laughter and giggles. One day brought beautiful videos of Christmas carols and another brought a list of books I can’t wait to read. I can’t forget the day of yummy recipes I want to try. There were several days that brought me to tears reading about the children, families and others who are in need of love and support. The list of organizations that do so much good will give me a way to help others in the future. The stories some of you shared about missing loved ones this Christmas season broke my heart so I hope that being a part of the Calendar help ease the feeling of loss even if just a little. To Tara, Michael, Zee and all the others who shared memories of their Christmas’ past and present thank-you. You helped me travel down my own memory lane to revisit Christmas’ from my past and the happy times I enjoyed as a child.

    I’m so happy that I took the chance to be a part of this group. To Ana and everyone who has posted Thank-you for a wonderful and magical month.


    • Michael says:

      Terry, it is a wonderful group, and I am so happy you took the plunge and joined in even if it was at the risk of a delicate part of your anatomy. 😉

      So happy Ana’s Advent Calendar triggered many nice Christmas memories for you.

      Merry Christmas, Terry. 🙂


  16. Kelsey Summer says:

    Quite a few posts and comments have stayed with me. The most heartfelt were probably on the day Renee Rose posted about her mother. Joanne’s comment really stuck in my head. Also the day Michael posted about his Italian Christmases really brought back memories. I haven’t stopped thinking about my Italian grandmother. I fondly remember her swearing up a storm in Italian and telling my sister and I to get out of the way while she was cooking. Good memories, but sad since she’s no longer with us.

    I’ve really enjoyed the past month, learning about all of you. I hope to continue to “meet” with you all online.


      • JoanneBest says:

        Ah fahnahbala, I don’t know how to spell all those curses I learned in Newark, but we brought them with us to Sayreville and my Mom was a great one to curse in Italian (and I wonder why I can swear like a sailor :D) Madonna mia and there was something that sounded like ‘mah-donga’ …I know, I mangle the English language already, give me another language and all I got is fahnahbala and managala geeta-beek and is cursing, I mean attempting to curse, in another language a spankable offense? If not, can it be? 😉


  17. Janey says:

    Oh my goodness, I really couldn’t possibly choose one comment or even one topic. They have swung from one end of the emotion spectrum to the other. Spluttering out laughing to crying as I try to read or type.
    I have especially loved the days when it’s all gone crazy though. Those times when comments have ended up in the wrong place and we were all drawn back to comment several times. I too have become acquainted with more people here and discovered many more links to explore.
    I am blaming all here on me getting into trouble for spending so much time online though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lots of exclamation marks from me, I need to share the trouble)


  18. Thianna D says:

    Haven’t we talked about my extremely bad memory? I can barely remember what happened two seconds ago, let alone yesterday.

    I just wanna thank Ana and the elves (sounds like a new cartoon rock group ) for their wonderful work on this 25 days of hilarity and fun. We all need that 🙂

    Ooh, and now I have a visual in my head of said cartoon rock group. Why do I do this to myself? 😉


  19. quiet sara says:

    I enjoyed reading the funny comments Michael left and his banter back and forth.

    On a more serious note, several of the Christmas traditions posts left lasting impressions
    on me and made me venture back to my childhood, reminiscing over things past and how
    future Christmases could be more enjoyable.

    Thanks for doing this advent. It was fun but it also made each of us think about and consider things we might not have on our own.


  20. angieia says:

    There were a lot of heartfelt posts and comments. I can’t say that one really sticks out. I have looked forward to seeing what will be posted each day. I have laughed and cried at the different posts and comments.

    Thank you for Ana’s Advent calendar. It has been a lot of fun and very eye-opening.


  21. Marybeth says:

    I agree with everyone else, there is no way I can pick one comment or even one day! I appreciated Ana explaining some terms on the first day (Thanks Ana, it was much appreciated!) I really enjoyed playing word tag with Michael. (Really, Michael, it was fun! Your wife is a very lucky woman!) I found new blogs to follow thru all of you, but now I’m spending way too much time on the internet. I have laughed out loud everyday! It has been wonderful!
    Thank you everyone for being so warm and wonderful to a former lurker!


    • Michael says:

      Marybeth, I greatly enjoyed playing with you…er, I mean playing word tag with you. It was fun. 🙂
      If Season is lucky than I am doubly lucky to have married this amazing woman.

      Merry Christmas Eve, Marybeth. 🙂


  22. angel says:

    I could have been good would have been nice I tried I really did but with all those comments from so many naughty Elfs and their peps like Penny, Emily, MICHEAL and those spotchie panties that caused all the problems There is so many I can not list them all would need lots and lots more pages I would If I list all those who crupted all us sweet little Angel’s. Before the Advent calander we where ever so good had never been naughty or bad I am telling you it wasn’t us really it wasn’t our fault really truelly I swear it wasn’t not us just ask anyone they will tell you Oh But don’t ask Ana Tara or Sunny cause they wouldn’t know they just think they saw horns holding up our halo’s
    PS I have a list of who you can ask!!!!!


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      ROFL Angel.

      Yup, I’m pretty sure that’s a pair of horns there hidden under your hair 🙂 But then again there is a lot to be said for making that naughty list 😉


  23. Michael says:

    Thank you all so much for making me smile this morning. I am really struggling and needed some life-affirming feelings, and this is the perfect place for that. Thank you to precious and precocious Ana, thank you to hilarious and mischievous helper elves and thank you to all the fun and compassionate commenters. I now consider you all friends and am the richer for it.

    Where to begin to pick just a few moments from an experience that has been so heart touching, soul enriching, tickle the funny bone hilarious and button pushing squirm inducing. Who would have thought one could conflate such disparate ideas and emotions and produce such an amazingly wonderful mixture of love and friendship.

    I cannot pick just one moment or person so here I go again breaking the rules and invoking the ire of one Anastasia Vitsky.

    Ana’s post – “My hero, Mr. Rogers” – was one of my favorites as it touched me deeply and was a true reminder of seeing the good in people during this holiday season. And realizing people struggle during this time and for many it is a Blue Christmas rather than a White Christmas.

    Sunny’s “Snowy Memories” story was so uplifting it will always stay in my heart.

    Tara’s “An Irish Christmas” struck a chord and crossed cultural barriers and made me wish I were on the Emerald Isle to experience the love and warmth.

    I loved hearing about warm weather Christmas celebrations in Zee’s “December in the tropics” post and from comments by Long Bean and other warm weather dwellers. That really brought a smile to the face of this snowbound Minnesotan, but being with Season makes it warm no matter the time of year.

    Happy to freely admit I loved the teasing led by Ana, but ably abetted by sister imps Marybeth, JC, Irishey and other naughty girls. Season enjoyed my plight too and when Ana asked me what my wife thought of this online woman putting her husband in the corner Season responded, and these are her exact words,”I would invite her over for a glass of wine and watch you burn off your corner time.”
    Ana is such a bad influence!!!

    Two people especially touched me this Christmas season. Paul’s story about how even though he was denied Christmas due to world events and the loss of his father he generously didn’t allow the same to happen to his younger sisters and gave then Father Christmas and many happy memories.

    And lastly who could not be touched by Joanne as she struggles though her first Christmas without her mom. Taken from her and her family too young and too abruptly, Joanne shared her heartbreak and emotions with us in an aching but ultimately happy way as we got to know her amazing mother which keeps her alive in the minds of even more people. Her presence will always be felt. Merry Christmas to you, Joanne, and I still want to get together for that cup of coffee.

    Thank you all for taking the time to listen.
    Ana, thank you for creating this warm and welcoming event, and for allowing me to play amongst the light and sunshine.

    Merry Christmas to you all.


      • Michael says:

        Admit it, JC, you were not just glad you were able to aid in the teasing, you were absolutely giddy about doing so, and in a starring role, not just aiding.

        Season doesn’t have a flat iron, but the toy bag is full so we are not lacking in that department. But one thing I hope Santa does bring us is a new cane as ours has recently been broken. Not broken over Season’s bum but when put away after its last use. It not an actual rattan cane but a pervertable, a wooden dowel rod I purchased at the local hardware store. I don’t use the cane often as I find it too harsh, but every once in a while it is what Season not only wants but needs. I do want to upgrade from the pervertable dowel rod to an actual rattan or bamboo cane so now would be the perfect time. Hope either Santa or Mrs. Claus is listening.


        • angel says:

          I am asking Ana if we can put you back in the corner This Easter Hmmmmm that’s to far away can we do it for valentines Please !!!!!!! lol


          • Michael says:

            Easter! Valentine’s Day! Angel, I’m sure you’ll also have plans for me to see fireworks on the Fourth of July.

            You are the most devilish angel I have ever met, Miss Angel.


        • JC says:

          Your right I did love the starring role, but remember you started it on the White Elephant present day, up to that point I was a very nice person 🙂
          Maybe I will continue the torment on your blog. We shall see.

          I am glad to know your previous cane was nit broken on poor Season’s backside.


          • Michael says:

            Typical imp rebuttal – “It’s not my fault! It’s actually your fault, Michael, that I misbehave so much.”

            JC, I know you are a nice person, I really feel that right through the screen, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are an imp through and through and act accordingly which is actually pretty adorable. 🙂

            I welcome you to Blossom and Thorn with open arms, and also open hands as you WILL get your bare behind smacked when you try to torment me. As I said here to another imp; my house, my rules.
            Well, actually it is Season’s house too, but I don’t know how much help she will be to you while she is standing in the corner with her bare bum blazing for all to see. But don’t worry about her being lonely as I am sure you will be joining Season in the corner very shortly after your arrival. 😈


    • JoanneBest says:

      Michael, I can’t thank you enough for your kind words, I can’t say more than that right now because it’s hard to type through tears, but these are the good kind of tears, the kind of tears that come when your heart is full of love. Learning all those commonalities we share (geographically speaking, for one, as well as you restoring my faith in men named Michael), reading your comments and seeing the love you share with Season has been one of the best gifts of all. And I would be honored to share that cup of coffee/tea. Merry Christmas to you and your Season ❤


      • Michael says:

        I am so happy we have met and your tears are the good kind.

        Our commonalities are wonderful and makes me feel like we have been friends for years. I told Season about you and your circumstances and she sends her love and a great big virtual hug. She hopes one day we do share that cup of coffee. Maybe with a little anisette poured in.
        You are a very special woman, Joanne. 🙂

        Joanne, I didn’t see your comment here at first and just left a new comment at the end of this thread with a recipe for struffoli.


    • Marybeth says:

      It was fun teasing you Michael. And I am not as imp! I am a tease! LOL I know no Michaels, so you have the honor of standing out in my mind. Thank you for the direction to new blogs, I have been visiting. Maybe I’ll even leave a comment! And, I am sorry you live in Minnesota. Brrrrrr…..Upstate NY is cold, but not that cold!


      • Michael says:

        Marybeth, did your nose grow longer when you exclaimed “I am not an imp!”? Did your pants catch fire? This is a different fire than the fire Mrs. Claus ignites when she heats your seat with her wooden spoon. You are BOTH an imp and a tease, young lady.

        Glad you like some of the new blogs you discovered. I hope you continue to enjoy them for a long time. I would love for you to comment on Blossom and Thorn; Season and I would be honored. Oh, and dear Marybeth, if you do stop by please remember that Blossom and Thorn is my house so my rules. Here I play by Ana’s rules…well, mostly… there you will play by my rules. 😈
        Oh, who am I kidding, the imps on Blossom and Thorn already run amok, but over there I am the one who takes them in hand, not Mrs. Claus. 🙂

        The temperature her is 1 with a wind chill of about 12 below. Brrrrrr indeed!


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      I have to tell you, I love your wife 😀
      Maybe she should give you extra corner time 😉

      The Christmas post was mutual, you really made my mouth water with your fish dishes, and your family sounded so warm and fun.


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      I thought I replied to you here, Michael -seems it wanted to go under Marybeth’s post. Ah well, my hopelessness with technology is almost legendary.
      Season sounds like a wonderful woman and she should definitely give you corner time while enjoying a large glass of aromatic, warm, fullbodied red, taking her time over it, even giving you a rundown on it’s finer qualities while you whimper with desire to hold that glass in your own hand 😀
      I loved your Christmas post also, the food made my mouth water and your family seemed to be filled with such love, not to mention excellent culinary and alcohol making skills.
      Have a great Christmas. It’s been a pleasure to watch you in action.


      • Michael says:

        Tara, I read your comment to Season and she loved it! You pegged her correctly in that she loves a full bodied red wine.

        Season is a wonderful woman, thank you for your nice words, but now you have given her further ideas how to taunt me while in the corner and describing the attributes of the red wine while she appreciates the attributes of my red behind.
        Thanks a lot! hrumph!


  24. thelongbean says:

    Michael, Thanks for the mention, just to rub it in, the sea is still warm enough for some swimming. It was bright sunshine today and the temperature was reaching 70F….
    Still I am sure Season will cuddle up to you and make you nice and warm:)


  25. TL says:

    I really enjoyed this month. Having the Advent calendar gave me something to do and something fun to focus on. It kept me from getting bogged down and overwhelmed by a lot of the stress that accompanies the holidays. For that I am forever grateful.

    There were so many heartwarming and wonderful posts and comments. I loved learning about everyone’s Christmas memories and traditions. It’s such fun to see inside someone’s world even if it is just for a moment. Renee’s post touched my heart, as did the one about Mr. Rogers. Yesterday’s book tag was just plain fun. There were so many good things this month.

    If I’m honest my favorite part of the advent calendar was the post where we were tasked with completing the story. Not only was it fun to read everyone’s submissions, but this post awakened something in myself I hadn’t realized was there. Writing that story presented me with an opportunity to do something I wouldn’t have normally done for myself. I discovered a new love of writing and have gotten so much support for this new love from the wonderful people here. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve gotten this holiday season.

    Merry Christmas!


  26. Blondie says:

    Well I am just going to whine first. It seems that by the time I am waking up and able to get on the computer, all the “friendly” banter is done. You know there are people who live on the west coast…. It is absolutely impossible for me to choose any one topic or post that was my favorite. I sat and laughed through all of the comments after reading the posts. I was surprised by the fact that I looked forward everyday to read the posts. You all did a great job. It was nice to laugh, cry and think. What a wonderful group of people you all are.


  27. DelFonte says:

    So many wonderul posts and comments – heartfelt, humorous and a little naughtiness too. Best advent calendar.
    Good morning to Blondie. Its the end of the day here, and thats the best part – this has been a global experience.
    Thank you to Ana and her troupe of elves.


  28. P.T. Wyant says:

    I’m with the others — I don’t think that I can pick just one that made a lasting impression.

    I do know that I really loved reading the family traditions from Tara (I think) and Michael. (Maybe because, being something of a mutt of the universe, we didn’t have anything like that.) (As near as I can tell I’m primarily German, French, and Native American, with a dash of British Isles.)

    The posts and comments this month have made me think, giggle, and occasionally get teary-eyed.

    *passes out wooden spoons to everyone*


  29. hollawrites says:

    I can’t pick just one. Every day was interesting. I loved hearing about traditions from other parts of the world. I loved the way everyone stopped to think about what is important not just this time of year, but all year. P.T. said it above – the posts and comments made us all think, giggle, and even get teary-eyed. It has been a wonderful experience checking in every day and reading the posts and all the comments.


  30. Leah says:

    You elves are a mess, no doubt about it. And why does it say “spank her too” next to my name??

    This has been so much fun and thank you all so very much for putting it together. It’s a great representation of how accepting this community can be and also that Christmas can be celebrated in so many ways.

    I found Renee’s post to be incredibly touching and made me think about the rituals that I’m creating with my kids.

    St. Knickerless Day was too much fun!

    The *bleeping* sex story made me laugh out loud very early in the morning.

    Merry Christmas to all!


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      Be honoured Leah,
      to the naughty elves, a spanking is a gift 😀

      Renee’s post was very touching and personal, I must agree. Enjoy creating your rituals and happy Christmas.


  31. pieclown says:

    First off is Tawsewoman Tara a fan of the TV show Supernatural? “you feckin’ eejit! is/was the catch phrase of a character there. I have to say I got a lot more out of this then I expect. I was thinking it might be all spanking and book related, but I was pleasantly surprised that some real Christmas spirit was here, and I am not talking the eggnog. The biggest WT#, was the Mr Rogers post. It was great. Letting some return to their child hood days. Although, I think some have never left.


    • Tara Finnegan says:

      Hi Pieclown,
      No I never saw Supernatural, but you’re not the first to ask. I don’t even know if it was aired here in Ireland.
      “Feck” is a mild expletive we use here as an alternative the more offensive counterpart. Eejit is a derivitave of idiot, kinda how we might pronounce it. I could meet my best friend tommorrow, she might have done something silly and I’d say “you feckin’ eejit” and she’d laugh and tell me to feck off, even if our kids were present.

      here’s a yahoo group discussion on the term, hope Ana doesn’t choke me as the post does contain it’s ruder counterpart.


      • pieclown says:

        I know the “translation” Idjit is the term used in the show by Bobby. Here is a youtube link of him saying it. It has been picked up by the fandom.

        As for Ana choking you, the ruder might end up a wit some Lifeboy

        Search youtube for “oh fudge Christmas Story”


  32. octoberwoman says:

    This was such a fun post to come home and read after a long frustrating day at work. I’ve enjoyed all the posts, and I tried diligently to keep up my perfect attendance, but sometimes with work it was hard to get on in time. But my attendance was still much better than when I was at school!

    I agree that Joanna Best has provided some heart wrenching comments. And I love Michael’s sense of humor, he’s made me laugh many times. I think I especially liked Ana’s post about loving your neighbors, and there were a lot of heart warming comments that day.

    I’ve looked forward to this every day this month!


    • Michael says:

      Octoberwoman, I hope you have a few days off for Christmas and New Year and get some time off from your hectic work schedule.

      I am so happy I tickled your funny bone. The world is tough enough. Best to look on the lighter side from time to time.


  33. Ria says:

    I do not want to repeat what so many have expressed above, but it is the truth – there are so many great comments that it is difficult to pick one or ten…So it has been a fantastic journey – A Voyage to my Innermost Thoughts.

    These days have been:
    Uplifting – Giving Tuesday Dec 4
    Supportive – Giving Tuesday Dec 4
    Hilarious – Every day…St Knickless Day Dec 6
    Thoughtful – Giving Tuesday Dec 4
    Sad – Masho Dec 17
    Exciting – Bonus Post Daughter of Discipline and Book Tag Dec 22
    Fun – Every Day
    Happy Reminiscing – Snowy Memories Dec 11

    Too many to continue…I do not know what I can assist with, but if you need a very uninformed helping hand (keeping the corner swept clean :-0), I would be happy to assist.

    Seasons Greeting to all participants and helpers


  34. catrouble says:

    Good gravy! I agree with whoever said all you ornery elves deserve a spanking! Sheesh….a bajillion comments on all these days of posts…no way to choose just one or two favorites! There have been posts/comments that have made me laugh til I cry and posts/comments that have made me cry til I laugh.

    You naughty elves…I saw some mixing spatulas in Wal-mart the other day with heavy wooden spoon handles and very thick silicone…I just know they must have come from Mrs C’s kitchen! Should have picked those up and sent them to Ana to use on you! Oh but then have to send to someone else to use on Ana! Hmmm…oh Michael!….oops…he’s still blind…hmmm….okay…who’s gonna volunteer? 😀

    On that note…blessings to all…Cat


    • Michael says:

      Cat, Cat, is that you? I hear cheeky comments so that must be you.
      Ow, why are my nipples still hurting?
      Why are you laughing so hard, Cat?


    • Irishey says:

      Cat! Lol! I read this last night, but was too sleepy to process. I woke thinking, WHAT did she write?! Omg! Rotflmbo! I don’t think any of the Elf Crew has read this yet. I hope you picked up plenty of those wicked spatulas to go around. There sure seems to be a lot of elvin volunteers to be on the receiving end, but I bet they would jump at the chance to wield one, too! Poor Ana’s bum. 😉


  35. Katie says:

    I was thinking that I should photoshop everyone in as elves in the corner. It would take a really long time, and I probably would run out of creative ideas as to how to design all of the knickers… Well, one thing is for sure, we ought to let elf Ana out of the corner- and all of her helper elves because this December was certainly a joy. Thank you to Ana and everyone who helped, and commented as well. The advent calendar was an amazing experience!!!
    If someone has to be in the corner, maybe Michael wants in??? We should ask Season! LOL!

    Hilarious, Touching, Honest, Moving, Horrifying (that would be the Masho one) to Sweet and Cute as well- this month was all of these things and more! Thanks Ana and Everyone! May your holidays be all that you want them to, and may 2014 bring all good things! Behave now! I know I will try my very best! Ask Rob! 😉 Many hugs,

    ❤ Katie TforTrouble


  36. Erzabet Bishop says:

    Lol!! With tears. This has been so much fun. Going to hide behind the tree now. I don’t want it to end and I really just want to go play with Mrs. Claus’s spoon before she catches me and pops me a good one. Lol. Cheeky me…




  37. Kathryn R. Blake says:

    Like many others before me, I couldn’t pick only one comment or post. Many touched me emotionally, some made me think and reassess, others made me laugh. December is a roller coaster month, but this was truly an advent calendar because each day you visited you received a prize. I’ve definitely valued the open sharing that occurred here, and not only about the holiday. Many commenters participating in this month-long event wrote and/or talked or teased about subjects that aren’t often broached with “outsiders.” Ana has made her blog a safe haven where individuals can be truthful about their secret wishes and desires without fear of censure or rebuke. If you get too naughty, she may type your name in all caps with exclamation points after it, or make you stand in the corner, but if your opinion is genuine and heartfelt, she won’t censor or block it your words, even if she doesn’t agree with them. Perhaps, that is my greatest takeaway from this event. We don’t necessarily have to agree with everything that is said, but we do need to respect the person’s right to express their opinion. It’s the respect that matters.


  38. Kitty says:

    this post has been fun i dont have much time though so i’ve just been able to skim them.
    the friend that i’m staying with has given me $200 to buy x-mas prezzies with for all of us here and her mother is the only driver avaible and shes going to be here any moment to take me shopping my car don’t work. walmart here i come.


  39. laurellasky says:

    Dear Ana and all your Elves,

    This month has been the most fun, lol, giggles, sad, emotional and inspiring. I felt comfortable and safe and that I could be honest without judgement and was able to get honest feedback. It’s also cheaper than my therapist and a lot more fun.
    Thank you all for a wonderful time.


  40. Sherilyn says:

    Oh, my goodness, I don’t think I can pick just one comment or post! So many have touched my heart and funny bone! I have loved coming here every day to read and participate, even if I didn’t make it until late! The wonderful people here have each said at least one thing that will stay with me for a long while. Michael, today it is you. I am so sorry you are struggling. You have provided so much delight with your teasing and, of course, your sharing your Italian Christmas. Like so many others, I envy Season your presence and, um, attentions! I send you love and strength to get through your difficulties.

    Joanne, you have touched me repeatedly. You and Renee are both in my prayers this Christmas. I hope your time here has given you some relief and some support.

    Paul, your generous and giving spirit serves as a shining example for me, as I do my best to create Christmas magic for my family.

    Ana, your post about Masho will stay with me for a very long time. I pray for that little girl and her birth parents to be reunited sooner rather than later. I hope the movie brings awareness of the injustices of the adoption trade to the world.

    Elves, thank you so much for supporting Ana and the Advent Calendar! You made something wonderful possible! In addition, you made spreadsheets far more fun and titillating than I remember them being!

    Finally, Ana, thank you so much for this warm and welcoming community! You empowered something magnificent here and I feel so privileged to have been part of it.

    Merry Spankings to all, whether giving or receiving!! Or both! I love you all.


    • Michael says:

      Sherilyn, thank you so much for your love, strength and concern. I can feel it and you have helped. The best medicine for me is my Season who takes care of me in an extraordinary way, and being here with all of you wonderful people.

      Merry Spankings to you. I hope your Christmas is merry and squirmy. 🙂


  41. minellesbreath says:

    Well I have to say I have enjoyed every single post. Seeing all my friends here guest posting and commenting….wow and wonderful. A post that sticks in my mind right now is ‘Love your neighbor’ I just cried. It stayed with me all day and I still think about it now.


  42. M. Palmer says:

    I enjoyed all the posts, from the touching to the hilarious. It was great getting to “know” everyone too! My favorite funny post by far was the White Elephant Exchange… lots of super creative ideas for a naughty holiday gift. My most favorite was Renee Roses’s post about her mom’s last Christmas! It brought tears to my eyes!


    • M. Palmer says:

      And an extra special to all those helper elves – you all did an amazing job! Especially with the threat (or promise)of the wooden spoon hanging over you!


  43. Irishey says:

    Well, well, well…

    Lookee here, Ana Dear
    I’m not the only one
    Who cannot toast
    A single post
    As my favorite fun.

    Yeah, okay, far from my best work, and not at all what you would get if I did not have to swype this comment with a barely-there connection. I am well-behaved and definitely non-corrupting. Ha. Ha-ha. Bwa-ha-ha. 😉

    For me, it’s not about just one post or comment. It’s been about the spirit of this community of people coming together. It’s been fun, funny, sweet, poignant, reminiscent, sad – and even a little scary when you think of how much bandwidth was devoted to closets and knickers and turkeys and wooden-freakin’ spoon shenanigans.

    It’s also been about remembering Bas every time I came here to read and post. 🙂

    Wish I could write more, but I’m afraid I will lose this connection. I’ll just say ditto to all that was written before my comment – except the really weird stuff, of course! Lol! Thank you, Ana, and thanks to all the helper elves. Good night, Mrs. Claus!


  44. Michael says:

    Irishey, I don’t think you and the other ladies are imps, I KNOW you are.
    Glad you have a good connection
    Sleep well, little imp, and if it were up to me you’d be sleeping on your tummy and for good reason. 😉


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